When it comes to my art skills in terms of drawing / painting / drafting or whatever I have not much in common with my mum. It basically looks like...

But this one is not about my skills and abilities but about my pride of having such a talented painter as my mother. :') I really believe that it was she who aroused all the sensitivity towards art which I posses today and which was growing inside me throughout these years, as well as this constant state of desire to surround myself with beauty. Because she is like that. She embodies the absolute of beauty, purity and fragility. She is so far from the chaos ruling our lives today and probably that's her curse. Because very often I can see her unable to bear the load of being. And it is so visible in her paintings. She paints her nostalgia for what is already gone.
Children - forgotten, unknown. Each of them on the background constructed by something the most intimate to his or her little heart. Aren't we exactly like this? If someone could detach our body from our minds and place us before the pictures derived from it, what would be behind our silhouettes?

On November the 4th I was there with my mum during the opening of her exhibition and it was, as always, a pure plasure to attend it because of so many people's kind words which, by making my mum blushing, made me happy and glowing with pride too. And voilà my opportunity to promo of the artist. :) To see more, I invite you to like my mum's facebook page:




Summer break is over. And I just can’t handle it. My mood doesn't seem to be much cheery for hard work in my senior high school year. Oppositely, I feel like everything was too much and I feel so weak. Moreover, as I realize how many projects I decided to pursue this school year….it seems C R A Z Y.

Anyway, it's pointless to moan here...eh... Let’s go back in time a little - to the last weekend of holidays. One of the most beautiful ones during all the summer. I went with my amazing girlfriends to Warsaw where we were able to get away from it all and forget about upcoming school year. It was such a pleasant time. Nothing special, just something that everyone sometimes needs when it’s getting tough - long mornings, lots of coffee and some book reading nicely interrupted by long talks about everything, endless evenings, more talks. Goat milk ice cream at Mąka i Woda are worth it...

And how was my 1st September? Making some so good chemmex in Heca Cafe! Yummy… Columbia Excelso, very delicate chocolate-like and sweet fruits flavor.

There will be some very interesting changes in my favorite coffee place (second home :D ) and I am really looking forward to witness them. Heca has already turned 5! Happy bday and good luck for her new „parents” ;)



Welcome after a long break. I decided to take a break with posting in July, everybody deserves vacation and needs to get away from it all sometimes. But now I'm totally back and scrupulous activity on my blog is granted. Yay, I'm so happy too.

So, holidays are still on. In July I went to Baltic seaside twice so in summary I spent there almost entire month. In Kolobrzeg I encountered with some fantastic people from coffee place called COFFEEDESK. Paulina became my alternative coffee brewing mentor and now I'm professionally skilled barista in terms of alternative coffees. I'm kidding, there's still so much to learn but it was a very productive beginning. Aeropress, Hemex and Drip are not strangers for me anymore cause we spent some 3 delightful hours together. Of course I love them before but now I've got this theorem that drinking coffee itself can be awesome until you learn HOW to brew it on your own. Then you start tasting different coffees, you meet with various ways of brewing and you start to be aware of what the heck you are actually drinking and that's the main fun about coffee!

COFFEDESK in Kołobrzeg:

The other July trip, also with a background of Baltic Sea, was a 2 weeks stay in a little town Jastrzebia Gora. A week alone there was fine. But two, oh damn no. Too long. Thankfully I was pleasantly kidnapped by my friend to Sopot for 3 days. :)) That's a long story which shall not appear on this blog. At least not now.

The end of July was workin' and workin' and so on. But it was obviously what I wanted - spending all days at Heca Cafe, making coffee, meeting people I already know I those who I was glad to meet.

And it's August now! Time runs so fast and I gotta pursue school issues and focus on my Extended Essay (IB stuff). Anyway... I want reassure y'all that by now I will be posting much more often than I did. :)

HECA CAFE in Lublin:

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So here comes something from yesterday. I woke up, grab my school staff, took my bike and went to my absolutely favorite café. This is a place where with a good grace I would spend my enitre days... There's no other place with so lovely people, delicious coffee and some great moody music in the background... and when the weather is nice, like yesterday, you can enjoy your time in the little garden outside.

So yesterady I encountered another Heca-girl, Kaja (second picture). Kaja is now working on her master's degree right now and I had to write my Internal Assessment on Biology, so we sat together trying to focus on our to-dos. Of course we couldn't do without having short breaks for talking with Agata- my favorite barista at Heca (first picture).
If I were to sum up, I've done much more than I usually do at home, it's perhaps easier to focus when things like "I will make myself another cup of tea" or "I should walk the dog" do not disturb you. I really can't wait for summer. I don't have much plans so far, beyond going to Sopot with my friends and later on to the seaside on my own. Therefore I hope to have lots of opportunities to study for my finals, at Heca.

