While most of us are playing Vegas slot machines to have fun and earn some money, some people do it to spend their millions. We are talking about the Hollywood stars who have been spotted playing gambling games. We don’t know how many of them play in online casinos in their private villas but can totally tell about those who like to show up and play in front of public. Most of the celebrities prefer playing blackjack and poker while some of them also make large sports bets.

50 Cent. Well, that’s the man who always liked to spend a lot. He’s actually living his own motto “Get Rich or Die Tryin” and earn millions on his records, advertisement, and own products but there is one more thing. Besides all his business activities, 50 Cent likes sports betting and one day he even made a bet of $500000 during one of the local championships. He says that he follows the voices in his head to make the right choice while betting.

Tobey Maguire. This actor mostly known for his Spiderman movies is a big fan of gambling games. Some time ago he got into the troubles with the law as he took part in the illegal casino activities together with some other Hollywood stars. They took part in the illegal poker game in one of the Beverly Hills residences and got caught by the police. Hi didn’t stop gambling though and some of his friends say that they are afraid of him having the gambling addiction.

Matt Damon takes his acting thing seriously and always prepares for the new movie. Sometimes the preparation costs him a lot. Before taking part in the Rounders, he lost more than $25000 in the casinos to get into a role. He often goes to the casinos with his celebrity friend Ben Affleck and together they can either win or spend a lot.

Michael Jordan. The famous basketball player has always been into gambling and not always knew when to stop. According to the rumors, gambling was one of the reasons for him to leave the big sport and retire as he started being addicted and pay all his attention to the games.

Tiger Woods is a frequent guest in the MGM Grand Vegas casino. People say he makes large bets sometimes up to a $1 million and plays blackjack with $25000 hand. His gambling addiction started to show up when he became a friend with Michael Jordan and this is when their sports success started to fade.

Finally, a woman on the list. Pamela Anderson is known for her to love to poker games and some of the rumors even say that she had to get married to Rick Salomon after she lost him a large poker bet.

Ben Affleck is a professional poker and blackjack player. In the beginning of 2000s he won a large poker championship and just a few years ago got banned in one of the Vegas casinos as he started to win too much which casinos usually don’t like.

Charlie Sheen is one of the many Hollywood stars who is told to have a gambling addiction . According to his ex-wife, Sheen could easily spend $20000 on sports bets in just one week. He even made a large sports bet being on the way to the hospital where his daughter was being born. Now he confirms that he doesn’t gamble anymore but you never know.

Ashton Kutcher. Here is one more fan of sports betting. Kutcher says he used to be a part of the large betting syndicate . Now he makes enormous sports bets on behalf of professional bettors who are not usually allowed to gamble themselves but know the betting tips and tricks. According to Kutcher, they once won $750000 during a college football championship.

The actual list of celebrities who like to play gambling games is much longer. Some of them just like to have fun and take a risk while the other have a serious gambling addiction that’s ruining their lives. Anyway, these people have enough millions to be reckless while making bets but we totally don’t recommend doing the same. Make your bets, have fun but never forget about the responsible gambling.

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Blackjack is hands down one of the most popular casino games ever. Millions of gamblers are playing it in land-based and online casinos every day, many of them preferring free blackjack because they don’t really know how to win real money. Here we’ve collected all the necessary tips and tricks to help you play blackjack online with real bets and win more often that you could ever expect.

