📍 - Tredje LĂ„nggatan 7, Göteborg

I've gone out to eat yet again, and I took my camera with me. This time, I went with my pizza loving friend, and we wanted to celebrate something special, and we wanted to do so while eating a "proper" Italian pizza. So, what better place to go to, than one of the most hyped pizza spots in town? Okay, sure - Taverna Averna primarily have other things on their menu, but I'd heard most good things about the pizzas so that's what initially drew me in. Also, the decor was something I had both seen (yep, stalking the restaurant's geotag on Instagram) and heard about.

I wasn't disappointed one bit, stepping into the restaurant I couldn't help but to think about how amazing the interior was. With dark furniture, high ceilings, windows that let the light stream into the rooms beautifully and dreamy gallery walls - what's not to like?

We were greeted very well when we entered the restaurant, and even though the place had just about opened and we were only a few people in there - it still felt warming and welcoming. A little special shout-out to our waitress, who made us feel comfortable, yet not stressed or pushed by any means, when she came up to our table a few times and asked if the food tasted well, or if we wanted something more to drink - we just felt taken cared of, and not pushed to order more. Simply put; we couldn't have been happier with the service.

Let's talk about what we ate, shall we? We had the pizza with roasted pine nuts and pesto, nom nom. It definitely lived up to the hype, and we felt like we were back in Italy for a few minutes. I don't have any photos to prove this, but I can tell you they both looked and tasted amazingly. And we paired the pizzas with a sneaky glass of Prosecco. That wasn't half bad.

I would recommend this restaurant to anyone really, but especially to those who might feel like they need a break from all the industrial vibed, red brick wall:ed, sweet potato fries & truffle mayo:ed burger joints found around every corner in Gothenburg right now. Sure, I like those, but actually, if you're in the mood for pizza, I like this even more.

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I love a beach town. And this little gem that you see above, is no exception. In fact, I was completely amazed with how stunning it was. Falkenberg - a little town I've heard so much about and always wanted to visit, but never had the chance to before now.

As some of you might know, and others might not, I work full time at this very blogging platform that I write my blog on - Nouw. I just got back from the annual kick off with the entire Nouw team, this year it was held at a spa resort along the coast: Falkenberg Strandbad. The moment we stepped into our room, my face lit up and I was just shocked at what we saw - isn't this just breathtaking?

Well, if this isn't picture perfect, I don't really know what is.



We're already a few days into September and I, like always, cannot believe where time has gone. Seriously, where? Let's rewind a little bit though, back to July. I was on holiday for most of the month - glorious, I know. It made me into a slow functioning, late sleeping human. Since I spent a lot of time in the holiday house and didn't set my foot in the city for a long time - I mostly had my face make-up free and my hair up on my head in a rather messy bun. And you know what? I was nice and all, but now I'm back in the city since mid August, spending my days at the office, wearing make-up again and dressing in proper clothes (read: I jumped out of my sweats). It's all back to normal, and just like having time off - being back into my routine feels very good, too. But now, let's chat about my favourites things & beauty products from July & August!

NUXE FACE & EYE MASK. I'm almost at the very end of this tube of goodness. I went on the hunt for a new tube of this a while back, and was told it was discontinued. Oh, the horror. So, I used this very sparingly, only under my eyes and not on the rest of my face. You know how it says on most face masks that you should avoid the eye area? Well, the great thing about this is that it's formulated to go under the eyes, too. One of the main reasons to why I love this so much. Good news, though, as I can see that is's being sold again! It does wonders for when my the skin feels tight and dry underneath my eyes. And on the rest of the face, too.

NUXE HULIE PRODIGIEUSE OIL. Continuing with the same brand, I understand the Nuxe oil hype now. This is the perfect product to use on your décolletage for a night out, just to add that little bit of something extra. This is a little sample size I have, but I'm sure it will last me ages, since the product is very concentrated and you only need a tiny amount. Summer might technically be over, but we still want that glow, don't we?

