for weeeeeks now I've fancied myselfa pair of slides, even more so that my boyfriend wears his on a daily basis (I take his clothes but no way are my size 5 feet fitting in his size 11 nike slides😕)

I strongly support treating myself (as we all do) and the sun was shining😎 so I thought why not?

after staring at slides for a good 20 minutes I've got the "puma popcat swan slides" in black.

The beauty of these slides is that in different lighting they develop a "rainbow" colour, just like when petrol and rain mixes on the pavement 😍

and they look even better with the camera flash applied ✨

now I just need summer so I have a excuse to wear these beauties, beach anyone?🌞



When I was younger, I always had luscious long blonde hair, but that was a vision that unfortunately I was unable I maintain. As I grew up my hair began to dull and I began to bleach it more and more often (stupid mistake) and as a result of this my hair became so porous and damaged it started to snap. This is any girls nightmare as you can imagine so I had to face reality and 'get the chop.' *cries* A few month later when my hair was ready to face yet another hair dye, I made the drastic decision to change from bleach blonde to brunette as that's what colour my roots were growing in.

I never got used to my hair being short, or dark for that matter. I started to wear clip in hair extensions and 3/4 hair pieces, finally I felt like a girl again! As the months passed, I grew to like my brown hair however I still missed being 'that blonde.' Clip in extensions are all well and good, but maintaining them is harder then maintaining my own hair in my opinion and it is such a chore to wake up every morning to clip them in and style them, not ideal when you're as lazy as I am and would rather have extra time in bed.

After looking into it for a while, I took the dive and got a weave on Thursday! I could have never got bonds because although 18 long months have passed my hair is still too weak to stand the extensions or the glue. I chose a ombre weave so that I could have that little bit of blonde back in my life! My hair is a #6 brunette which melts into a caramel blonde. I opted for an 18” weave because it isn’t too extreme.

I traveled back home to Newcastle for my weave. I bought my human hair extensions from 'hair trade' (Metro Centre, Newcastle) for a surprisingly good £80 (another place I would recommend for those who aren't local to me is hair planet on the internet, again very reasonably priced) and I went local to a recommended stylist who fits the weave for an amazingly low cost of £35 - BARGAIN!! (Gill @ xlance, South Shields.) All in all the fitting and styling of my new weave took just over an hour and it is blended excellently. Gill put mini plaits underneath my hair and sewed my weave into it. I'm so satisfied with how it's turned out and I've received many compliments on it.

I was lucky enough to be able to match my weave to the colour of my hair however another way of achieving a ombre weave is to buy your extensions to match the desired colour of your hair ends and then buy a hair dye which matches your natural hair and lay the extensions out on a bin liner and paint the dye onto the extensions. It doesn't matter if your hair extensions have clips on them as the clips are easy to remove, I removed the clips from my extensions simply by cutting them off with scissors.

As for maintenance of my extensions, I've purchased X-10 hair extensions care kit which includes: shampoo (250ml), conditioner (250ml), leave in treatment (250ml) and a shine spray (125ml.) I picked this up for just £25 (I got this from Sally Express, I bought mine from the store on Grainger Street, Newcastle, however this is a national business who have a website - it was just easier for me to go in store - ) This was the cheapest I seen the extension care products and the girl in store advised for me to purchase the pack as it is a better value for money. I've used the products once since Thursday as it is recommended to wash a weave two or three times a week, not as frequent as your actual hair. The results are amazing and my weave looks and feels as good as it did on Thursday. As for styling, I used my Babyliss paddle hair dryer on a low setting and then continued to straighten my weave with my Niki Clarke extensions, when using heated irons, I would advise using a low setting as weft hair is thinner therefore doesn't require as much heat, also although hair is advertised as 100% human hair it does have strands of synthetic hair mixed in therefore this would not react well to higher temperatures. ( I used my Niki Clarke Straighteners on 'medium' whereas for my hair I use them on the 'Max Thick setting'.)

My fitter recommended that I get my weave tightened or replaced every 8 weeks approximately however this differs depending on individual preference, this is because the plaits which it is sewn into will have loosened by then since my own hair will be growing at the root, some people prefer their weave looser as it is easier to style.

Finally!! I actually feel and resemble a girl again and have that little bit of blonde that I dream of without damaging my hair. I would definitely recommend a weave to anyone in a similar situation to myself. (Also I get that cheeky extra time in bed on a morning so I'm winning all around!)