  1. Learn the basic strategy. As blackjack is mostly based on mathematical probability, you can’t just do random things and hope that apparently, you will win. Well, you can, but mathematics says your chances to win will be very low. So read about blackjack strategy, learn it or make a cheat sheet with basic rules such as splitting the 8s, doubling down on 10s and not hitting 15’s and you are all set. The strategy is not a secret and is easy to find on any gambling website.
  2. The decks. It’s surprising, but your chances to win not always depend on when you hold or split but what table you are playing at, when you start and when you stop playing. The first thing to look at is the number of decks. Choose the table with the fewest decks to make it easy to remember the cards. We don’t speak about card counting that is illegal but about just regular keeping track of face cards that came out of the game.
  3. Check the table rules. Each table has its own rules that can increase or decrease your chances to win so you’d better check them before you make your bet. For example, if the table pays at 3 to 2 odds, you should prefer it to the one that pays 6 to 5 as it gives you more chances in the long run. If the dealer has to hit on a soft 17 — skip this table and find another one as it will bring more money to the casino but not to you. Most of the players in land-based casinos are choosing tables according to the dealer’s appearance as they think the more “friendly” the dealer is, the more money they can win but that’s, obviously, doesn’t work like that. You don’t usually see the dealer while playing blackjack online (except for the live casinos) so learn the rules and wins will come to your hands.
  4. Know when to stop. This is the main basic rule for all the casino games and blackjack is not an exception. If you are losing one hand after another, stop betting and try your luck next time — it is probably just not your day and it will hardly get better before you lose a lot of money. But if you keep winning and winning — don’t let the luck strike you blind and cash out before the dealer or casino owners start noticing it. It’s better to win some money than not to win anything at all.
  5. Don’t play just one game. There are many blackjack “systems” that are being sold to trusting gamblers but they don’t really work in the real life. The only working strategy is the one saying that you should take blackjack like many little games instead of taking it as one long game session. Each time you win, the game resets and you start from the beginning. This strategy has a couple of basic rules that can help you win if you follow them each time you play blackjack online.
  • Raise your bet by one chip each time you win
  • Bet the same amount if you’ve just lost
  • After every winning session, pocket the money and start all over again with the new progression
  • Don’t make enormous bets and never come out ahead with more than just one chip. If you are one chip down, bet two more and you’ll still have many chances to win.

By following this strategy you will never lose more money than you win and you’ll never lose the money that you won in a previous session. To sum it up in short, you need to divide your game into small session and aim at getting small wins instead of playing one long game with large bets.

Of course, there is such thing as luck and we can’t promise that following this five rules will make you win at blackjack each and every time but they definitely increase your winning chances. So if you have always been playing free blackjack because of your fear to lose the money — try to use our tips and tricks and you’ll see how significantly your gaming process changes.



Gambling History

The first ever slot machine was manufactured more than 100 years ago. It was called Liberty Bell. The great industry leap forward was made in the late 1970's. The overall industry keeps growing thanks to the progress made in technologies. See short fact sheet of the changes and improvements that have been made in the world of online gambling for the recent century.

1897 : The Invention

Charles Fey, a mechanic from San Francisco created the "Liberty Bell" mechanical slot machine. It had only four symbols on the three reels and was quite easy to cheat. Due to this fact, the top jackpot was a pretty small 50¢.

1898 to 1909 : Growth

More companies got involved in the development of slot machines. Settings were the same as in the Liberty Bell slot machine yet the design was different. The demand of new gaming machines was growing and pushing gambling manufacturers to produce more machines.

1909 : Ban

In the beginning of the 1900s gaming machines manufacturers endured prohibition. Gambling was banned in San Francisco, proceeded to Nevada and finally encompassed whole California.

1943: WMS Creation

WMS Industries, Inc. is an American electronic gaming and amusement company was established. Still, popular WMS slots gain new fans with each single day, new release.

1964 : Electro-mechanical machines

Bally released "Money Honey" with some significant differences between it and it's ancestors. For the first time, the inner structure of the gambling machine was entirely electronic. Moreover, Bally added sound, lights effects, and the option to bet multiple coins.

1975 : First Video Slot Machine Created!

Walt Fraley invents the "Fortune Coin" - first slot machine with the TV screen. It worked flawlessly.

1976 : IGT

IGT purchased the Fortune Coin manufacturer and used their technology to deliver a bunch of new slot machines. They grew to be the second-largest slot machines manufacturer on the globe.

1994: Microgaming

Microgaming company created the world’s first genuine online casino in 1994. The gratis casino spelletjes became mass-produced. Hundreds of casino software developers emerged with new, high-quality casino games released almost each month, proceeding to each week.

2015: SlotsMillion

The first ever virtual reality casino was successfully launched by SlotsMillion.