INSTAGRAM SAVE. As you might know by now, Instagram have a very Pinterest inspired function that they've added to their app. You can pin/save photos in folders in your profile. I know I'm so late to the party with this one, but I've "saved away" lately and finally I can scroll through all my faves directly in the Instagram app, instead of clogging up my phone with all those print screens I was previously taking. More room for food pics, yass.

ELLE FOOD & WINE. Finding inspiration in blogs and on the web in general is gold, but flicking through a glossy magazine will always be what I love the most. Food, interior & travel magazines are some of the magazines I enjoy the most, because I love reading all the travel guides and articles on local culture & cuisine, see stunning homes and get ideas for new things to cook. ELLE Food & Wine is my new favourite magazine, I've loved both the ones I've bought so far. Note to self: don't flicker through when your tummy is rumbling.

LINNEN SHEETS. Again with the late to the party thing, but how have I lived without linnen sheets in my life before? They are textured, yet amazingly soft and also gives that perfect, messily un-done look when you've made your bed. If that weird description made as much sense to you as it does for me, raise you hand!

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Back when I worked Saturdays at my local McDonald’s, during my senior year of high school, one of my favourite things to treat myself to after lunch was a vanilla milkshake and an espresso - combined. I would pour the espresso into my milkshake and stir until it was all blended and smooth. Needless to say, the sugar and caffeine gave me an extra kick after eating, and I was running (and sliding sideways on the floor to save seconds per order, all you other McD workers will know exactly what that means) around in my sugar & caffeine high until my shift ended. It worked like a charm every time, and tasted amazing, too.

Fast forward to now and I cannot remember the last time I ordered a milkshake or when I last made one myself. So, when I got some serious coffee milkshake cravings the other day - I went all in.

And when I say that I went all in, I mean it - as you can probably see. This over-the-top milkshake is clearly not the version you end up making on a Tuesday night at 23.04, when you crave something sweet before bed. But if you want to feel extra fancy - or if your goal is to impress someone with Pinterest worthy creations, going all in with the extras will totally be worth your time and effort.

Vanilla ice-cream (the fancy kind with real vanilla)
A splash of strong, cold coffee
Whipped cream
Caramel sauce
Cocoa powder

1. Start by chilling the glasses in the fridge.
2. When the glasses are cold, line the insides with caramel sauce, and put them back into the frige.
3. Mix ice-cream, coffee & milk until you have a consistency you're happy with. How much of each to add? It totally depends on your own taste buds!
4. Lastly, the most fun part - decorating! Decorate by spritzing whipped cream on top, adding a meringue or two and topp off with a dust of cacao powder (easy to do dust over with a teastrainer). And take Instagrams! Ofc.



The Swedish West Coast is grey again today. But, actually - I don't always mind the "bad" weather, as I find it so very beautiful up here when it's a bit dull and the colour of the sky & sea seamlessly float together - as one perfect shade of grey.

I'm such a Swede, I know. Many of us complain when it's not sunny, but also secretly love muggy weather. The West Coast is something special, come rain or shine. It doesn't matter how many paradise beaches or places I visit around the globe - the Swedish BohuslÀn coast will always (to me) be of the most beautiful places on planet Earth. I'm so lucky to be able to call this place my second home.



Rome and I have history. I spent some of my time at uni living in the city - sipping on endless cappuccinos and having a diet consisting mostly of pizza, pasta & gelato. And all that €2 vino my roommate and I consumed during our months living there...

We would sit in our sweatpants, with all the battered windows in our apartment as widely open as possible, desperate for a slight breeze to cool us down in that boiling Roman heat - drinking red wine and eating our own body weight in olives, prosciutto and cheese. We would talk about life and all that came to mind, while overlooking our bright coloured walls in our tiny kitchen. Our voices were drowned every few minutes from the sound of sirens or someone screaming their loungs out outside our building. Ah, memories! Haha.

