I'm in love with this game at the moment.

And I can't wait for more characters and maps.

Amber is so far my favourite :)

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These photos are not photage of the movie except for the movie trailer that I will show.
Assassin's creed the movie will release in 2016 so feel free to keep ur fandom amazing!
I guess we all have been waiting for so long.
FINALLY another movie worth waiting for ( we hope )



Legend of zelda pixel heart anyone? Two parted best friend or couple ring :)

Here is a very detailed Legend of Zelda ring. Made in gold and silver in case you rather want something blingy

Pokéball? How about a pokéring

Retro doesn't seem wrong to have on a gamer's finger. How about a shiny space invader :)

Adorable portal rings :) an amazing bestfriend or couple ring for someone who loves gaming as much as you do!

I guess a simple Assassin's creed ring works fine too.

Here is a ring with the triforce on the outside and a famous Legend of Zelda quote on the inside "It's dangerous to go alone"

Or are you just a gamer who likes all kinds of games? A simple player one and two will also work for you and your loved ones.

Oh ofc I can't forget all of WoW players, how about a horde ring?

Oh you didn't think this would exist? DoTa logo for a Moba player maybe?

We all love to play video/computer games here so maybe try with this arrow pad?

Last but not least is a cute idea for all gamer couples. Use your nerd from inside.



This game has really grown real fast! 

It´s free and a mix of  Dayz and Minecraft. You should give it a try! :D 

The first thing u do is costumize your character

Then of course go out on an adventure finding  food,water clothes and weapons.... wait what ? Did I just say clothes? Yea you are pretty much naked in the start.

How adorable ^

Well let´s just hope it doesn´t end up like this..



I´ve been busy with my new school and I have now time for blogging everyday! 

Here is some cool Gamer items I would want. 

Support and Carry

Disney Princesses

Pokemon ( Charmander, Ash ,Squirtle, Ash , Bulbasaur, Ash )

Legend of Zelda hearts

League of legends charms also follow "Wolfspiritcreations" on Instagram ( It´s her creations ) 

M4A1 , Counterstrike

Jack Frost and Elsa .

Call of Duty Bow

Poro, League of legends

Xbox 360 Bullet buttons

Life bar necklass



this is such a great fan art!

Making him look badass

All of the fanart makes me smile of how much u guys love games and anime!