Danielle Todd and Michael Morris have been planning their wedding for more than a year and were getting ready to tie the knot in March on a Carnival cruise ship.

But tragedy struck, and Morris’ mother became deathly ill in August and had to be hospitalized at Florida Hospital South.

“Due to multiple complications and organ failures, she has been there since,” Todd said Thursday. “The hospital is trying to get her healthy enough to get on the transplant list for a liver.”

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The problem was even if everything went perfectly and Morris’ mother, Millie, recovered and got the transplant, “she would be too immune compromised to come to the wedding,” Todd said.

So Friday, Todd and Morris sat down and made a decision: They were going to get married now, and at the hospital, if they would allow it, so Millie could be there.

Todd called the hospital Friday and left a message, asking it the hospital would let them get married there.

“They reached out late that night and said we would know more on Monday,” she said.

When Monday came around, the hospital called again and asked when they wanted to have the ceremony and told the couple that all they needed to bring was themselves.

“The person I spoke to just promised me that it was going to be a magical day,” Todd said. “She asked if they could just handle it all, so I said OK.

“We expected to have a short reciting of vows in Millie’s hospital room.”

The couple set Wednesday as the big day, and that’s where the hospital staff kicked things into full gear.

“(They provided) everything,” Todd said. “They provided hair and makeup to my mother-in-law, myself and my 7-year-old daughter. They offered a reception after and Chris from music therapy (played) for the ceremony and at the reception. (He) gave us our first dance and a dance with my daughter.”

What had been in the works for more than a year for Todd and Morris, the hospital staff pulled together in only a few days.

Elle Baez, who was the photographer for the wedding, was amazed and touched by the way the hospital staff came together and gave the soon-to-be newlyweds such a special day.

“Thanks to the awesome staff the bride got her hair and makeup done by an artist from the Florida hospital spa, then met her groom at the chapel where the chaplain delivered a touching ceremony to the sweet sounds of a guitarist from music therapy,” she wrote on her Facebook page.“Then they enjoyed hors d'oeuvres, sparkling cider and a custom wedding cake made by food services in a beautifully decorated conference room.”

Todd said her wedding day wasn’t the one she imagined but was wonderful all the same, thanks to the hospital staff.

“They were amazing,” she said.


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Picking out the perfect dress to attend a wedding in is hard enough, even before an arbitrarily difficult dress code. Forget “what does black tie mean these days” — just try to pick something out that meets the requirements of “Hamptons cocktail cruise attire” or “brisk Denver morning chic.” Thankfully three of your favorite style stars, Ashley Graham, Emily Ratajkowski, and Sophia Bush, all attended weddings this weekend giving you all the fall nuptial inspiration you’ll ever need in outfits that ranged from ultra casual to full-on red carpet ready.

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Ashley Graham kicked things off in some seriously laid-back wedding apparel, especially for attending your own sister’s ceremony. The new America’s Next Top Model judge attended the wedding in an outfit worthy of her supermodel off-duty status, pairing black leather pants with a black bodysuit, black fur jacket, and a super high ponytail. She also shared a scenic shot of her giving her little sister a peck on the cheek in the middle of the field to celebrate her big day — and played impromptu photographer for the happy couple.

Emily Ratajkowski was also a member of a wedding party this weekend, and unlike some bridesmaids who resent the $350 they had to shell out for a dress they’ll never wear again, EmRata couldn’t have been happier with her pick — after, all it’s from the collection she co-designed with Christy Dawn. The model paired her original creation with perfectly coordinated strappy sandals, her hair pulled back into a low bun, and a small white bouquet.

The Chicago Fire actress attended a 1920s-themed affair on Sunday, celebrating her co-star Joe Minoso and his fiancé Caitlin Murphy Miles. For the ceremony, Bush chose a period piece apropos burgundy gown from Marchesa, which features a deep-V neckline embellished with lace appliqués throughout the bodice that turn into rows of fringe cascading down the column skirt. She completed the look with a subtle pearl headband and coordinated maroon lip.

