Hey guys.

It is really late and I cannot really go to sleep. I have so much going on in my head, so many thoughts wandering around making me nervous, anxious and worst of all - making me feel like a complete useless piece of shit.

My friends say that I am being to harsh on myself and that I should be more positive, but the thing is that I am trying to be positive - I am positive on the outside, but on the inside I am dragging myself down so bad that I might not be able to cover it up anymore on the outside. My boyfriend has experienced it a lot lately, especially at night before I go to sleep, because that is when I am at my worst.

I used to sleep with loud music so that I would not be able to hear my own thoughts. Not really the best solution, but it helped at the time. I try to reason with myself that I am thinking way too much and that I should be going easier on myself, but easier said than done, right?

Things might be better in the near future though. I was at a job interview today for another part-time job. So if it goes well I will have two part-time jobs and more money to live on. I might be able to buy my family better gifts this Christmas, and maybe I will finally be able to give my mom an extra gift for being so kind and caring.

My mom is actually one of the best. She has helped me so much lately, and it is insane how she have not given up on me yet - despite everything I have done lately. (I dropped out of school and barely made enough money to pay rent. I had to ask her for help economically. I really hate myself for that because I did not want her to worry more about me.)

So hopefully tomorrow (and the future) will be better. I feel like giving up, but I am not going to. I am determined to make my parents proud of me. I promise mom, I won't be a failure. I promise.

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It's been a while. I know I said (a year ago?) that I would start blogging again, but I never got back to it. Mainly because I did not do much with my life, and I always forgot to take pictures. I guess I should try to change.

What should I write about? I do not really know, because right now my life is boring af. But then again, I am not really blogging for other people, I am blogging for myself.

So let's try that. Blogging, at least every other day or so. Slowly getting back to this.

I think I am just going to end this post with a song (?)

I have been listening to this song non-stop lately.



I never put out pictures from my trip this summer - so here we go.

After working my ass off in summer, my mother and I went to the USA for two weeks. We went to Washington DC to visit some of my mom's old friends. We stayed at their place, and I have to admit - it was a very nice place. Made me wish I lived there.

The woman and the man on the right is my mom's friends, and the girl with glasses is their daughter. AND GUYS. SHE is almost taller than me and she is only turning 10 this year. I kept forgetting that she was 12 years younger than me, and the fact that she was quite school-smart - made me feel insanely stupid.

The next day we went to see the Washington Monument. It was really hot that day, and I was sweating my ass off. We also wanted to take a picture in front of the White House, but we kind of failed. We stood on the wrong sidewalk, and the roads were blocked - so we did not managed to get closer.

While taking this picture, some bicyclists almost got hit by my selfiestick. I also realised that my face had started to getting sunburnt, and that I needed sunglasses because I could barely open my eyes when taking the picture.

I am not sure if you guys heard about it, but during the summer there was a flood in Maryland - and it was crazy because we were there on the exact same day, but we left a few hours before the flood came. I remember, because my friends snapped me and was worried sick - after finding out through my snapchat story that I was in Maryland. I assured them that I was more than okay, because we were already back in Washington eating Korean BBQ.

After a few days in Washington, we continued our trip to Cancun, Mexico. GUYS, it was so hot there - and I honestly thought I would get tan this summer, but I failed. I got sunburned.... I got A TINY TINY bit tanner, but my skin started peeling, so I lost most of my tan. WELP, it is something though, right?

We met up with another family of four and it was very nice. We all stayed at this hotel called Riu Hotel, which was a 5 stars hotel. ALL INCLUSIVE. I felt like a queen guys, I shit you not. It was so nice. We had a beach right beside the hotel, good food every single day. We were a bit unlucky with the weather, because 2,5 days out of 5 days there - it was raining. Even though it was pouring rain - the hotel was amazing. They set up a lot of different activities for both adults and kids.

Look at the water! It was clear and so chill. After tanning for hours and taking a dip in the ocean - amazing.

I scrolled through my phone and I actually found a lot (and I mean a lot) of pictures. Which reminded me of how my mom told me (every single hour) to "Take a picture, sweety. And remember to send them to me later on" I am glad I did though, because it was a memorable trip.

The hotel had a lot of different kinds of cuisines. We tried Japanese, Italian, French and even Spanish food! It was so delicious. The whole trip to Cancun was amazing. I really want to go back.

On one of our last nights there was this amazing show. These guys had crazy costumes. There was this one guy who even dressed up waaay more than these guys, but we did not manage to take a picture with them because they left before we even got to them after the show.

This was the last picture I took before heading home to Norway. I have to admit that the two weeks I was in Washington and Cancun was amazing. Even though I did not have any around my age, I had an amazing time. I enjoyed my time drinking and talking with the adults. (And the man you guys see in the picture is so kind, funny and interesting to talk to and spend time with.) I also had a wonderful time catching Pokémon with the kids, even though I kind of babysat them. It was a nice trip and a break from life before going back to university and study my ass off. I miss them already and I hope to see them again in the nearest future.



Hey guys, it has been a while. 

I must be honest that I had forgotten all about this blog, mainly because I went back to Sarpsborg (in case you did not know - that is my hometown) and I worked my ass off all summer. I honestly spent my days working and my nights catching Pokémon. EVENTHOUGH there were no great Pokémon there I still got a few. 

I did go to the US and Mexico in the end of summer though, so I might post a few pictures from the trip later. 

Anyhow, I hope you all had a wonderful summer and that you managed to check a lot of things off of your summer-bucket-list. 

I will try to get better at this blogging thing. 