Anyway, a few weeks ago, I went back to The Eternal City - this time as a proper tourist. All my tips and tricks were once again tested and favourite restaurants were re-visited (and many carbs were eaten, like one shall when in Italy). I'm no means an expert on Rome, but hey - I do know a thing or two by now.

So, I've sat down, typed away on my keyboard and the result is this; a guide to one of the most beautiful cities I've ever been. Where the best gelato, pizza and pasta can be found? I have the answer, of course. Go and grab a cup of whatever you fancy and find someplace comfy to sit - you'll be here a while. Happy reading!

How to get there

I recommend flying into FCO (Fiumincino Airport) and then to book a car to your hotel. Taking the airport train into the city center is pricey and if you’re two people or more - it’s usually cheeper to hire a car to come and pick you up. And, let's be honest, it's very convenient to have someone waiting for you when you exit bagage claim.

A Google search later, my friend and I found this car service back when we lived in Rome and were flying home to Sweden for Christmas. We had so many bags with us, we couldn't even bare the thought of dragging them onto public transport - at the ungodly hour we needed to leave our apartment that day. So, a few days before we were leaving, we sat down and Googled down a car service.

We found Fiumicino Taxi. Their website may look sketchy, but the service is great and the cars they come and pick you up in are clean, new and with very polite (but very sparingly worded) drivers. You pay cash directly to the driver when you're at your final destination, and nothing in advance. I've used their service a few times now and it's been five stars every time! Book a car here.

Where to stay

This is of course totally dependent on your budget. In Rome, standards aren’t high and to be frank, most hotels in a reasonable price range are worn down and semi-clean. If you're like me, and you would rather spend less money on accommodation and more on exploring, I would look into the places that are central and cost around €100 - €120 a night.

If your budget is slightly higher than that, I would check out Hotel Ponte Sisto as it has one of the best (read: prettiest) locations in the city, if you ask me. I haven’t stayed at the hotel myself, but I know someone who has and she said it was rather swell. The next time I go back to Rome, I hope this will be where I end up staying.

If you have more money to spend, there are some stunning options, of course. However, I cannot tell you much about these myself. But, The Telegraph did an article on luxury hotels in Rome earlier this year, worth checking out if you have the budget for it - here.

Regardless of your budget, most importantly I would say; try to book something central. If you do, you can walk back to the hotel for mid-day naps (win!) and take a break before heading out again at night. Public transport isn't the most reliable thing ever, so if you can walk back - you're good.

Morning views in Prati & an afternoon Aperol Spritz - a must when in Italy!

Where to stroll & shop

Rome is one of those cities where the best thing really is to just start walking, since around every corner there is something new and amazing to see. Try to walk as much as you can, as this is how I think Rome should be explored - by foot.

Here I've written down a few words on some my fave areas:

TRASTEVERE. One of my favourite areas is Trastevere, with its warm light, cobbled streets and narrow alley-ways - it's an easy and enjoyable place to get lost. It's busy in a charming way, and not in the stressful big-city-way that I often feel when I walk along via del Corso.

PRATI. Another great area to stroll is Prati. One of few areas in the city with trees and greenery - which is why I think so many expat Swedes tend to live in the area. It's also one of the cleaner areas, which is a huge plus. If you're over the intense gatherings of tourists after a while - this is where I would go. You'll be bumping into locals here, and this is a great place to come and experience how Roman everyday life looks like. Here is where I went to school, for example. The area is also home to a restaurant which serves (according to me) the best pasta in Rome. Big statement, truly amazing pasta. More on that later!

ALONG THE RIVER. I love to stroll alongside the water - weather it is along a tropical beach, or like in Rome; a rather filthy river, there is something special about it. By strolling along river Tiber you'll see a lot of jaw-dropping architecture and views.