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After the phenomenal success of its previous show, India Fashion Week returns between 15th and 16th October 2016, at ExCel London.

Guests and brides-to-be can also walk next door and enjoy the National Asian Wedding Show which welcomed over 18,000 people in 2015!

Events pan across the capital city, including seminars on the latest trends and the chance to attend VIP jewellery events.

The main event is at the ExCel London with over 6 infamous designers and their lines. There are four catwalks on each day that last half an hour.

India Fashion Week and National Asian Wedding Show return to London for 2016

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Designers are coming from all around the world and some are coming straight from the Lakme Fashion Week catwalk. They include Shantanu & Nikil, Swapnil Shinde and Bhumika & Jyoti. Others are yet to be revealed.

The official event partner is well-known electrical beauty and grooming brand BRAUN, supplying products for all women and men to help everyone feel beautiful.

Zbyszek Kalenik, Communications Manager of Braun says: “We are thrilled to be catwalk-side supporting the latest trends and innovation across fashion and beauty within the market and proud to offer our beauty and grooming expertise throughout the event.”

The designs further show the feeling of beauty with that of British Asian, Asian, NEWGEN and fusion designers.

With fashion being a £26 million industry in the UK alone, the desire for up-to-date trends from South Asia for British Asians to indulge is on the increase.

This year, the organisers of the events, The Platinum Group, has opened up a platform for all types of marriages. Thus, they have gathered exhibits that showcase fashion and more for any kind of couple and every ethnicity.

An increase in mixed marriages has become the norm in our world, they have been embraced by designers this year. Ocean Media and the National Asian Wedding Show have joined hands to create their ‘Fusion Collection’ to be displayed throughout the weekend.

Guests can look forward to seeing designs that have collated and fused together Eastern and Western looks. Garments can be mixed and matched to create different looks without taking up too much wardrobe space.

Event organisers insist that the showcase items are not just for Asian weddings. They can be an inspiration for anyone. With the growth of Eastern influence in the Western world, the show is a fun day out, no matter who you are.

Founder of the National Asian Wedding Show, Manny Singh says: “Braun India Fashion Week London will bring these designers to the forefront and will educate the UK consumer about fresh, couture and fusion designs, whether they are Asian or not.

“The number of mixed marriages has been steadily rising for years. Many second, third and later generation Asian couples are hoping for a wedding day with influences from both east and west.”It’s safe to say that the 2016 India Fashion Week and National Asian Wedding Show will be revolutionary and definitely set a precedent for modern day marriages. Making it easier for new couples to mix differing cultures in a harmonious way.

Alex Butler, Event Director of the National Wedding Show adds: “The modern Brides’ wedding day choices and styles are more diverse than ever. And our new Fusion Collection will ensure we continue to offer all couples maximum choice at the show to help create their perfect day.”

From couture bridal lines, venue suppliers, jewels galore and world-class outfits, you would be crazy to miss it!

For India Fashion Week in October 2016, events run from 11:00am to 7:00pm on Saturday 15th and from 10:00am till 6:00pm on Sunday 16th. Tickets are only £10.00 for the entire event, including the Nation Asian Wedding Show.

If you are just looking to go to the National Asian Wedding Show, the tickets are £8.80. But, for brides and grooms, the show is completely free! Simply go online and fill out a form to claim your tickets.

For more details and to purchase tickets, please visit the India Fashion Week website here and the National Asian Wedding Show here.

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It has been said that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but do best friends cost unbelievable amounts of money? Do they get snagged in your hair or accidentally scratch your children when you reach to pick them up? Does a best friend add insult to injury as it holds your already injured finger hostage with its death grip, threatening to take your finger along with it?

No, best friends don’t, and neither should your wedding ring.

Here are four alternatives to the traditional wedding ring that will not only be there for you through thick and thin as any friend should, but will also represent the forever unity between you and your real best friend.

