​I know that people who are blogging usually talk about what they did that day. Where they were, what they ate, who they spend time with. Blogs can be about different things, but nearly everything has to do with that. A food blog, a fashion blog, a lifestyle blog.

But as a have said my life is really boring. Do anyone want to know what I have been doing today?


Seriously, the school is going on and on for like forever in five days, and you nearly don’t even have time to start up your weekend until it’s Monday morning again and you are just as tired as before. Where do the days go? I woke up at 10am today, maybe a little bit later than that, ate toast and smoothie for breakfast. Then I was looking at my phone for just some minutes. And suddenly it’s dark outside. I didn’t even left my house! 

The other annoying thing with Saturdays is that it’s the official candy day. The only day your parents allows you to eat a lot of unhealthy crap. Chocolate and jelly beans and lollipops. And I always buy too much. I think I am a bit obsessed with candy. Maybe really much. 

But whatever. Done is done. The candy is already bought and someone need to eat it.

Maybe I don’t buy just that much next week.

But I probably do.

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Today is the day when the countdown begin. Twenty-four days until Christmas. It is kind of exciting when everybody is buying gifts, make gingerbreads, decorate homes with glitter and Christmas trees. Anything to get the right feeling. The December feeling.

I am not a great fan of God or Jesus and I don’t understand why we celebrate something that happened in the middle of the summer in December, but sure. I love Christmas too. And I don’t disrespect people with different opinions about the religions. 

Today I have been thinking of snow. The weather in Sweden have gone crazy for a while. First the sun, then the rain, then the wind and suddenly some snow in November. People are saying this is going to be the coldest winter for like ten years, and I thought we might have a white twenty fourth December this year. And then the snow just disappears and the rain and the wind comes back. Not the sun, it is obviously frightened about the coldness and hiding behind a cloud somewhere. But we don’t see any snow. Is it going to come back?

That’s the big question. It got twenty three days until it’s too late.

The countdown have started.



Hi and welcome to my blog!

So yesterday I was doing some homework when it hit me: make a blog. Now I realise that I obviously didn’t think it through. My life is to boring to be written about. I mean, the most exciting thing this entire week was me going to the dentist.

And me writing about fashion (just as a lot of other people do) would just be weird. Like a lion writing about eat more vegetables. Doesn’t fit together.

So this is going to be just me, just writing about my thoughts as in a diary. A very confusing diary, because I think way to much. Maybe this can help me stop overthinking. In that case, it would do at least something good for the world.

I haven’t think of something I want to share today, just realised that I suck at volleyball. Seriously, why is that even a sport? And why do we have to play it in school? Poor me. Anyway, see you another day.