From inside the amazing Colosseo

What to see & what to skip

Rome is an ancient city, meaning the amount of things to see, places to take in and streets to stroll are endless. However, as with all cities, some things are more jaw dropping than others. Of course, I recommend strolling along the Forum Romanum, the Spanish steps, walk into Pantheon, toss a coin or two into Fontana di Trevi... - yep, all the classics that you walk by are a must. Then there are things that take up a day's worth of your precious vacay time - that might actually not all be worth your time and effort. Here I'm giving you my two cents on what you must see and what you actually might want to skip.

SOMETHING YOU ABSOLUTELY NEED TO SEE. Colosseo. Make sure to buy your tickets online beforehand (don't remember the exact site we used, but just google!), and pick up your pre-bought tickets first thing when the Colosseo opens. That way, you don't have to wait in line later either to buy nor to pick up tickets later on around mid morning when everyone else arrive. Tip: add the extra € to get a guided tour with access to the cellar of the Colosseo. It's quite the experience, I'm telling you.

SOMETHING YOU CAN TOTALLY SKIP. The Vatican museum. Okay, so this might be a somewhat controversial thing to say, but I actually wasn't that impressed by it all. Let me explain why; I don't like being pushed around together with hundreds of other tourists, being told by guards thirty times every second to "keep on moving". So if you're in Rome for a weekend trip, I would take those hours it takes to explore other parts of the city instead. If you're in the city for a good few days, however, I still would recommend doing this, as I believe that this is something we all should see once in our lives.

A picture of the best pasta ever & wine on a warm evening

Where to eat

We've come to the best and yummiest of points in this guide. It may be important, but let's keep it short. There are a lot of places to eat in Rome. And my best tip is a classic one, that can be applied to most cities around the world; wander off on the side streets, you'll get better food for a better price. And you'll run into more locals, too.

THE BEST PIZZA. PizzerĂ­a Ai Marmi, Viale Trastevere 53.
Un-impressive interiors, long cues, incredibly rude waiters - yet the most amazing pizza ever. My landlord Lorenzo took my friend and I here and it was an experience. Word on the street is that it's the best pizza in town. But if the line is a mile too long for your patience and your tummies are rumbling, don't worry. Pizzas all over Rome are great and you'll be fine sitting down at most places. Just that this place, well... it's something extra.

THE BEST GELATO. Gelateria del Teatro, Via dei Coronari 65.
Not many words needed - the best thing is just to go there and have a taste and you'll understand why I label this as the best. I recommend this place to literally everyone I know who are going to Rome, and to this day everyone has been blown away by their amazing gelato. Fun fact: you can sometimes spot them making the gelato, though the windows.

THE BEST PASTA. Mama Ristrotbistrot, Via Sforza Pallavicini 19.
No joke, you'll love their pasta. My fave is their amazing one with saffron and spinach. Again, I recommend this place to everyone, because yes; it's that good.

UNIQUE PLACE FOR COFFEE & COCKTAILS. Bar del Fico, Piazza del Fico, 34.
A café on Piazza del Fico with (you guessed it) - a fig tree standing a just outside. A more raw and genuine Roman bar - with a touch of hipster. Here you'll see a lot of locals and a few old men sitting outside, playing chess under the fig tree.

COFFEE WITH A VIEW. Vittorio Emanuele monument rooftop bar.
On top of the Vittorio Emanuele monument, there is a terrasse with a bar, where you can have coffee or wine with a spectacular view over the Foro Romano. Tourist trap? Yes. Still a great experience? Yes to that, too.

Coffee with a view, overlooking the Foro Romano

When to go

How well can your body handle the scoarching heat? That might be a question to ask youself before you go. My friend and I just went on a long weekend in end of June. If I were to describe our stay with just one word I would say: hot. In fact, it was so hot we had trouble sleeping. I would prefer to visit the city during April or May and then again in October or November. But the great thing about Rome is that even the winter works, it's still beautiful and the temperatures don't go that low. The only time of year I would say "no, don't go" is around August. Why? It's very hot in the city and many Romans leave town and restaurants and stores close.

Where to shop

VIA DEL CORSO. If you're all into the big high street brands, then this is where to go. It's the big shopping street in the city, starting just behind the Foro Romano and ending at Piazza del Popolo and the metro stop Flaminio.

