Just because a lot us in today's generation is always wanting and or just about ready to go to bed whenever we want. But however, with the majority to that problem is when people like us including me are having a very hard time falling asleep. Whether we have to deal with our aniexty, depression, and stress levels throughout our day-to- day basis, that is when reality gets really tough. When I speak of reality, that is part of dealing with the real world. But when it comes to our sleeping habits throughtout the night, that's another whole story. Most of us are lacking and or losing sleep at night. Why? Because it was main problems that we had to deal with when it comes to shocking bad dreams that makes us wake up and lose sleep all over again.

In most common studies due to our sleeping average, there is about 40% of Americans who get less sleep throughout the entire night. And yet, the current average is 6.8 hours of sleep. But however, according to GALLUP.com, it was down to more than one hour of sleep from the early 1940's. Throughout the night, all Americans must get an amount of seven to more of hours of sleep. Why? Because it is good for your health and it's makes you feel a whole lot better. Once you wake up out of bed the next day, you will feel very refreshed, relieved and a whole new day to look ahead.

Do you think sleeping at night is very important? Actually, I really  think it is. Whether we have more and more busier things throughout and week, it is most important to get a goodnight sleep. Do you also know what that means? Plenty of rest. Because our minds, souls and bodies really do need that. And also, the soft mattresses and pillows make us feel very more comfortable and relaxed throughout the night.

For a future notice, this goes out to all of us, please go to bed between the hours of 8pm and 12 midnight. Also, please make sure that you all take a nice warm shower because it helps our bodies to feel very refreshed and clean.So that way,we can all get a goodnight sleep without any bad dreams wake up calls.



Hey Everyone!

So I will like to take this time throughout my last and final day of summer before I have to go head back to college and dealing with reality all over again.

My name is Meaghan Iannarelli and I am a second year full time student for the Academy for Adult Learning Program at Temple University. Also, it is founded by and a part of Insitute on Disabilities.

So....Here is the reason why I want to create a blog for Good Vibes Only?

Just because all I wanted to do is to have a very happy, healthy, and  positive lifestyle for myself. It was just something that I want to have even more focus on. And yet, I've been waiting for a very longtime to do so.

And yes, we all know that we need to focus on the positive instead of the negatives. Why? Because all of us including me want to have the-best-verisons-of-ourselves. I really knew that we are all still denying from it and we haven't been more focus into that since some of us made some very bad choices.

Now, I'm here to teach you what is the good in life. What makes you to BE YOU? In anytype of certain way, it can be goals, what are you passionate about, what are your dreams, plans, and a very bright future career you want to persue in someday. You know what, it's going to take us a year or two, maybe even more but that all really depends on you.

My main goal for this blog page is to post as many good vibe blog articles outthere as much as I can, it can some certain or general topics that can be the best fit for GOOD VIBES ONLY. But remember my friends, make good choices.