When it comes to gaming, you shouldn’t settle for your typical, low-cost chair. If you’re someone who works from home and then PC gamers all night, (PC master race!), then you should invest in a chair that will keep your posture well, and your back from harm. Slouching at a computer all day to work and game isn’t a good thing, and you should always practice your hobbies with the best habits in mind. In this article, we’ll cover the various types of gaming chairs for those who play a plethora of consoles (or PC!).

The Different Types of Gaming Chairs

Whether you play on your PS4, Xbox, or PC, you shouldn’t buy the same chair for all three. If gaming is something you do often, and you know it won’t stop anytime soon, investing in the best is key – and possible investing in multiple. We’ll discuss the types of good PC gaming chairs 2017 :

Memory foam chairs

If you’re an adult, you shouldn’t go for this kind of gaming chair, but it exists for children. Composed of memory foam, they provide a decent amount of comfort to a child and can come in various styles like a rocker. *Rockers are generally for console gaming when you’re in front of your television. They typically aren’t high enough for usage at a desk for PC gaming.

Racer chair

Typically known as an arm rest and caster wheel gaming chair, these types are for adults and some are for “larger” adults. They move with easy and some even come with detachable cushions for your lower back and neck to provide ample support. Without good support, you won’t be able to play as well as you want. Those who play first-person shooter games like Counterstrike or Overwatch should have the perfect posture and comfort if they want to be able to flick shot and rain justice from above with ease.

Bean bag gaming chair

While not as popular anymore, these types of gaming chairs are still widely produced. Yet another gaming chair aimed for kids (unless you find one big enough for your adult gaming nights, these chairs can be tucked away easily and are rather comfy. However, they don’t perfect posture, as they have you slouch bag on a comfy bag of plastic “beans”. It’s not meant to promote great back health.