Hey guys, it's been a while. The reason I have not blogged for the last two weeks is because:

1. I have been busy and stressed with the home exam I had to hand in on the 13th. I guess it went well, but I am not sure. I ended up pulling an all-nighter just to finish it in time, and it also ended up with me being awake for 38 hours straight, due to the fact that I had to go to school and hand it in, in a paper version beside digitally. 

2. I went to my friend's birthday party, which resulted with a very tired and lazy Kristin the day after. 

3. I worked on the 16th and found out on the 17th that I also was beginning to get sick.. 

4. I found out that I had gotten tonsillitis and fever, so I have been sick since then. 

IIII am no feeling better though, so hopefully I will be able to get out of the house soon (because I have literally been at Lola's place since the 17th..) and do something with my life - I mean, unless I die of the antibiotics I am taking now.. I HAVE TO CONSUME 28 PILLS IN 7 DAYS. THAT IS 4 PILLS A DAY. AND I WAS ALREADY TIRED AFTER 3 PILLS. 

Aaanywho - I never told you guys that Lola, her fiancé and I signed a tenancy agreement, so from the beginning of June we are officially roomies! I am so excited! 

How have you guys been? I hope you all have been well and lived your life to the fullest, because I have not.



I forgot to blog about this, but on Saturday I went to my cousin Thea First Holy Communion - and ate a lot of yummy food at her party after.

(I borrowed a few pictures from my uncle)

All my new dresses was in Stavanger (and I did not get the memo that it was my cousin's First Holy Communion), so I had to dig up and old dress. - BUT THOSE HEELS THO, they were so tall and I shit you guys not - people were staring at me sooo bad. I actually think they thought I was going to fall or something. HAH, jokes on them, because BITCH I was (bit embarrassed to say this, but) faaabulous.

At the party there were so much food, my dress almost exploded. ​It was also very nice to see my family again, it was actually sad having to go back to Stavanger again on Sunday...



So we got the home exam today (which is a one week long exam - woop woop) and I actually did something - I read the assignment and wrote like 5 words.

Later on I only hung out with my family and chilled. I also went out dining with my cousin at Thai Market.

I had mussels with chilipaste - it was quite good, but a biiit tasteless, so I was a bit disappointed. BUT THE MAIN COURSE GUYS, THE MAIN COURSE

CRISPY DUCK - hoooly shit do I love this dish. It is so delicious.

Later on we went for a walk and ended up at Coffe & Chow and had some coffee (and by that I mean I went for frappe because I do not really drink coffee)

I tried being artistic, but hell like I am. I just, suck at taking pictures - welp I tried, right?

It was really nice to meet my cousin again, because I seldom get the chance to see her when I come home for a visit.



Oh my, do you guys remember when people used to say that all the time? I kind of cringe just by the thought of it (but of course I had to write it as my title - I make no sense)

Anyyywho, I had my (not real) little brother to come visit me today, because I am home in Sarpsborg for a week. It was really nice to see him again, because we have not been lucky with timing and after about two years I was finally able to meet him again.

We went to Egon and ate this party platter, and the platter had this sauce that was mango and peanut-butter chutné or something - at first we did not really understand what it was, but after finding a menu again and discover that it was mango and peanut-butter chutné - we basically had a "dip and try" kind of thing with it.

It was really, reaaally hard to find anything that would fit with that dipping sauce. So we ended up calling it the "try harder - fit in dip" and "disgrace to duh famiry" - dip. Other than the that, the party platter was not really that bad.

Then we went home and played some boardgames with my (real blood-related) little brother. We played this board game called "Colt Express". Where you are a bandit trying to rob a train at the same time as other bandits - and you scheme and try to steal stuff. It is actually really fun, so if you have the chance to play it one day - DO IT.

After that I went to my aunt to dye my hair lighter, because summer is soon here.

Nooot, that you can really see much from this picture (because Kristin, you really do suck at taking pictures tho). BUT I will take more pictures tomorrow, when the sun is shining at my hair and people will get blended by how much lighter my hair is - and also because of my really, reeeaally pale skin.

We also went bowling and I kind of learned how to spin the ball (??) - I honestly do not know what to call it. My vocabulary sucks.

​Can we just appreciate how I was able to even get strikes and spares, because I am no good and this kiddo was aaamazing at bowling. We did throwing the ball backwards, sideways, wrong hands and he was still good. I almost killed him - and it never helped when he kept saying "still better than zero". SWEETY YOU ARE LUCKY YOU ARE STILL AAALIVE. 

I hope you all had a nice day and enjoyed it to the fullest. And what do you guys think about bowling? Fun? Boring? 



Guys, I keep walking around singing and dancing to this song. When the beat drops - ahh yiss.

Can someone suffer with me. 




I have totally forgotten to tell you guys about this delicious dish I ate on Friday! I was at work and had closing shifts so this whole weekend has kind of killed me. I used all my Sunday to recharge. You guys have no idea - I slept for 11 hours from Saturday til Sunday.

It was sooooo good. Even though I struggled a bit to eat it all, since it was kind of my breakfast and I cannot really eat much for breakfast - I enjoyed every. singe. bite. (Still drooling by the thought of it.)

I also wanted to take a picture with my friends and as you guys can see - Lola did not really smile and I went all "COME ONE YOU GOTTA SMILE JUST THINK ABOUT OUR TEACHER XX AND THAT SMILE WILL COME OUT FASTER THAN YOU KNOW IT" and it helped! But right when I said that this table that was about to leave overhear us, and this man started backing me up saying "yeah, come on smile!!"
I asked him to join me in another picture and he freaking posed!!!!

Hahaha he was hilarious. Kept saying peace out and stuff like that.

I hope you all had a nice weekend and enjoyed the weather. I know I did not.