Hi hello everyone!

Welcome to my new blog and to a new international understanding! lol, I'm writing this because my last blog was in Norwegian and I know a lot of people used google translate to understand what I was writing. I figured out that Norwegians understand english and that everyone else understands english, so this "new international blog" sounded like a good idea. Now I can get more readers and inspire more people, hopefully...!

For you who don't know me that well;

My name is Fride, but people (mostly Americans) call me Friday. I'm 18 years old and live in Norway, in this small town called Porsgrunn. I've lived here for most of my life, but last year I lived in America, in Phoenix AZ. I love being with my friends and other fun people and I have a passion for documenting my life (blogger, duh) and I like taking nice photos. I also find it incredibly rewarding to travel, it gives me some peace and inner joy, and I'm hoping to studying abroad next year, possibly the UK.

So that was a bit about who I am and basically what this blog will be about. I hope you will find it fun and if not, please let me know! I do take criticism nicely, but I don't tolerance bullying!

That is all for now, see ya!

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