Knowing the operation of the Audi R8 Exhaust System and exhaust pipe can help you get the most performance, maintenance or repair, so today we talk about how this part of the vehicle works.

First of all,

What Is An Exhaust Pipe?

It is an element of the drive which evacuates the combustion gases or exhaust gases from the muffler to the environment. This occurs once they have already done their work in the engine combustion produced. The exhaust pipe belongs to the system of the same name in internal combustion engines and is used to silence the engine, hence also will denominate silent, thus accelerating smooth and fast. The exhaust system is responsible for carrying out certain functions to operate the vehicle correctly:

  • Evacuate Engine Gases Generated In Combustion.
  • Reduce The Noise Generated By The Motor.
  • Controlling Pollution Caused By Burning Fuel.
  • The Components That Make It Work The Exhaust System

Exhaust manifold: Collect burned gases in the combustion chamber and directed from the engine block to the outside. They are working tubes at high temperatures and if maladjustment or chopped occur, causes a leakage will cause the exhaust gases are released inside the engine compartment going into the vehicle.

Muffler: As its name suggests, its role is to reduce the noise caused by the exhaust gas . It tends to oxidize because short distances did not reach temperature and filled with water, so when the car is started cold at the outlet of the exhaust pipe is observed that expels water.

Catalyst: One of the key elements in the fight against pollution reduction. Its function is to transform harmful substances into on - toxic elements. It operates at high temperature, therefore, is located near the engine.

Lambda: It measures the concentration of oxygen in the exhaust gas . The data collected are sent to the vehicle control will vary managing fuel injection to the engine so that the fuel - air mixture is optimal. If a fault occurs in a lambda probe or measurements are not correct is considered a serious failure to pass the ITV.

Particle filter: It is an element that is mounted on vehicles with a diesel engine that eliminates particulate pollutants from the exhaust gases.

Wear Tailpipe

There are several symptoms to detect deterioration in the exhaust system:

Vibrations: The exhaust is attached to the vehicle by rubber bands. When we hear vibration or shock coming from the exhaust may be by the deterioration of the rubber.

Bass sound: Indicates a crack in one of the sections of the escape .

Exhaust sounds: This is usually because one of the elements of the exhaust line is broken.

Power loss Indicates that the catalyst is failing, usually due to a blockage.

When an exhaust pipe has a breakdown, its effects are very serious. First, because it produces greater environmental pollution and secondly because it can produce a release of some of its elements may cause an accident Also, it will increase fuel consumption and will be a decrease vehicle performance.

Have you taken out useful information about how a work tailpipe and how can we know that we have to review it to find fault?

Audi R8 Exhaust System

Generally, exhaust systems by are carefully designed to combine exhaust’s special function and stylish appearance in one great package. It is not just an ordinary pipeline because the design must also be in accordance with the sequence of tubing of your vehicle. It must ensure that the noxious gases burned inside will be released from the machine. Therefore, the flow inside of the system must be transmittable. Meaning, the design of the exhaust system’s tubing is also important. Exhaust systems must always be in perfect shape, enough tubing space for the toxic air to freely flow and to be instantly released, good design that will complement the vehicle’s exterior appearance and of course, durable construction with materials used known for strength and longevity.

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