With arable land becoming more and more sparse, and global populations continuing to rise, the only direction to grow our farms is up.

Vertical farming has its roots in disaster. In 2011, the tidal wave that caused the Fukushima nuclear disaster also destroyed most of the farmland near Sendai, a coastal area in the northern half of Honshu, the largest island of Japan. The Japanese government decided to jump-start a vertical farm building boom there in an effort to replace the lost land. Four years later, Japan boasts hundreds of vertical farms, greenhouses stacked high into multistory skyscrapers, where plants rotate daily to catch sunlight.

Since then, the idea has begun to spread across the globe. Singapore, Sweden, South Korea, Canada, China and the Netherlands all now boast skyscraper farms similar in concept to Japan’s. In the U.S., such farms have risen in Chicago, while Newark, New Jersey, and Jackson, Wyoming, both have contracts with private controlled-environment vendors to build their own. There are also many more on their way all over the world, with concepts and designs becoming more and more ambitious. There’s a fair chance that when you’re shopping the produce aisle of your local grocery in 2030, you’ll come across some greens grown in a tower that reaches up to the blue skies.



Dear readers!

In this page you will express a new way to farm and make the harvest twice.

What we can see in this picture is a farmhouse, this market is so big today. In this picture can we see vertical farming this is the way this process is called. What exactly do happens? 

No sun no soil?

The sun is covered up with LED lamps and the soil is replaced by water.

In the water the farmers put a lot of nutrients as minerals to give it the same energy as the soil. 

The employed for this company have a computer in his hand witch gives him information about what temperature and PH the water have. And also with temperature the LED lamps produce to the vegetables. 

We do buy this kind harvest vegetables today without no about it. And why do we farm in this way we have already so much places on earth to farm at. Well humans and other arts grow and we don't have any place build new home for this people so the some of the leading creative directors in world decided 2000 that we can grow up in the air instead with help by using this method. The farmhouse is running the electricity with sun cells.

This is everything from me to you for this time. See you around!