Robert Pattinson and FKA Twigs have been in the middle of the wedding rumors. Refusal to comment about the issue caused the people to speculate that they're going to break up soon. Now that the rumor has spread, Kristen Stewart's name was dragged into their relationship.

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Early last year, "Twilight" actor Robert Pattinsonhave proposed to his current girlfriend FKA Twigs. The proposal happened last year and there should have been updates about the wedding already. But when the 30-year old actor was asked about it, he was nonchalant about it. Maybe it is because of what he said during the 10th Annual GO Campaign Gala in LA in which he stated that he feels too young like 22 years old and even 14.


Aside from the wedding-not-happening rumors about Robert Pattinson and FKA Twigs, break up rumors are also haunting the couple. Robert was allegedly impressed with the Rolling Stones video Kristen Stewart appeared in. Kristen's ex-boyfriend has allegedly loved the fact that his ex-girlfriend is in the video. Robert was said to be a music lover and so is Kristen. Robert also thought that what Kristen did was a pretty sexy dance move. That reports could lead a rumor to brew that Robert still has a thing for his "Twilight" beau.

However, fans of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart must not jump to conclusions as it was revealed that Robert didn't say anything about the video. Surely FKA Twigs would feel relieved that it is not true. The Rolling Stone video that featured Kristen is definitely sexy as Kristen was sucking on a blue lollipop while dancing.

Robert Pattinson and FKA Twigs, despite the breakup rumors, are seemingly going strong as they both expressed their willingness to have children. Kristen Stewart's lovely ex-expressed this during an interview with German Magazine and Twigs also expressed hers during an interview with The Sunday Times.

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No ‘Game of Thrones’, winter isn’t coming – it’s here, with a chilly chilly bang bang and so are the winter weddings. But what to wear to Mr & Mrs Von Hastings’ wedding in the freezing cold marquee in the middle of the Shires?

You don’t want to be drastically cold in a barely-there slip dress, nor do you want to be loaded up like a grizzly bear going into hibernation. You need to strike the right balance between layering up your look and cutting a sharp silhouette.

“A great blazer is key in colder months,” advises Marie Claire’s fashion editor, Lucia Debieux. “It’s the one thing that will really pull your whole look together if you get it right. From velvet to fall florals we’ve found the best blazers to shrug on over your wedding outfit to keep you warm but looking cool.”

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Try this sleek green velvet number from Frame denim over a pastel silk midi dress; perfect for adding some tapered wintery pizzazz to your look:

But who says you have to wear a dress? A smart, tailored suit can also be a great, trend-driven route to go down. The Parisian brands like Maje and Sandroare teeming with options this season; dare to go bold with a colour blocked co-ord suit or reinvent the basics with a pair of dark, oversized tailored trousers and a white broderie shirt – simple yet impeccably stylish.

When it comes to shoes, this is where you can really go to town with striking prints and patterns, particularly if you’re keeping it simple up top. Forget tiresome leopard print, this winter, it’s all about zebra. There is a plethora of brands creating beautiful shoes from this unique and interesting design; of course you may want to take the opportunity to don your finest – and highest – heels at a wedding, but think of your poor little tortured feet at 2am after three hours of solid dancing in stilettos…would you want to put your feet through the torture?

It’s the perfect excuse to whip out your fanciest flats; these Gucci princetown loafers have been on a fashionista tirade this year – seen on the likes of Sienna Miller and Alex Chung – this new zebra print style is the ultimate companion of eccentricity to your winter wedding look.

Of course, what you wear very much depends on the venue. Are you trekking into the depths of the Scottish Highlands with sub zero temperatures and treacherous terrain? Or perhaps you’re venturing to a grand Elizabethan manor nestled in the picturesque Hampshire hills?

Countryside weddings can be incredibly romantic, particularly during the colder months. Popular venues include Blenheim Palace (yep, you can actually get married in an actual palace), The Woburn Estate and Leeds Castle.