NetEnt is the world-known supplier of the online casino games and software. The history of the company began in 1996. The CEO and the President of the NetEnt gaming company is Per Eriksson. First of all Net Entertainment is known for their premium video slots but the collection of the NetEnt online casino software also includes keno, mini-games, lottery, jackpot, and table games. The top games of the company are available for various mobile platforms including iOS, Android and even Windows Mobile. NetEnt is the worldwide provider which means their offices are located in many countries but their head office is in Stockholm, Sweden. All NetEnt casinos are licensed by the UK Gambling Commission.


Fisticuffs slot by NetEnt

Fisticuffs is the sport-themed video slot which provides players with a good choice of the special features and a perfect video graphics. In this game, you will meet three different Wild symbols such as the standard Wild, the Straight Wild, and the Diagonal Wild. The Boxing bonus feature is activated when two different Wilds drop out on the adjacent reels. In this round all the standard symbols which appear between the Diagonal Wild symbol and the Straight Wild transform into the Wilds. In comparison to some other NetEnt free slots, Fisticuffs has prepared for you the maximal reward of 100 000 coins. This game was professionally developed by NetEnt gaming provider in July 2013.

Go Bananas

Go Bananas slot by NetEnt

If your favorite games are the animal-themed slot models, you will like Go Bananas funny video slot which was produced by Net Entertainment in 2014. The game can surprise you with the incredible 140 000 coins of the jackpot prize and various individual features. There are several Wilds in this slot game. The regular Wild can replace standard icons helping to create the winning combinations. One more interesting feature of the Wild token is its ability to convert the neighboring symbols into itself.


Glow slot by NetEnt

Glow is a great Indian culture-themed video game which was released into the gambling world in May 2015. The game has 5 reels and 15 fixed pay lines. If you are lucky enough, you may win 94 600 coins of the maximal cash prize. The combinations with the Wild symbol are paid twice in this slot model. Two Scatters trigger 1 free spin and four or more Scatters award the players with 2 free games.


Attraction slot by NetEnt

In August 2014 the software engineers from NetEnt decided to create the science-themed slot machine. That’s how the Attraction video slot appeared. This is a wonderful slot model with high-quality animations and a very attractive graphics. It can offer players the jackpot of 50 000 coins, exclusive features and several variants of the Wild component. The Sticky Wild character appears during the Magnet Feature and remains unmoved during the re-spins.

Jack Hammer 2

Jack Hammer 2 slot by NetEnt

The detective-themed video game Jack Hammer 2 attracts many gamblers with many interesting special features and with the amounts of the jackpot prize. In contrast with other NetEnt free slot games, this online slot can give you maximally 990 000 coins. In the Sticky Win feature, the winning icons stand still in their positions while other icons are replaced by the others. The maximal number of Free Spins is equal to twenty in this game. This gaming application is available for all gamblers since July 2012.

Disco Spins

Disco Spins slot by NetEnt

All gambling dancers highly appreciate the Disco Spins disco-themed slot machine. This game was officially presented in December 2012. Apart from the standard features and symbols, this game is equipped with two modes of Free Spins. After three Scatters drop out on the screen you need to choose between two spins games. In the first round, you can get 15 Free Spins and the threefold multiplier. The second round can award you with 10 free games and extra spins.

Fruit Case

Fruit Case slot by NetEnt

The fans of online fruit machines gladly met the Fruit Case slot game that was equipped by NetEnt developers with unusual Free Spins feature and a very profitable Wild symbol. The latter character contains the multiplier which increases only the winning combinations which include the Wild symbol. Three Free Fall characters trigger 10 free drops. The wins in this round are tripled.


EggOMatic slot by NetEnt

EggOMatic is one of the best free slots for fun with an excellent 3D graphics and rich animations. This game was produced by NetEnt gaming factory in May 2013. The luckiest player can hit 94 750 coins jackpot. The Wild symbol performs its standard function here and activates a very interesting Bonus round. This round contains several mini-games and the Spreading Wild character. In this game, you can get from 7 up to 50 Free Spins.


Frankenstein slot by NetEnt

Frankenstein is associated with the well-known movie and the novel written by Merry Shelly. This exciting online video slot was released in 2011 but even now it remains very popular according to the estimates of the respected and trusted online casinos. This game has prepared for you two Wild symbols, the Scatter and the Bonus game. The Scatter symbol initially triggers 10 free games. Two Scatters during this round add 5 more spins. In the Bonus round, you will get 10 Free Spins with the multiplier which varies from x1 to x5.