SPAGNA. If you have money burning a hole in your pocket, I suggest you walk the streets around Piazza di Spagna. All the luxe brands can be found here and like most people, I walk those streets just to window shop. If you want to actually buy things, keep in mind that you need to dress "appropriately" if you want to have a look around the shops in this area. Spelling it out short; dress fancy and leave the Havaianas and mini shorts at the hotel.

PRATI. As mentioned above, this is the area I went to school and with its greenery and authentic Italian feel - it's one of my favourite parts of the city. Nice little shops, a slower tempo and more locals than in other more central parts of town. Cannot recommend enough.

BUYING LEATHER GOODS. T-Nobile on Via dei Pettinari, 47
If you didn't already know, Italy is known for their leather goods. And a great place to get just that is in this little shop in Trastevere called T-Nobile. At a great price, great service (read: chatty Italians) and the couple who run the shop have a cute dog that's slowly walking around the shop or sleeping in the middle of the entrance. Adorable!

The oh-so-charming area Trastevere & one of many bridges along river Tiber

Other things worth knowing

RUSH HOUR AND THE METRO DON'T MATCH. If your life is dear to you, skip the metro during rush hour. Jokes aside, it's insane. With close to 3 million people and two metro lines, things are a little bit sweaty and not a good idea at all if you have anything even remotely close to claustrophobia. Try to bring comfy shoes and walk in the mornings, and take the metro during the day and early afternoon when it's less crowded.

DON'T OVERPAY FOR COFFEE. I’ve said it somewhere before, but if you’re paying more than €2 on a cappuccino, you’re paying too much. Around where we lived, and were we went to school, €1 was the price for a cappuccino and they were always amazing. Making it very sad to think about the fact that we have to pay around €4 for a very mediocre cup here in Sweden. Yeikes!

TAKE PORTRAITS. Make sure the make the most of your beautiful surroundings and take photos of your friends and loved ones. One night on my visit a few weeks back, my friend and I walked passed this spot at the end of Largo Corrado Ricci, as we had done so many times before. But this time, I realised how stunning the evening light was at that very spot. As usual I forced my friend Josefine to act as my model, found the perfect light and snapped a few pictures. And, didn’t they turn out stunning? The Roman evening light makes the entire city look like an awesome Instagram filter and the pastel buildings make the perfect photo backdrop. Rome is filled with narrow alleyways, making the light hard to catch and to photograph, so wide open piazzas and streets full of light are your solution.

Found the perfect light for photographing portraits at the end of Largo Corrado Ricci, one early evening in June

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It's Fri-yay! Even though I'm currently on my summer holiday, I reckon all Fridays should be celebrated, always. Am I right or am I right?

One of our evenings in Rome (yes, sorry - I'm still living on that Italy high), we saw something they called Summer Spritz on the drink menu. It looked like sunset in a glass, and since it was a hot evening, summer and sunset - what better drink to order? Said and done - and my friend & I both loved the drink so much that we had to stop our waitress and ask her for the ingredients. Back home, I re-created this and it turned out the same - win. But it did take me two tries to get it right, though. Why? Well, the first time I forgot the most important ingredient; the Aperol. And without that ingredient, it really wasn't the same at all. The Aperol is what really makes the drink, to be honest.

If you're not into the classic sweet summer drinks - this might be your new go-to. This is the perfect (slightly bitter & sparkling) drink for when you want to cool off after everything from a sweaty day out and about in the city, to when you've just come out of the shower after a day at the beach. Best served ice cold in a stunning place, like in a sun drenched garden somewhere. How does that sound?

The sweet Prosecco works perfectly with the somewhat bitter taste of grapefruit and Aperol. I'm not the biggest fan of drinking Prosecco as it is, I find it to be too sweet - but mixed with something else, then I find that Prosecco can be very good. Like in this case, for example.