Countryside: Of course, grandeur is the primary port of call for a wedding in the English countryside, so this is the opportunity to uncover your majestic sartorial self; dig out your finest jewels and your sleekest silks. Floor-length anything is a must-have, whether it’s an elegant flowing pair of satin trousers or a whopping fairytale gown, this is your time to shine so take advantage and don’t be shy.

City: City weddings are a different affair entirely. They have the advantage of easy transportation, firstly. Plus, you can stumble back into the comfort of your own bed once it’s all over instead of the musty BnB room you’ve rented – if you live in the city of course. Even if you don’t, you’re far more likely to find accommodation from a city dwelling pal than a retreating country hermit, so the privilege of a homely bed (probably) still applies.

London: Popular London wedding venues can range from sky-high rooftops to Park Lane hotels; it’s a mixed bag. You wouldn’t necessarily want to wear a ball gown to Sushi Samba; nor would you be inclined to don your zebra Guccis to Grosvenor House. That being said, city weddings give you the chance to be a little more edgy with your outfit choices; think fuchsia trouser-suits and quirky florals – yes, even in winter.

The opportunities for winter weddings are endless; whether you are planning one or simply attending as a guest, remember to dress for the occasion. And, for the love of god don’t go for the whole winter wonderland thing – you are better than a cliché.

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It seems like Adele certainly is not a person for all the Hollywood madness.

Earlier this year, the news broke that Adele's long-term partner Simon Konecki celebrated their fifth anniversary in a very romantic way.

The charity CEO went the extra mile to celebrate their relationship and proposed to the Hello singer.

Adele has asked the most unlikely person to cater her wedding day

A source close to the couple said that the pair could be getting wed sooner rather than later, with a Christmas wedding in the making.

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Speaking to The Mirror, it seems like they're planning a small low-key ceremony in LA with the source telling them:

"The plan is to marry in LA. The wedding will be in one of the school holidays so Simon's daughter can attend. It's looking like it will be Christmas, but they want to keep details under wraps."

One detail it seems they've finalised already is the catering, with Adele to have reportedly asked one of her closest friends to do the honours.

According to the Irish Mirror, Adele has forgone the luxury that Gordon Ramsay, Heston Blumenthal or Nigella Lawson could've provided her with as she's chosen her friend, Sid Owen to supply the food.

If the name Sid Owen is ringing any bells, then you've guessed it, it's Ricky from Eastenders.

Actor Sid did appear on Celebrity Masterchef and wrote his very own cookery book, so it does make sense that Adele would ask for his input when it comes to the wedding grub.

A friend close to Adele and Simon confirmed the news.

"It will be a very small affair...

"Only a few of their very closest friends will be there, but Sid will definitely be involved and they’ve talked to him about food.

"They haven’t got fancy tastes. They could have almost any of the world’s best chefs but it’s just not who they are.

"Having one of their closest friends help out instead would mean a lot more to them."

I'm just wondering if he's going to bring Bianca as his plus one?

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The 6th Annual Veterans Day Wedding Giveback was a true success, thanks to the support and dedication of our neighboring business partners and volunteers.

Peconic Landing and Brecknock Hall are honored to announce that more than $60,000 worth of goods and services was donated from 31 vendors, making this the most generous wedding giveback to date. Highlights of this special day can be seen on our YouTube channel.

Images: bridesmaids dresses

Photo courtesy of Dear Stacey Wedding Photography.

Boatswain Mate First Class Patrick Rogers, 34, of the United States Coast Guard and his fiancée, Jessica Peters, 30, of Sayville tied the knot on Sunday, November 12 in honor of Veterans Day.

Patrick Rogers, of Manorville, is currently serving aboard the Cutter KEY LARGO, out of Gloucester, MA. Patrick has served in the United States Coast Guard for the past 13 years and has received more than 15 honors and awards throughout his military career, including a Commendation for his part in rescue and recovery efforts during the 2009 Hudson River plane crash.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you to all the vendors that gave their time and services for this great cause. The flowers, photography, music, and food – just to name a few – were absolutely incredible,” said Patrick. “I loved how all the vendors came together to put together such a great day.”