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1. Bracelets

As a child, you would give your best friend a friendship bracelet representing your commitment to him or her as the one who would always have their back. For some reason, adult courtships have decided that hard rings with sharp prongs sticking out of them was a better way to show commitment — in a sort of, “I’ll have your back with this diamond knuckle on my finger, unless it came with an insurance policy because it was so darn expensive,” sort of way.

Bracelets have the same round shape as a ring, representing the same eternal love you have for each other, so getting one or even making a bracelet for your husband or wife-to-be, or even current spouse can very well mean the same thing that friendship bracelets did all those years ago.

2. Tattoos

Perhaps you have been a little leery about going under the ink needle, but nothing says commitment more than the permanent mark of a tattoo.

Not only are tattoos nontraditional, but they also don’t even need to stay the traditional wedding ring shape. Many lovebirds choose unique art to be drawn on their fingers that represents moments or things that are meaningful to them as a couple.

What’s better? A tattoo can’t be lost or stolen — or dropped down the bathroom sink.

3. Plant some trees

Perhaps jewelry isn’t your thing, but you want something that will represent your growing love for your spouse or spouse-to-be.

A great way to do this is to plant some trees.

Just like your love, you can nurture a tree through daily care. You may even find days where the trees need extra love and devotion, or times when you will need to nurse them back to health after a bout with neglect.

The same goes with marriage, and planting trees can be a wonderful reminder of what you want your marriage to be like.

4. Silicone ring

If you want a ring that shows your commitment to your spouse without the fear of losing it, accidentally hurting yourself or someone else, going into debt or even having to go under that feared ink needle, silicone rings are a fantastic alternative.

Silicone wedding bands are inexpensive, yet durable, and will stay on your finger, while at the same time not threaten to take your finger off should you get it caught on something.

Enso Rings fit snugly on your finger, making them comfortable enough to wear to the gym while you’re lifting and tell all those single gym rats, “Hey, I’m married — lay off.”

If you’re looking for a nontraditional wedding ring that will be your best friend, while showing the world that you are already committed to your best friend for life, you just may find what you’re looking for in Enso Rings.

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Frome became a celebrity haven as guests from around the globe arrived for the wedding of Florence + The Machine drummer Chris Hayden and the band's manager Mairead Nash.


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Photos from the event, which is understood to have taken place at Babington House in Frome, have been landing on Instagram all afternoon with Radio One DJ Nick Grimshaw and Hole frontwoman Courtney Love among the guests.

Love was also seen shopping in the Somerset town's vibrant Catherine Hill quarter. The 52-year-old singer, guitarist, writer and actress later posted on Instagram that she is enjoying "the beautiful UK countryside" with her daughter Frances Bean Cobain.

Mairead Nash met Florence Welch in 2006 and the band has been described as their "shared vision". She runs record label Luv Luv Luv and has been engaged to drummer Chris for several years.

The band is no stranger to Somerset having headlined the Pyramid Stage at the Glastonbury Festival in 2015. The band stepped in to take over on the event's grandest stage after Foo Fighters had to pull out following an injury to frontman Dave Grohl.

And despite the last-minute switch, the memorable set is regarded as one of the best of recent years.

Babington House is a Georgian manor house set within 18 acres of land near Frome. Services normally take place in the Grade I listed Church of St Margaret which is within its grounds and dates from 1748.

And the property's website proudly claims that you can party as loud and as late as you like as "there's no curfew - we're surrounded by sheep and fields".

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The co-founder of one of the Duchess of Cambridge's favourite fashion brands has married in one of her own stunning creations at a high society wedding in Cornwall.

Lavinia Brennan, 28, of Beulah married Jamie Richards, a champagne development manager at Diageo in a seaside ceremony, and gave brides-to-be a hint of what they can expect from the brand's forthcoming bridal collection.

Beulah will launch a wedding dress range in 2017, after designing a gown for presenter Natalie Pinkham and co-founder Lady Natasha Rufus-Isaacs.

