Welcome back my lovely GF friends!

It´s finally the weekwhenHalloweenstarts! Thatmeansit´stimefor aupdateabouthow to dress for the Halloweenparty! And I'mhere to helpyouwithwhat to buy to the closet and what you need to win the Halloween suit competition!

The firstthingI'm going totell you guys is that Halloween is a timefornails, youshouldpaint it black, green or red, and do somedetails on it. Itcan be enoughwith just letthem be for a while, so it looks wornout. Or youcan do somecobwebifyouwant it to look reallygood and successful!

My next tips is... MAKEUP!! If you love makeup it´syourfavoritetime at the year!! To win a competition is it not enoughwithsometiny mask youbought from the store around the corner, NO!Whatyouneed is makeup whitbloods on you'recheek, creepydetails, dark rings round youreyes and glowingcheekbones. That's my tips for THE HALLOWEEN 2017!

But now you start thinking about clothes!?What should we wear?...And here it comes! Sexy scary is the outfit for 2017! With as dark colors as possible! Take on something there you show skin but not exaggerate. And the theme is clown and skeleton!

XOXO GossipFashion

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Hello everyone and welcome back to GossipFashion! I´m going to show you guys a trend I first thougt was a joke, but no it´s true. So listen up everyone because this trend will drive you crazy!

The new trend is to have glitter on your tongue!! it´s both a little dangerous, but mostly impractically. A example is when you going to a party will it not be possible to talk to anyone, but at least you will be trendy, RIGHT?!

it´s you choice trendy and no talking or untrendy and talk. You´re free to choose! :)


Den här bilden är tagen från aftonbladet.



Yes! It's Finally here!

The Fashion and Gossip blog you all Have been waiting for! Here can you read about the latest trends that the celebrities wears and the latest gossip in the world of famouses.

And here is the first fashion tip I Will show you guys!

The fall is on time and we all starts to think about what to wear in the fashionworlds fall 2017.And I'm here to help! I Have picked some of the hotest trends for fall/winter 2017-2018 And here they are!

In pic 1 you see the glitter silver you're supposed to wear on your boots.

In pic 2 you see a over size sweater. It's perfect for everyone that is tired of wearing the tight outfit!

Then vi have in pic 3 the "power of flowers". It has followed from summer to fall on the pattern trends.

Then the last for today. The color of the season is the strong red. that you se in pic 4.

Love from me! Xoxo GF



Welcome back!

The weekend is going to it´s end and it´s time for a new feed on GossipFashion.

Today I´m going to continue on the last text, because of course there is much more to know about the fashion fall 2017. let´s begin!

First we have the "big belt" on pic nr 1. The new thing is to have a big belt around your waist. maybe this is something you remember from 2007 and now it's back on top!

on pic 2 you se buttons, because it´s new hot. You should have buttons everywhere there you think it will fit! from the bot to the top

and last we have pic nr 3. there you see the coat and of course it should be a belt around it!

This was all for today! XOXO GF