Muse slot by NetEnt

Muse is the Greek-themed mythological slot machine which was presented by NetEnt in March 2013. This game holds a solid money prize of 590 000 coins for the most successful gamblers. The Wild of this game is a multifunctional figure. It turns into the Expanding Wild. Also, it activates the x2 Wild Feature. During the Sticky Wild feature, you will be given 1 free spin. The Scatter character can launch from 10 to 30 Free Spins.

NetEnt is a powerful gaming supplier which produces real money slots with high payout coefficients of 95-98%. The gaming portfolio of this company includes over 200 casino games and this number grows every month. All company’s games which are developed for computer and mobile platforms can be launched in the online mode.



Craps may not be in top-3 of popular casino games but it still has many fans among the gamblers. Now, when you can play craps online, it’s getting even more popular and many gambling websites are adding free craps games for their clients to play for fun. If you are one of those players who prefer free craps, this article is for you to change your mind and learn how to win real money at craps. Because, you know, free demos are fun from time to time but getting real winnings is much more exciting. We’ve collected useful advice, tips, and tricks on how to win at craps and here they are.

  1. Learn the craps rules. It may seem obvious and silly but this is the most important thing to do before you start playing any gambling game. Rolling the dice may look easy but craps have basic rules and strategies and not knowing of them will lead to the constant losses and that’s not what we are here for, aren’t we? To begin with start from the Wizard of Odds article devoted to Craps basics.
  2. Play the free craps. Playing the free demo games is a good way to master your skills and make sure you know the game rules very well. When you start “winning” at free games, then you are ready for the adult gambling and can make real money bets.
  3. Play the pass and don’t pass bars. Look, here is the first trick. Put the smallest bet on the “don’t come” or “don’t pass” bars and the largest behind it. This is where the house edge is but you will have more advantage on the odds bets than the house does.
  4. Check the house edge. The main winning rule is to place your bets only where the house edge is as small as possible. If you are a beginner in craps games or online krasloten games look for the bets where the house edge is less than 1%.
  5. Six or Eight rule. Place the six or eight “place-to-win” bet as it is where the house has only a 1.52% edge meaning you have more chances to win. You can also place “place to lose” bet on the same numbers and win money if the 7 comes which happens quite often.
  6. No proposition bets. Casino dealers are often tempting players to play proposition bets but keep away from them. Yeah, they can be very profitable as you can win odds up to 30-1 but the house edge on this type of bets is very high so if you don’t win — you’ll lose a lot.
  7. Watch the dice. If you are playing in a land-based or a live online casino and can see how shooters throw the dice, choose the table where a shooter rolls the dice in the same way each time and don’t shake it as they have more control over the dice. Make the same bets as he or she does and you can win together.
  8. Set the limits and know when to stop. Always set the limits of how much money you can lose without hurting your budget too much and never go over this limit. There are bad days when even our tips are not helping and you don’t win so be brave and stand out of the table (or log out of the casino if you are playing craps online). If you are a lucky one and keep winning, don’t tempt your luck and stop playing after a good winning session in order not to give a part of your money back to the casino.
  9. Look for promotions. Casinos don’t usually offer as many promotions on craps as they do on slots and roulette but if there are some, they can be pretty lucrative for the craps beginner. Sign up for the casino’s newsletter to be the first to hear about the craps promotions and make use of them.
  10. Never take it seriously. Having fun is the main aim of playing casino games and at the same time, it can increase your winnings. The more fun you are having, the less nervous you are and can think about your bets with the fresh head. So don’t take playing craps too serious, don’t get too upset when you lose and keep away from getting too excited when you win — that’s just the game that can bring you some money if you are lucky enough and stick to the rules.

So these were 10 tips on playing craps online or in land-based casinos. Some of them are serious, some of them look pretty simple and obvious but all of them will help you increase your chances to win while playing this cool game.



