We live in a world where it’s a very natural thing to feed up animals, and then slaughter them, so it can turn into food for us humans. The animals mostly live in bad conditions before they get killed and in some cases they even get tortured, which isn’t fair. I want to inspire everyone to eat more vegetarian food because it will change your life into something better.

The meat industry is the biggest environmental polluter. Each kilogram of produced meat generates 36,4 kilogram carbon dioxide. Large quantities of fertilizer is released in the nature when the farmers grow the food that the animals in the meat industry will eat. 1

Second of all, researches from scientist says that it’s unhealthy to eat meat in big amounts. It can lead to cancer and cardiovascular disease. But if you choose to eat more vegetarian food and totally eliminate meat in your food habits, you reduce the risks of diseases. It will also make you lose weight, which is actually beneficial even for people of normal weight says Professor Gunnar Johansson in an article from the website www.hh.se. 2

I´m not telling you to quit eating meat, but I strongly recommend you to reduce it. From my own experience, this “vegetarian diet” made me feel less tired at the days. Probably because you get a lot of vitamins when you eat much vegetables. But it also made me richer in some way, because the meat prices are so high comparing to the vegetarian food. So the vegetarian diet is something that I believe everyone should at least try out, it will only bring benefits to you. I promise you, it’s not as gross as you may think.


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People go through fazes in life, fazes in which they want to travel with other people, maybe with their best friend, brother or sister. But most people also come to a faze of going somewhere on their own.

In this experience when you're traveling alone you develop a best friend relationship with yourself, so although you're traveling alone you just feel great with yourself and this makes you have comfort anywhere you go. You will also develop this confidence that you never knew you ad, whenever you're doing this, you're traveling, you're making these decisions by yourself, you create your own schedule after what you want to do.

You also become an expert at decision-making. Think about it, you don't have anyone to ask for advice, about what direction you should go or what you should do. You're the person who has to make the effort, and you're the one who has to decide these things. So you become very good in decision-making. In many cases if you develop a good relation with the locals, there is a bigger chance that they will spoil you if you're one person. They will take you into their homes, and you're more likely to get to know them on a more personal level than you would be able if you came with a whole group of travelers.

You will also be the controller of your money, you don't have to go to a restaurant that your friend wants to go to or do anything that you don't want to do. Many people spend their money on something they wouldn't do themselves because they feel obligated to do that, because their friend has different wishes in what to do.

The most important thing I think you will accomplish with traveling alone is that you get out of your comfort zone, you're forced to go meet new people, to do things and you will also get to form these one on one relations with all the people you meet. But traveling is also an amazing way to get some alone time with yourself, do a lot of thinking and get in touch with yourself more. And think about it, think about the feeling of accomplishment you will have when you're sitting on the plane on your way back home. You will feel so amazing after doing this. So don't be afraid to book a plane ticket to Rome or why not Paris over the holidays, because I assure you that you will love it.



It's self-explanatory. The more you see, the more you'll realize how it really works and you'll get an authentic feel of cultures around the globe. Think about it. Your sitting in class, Reading about Indian culture, about all of their holidays, Holi for example. How fun is it?

Now Think about standing in the middle of the street in an Indian city being showered with all the colors of the Rainbow. Experiencing and learning Hindu Culture in real Life, or why not another culture? See new things, meeting new people, learning about their history in real life. Seeing the Colosseum in Rome up close, or why not Tai Mahal and learning about these buildings from a local tour guide, much more interesting huh? Or what about going to African and experiencing a safari. How awesome wouldn't that be?

Start to live your life. We have been put on this earth and it's our choice to make the most out of the time we have here. Whether our life is going to be a routine, waking up early, going to work, coming home tired, taking care of the kids, going to bed. And letting this be an everyday routine. Or you make the most out of the time your alive.

I strongly believe that traveling builds your character; it makes you wiser, smarter and open to more opportunities. You will realize that there are more beautiful things in this world which you can experience, that the world is so big and has a lot to offer. You will also see how different other people live their lives, maybe you will appreciate your life more as a result or maybe you will find a place on earth in which you feel at home in. But one thing is clear and that is that you will get the most beautiful memories out of it.




Working out is a really good way to make you feel better. Better about yourself and even happier.
You get time for yourself and that’s an important thing. Focus on yourself sometimes. Leave everything like work and things that’s bothers you at home and go out for a walk, run or go to the gym. Your body and you are going to feel better if you start training.
I’m not just saying this because everyone says that it’s good to work out, I’m saying this because i know it works and i want everyone to feel good about life and themselves. Start working out or just go for a walk a few days a week can make a difference. You can get more self-confidence / self-esteem, be happier, get better sleep, less stress, combat depression and anxiety, it's good for the brain and reduces the risk of diseases. All these things for just working out, it’s a good and a healthy way to do it!
I’m playing football and go on tabata and after every training session I feel very good and happy so I know this works. Don’t give up in the beginning. The beginning is always the hardest so push yourself and you can set up a goal.
Work out and feel better, I can promise you that this works.

Put in your headphones and listening to music or a podcast, it makes it funnier.