Jessica, who works as a producer for the Telecare network, added this about the couple’s special day.

“Each and every vendor donation, whether it was someone's time or a contribution big or small meant the world to us and we are so grateful for the generosity that helped make our wedding day more than we ever could've imagined,” said Jessica. “We hope that the entire Veterans Day Wedding Giveback reminds us all of the selfless love in this world – shown through the participating vendors, and our military that keep our communities safe.”

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On Nov. 12, downtown Chicago was host to about 1,000 demonstrators, protesting Donald Trump’s election, and many paused by the Trump International Hotel and Tower as a symbol of the president-elect. Just across the Chicago river, a couple were celebrating their wedding at the Art Institute of Chicago. They traveled to the Riverwalk with their wedding party to pose for portraits with their photographer. News photographer Bilgin Sasmaz, who had been covering the nearby protests for the Anadolu Agency, took the opportunity to capture this moment for the rest of the world: The bride and groom and 15 others, dressed to the nines, have their backs to the camera and their middle fingers raised high to the Trump name that adorns the building.

A joke protest from a wedding party has made national headlines. (Photo by Bilgin S. Sasmaz/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images)

“We did not make this the main focus of our wedding, and frankly it was not our intention for this to be a public statement,” the groom told Yahoo Style via email from his honeymoon. (Due to the political climate, he asked that his name not be used in this story.) “We didn’t expect the attention that it has gotten, and in fact, we did this for our own wedding photographer, only for ourselves. After two takes (and two minutes spent doing this) we were surprised to turn around and see a crowd of people.”

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The groom said their hotel was near the Trump Tower, and they had been surrounded by protests that weekend.

“We never joined in any of the protests — it was our wedding day, after all, and we had other things to be doing,” the groom said, but they wanted this photo to record “our sentiments of the time and place.”

These newlyweds had an early preview of what many families are bracing themselves for this Thanksgiving, when loved ones with opposing political views will be gathered for the holiday. Other than this striking photograph, they managed to avoid politics altogether at their party.

“We did have Trump supporters at our wedding, but this was our wedding day, and everyone there was there to support us,” the groom said. “It wasn’t about politics; this was about us.”

Earlier this year, Yahoo spoke with Nancy Mitchell, owner of the Etiquette Advocate in Washington, D.C., for tips on how to keep weddings civil in these divided days.

“If someone is trying to draw you into a political discussion and you feel that it is neither the time nor the place for it, take the high ground and finesse your response,” Mitchell said. She suggested using a neutral, general statement like, “This has been an interesting race.”

Mitchell’s advice here can count for both weddings and holidays: “Take a deep breath and remember that you are a polite guest and that the event is not about you, your confronter, or about debating politics.”

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With demonetisation leading to temporary cash crunch, the big fat Indian wedding season has turned into a nightmare for both traders and families.

“Should I first pay the tentwallah or the jeweller? I go through dilemmas like this everyday. Thanks to the government’s decision to ban Rs 500 and 1000 notes, I don’t have enough cash to pay people.

“Tomorrow, it will be some other person knocking the door for payment. The excitement is out of the door, the wedding festivity has turned into a nightmare,” says Rajinder Gupta, whose daughter is getting married on November 24.

Though supporting the government on this move, he says the problem is that it’s “ill-planned” and “badly timed”.

“How can you expect a person with marriage in his house to go and stand in the queue for hours? That too to get only a paltry sum of Rs 10,000 and less, which ends up serving no purpose whatsoever,” he added.


Images: bridesmaid dresses

The wedding season is the time of the year when traders do most of their business but lack of liquidity has led to problems.

Ranging from Rs 5,000 to as high as Rs 51,000, different wedding bands have offered their customers a “one month” timeline for the full payment. But people are not even in the position to pay the advance.

“We understand the pain of our customers. But even I need to pay my workers their salary. I am getting calls but it’s limited to asking about the rates. It’s not fructifying into a deal.