Live Dealer Casino

So I’ve been playing online casino games a lot and recently I discovered that I can literally feel like I’m in Vegas thanks to the live casino. Live casino means you are playing online with the real dealer that’s connected to you via the webcam. You can see how he or she is taking the bets, dealing the cards or placing the ball in the online roulette. You can even talk to the dealer and hear them talking to you. From the first glance, working in a live dealer casino seems like a dream job but is it really like this?

First of all, this is definitely a great job for those who like gambling games. This is the perfect chance to see them from the other side of the table and understand how all that casino things work from the inside. And at the same time, you don’t need to spend hours in the casino full of people and cigarette smoke (smoking is allowed in most of the land-based casinos) as there are only you, the cam and the players from different parts of the world watching you dealing the cards.

But this is actually the only difference between the real and the live dealer casino. The fact that gamblers are not sitting around the actual table doesn’t mean the dealer shouldn’t be acting like they ARE. Whether they are playing poker, baccarat or online roulette, the dealer should always be smiling and positive and, what’s even more important, should be sharing all the players’ feelings. Rejoice all their winnings and take their rage when they lose. The thing is, the gamblers are not always the good and smiling guys in expensive suits. Each day the dealer is facing many different people and some of them will not be the pennies from heaven. Some players, especially the ones who are streaming their gaming process, will be making silly jokes and trying to offend you and you should be smiling and dealing the cards anyway. Sounds like a pretty tough task, doesn’t it? And God help you if you make a mistake and it leads to the player’s loss. You’ll experience all the possible rage of hot-tempered gamblers who were waiting for the jackpot and got nothing instead.

But let’s not get too sentimental about the poor live dealer casino workers as they are trained to do their job perfectly and let’s not forget the fact that their main task is to tempt you to make another large bet as they are getting personal bonuses from the highrollers. Oh, as for the bonuses. While in the land-based casinos we can leave the tips to the dealer and be sure he or she will get them, in live dealer casino you never know if the dealer gets the tips or the casino owners.

To sum up, I can say the job of the live casino dealer is not the easiest one but just like any other job. This is a perfect way to get to know more about the gambling business from the inside and it’s also quite flexible — online casinos work for international gamblers so you can choose between morning, afternoon or night shifts and plan your days off in advance. But it demands strong communication skills and patience because you never know what kind of players you are going to meet today and what will they act like. Nevertheless, it doesn’t hurt to try. So if you are a fan of gambling games, maybe it can become your dream job and start bringing you regular salary instead of the random winnings? Inspired by Casino.org



Playing online casino games for fun is pretty cool. You can make the “bets” without being afraid of losing any money, you can level up your skills or make your own gaming strategy but the fact is, playing free video slots will never bring you the jackpot. So make a break in spinning the reels for free and read 10 stories about the largest online casino winners in history. The stories are inspirational and just fun to read. Who knows, maybe you can be the next one to read about in this article?

10. We can bet you made a wish under the Christmas tree to win the jackpot. This guy’s wish came true when he won €4,159,181 in Arabian Nights slot by NetEnt on the 19th of December, 2013. A winner is a 26-year-old man from Stockholm that said that he had never thought it could be him to win. He was going to spend the money on the new apartment and vacation. We think he can buy at least a couple of houses and never work again.

9. There are lucky devils who won more than one big prize. The man with the “Gamago” nickname won $50000, then $100000 and, finally, the $4,978,336.62 jackpot after he bet $45 in the GoldMega jackpot game. It happened on the 2nd of December, 2009 and by that time it was one of the world’s largest progressive jackpot wins.

8. Our hands down favorite success stories are about the people who made the smallest bet in video slots and then won a jackpot. Finnish guy Klaus M. made a 50c bet while playing the Mega Moolah gratis casino gokkasten in one of the Microgaming casinos. April 2008 was definitely his month as he won $5,556,753.68.

7. It seems that NetEnt casino games are very lucrative. In October 2013, the fisherman from Aberdeenshire placed a 20p bet on the Hall of Gods slot and in just several seconds became a multi millionaire. His winning amounted to €6.4 million. Unfortunately, we can’t congratulate him personally as he decided to keep his name as a secret. The only thing we know is that he didn’t quit his fisherman job and gave a part of the money to charity.