I came back home in the evening. The sun illuminated the living room and terrace making the aura so romantic that it favored the idea of having another coffee and reading a gripping book.



Oh dear, I was so absent last time... But my "free-days" are usually less free than regular ones. If I were to describe them it would be like: reading, writing, translating and only slightly relaxing. However, at the same time I can fairly sum them up saying that they were absolutely great and productive.

A great french language translator asked me to accompany him while finishing the transaltion of his recent book by nouvelle écrivaine française - Virgine Despentes,  entiteled "Vernon Subutex". It is already a vol. 2 and since I joined the translation process almost in the end of the story, I can not say a lot about this book. However, from these very last pages I know that it's a MUST-READ for summmer.

Translation... It is both my passion and a way to earn some pocket-money. Few days ago I got a text concerning some juristic issues so I struggled for 5 hours with all these weird expressions and vocab. Pretty challenging, but I really enjoyed it! 

I need to finish up my IB Biology internal assessment which is so time-consuming... End of the school year is always like "everything at once". Seriously, everything.



​These sheets of paper lying on my desk are psychology materials. I'm in the IB Diploma programme and psychology is one of my HL (higher level) classes. Well, actually I'd never EVER thought about learning psychology before I came back to Poland. When I joined my new class the roster was already done and it was not flexible enough to exactly fit my subject preferences. So I finished up on psychology HL course. And to be honest, I'm really happy about that because the teacher is great and I'm looking forward to get 7 on IB final exam 😎  Just kidding. Anyway, for those who still wonder if IB Psychology is a good choice, don't hesitate, it's really interesting and constuctive course. 

When it comes to IB itself... well...it's really debatable topic. Plenty of adventages and undoubtedly few disadventages. If you're ready to work hard for 2 years, you are creative and open-minded and don't wish to only plod on books and learn stuff by heart you will find it absolutely fine. If you don't embody any of that short list, then you better think about it twice. Pre-IB was a horror for me because I didn't study and work hard enough being focused on everything beyond school issues ( first year at high school was like "parties, friends and I don't give a damn"). But in America I definitely wised up since without working hard at school I wouldn't make it there. New language, total immersion, different people, teachers, etc, etc... It all required MAXIMUM concentration and commitment. Probably this is why today I manage to catch up with stuff from previous semester and be (almost) fine with current duties at the same time. Honestly? I'm proud of myself and wish everyone to have something like that to be able to say some day: "I made it. I didn't give up". 

Summer's in the air... 

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Mornings tend to make us lethargic from the first tweet of birds. Or the first squeak of an alarm clock. Therefore, I need something to provide me with energy until noon. Alright, I confess that too often it’s just coffee…It also works for me but at around 10 I need to have breakfast. When I wake up and i don’t feel like eating breakfast at once, I just grab and have it at school.

The answer for my absolutely favorite breakfast for warm days is chia pudding. First, I can prepare it in 5 minutes before I go sleep and have it done in the morning. Second it’s sooo good and makes me full for long time. Third, it’s one of the top must-haves in diet. Why? It contains antioxidants which make us young and beautiful (that’s right I’m getting older day by day!), and is a perfect source of omega- 3, 6 fatty-acids as well as fiber. Also, it’s gluten-free so if you avoid gluten in diet as I do, you’ll find chia seeds a great supplement of some grains which contain it.

Chia pudding recipe:

200 ml- any type of milk you like (here home-made coconut milk)

2 and a half table spoons of chia seeds

1 tea spoon- xylitol

strawberries (or any other fruits you like)

In the evening, prepare a glass jar, fill it with your choice of milk and add chia seeds and xylitol. Mix all ingredients with an eggbeater for 2 minutes. Voilà! Enjoy!

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Although it's been almost 3 months since I'm back in Poland, I'm still in process of settling down de nouveau. My story in America is so complex that I would be able to write a book to tell everything from the beginning to the end. But do I want it? Well, some aspects of my american experience will perhaps appear on this blog, it's unavoidable- it's been probably the most significant time in my life. Significant doesn't always mean absolutely positive. Yeah, that's right... Anyway, two days ago I was delivered three last parcels with all my staff. Strange feeling as you open them up and recall where you'd been wearing that dress, and on which shelf you'd been keeping your ballet flats. That's crazy... Moving from place to place too often, especially not on your conditions, sucks as it makes you lost and uncertain, but at the same times teaches how to pack ALL your things within 24 hours.

Hence, my closet got soooo over-loaded. That's probably because of my second-hand follies. The results of this harmless disorder will be often presented here.

They say tomorrow will be 25C. Blissful spring-time, even when all day you're to spend at school.
Enjoy your evening as I do with Duffy.

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