If you are about to embellish or renovate your home, toilet is something that you cannot ignore. You can compromise or sacrifice anything, but you cannot give up of being no toilets in your home. When it comes to choosing the toilets, you can have many options to choose from. But everyone would like to go with the eco-friendly and environmental-friendly toilet. Since, toilet is something that lets disease causing germs, bacteria and other infectious pests to grow. So, choosing the toilet that keeps you protected from these things is a better idea to go with. If that is the case, you have to use the dry toilets.

Why Dry Toilet?

As you all know that, a normal toilet requires more water to be used to transport the waste via sewage and in order to eliminate the bad odor that comes from the human waste. And water is the thing that encourages the growth of germs, virus, bacteria and other disease causing microbial. So, you can consider using a dry toilet for house. Yes, from the name itself, you would come to know that, this toilet does not require too much water as like normal toilets. Rather, this dry toilet does requires only little or no water based on the type of the toilet you choose. Using a dry toilet is a safest way and further you can protect yourself from getting suffering from various diseases.

What is a Composting Toilet?

Composting indoor toilet is not a new term as it has been around there for a while. But the point is that, still people are not ready to use it quite frequently. Composting toilet is not an outdoor toilet or latrine, rather it is just a device that processes human wastes via aerobic process and dispose it effectively without leaving the bad odor or some other things. This device gets hold of proper and sufficient ventilation and it will decompose the wastes within some minutes. The users will never experience any disgusting or bad odor of having a composting toilet.

Advantages of a Dry Toilet

The foremost advantage of using the dry toilet campsites is that, you can live in a no pollution zone. The human disposal is the source of pollution, disease causing germs, water contamination and more. Because of such things, ambiance and society will be spoiled and further the untidy ambiance will bring many life killing diseases to the humans that live in the society. But a dry toilet uses no water and just decomposes the waste. There will be no pollution.

Next is that, a normal toilet needs flushing of water every time when you use the toilet. We cannot say that, a city or country will never experience water shortage. Rather, it may experience either sooner or later. If you experience a water shortage in your city, you cannot flush more water for using toilets at all. But using the composting toilet campsites will never demand water at all. So, you can use it regardless of the water availability in your city.

What are you waiting for? Use dry toilet and enjoy the benefits!



The system developed to collect the human waste and after that processing the waste by an aerobic microbial activities which help to decompose the waste, killing off all the harmful and hazardous substances is called composting toilets. These toilets tend to be environment friendly as the process does not require water or any sewage treatment further, developing an end product which could be ideal for the fertilization of landscapes and trees. These toilets are far more better implemented than pit toilets or latrines which do nothing but pollute the ground water. These toilets can be build both outdoors and indoors. Further the construction and in-built of these dry toilets for home can range from most elaborate and expensive manufactured systems to the convenient do-your self kits. These composting toilets are designed in a way that they incorporate vents that run both outward and upward also, eliminating odors and circulating air.


The prior and the most attractive pro of installing these composting toilet is that the cost involved for the installation is less than other alternatives. Also, the cost involved for the maintenance in future would also be very low. When the basic features of these toilets are compared to the others then it is mostly cheaper, faster and easier to install.

Because the process is environment friendly the nature is not harmed in any way or the impact would be minimal. Further, the end product if this entire system could be used as a fertilizer for the landscape and trees.

Due to the systematic and easy process the use of water is minimal which is a very great step towards saving water. This pro of all the pros make these composite toilets one of the best among rest!


The style of toilets you prefer to use can be a major issue. Also, the smell that it leaves behind can be daunting sometimes. This issue can be a serious one if the systems are centralized but, the issue can be resolved if these dry toilet system are compartmentalized. And to get rid of the daunting smell one can take the help of air fresheners.

If you are the only one using these types of indoor dry toilets among your friends and family then when they ever come to visit your place, using these types of toilets could be very weird for them by the time they get used to them with their frequent visits. They might not be comfortable or they might feel a bit uneasy at start but gradually when they know about it and become well versed, things would fall back into place.

The major matter of concern would be the size of these toilets. The dry composting toilet take up more area to built-up than the regular ones and this would be because of the additional components and the compartments that are required to manage the entire waste.

So, it totally depends on the requirements you have and the facilities that you wish to possess only then you would be able to decide what is best for you!