I've never been one to follow trends or hashtags, because I want to be a 'wolf' in a world of 'sheep'. Thus, if I do something and support a cause or become active, it's because I actually believe in it rather than just follow the trend.
Lately I've been seeing #metoo posts a lot!
First, I was skeptic and thought is was just another trend. However, I read up about it and realised that even though it still might be used as a trend of people wanting to victimize themselves, it's also a powerful message for those who have experienced such monstrosities as well as the society.
Second, at first I didn't recognise myself in the group. I thought, "But I haven't been raped, and the things that have happened to me, I've managed to either talk my way out or escape or protect myself in other ways so it didn't end up into anything. So it must mean I'm not a victim, I'm not part of that group."
I think it took me a while until I realised that escaping or not being put through the worst doesn't mean you haven't been harmed. So, I opened that little locked box in my head where I had put all of the incidents and had to admit to myself that things have happened in the past.
Third, after admitting that it has happened made my head spin with feelings of all sorts and many questions. I felt shame for letting that happen to me, a lot of self-blame and anger. Am I a victim? I'm an educated and responsible person, how did I not protect myself better?! But the truth is.. I could he the smartest or the most responsible person, but it still wouldn't be enough, now would it?!.
Forth, admission came with realisation that regardless of what I do: limit my drinking when going out, dressing appropriately, or anything else I could come up with, nothing would protect me up to a 100%. Because it's not just about me, it's about the moral and social norms of others, people who think it's okay to 'grab that ass' and nothing will be done to them. That midset can lead to dangerous outcomes.
Fifth, even though I admit of being a 'victim', how can I post it online for the whole world to see?! what would my friends and family think?! I don't speak about these things with anyone, so how can I just suddenly tell everyone?! However, I realised, it's not about telling my story. If I don't want to tell it, I don't have to. It's not about showing myself as a 'victim', because I'm not. I'm a survivor and all sorts of bad things have happened to me that have left scars in one way or another. My friends and family know me as a strong person and that won't change. What will change is admitting that it can happen to everyone and it does happen to many. It shouldn't be me who still feels shame and blame while the asshole probably doesn't even remember. Maybe by showing how many people have been affected by it, will change the mindset of the society. Maybe next time a person is harrasing another someone will step in. Maybe next time you see your drunk friend on a night out, you'll make sure they get home safely and not let them wonder off on their own in hopes that they'll find their way home.

Finally, with that mindset, I finally posted my own #metoo post. I didn't say anything else, just that. It doesn't change me or who I am, it doesn't change my story, but.. it does make one realise that it is more common than we think. I'm in a group of a lot of wonderful survivors with different backgrounds, race, gender and age, because it doesn't happen to just one specific person or in specific situations. It can happen to anyone anywhere. So you know what?! We are all the same, because we are human, so why don't we start treating each other as such?! Respect others, learn manners and don't be blind, step in, so your little sister, brother, daughter or son doesn't ever have to think about writing #metoo!

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After months and months of cold, rainy, snowy and sometimes icy weather any color that is different from grey is a miracle. Or feels like one.. so obviously, I'm obsessed with the nature and those little moments of appreciating spring, sun and maybe even the beginning of the summer.

This post is completely girly and pink and those who know me will laugh to their tears when I say pink ;) I know, I know, so not me, however, nature is a completely different story :P

So here it goes, my spring in Gothenburg! :)



Every now and then we all have that feeling of wanting to escape and have a little bit of alone time, right?

Growing up in Latvia, I always had the opportunity to go to the sea side and take ridiculously long walks down the beach and just enjoy the sound of wind, waves and silence. My thoughts were able to run free! And yes, it didn't matter whether it was a hot summer evening or a cold and snowy winter afternoon, the ritual stayed intact.. Maybe with just a bit more layers of clothing ;)

Sweden, however, can be proud of the vast number of islands surrounding the country (around 221 831 islands).

Many have heard about the Stockholm's Archipelago that consists of roughly 30 000 islands. However, almost every coastal city in Sweden is given the gift of having islands, including Gothenburg. So.. I'm guessing you have a hunch of where I'm going with this, right?! ;)

My little escape - the islands!

On one of the first days after my move I had the opportunity to visit the Archipelago of Gothenburg and I was stunned. The view... It was mesmerizing! Yes, it is rough and windy, but it's also calming and peaceful.

So a few days ago I went 'opened the season' yet again and let some wind in my hair.

It made me think - There is nothing better than giving yourself a little bit of time to rejuvenate and feel fresh again.

So in this holiday weekend, I wish everyone to find that place and simply give yourself a brake!




Thanks for checking out this blog!

As part of this experience, I have to start with a confession: this is my first try on creating and writing a blog. I used to be more of a "write my thoughts down in a notebook" type of a girl. However, I'm learning that not everything in life needs to be shielded, thus.. this blog!

Let me explain the idea: this blog won't be about what you should do, how you should live, how amazing I am or what is right or wrong. This blog will be about life experiences, mistakes, adventures of my life, being able to laugh about yourself and simply learning to go through life without too many regrets and what if's..

So a little about myself..

As my description says I see myself as any other human, ordinary in a way, and yet, very different from others.

I was born in a little country in Europe - Latvia. However, my path has taken me away from my beloved home to a country just across the Baltic sea - Sweden. So if you really think about it, all I need to do is to learn how to swim very well and I can go from my current home to my childhood home pretty easily. :)

Right now I'm pursuing my masters degree and I definitely experience its ups and downs as any other student. Laziness and procrastination seem to be the words that often describe my mood :D

Apart from uni, I try to explore the city of Gothenburg, in which I reside. Even though, it's been more than a year since I moved here, I'm sure there will be some posts about my discoveries here.

Also, from time to time I dog-sit the most lovely rescue dog for my friends. And finally, I just got a job in Liseberg, which is an amusement park here in Gothenburg. Thus, posts about a fun summer filled with concerts and joyrides and my work life in an Italian restaurant there is a guarantee!

And what would be a proper 'Hello' from Sweden if not a picture of a moose!

Have a lovely day everyone and see you soon!