Lavinia Brennan, 28, of Beulah - one of the Duchess of Cambridge's favourite brands - has married Jamie Richards, wearing one of her own stunning creations 

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'It was absolutely magical and I loved my dress,' Lavinia told Hello! 'I knew exactly what I wanted and worked with our designers and seamstresses to create the perfect dress.

'When I walked down the aisle I couldn't look at anyone because I would have burst into tears and never stopped.'

Among the 190 guests at the high society occasion was TV star Natalie Pinkham, 37, who's son Wilf was a page boy.

Meanwhile, Beulah co-founder Lady Natasha Rufus Isaacs' daughter Georgia was a flower girl.

After exchanging their vows at St Just's church, the couple drove off in a classic open top sports car for their reception, as shared by guest Jennifer Medhurst on Instagram.

At the wedding party, held in a marquee overlooking the St Mawes coastline guests drank champagne and dined on spit-roasted lobster, lemon tart and red velvet wedding cake and the party went on until the early hours.

Next day, the celebrations continued with Sunday lunch at the Idle Rocks hotel, owned by the groom's family.

No doubt the stunning pictures of the big day posted on social media will whet the appetites of brides-to-be, for the brand's upcoming wedding collection.

Perhaps Pippa Middleton might consider a Beulah gown for her 2017 nuptials as she and her sister Kate are already big fans of the brand.

Pippa wore a purple dress by Beulah for the launch of her book Celebrate, and Kate has boosted the brand's visibility by wearing their dresses on numerous high-profile occasions.

The Duchess enjoys a personal connection to the brand as co-founder Lady Natasha is married to Kate's ex-boyfriend Rupert Finch.

In 2009, Natasha and her childhood friend Lavinia Brennan travelled to India for a stint teaching needlework and English to victims of sex trafficking.

Natasha, who has a history of art degree from Oxford Brookes University, spent two months at a workshop teaching vulnerable girls who had been rescued from brothels and slums.

‘They were making simple things such as cushions and cards,’ she said. ‘It was not glamorous. I did cry.’ The sanitary arrangements were ‘bucket and chuck it’.

It was there that Beulah London was conceived. Natasha and Lavinia’s idea was to create an ethical fashion label that would pay a living wage to rescued women and save them from the economic necessity of returning to the streets.

‘It was a real motivator to start up a business which could be profitable and provide women with an alternative, sustainable livelihood,’ she says.

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It seems that lovely Filipina celebrity brides can’t get enough of the enchanting beauty of Europe.

After flooding social media with the picture-perfect weddings of “It Girls” Solenn Heussaff (to Nico Bolzico in Brittan, France) and Georgina Wilson-Burnand (to Arthur Burnand in Winchester, England), two more Filipina celebrities took the same route and flew to Europe to tie the knot.

 Sealed with a kiss­­—Isabelle Daza and Adrien Semblat PHOTOS FROM INSTAGRAM/ISABELLE DAZA

Images: wedding dress styles

Isabelle Daza’s Tuscan wedding

The 28-year old model and actress Isabelle Daza married her French beau Adrien Semblat at the San Francesco Church in Tuscany, Italy on September 10.

Looking radiant in her Vera Wang wedding gown, Daza walked down the aisle with Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos on her side. The latter took the place of the bride’s father and his close friend, Gabriel “Bong” Daza, who passed away on July this year.

Of course, Miss Universe 1969 Gloria Diaz wouldn’t miss her eldest daughter’s wedding.

The special occasion was well attended by the couple’s family and friends, including the bride’s close friends Heusaff, Wilson, actress Anne Curtis and her real-life beau Erwann Heussaff, celebrity stylist Liz Uy, eventologist Tim Yap, and TV hosts Raymond Gutierrez and Kim Atienza, among others.

Cristalle Belo Henares’ dreamy Lake Como wedding

Similarly, famed celebrity doctor Vicki Belo’s eldest daughter decided to have her dream wedding in Italy.

Cristalle Belo Henares and Australian hotelier, Justin Pitt exchanged vows anew for their second wedding at Villa Erba, Lake Como, Italy on Thursday. The couple earlier tied the knot in a civil ceremony at the Peninsula Hotel in Makati City.