INGREDIENTS: serving 2
5 cl Aperol
25 cl Prosecco
5 cl vodka
10 cl grapefruit juice
Fresh grapefruit to garnish

Add all the ingredients to a jug, with lots of ice, and stir. Pour into glasses and decorate with a slice of grapefruit. If you want to, you can pour in the Aperol last after you've mixed the other ingredients, to get that nice faded effect when serving your drinks.



It's summer! Well, it's been for a while now, but from now on - I'm officially out of office for summer. Also, I'm on the last day (I hope) of recovering from the worst cold ever and cannot wait until I can go out and enjoy the sun again (and get my own voice back). Looking forward to lazy mornings, many coffee breaks and the smell of the ocean. Well, why are we here? Oh, let's talk faves!

Det Àr sommar! Och ja, det har det ju varit en bra stund vid det hÀr laget, men frÄn och med nu Àr jag officiellt out of office för att ha lite sommarledighet. Jag Àr inne pÄ, vad jag hoppas ska bli, min sista dag som dunderförkyld (sÄ oskönt att fÄ en rejÀl sÄdan i juli) och lÀngtar tills jag kan bege mig ut i solen och njuta med alla andra (och fÄ tillbaka min egen röst, det hade ocksÄ varit najs). Jag ser fram emot en semester med slöa mornar, massa fikapauser och doften av hav. Och varför Àr vi hÀr nu igen? Jo, vi ska snacka lite favoriter!

EVY DAILY UV FACE MOUSSE. I was recently away on a city break, and before I went I was on the hunt for some sunscreen, in particular I was after some for my face. One thing I always struggle with is finding sunscreen - such a task. Over all, we are fed with so much information regarding sunscreen; on one hand it's important to protect our skin, but on the other hand, so many of them are said to be harmful for our bodies. Knowing this, I don't even know where to start - but I hope and think I've found a brand that does good! If any of you know of a place where I can read and learn more on potential harmful ingredients in suncreams, please comment down below.

Back to the point; this sunscreen is in a mousse formula, is fragrance free and has won numerous awards. It doesn't clog up my skin and even after having worn it daily on my face for a week, my skin had no bad reactions whatsoever. That's a first. I think I finally found my new go-to brand for sunscreen!

Efter att jag just varit ivÀg pÄ en resa, sÄ var jag innan den pÄ jakt efter solkrÀm, mer specifikt krÀm för mitt ansikte. Om det Àr nÄgot jag alltid har svÄrt att hitta nÀr det kommer till skönhetsprodukter, sÄ Àr det solskydd. Vi Àr ju sÄ matade med information om solskydd hela tiden. Vi fÄr höra om hur viktigt det Àr att skydda vÄr hud, men Àven hur mycket skadliga Àmnen det finns i mÄnga solkrÀmer dÀr ute. Om nÄgon av er kan mycket om det hÀr eller vet var jag kan lÀsa pÄ mer, hojta gÀrna i kommentarsfÀltet! I vilket fall hoppas och tror jag att jag hÀr har lyckats hitta ett mÀrke som Àr okej.

Den hÀr solkrÀmen Àr en mousse-formula, Àr parfymfri och har vunnit en drös med priser. Den stör inte min hud och efter att jag haft den pÄ hyn varje dag i en vecka hade jag inte ett enda spÄr av nÄgon form av utslag eller dÄlig reaktion. NÄgot som Àr sÀllsynt, om ens ohört pÄ min kÀnsliga och krÀsna hy. Jag har dÄ minsann hittat mitt nya favoritmÀrke för solskydd!

SANTE MINT & LIME SHOWER GEL. The first time I smelled this I became so excited; a shower gel that smells like a mojito?! Okay - so without the rum that is. Still, this is the perfect shower gel for summer. I got this in my latest PureBox and it's all natural & organic and all that goodness. Cannot recommend enough.
Första gÄngen jag stack ner nÀsan i flaskan blev jag exalterad; en duschgel som doftar mojito?! Okej - fast utan rom dÄ, sÄklart. Men ÀndÄ gör frÀschören den till perfekta duschgelen för sommaren. Den dök upp i min senaste PureBox och Àr dÀrmed naturlig och eko och allt det dÀr gottiset. Denna rekommenderar jag starkt!

