I started playing the drums when I was in sixth grade. It was on a musical lesson and we were trying out all the different instruments. I started playing and at first it was difficult, especially with the coordination, but I learned it pretty fast and I got kind of good at it. I played a few times during my four years of high school. Every year we had shows with various themes, for example in sixth grade we made a set of Astrid Lindgren songs and theatre, were I actually played Astrid herself, but that's another story. I played the drums on a few songs throughout the years.

When I started first grade at gymnasiet my main instruments were piano in first grade and then piano and singing in second and third grade. But then we had a lesson called "Prik-ensemble" were we got the chance to play different kinds of instruments to figure out which instrument we wanted to choose for second grade. For example we tried out wind instruments and strings. I played the drums and immediately decided to choose the drums in second grade. The fact that I was the only girl to have drums as my main instrument made it all even better. When it at the same time was a shame that there's only one girl in second grade playing the drums.

I watched the video of the top three female drummers in the world 2013. And since I prefer Rock before Jazz I really liked the first woman, Meytal Cohen. When a person is really good at something, such as Meytal, it looks so simple and easy for them to play. They're all really cool. I admire them. 

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During the World cup finals on Gothenburg Horse show in March a rider named Penelope Leprevost was caught hurting her horse badly.

She was warming up to the last round in the World cup final when her horse stumbled badly, with its nose touching the ground and nearly fell.

Afterwards she pulls the horse up, checking if he's okay, kicks him with her spurs really hard and then pulls the reins roughly.

I consider this completely unprofessional and wrong. You can never treat your horse that way. It wasn't the horse's fault and it is totally wrong to punish a horse the way she did, when it's innocent.

Gothenburg horse show is shown on television over the world and the riders that participate are aware of it. Therefore I feel that she should've been more thoughtful with her actions.        

But at the same time, there are people out there, with 10 times less experience than Penelope, who are very quick to judge and declare oneself. Some people who made statements about this have never even touched a horse. 

Of course I'm against what she did and you can never punish your horse for something that wasn't their fault, but I feel like people need to think one more time before they make a statement about something they really don't know anything about.  

I don't know Penelope and I don't know how she handles her horses but I hope that this was just a one time event that she will never repeat again.



So, I was assigned to write about my hobby.

There is a reason why you didn't know about my hobby and why I don't tell people that often about it. Many people find my sport ridiculous and they think that the only thing we riders do is to sit on the horse and go along with it.

++That is completely wrong. Same as it takes two in a relationship, it takes two to ride. The rider needs to have a connection with the horse. The horse won't do anything if the rider doesn't tell the horse what it's supposed to do because the things we want them to do are not sort of natural for them. ++

When I tell peolpe I ride, they either laugh or ask me (with a doubting, "making-fun-of-laugh) "is that even a sport??. And in the very rare situations where people actually seem to be interested in that I ride, I find it hard to believe that they really do care. I mean, if would've told those people that I played soccer instead, they would automatically be more interested! And I know that the situation is like this because I've experienced it myself!

People don't know much about riding and it's because they're not interested! I would be more than happy to explain anything and answer any question you have dealing riding. But if I'm forced to talk about, I won't, which can make me really mad at myself because I know I sholud me proud over my horse and my sport. I am really good at riding, I must say, but it's just that people ridicule me and if I can avoid that by not talking about it, I will.

I get the feeling that this is going to be a really long post but I just want to explain a bit what exactly I do within riding since there are many different ways to manage horses.

I do what it's called Cross Country. In competition it involves three steps. First dressage, second showjumping and then the cross country. And of course, there are competitions with only dressage or only showjumping, which I also participate in.

​This is me and my horse Brightman on a cross country training. 



We got an assignment in school today. We were told to create a blog and write in English, only. I think it's a different, but still fun assignment and I think I can develop my English vocabulary even more. 

It will be fun to get the chance to express yourself about things and lately I have been very interested in writing about my feelings and stuff. 

We were also told to talk about three things we think we're good at. These are the things I mentioned: 

 - I'm good at riding my horse. 

 - I'm good at music. 

- I'm good at listening to people. 

I really feel like i'ts an important thing to tell yourself things you're good at. It improves your confident. Teenagers these days are really hard on themselves and forget to see the good things. Including myself. Imagine having a friend always telling you that you suck and that you're ugly. The same thing applies when you're telling yourself that you're ugly. 

Anyway, I'm excited to start blogging and I hope you would like to read some of my thoughts and opinions.