The bride’s family members including her mom and her mother’s partner Hayden Kho, father Atom Henares, brother Quark Henares, and little sister Scarlett Snow surrounded the newlyweds.

Prior to the ceremony, the bride together with her bridesmaids Ruffa Gutierrez, Timmy Aquino, Celine Willard, and Noelle Hillario rode a speedboat around the lake all wearing satin robes from La Tercera.

The 33-year old Belo Essentials managing director walked down the aisle wearing a white-laced Inbal Dror wedding gown.

Some of the noted personalities seen during the special gathering were Rajo Laurel, Ruffa and Raymond Gutierrez, Georgina Wilson, Tim Yap, Phoemala Baranda, Charina Sarte, Frank Briones, Thelma Sioson-San Juan, and Georcelle Dapat-Sy, among others.

Endless boat rides especially during the sunset made the ambiance of the lavish wedding very dreamy.

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My fiancee and I are planning our wedding, which is next spring. We’re so excited to share the day with our loved ones, and we’ve both been pleasantly surprised by how stress-free the planning process has been so far. But we’ve run into a conundrum while working on our list of invitees.

Two of our friends, “Alex” and “Mary,” split up about a year and a half ago. They had been together for seven years, and it was an unhealthy, codependent relationship, so when the breakup happened, it was a mess.


Alex has moved on and been dating someone else for about a year. Mary hasn’t dated anyone since the breakup and still holds a lot of bitterness against Alex. We were at a friend’s dinner party a few months ago, and Mary stormed out when Alex showed up with the new girlfriend. If she hears that any of us have been in contact with him, she goes on a rant.

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My fiancee and I really don’t want to deal with any drama on our wedding day, but we want to invite Alex. How should we handle this?

— Cold Feet About Hothead

Dear Cold: This drama queen needs to know that on your wedding day, her curtain goes down. Have a talk with Mary well in advance to let her know you’re inviting Alex and his girlfriend. She’ll have plenty of time to steel herself for the encounter.

If she’s unwilling to give you her word that she’ll be cordial, then she can skip the wedding. But if she really is a true friend, she will understand.

Dear Annie: I have a close friend whom I have known for many years. She and I do a lot of activities together, such as going to the movies, the gym or an occasional lunch. As two women will do, we discuss our lives, which can lead to some complaining.

I have recently noticed a change in her behavior when she reacts to something I have told her, and I am not sure what to do.

When I confide to her that I am worried about a certain situation or if I am just venting about something that happened to me that day, she is very quick to either try to solve the problem for me or say something that minimizes my concern about the problem.

What I am looking for in these conversations is an empathetic friend with whom I can share frustrations or concerns. I have seen her react to others this way, too, and it can be off-putting.

Am I being too sensitive? Should I gently let her know how this type of reaction makes the other person feel, or should I let it go?

— Not Heard in Nebraska

Dear Not Heard: We humans are hard-wired to be problem-solvers. And some people — often those who fear a lack of control in their lives — have an especially hard time letting anything just be.

It probably hasn’t even occurred to your friend that she could simply listen without giving advice. So do point it out to her.

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With just weeks to live, a terminally ill cancer patient got his dying wish: He married the love of his life.

Chris Ford and Nicole Wismer, 22, planned to wed in October, but doctors told the couple that Ford, 26, might not live that long.

"When the doctor told us, it was Nicole and I sitting in there, and Nicole just looked at Chris and said, 'You still want to marry me, don't you?' " recalled Amy Ford, Chris' mother.

Chris Ford had been struggling with cancer for about a year. Not long after Nicole gave birth to Chris' son, Tristan, he was diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma of the mouth and throat.

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At the time, he was given an 80% chance of survival, his mother said. The Philadelphia native decided to move his family to LaVergne, Tenn., to live with his mother while he received treatment at Vanderbilt University Medical Center here.