NARS SMUDGEPROOF EYESHADOW BASE. This won't take long, I promise. All I really need to say about this is that it's the only eye-shadow primer that I've tried that actually works. As a matter of fact, it works really great. I had an Urban Decay one before this and longed for it to come to an end so I could replace it (yep, the Urban Decay Primer Potion is that bad).

HÀr ska jag inte bli för lÄngrandig, lovar. Allt jag egentligen behöver sÀga om den Àr ögonskuggsprimern Àr att den verkligen gör sitt jobb. Och den gÀr det vÀldigt bra. Jag hade en frÄn Urban Decay innan och jag lÀngtade tills den skulle ta slut sÄ att jag kunde byta ut den (jepp, Urban Decay Primer Potion Àr verkligen sÄ kass).

THE ORDINARY 100% SQUALANE SERUM. If you haven't heard of the brand The Ordinary yet, where have you been? It's literally exploded all over the Internet and I, for one, am extremely interested in their marketing strategy, how did they totally get their name out there, everywhere, so very fast? Sure, all the beauty bloggers in the world helped, but still? Anyway, I had a serum before this with squalane in it, that was shamefully pricey. So much, that I didn't even repurchase it after it was all gone. The main ingredient in it had however done wounders for my dry skin, so I went searching for a more budget friendly option. And I realised that The Ordinary had a serum that is just 100% plant based squalane. To a fraction (and I do mean fraction) of the price. This product is very good both to my skin and my wallet, and I will re-purchase this as soon as I run out. For sure!
Om du inte har hört talas om The Ordinary Àn, var har du varit? MÀrket har i princip exploderat över hela Internet och jag Àr sÄ extremt nyfiken över deras marknadsstrategi, hur fick de sitt namn och sina produkter ut överallt pÄ sÄ vÀldigt kort tid? Visst, alla vÀrldens skönhetsbloggare dÀr ute hjÀlpte ju sÄklart till, men ÀndÄ? I alla fall, jag hade ett serum för ett tag sedan med squalane i, som var skamligt dyrt. SÄ mycket att jag inte ens ville köpa det igen efter att flaskan var slut, trots att jag tyckte sÄ mycket om produkten. Huvudingrediensen i produkten hade dÀremot gjort susen för min hy, sÄ jag gick pÄ jakt efter ett mer budgetvÀnligt alternativ. Och dÄ hittade jag att The Ordinary har ett serum som rÀtt och slÀtt Àr 100% vÀxtbaserat squalane till en brÄkdel av priset, och dÄ menar jag verkligen brÄkdel. Den hÀr produkten applicerar jag innan min fuktkrÀm och den har gjort vÀldigt gott för bÄde min hy och min plÄnbok. Jag kommer helt klart stÄ redo och köpa en ny flaska nÀr den hÀr tar slut!




My Roman holiday came to and end way too quickly - that's why it's such a good thing I snapped away with my camera and now have a bunch of photos to look back on. Yay. Lately, I've more and more fallen in love with photography and I'm excited to present another Visual Diary here on the blog - with my favourite photos from our four day visit to Rome. My last Visual Diary was posted last year and needless to say; it's time for another one.

My heart says; write a long post and tell them all about your trip, but my brain says; let the photos speak for themselves. Said and done, here are some of my favourite moments from my Roman holiday. Hope you like it and appreciate photos of coffee and buildings as much as I do, hehe.

And stay tuned for a more informative Rome city guide coming your way very soon...