“People are pressed for money, so we are losing out on our business,” says Pankaj, owner of Sindhi Hiranand band in Tagore Garden.

Indian marriages are known for the extravagant delicacies but caterers too are facing order cancellation.

“Just now somebody called me to say that he won’t be able to pay me the amount and hence he is calling off the order. My employees are daily wagers, I don’t know how I’ll able to pay them with this pace of business,” says Manoj of Royal Caterers.

With Rs 500 and Rs 1000 losing their value, people are not willing to take these notes as getting them exchanged is too troublesome.

“I don’t want to queue up; first to get the money deposited and then to get the notes exchanged. Also, there is a limit to how much we can withdraw,” he adds.

Shops selling wedding wear say they are seeing a decrease in footfall.

“With less money to spend, clothes makes for the last item on the priority list. They’ll rather spend on other things. We are seeing less footfall with each passing day. And I am not making up when I say we are seeing a loss of 80 per cent in our business,” says a shopkeeper from Manyavar.

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Eleanor Buffington Wallace and Charles Alden Hockenbury were married May 28. The Rev. Dr. Martha Blount and Father Kevin Slattery performed the evening ceremony at Covenant Presbyterian Church. A reception followed at the Capital Club in downtown Jackson. The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Michael B. Wallace of Ridgeland. She is the granddaughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Wallace of Biloxi, and the late Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Childs of Madison, and Park Ridge, Ill. The bridegroom is the son of Dr. and Mrs. Steven Hockenbury of Newport Beach, Calif. He is the grandson of Ethel Helen Schneeweis and the late William Hugh Schneeweis of Long Beach, Calif., and Marjorie Shefer of Newport Beach, Calif. Matron of honor was Kyle Wallace Siegel of New Orleans, sister of the bride. Maids of honor were Mary Caroline Wallace of Washington, D.C., and Elisabeth Grace Wallace of Ann Arbor, Mich., sisters of the bride; Laurel HaIlie Edelstein of Los Angeles; Marissa Frances Latini of New Orleans; Laura Benscoter Love of Shreveport; and Whitney Lehr Ray of Minneapolis.

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The bridegroom’s brother, Blake William Alden Hockenbury of Newport Beach was best man. Groomsmen were his brothers Scott Michael Alden Hockenbury and Christian Snow Alden Hockenbury, both of Newport Beach; Benjamin Thomas Conway of Van Nuys, Calif.; Paul Marten Leu and Kyle Kopacz Valley of Costa Mesa, Calif.; Ross Michael Luyben of Los Alamitos, Calif.; and Edward Thomas Martindale of San Diego. - Avery Marie Joyce and Madalyn Rose Luyben, both relatives of the bridegroom, were flower girls.

The bride is the director of communications for the Republican State Leadership Committee in Washington, D.C. She received her bachelor’s degree from the University of Southern California. The bridegroom also received his bachelor’s degree from the University of Southern California, where the couple met. He is a legislative correspondent for U.S. Sen. Roger Wicker in Washington, D.C. The couple took a short wedding trip to the Inn at Perry Cabin in St. Michael, Md., and plan a longer wedding trip to Thailand in December. The couple live in Washington, D.C.

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Wedding planning can be intense and often requires dedication and many hours of work. Coordinating a wedding often requires that couples make many different decisions and spend a considerable amount of time in the wedding-planning trenches.

Couples expend so much energy planning their weddings that it can be easy to lose sight of the bigger picture - namely the relationship that is the basis for the marriage in the first place. But as easy as it can be to get lost in wedding planning, couples can use this time together to connect on a deeper level and learn to work cooperatively.

Reconnect during wedding planning

Images: strapless wedding dresses

¥ Divide and conquer. Separate wedding planning duties so that both of you feel you are contributing equally and no one person gets overly stressed out. Stress can lead to short tempers and arguments.

