Kitchen backsplash ideas are truly endless in Steam Comb. In fact there are so many kitchen backsplash ideas and designs that it can be overwhelming and possibly even lead to decision paralysis when trying to figure out and design your kitchen backsplash.

Your ultimate goal obviously is to integrate your kitchen back splash ideas with all the other elements in your kitchen design so that it goes with the established theme or style you have going on in your design.

The worst mistake in kitchen designs can be having too many different styles and themes going on in one space. Having too many different styles and themes going on in one space not only looks incoherent and confusing but creates a disoriented feeling in the space and is uncomfortable to spend time in as well.

Some of the more popular styles and themes include Old World style, Mediterranean, Tuscan, Country and Farm style, Contemporary and Eclectic and provide a multitude of kitchen backsplash ideas to choose from.

If you have countertop that has interesting color movement in it and is a focal point of the kitchen then you wouldn't want a busy kitchen backsplash competing for attention. Intricate designs and patterns in a kitchen backsplash work best with kitchen countertops that have a solid color or subtle and uniform color patterns.