Mitt romanska lilla Àventyr flög snabbt förbi, vilket gör att jag Àr vÀldigt tacksam över att kameran gick varm och jag nu har en massa bilder att minnas resan med. Jag kÀrar ner mig mer och mer i fotografins vÀrld och jag Àr glad att jag nu presenterar Ànnu en Visual Diary hÀr pÄ bloggen - denna gÄngen med mina favoritbilder frÄn min senaste resa till Rom. Min senaste Visual Diary var nÄgon gÄng under förra Äret och det Àr helt klart pÄ tiden att det dyker upp Ànnu ett inlÀgg.

Mitt hjÀrta sÀger; skriv ett megainlÀgg och berÀtta allt om resan, men min hjÀrna stoppar mig och sÀger; lÄt bilderna tala för sig sjÀlva. Sagt och gjort, hÀr finner du mina favoritögonblick frÄn min lilla romanska minisemester. Hoppas det faller er i smaken och att bilder pÄ kaffe och vackra byggnader uppskattas, hehe.

Är du sugen pĂ„ ett mer informativt inlĂ€gg om Rom sĂ„ kan du vara lugn, inom kort dyker det upp en matig Rom-guide hĂ€r pĂ„ bloggen...



If you've ever been to Rome, I'm sure you've also visited Piazza Navona. It's in all the guide books and is hard to miss. Unlike many other huge piazzas in the city, the vibes here are different. Sure, like on all the rest of the piazzas (and in Rome generally) there are tourists everywhere (and yes, I know I'm one of them, hehe). But, if you manage to look passed the sandal & tube sock wearing tourists in practical shorts with countless pockets, groups of school kids in matching outfits and honeymooning couples taking kissing photos with selfie sticks - then you see the Roman magic. It's there, behind all the madness. I promise.

The magic are the men and women selling their stunning artwork on the square, families taking an evening walk in massive groups with all the cousins, aunties, ouncles and grandparents at once - speaking and laughing loudly. People who let their kids chase each-other (and the pigeons) around and around, just enjoying a warm Wednesday evening, not caring that their kids run around like tornados. It's so lovely, and real, somehow.

Those who claim that the touristy places aren't the "real" Italy clearly don't know what they're babbling on about. They obviously haven't just stopped for a second, looked around and taken a moment to find the magic. Maybe they should give it a try - and see what they find?

Om du nÄgon gÄng varit i Rom, Àr jag sÀker pÄ att du ocksÄ besökt Piazza Navona. Det Àr en plats som nÀmns i alla guideböcker och Àr svÄr att lyckas missa. Till skillnad frÄn mÄnga andra stora piazzor i stan, sÄ Àr kÀnslan annorlunda hÀr. Visst Àr det sÄ att Àven hÀr (och i Rom överlag) Àr turisterna precis överallt (och ja, jag Àr medveten att jag ocksÄ Àr en av dem, hehe). Men, lyckas du bortse frÄn turisterna med sandaler & sportstrumpor och praktiska shorts med oÀndligt mÄnga fickor, grupper med barn pÄ klassresa med matchande overaller och par pÄ smekmÄnad som mest stÄr och tar pussbilder med sin selfie stick - dÄ kan du se den riktiga romanska magin. Den finns dÀr, bakom allt det intensiva och hektiska. Jag lovar.

Magin Àr de kvinnor och mÀn som sÀljer sin vackra konst mitt pÄ torget, familjer som tar en kvÀllspromenad med hela tjocka slÀkten och pratar och skrattar högt tillsammans. Och de som lÄter sina smÄ barn springa omkring obehindrat och jaga varandra (och duvorna) runt, runt - och njuter av den varma och fina onsdagkvÀllen istÀllet för att oroa sig över att barnen röjer omkring som smÄ tornados. Det kÀnns sÄ fint och Àkta, pÄ nÄgot vis.

De som hÀvdar att de turisttÀta omrÄdena inte Àr det "riktiga" Italien vet helt klart inte vad de babblar om. De har antagligen inte stannat upp för en sekund, tittat sig omkring och tagit det dÀr lilla extra ögonblicket för att hitta det magiska. Kanske borde de ge det en chans - och se vad de lyckas hitta?