"During the course of his treatment, his tumors continued to grow and grow. They also grew into his lungs and some of his other organs, said Amy Ford, tears rolling down her cheeks. "About a month ago, he was diagnosed as terminal."

Wismer told her fiancé that they had to get married "now or never."

But mounting medical bills and the cost of care left the couple with little money for a wedding. Undeterred, an army of volunteers from the nonprofit Nashville Chive, one of about 200 chapters worldwide that originally started as a meetup group, jumped into action.

"It doesn't matter how long you've been together. It doesn't matter the circumstances; it shouldn't matter. I love him too much (to walk away)," said the newly married Nicole Ford as she sat on a couch after the wedding, held Sunday at a donated venue.

Chris Ford's mother and his fiancée juggled wedding plans with hospice visits and doctor appointments for Chris.

"It's been a fast thing. We had to make it happen," Amy Ford said. "That's what she wanted. That's what he wanted."

Everything fell into place quickly.

"People we never even knew contacted us," Chris Ford's mom said. "We had DJs ... photographers, videographers, people offering to cook, florists, our cakes. ... The guy who owns City Liquors in LaVergne called and said, 'What do you need?' "

Family members came down from Philadelphia for the wedding. The wedding officiant, a member of the Atlanta Chive group, drove up to perform the ceremony.

The wedding was like many others — a catered meal, bouquets of flowers everywhere, custom cakes — but those items were donated to the couple. The bridesmaids wore coral-colored linen sundresses, the groom and his groomsmen wore gray vests with aqua ties, and the bride wore a strapless white gown embellished with sequins.

Although Chris Ford constantly needs supplemental oxygen and can't stand for long periods, he sat patiently waiting for his bride. A pain patch was barely visible behind his ear.

"His spirits are very good because he's got a lot of support. His heart is like a rock. I've never seen anybody as strong as he's been, and his will to live. He's been fighting to live for his family," said Chris Ford's father, Bob Ford. "He's been through a lot with the cancer."

Barely able to walk, Chris Ford was escorted down the aisle by his father, who kept his son stable and standing during the short ceremony.

When Francine and Richard Wismer escorted their daughter to the altar, Chris Ford finally broke into a giant smile.

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Because Chris' cancer is so advanced, he can't talk. So Bob Ford also stood in to speak for his son as the couple exchanged wedding vows.

Even through his weakness, he managed to dance back down the aisle with his bride.

"She's his heart," said Kevin Hicks, who interpreted Chris Ford's sign language as the couple sat on the couch after the ceremony. "Their love is pure and true and perfect."



Traditionally, the bride and groom partake in a unity ceremony which symbolizes the union between the bride and groom. The unity candle ceremony, in which the bride and groom use two smaller candles to light one larger candle, is the most traditional, but here are a few ideas for those looking for a more unique idea.

Tree Planting Ceremony

The bride and groom plant a tree together with dirt form each of their childhood homes. The parents can add water to symbolize their influence in the couple's lives. After the ceremony, the couple will plant the tree at their new home, sybolizing putting down roots, longevity and strength in their marriage.


Feet Washing Ceremony

Perfect for a Christian wedding, the feet washing ceremony is a symbol of being humble, thoughtful, and willing to serve. With a beautiful pitcher of water, a bowl and a sponge, the bride and groom take their shoes off, place the sponge in the bowl, pour the water on the sponge and lightly wash each other's feet.

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The Pebble Ceremony

Have wedding guests hold a rock and bless it during the ceremony. Afterwards, they place it in a vase, or other container, for the couple to display in their home.

Wine Ceremony

Perfect for wine lovers or those having a ceremony at a winery. The symbolism here is like a good wine, a marriage will only ripen and grow stronger with age. The bride and groom choose two different, yet compatible wines and pour them into one carfe or glass, creating a perfect blend, then they both take a drink.

Sand Ceremony

Perfect for a beach wedding, the bride and groom each have their own color sand which is then poured together to represent the blending of their two lives. Variations include adding additional sand colors for children and/or the officiant.

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