"What i like about her is that she blooms whether you water her or not. Whether you give her light or not. She exists without your existence."

We live in a society where we are pressured to talk about relationships and actively pursue them.
To be fully honest; I always get stressed out by the question- Camila, How's your love life?-
The curiosity, the expectations... Are my answers good enough to people?..

- One of my childhood friends called me yesterday, all the way from Colombia.
His call made me extremely happy! He was the guy who taught me how to skate, play video games & just be a kick ass tomboy.
After updating each other about our professional lives, the little love life question popped up!
I was numbed.
Carefully laughing he made the question all over again; I simply asked him back how his love life was; assuming he was forever single as I am; but he wasn't of course.
After listening to his lovely story about his relationship that sounded just like a movie; he made the question again followed by - A girl like you can't be single.
And there I was... nervously laughing and answering at the same time; I have been single 5 years.
He was quite and surprised to hear how my latest & only relationship was, how different guys in the Scandinavia can be, compared to guys in South America when it comes to love and how to approach a woman.

The whole conversation made me think and here I am, writing it.
Being a woman raised in a country where the romanticism is a big key of a relationship and not experiencing at all where I live, is probably the mainly problem.

XOXO , Camila Andrea.

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