Internet friends. If you are in a fandom, then du properly have one or more.

You will know each other better than you may even know your self. The only thing that sucks is that you may live in different countries. But they may be a better friend than your friends in real life is.

For us teenagers it´s normal to have friends living 1000 miles away from you, but our parents dont understand that.

They underestimate our internet friends. They say that we spend to much time on our phone, laptops, tablets, ext. along with our social media where we talk to people that we "don´t know"

We DO know each other. The only problem we have is that we are not living the same place. Because I guarantee you, that we would still have the same conversations with that person whether they are right beside you or they are home over 1000 miles away. 

I personally have so many internet friends, and it´s so nice!! They make me feel loved!

I have internet friends in the same country as me (Denmark), but I have also friends in UK, US, Sweden and Norway.. And I love them all to death!!

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Right now I´m just having a bit of concert depression and I miss them so much.. Even though their concert was last year at the 5th September. If you don´t know who they are, they are The Fooo Conspiracy. They are a boyband from Sweden. Go and look them up on youtube or google, they are pretty amazing!

So I´m just doing a little #tb to when they were in Denmark..

Have you ever been to a concert and if yes, then with who?



​Hey, what´s up? 

I´m Freya, and right now I don´t know what I´m doing with my life.. So I thought why not try and start a blog,. So if you want to join me on this ride and see how it goes, then follow me :) 

I will try and update you all on what I´m doing once a week, and the keyword here is TRYING..  Because I´m very busy right now with school and all that kind of stuff 

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Love Freya <3