- Establish a mutual budget. Even the healthiest couple argues over finances from time to time, but budgetary debates should not set a negative tone for wedding planning. Couples should discuss their potential budget before they even begin to plan their weddings, and both partners should do their best to compromise while also understanding where the other person is coming from.

- Schedule time for fun. Do not let wedding planning be all-consuming. Schedule days that allow you to enjoy yourselves together without having to think about or discuss your pending nuptials. This may include date nights that may have fallen by the wayside since getting engaged or periodic day trips to get away from it all. Explore your mutual hobbies or try something new.

- Learn to laugh at the little things. Not every detail will go off without a hitch. How you react as a couple may influence how much you enjoy your wedding. Recognize that certain things will not go your way, but that unforeseen circumstances will not ruin your wedding day, no matter how unpleasant they may seem. Laugh at what cannot be changed and recognize that, in the long run, the details you think are major today may actually prove trivial when you look back on your wedding day in the years to come.

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Did you think Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's $2.8 million wedding was extravagant? Or that the Kim Kardashian of China's (a.k.a. Angela baby a.k.a. Angela Yeung) nuptials were down right extreme? Well, you better take a seat because these over-the-top "I dos" just might make you swoon. The daughter of a famous Russian oil tycoon just tied the knot and, between the 900 wedding guests and the need-to-see-to-believe $600,000 wedding dress, this might just be one of the most lavish weddings we've ever seen...

Madina Shokirova Wedding Photos

With an oil fortune that totes her last name, it was probably to be expected that the recent wedding of Madina Shokirova would border on the excessive. But this definitely takes the (wedding) cake... According to the Daily Mail, the nuptials took place at the luxurious Radisson Royal Congress Park hotel in Moscow, but the expensive wedding fun started even before the big day when the bride and her best gal pals (see photo below) headed to a resort in Spain for her bachelorette party — in a private jet, of course...


Come the big day, Shokirova donned a wedding dress that has us sweating just looking at it. (Seriously, how much does that thing even weigh?!) The fabulous frock was designed for her by British fashion house Ralph & Russo and reportedly cost a whopping $600,000. Yes, really. What could've run up that bill so high, you ask? Well, blame the gown's elaborate embroidery, three-dimensional organza petals, and hundreds upon hundreds of dainty pearls and glitzy Swarovski crystals. NBD. Super casual, right?

Also, we have a serious question: What on earth does one feed 900 (incredibly well-dressed) wedding guests? Answer: A 10-foot tall wedding cake, naturally. Shokirova and her sweetheart served up a big day dessert taller than a professional basketball player and required a fleet of strong servers to carry the thing. And if that wasn't enough to impress their guests, they also dropped an estimated $477,000 on entertainment for the night.

Can this family just adopt us, please?

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Jack Darling will tie the knot with Courtney Braham at Caversham House and dual Coleman medallist Josh Kennedy and Lauren Atkinson will say “I do” in the South West.

For Darling, 24, and his fiancee, their romance started at Perth’s Ginger Nightclub four years ago.

Ms Braham, 27, used her job as a physiotherapist to attract the Eagles forward.

Images: bridesmaid dresses perth

“She asked me, ‘Do you need a physio?’ and I said, ‘As a matter of fact I do’,” Darling said. “When I spent time with her I realised she was the sweetest, most genuine girl on earth.”

Eight months later, they were at a wedding at Caversham House when Darling told Ms Braham he could imagine marrying her there.

“When we met I knew there was something really different about Jack,” Ms Braham said.

While the pair invited the entire West Coast Eagles team to their engagement party in 2014, a smaller group of players will attend the wedding.

Andrew Gaff and Scott Lycett are among the four groomsmen and Elliot Yeo, Mark Hutchings, Jeremy McGovern and Brad Sheppard are also on the 120-person guest list.

Darling said he wasn’t aware of his big day clashing with Kennedy’s wedding, but the situation was common in the post-season wedding rush.

“We are pretty limited, there are really only eight weekends a year we could do it,” he said.

Claremont designers Pallas Couture made Ms Braham’s dress, which she described as “very special”.

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