I discovered Nouw when I was looking for better blogging platforms to start my blog. Tumblr and Blogspot couldn't give me the blogging experience I am looking for so I ought to find one. So far, I'm loving Nouw, in a digital designer's perspective, I think this website is done so well. I'm not liking the default Quicksand font for the interface though. It destroys the UI.

Anyway, I've been really busy to the point I've forgotten to work on my portfolio. But I'm so blessed that I'm now working in a start-up company and is currently working on an app.

Another blessing I received was I got an opportunity to study in Europe. I'm more than excited to study (finally!) game development in an international setting! I've seen their curriculum and it is sure different from other programs and universities out there.

My visa is now processing and I hope I would make it before the classes would start.

I've also purchased a new domain for my branding, in which my Nouw blog redirects to http://blog.geekery.be. It's a .be domain! Guess it already gives a clue on where I'll be moving to. It was surprising on how it was to purchase it. Most country based TLD's would require an address in a particular country.

I hope I'll be not lazy to blog since there will be a lot of adventures coming soon. See ya!