6. £5.8 million jackpot was brought to the Jobcentre worker John Orchard by the Dark Knight slot in December 2012. Unlike the previous winner, John immediately quit his job to enjoy his new life of a millionaire.

5. Some slots don’t pay out jackpots for months but some of them are so generous that they do it twice a week. Just like the 3-reel Gold Rally slot by Playtech. In December 2013, two lucky winners got their jackpots during a week — the first one won $6,347,118 while the second one got $277228 (not so impressive but still not bad, though).

4. Another generous slot is the Mega Moolah by Microgaming slots software developer. In 2009, Geordios M, a businessman from Greece, won almost $9 million jackpot that was at that time the largest Microgaming payout ever. Geordios was a big fan of slots and finally his passion paid off.

3. And here comes the third largest casino winner and finally it’s a woman. In 2012, a lucky lady from Sweden won €7.6 million. She was playing the Hall of Gods at Unibet casino and didn’t really believe her eyes when her wins were announced. When asked about future plans, she said she was going to take her whole family on vacation, buy a new car and a new house.

2. There is the jackpot that was awarded a Guinness World Record. On September 2011, a man from Norway won €11,736,375 in the Betsson casino. It was a huge surprise both for him and for the casino owner as it was the largest jackpot won in online video slots ever. So if you are going to play in this casino — try the Mega Fortune slot. It worked once, maybe it will work once again?

1. Now it’s time for the largest online casino jackpot of all times. On January 2013, a man from Finland bet 25c and won more than $24 million. And it was the Mega Fortune slot by NetEnt, once again. That moment changes the life of the man forever. So if you still play video slots for free, it’s time to make the next step towards your dream and try making even the smallest bet as it can bring impressive results.



Most of the time we are just playing gambling games without asking any questions. But where did they come from? How did first classic slots look like? In fact, casino slots have quite a long history and we are here to share it with you so you can know a little bit more about your favorite games.

The Beginning

It has all started in 1880’s when Sittman and Pitt invented first coin-operated poker slot machine. With its 5 drums and 50 cards, it slightly reminded today’s 5-reel slot machines and was just as popular as they are now. The difference is, these machines couldn’t pay out any money so, in case of the winning combination, you could get a drink from the bar. These machines weren’t really reliable as the owners could easily remove a couple of cards so the players couldn’t get winning combinations.

The most important person in the early history of slot machines was Charles Fey. He invented the first One-armed Bandit in 1884 and the next one a year later. One-armed Bandits quickly became so popular that Fey decided to devote his whole life to the developing of new slot machines and, thank God, he was very good at it.

His new invention, the Liberty Bell machine, got its name due to one of the symbols on the gaming reels. There were also hearts, spades, diamonds and a horseshoe. Getting a line of 3 liberty bells would give a lucky player the jackpot amounted to ten nickels. It was the prototype of modern 3-reel free classic slots that got a lot of fans throughout the country. There was hardly a single bar or barber shop where there were no Liberty Bells even when they got banned by the states governments.

vintage slot machine

Slot machines of the next generation you can still play in most of the offline and online casinos. These are fruit machines or classic 777 slots as they are usually called due to the lucky 7s among the game symbols. The funny fact: as gambling was banned in many states, these gratis fruitautomaten were actually a kind of vending machines: they paid out fruity gums instead of real money. Besides fruits and 7, there was also the BAR game symbol which is the logo of the company that owned that slot machines.

The next years (1920s-1930s) were the lucky years for the gambling industry. Slot machines became widely popular across the USA and weren’t going to stop despite all the obstructions. It was the time when new technologies were appearing one after another and in 1964 the first electromechanical slot machine was invented. It was called the Money Honey and could take up to 500 coins. It gave an impetus to the new inventions and made it possible to create advanced slot machines that we are playing now.

The New Era

In 1996 the first one among video slots was released. It was called Reel’Em and became the first out of thousands electronic slot machines that quickly got around the world. If you are a gambler, today is the great time to be alive as you have a wide choice of slots: classic 3-reel games with fruits and 7s as game symbols, more complicated 5-reel slot machines with many different themes and plots. There are bonus slots, progressives, video poker machines and so far and so on. It’s hard to imagine that there was the time when people could only play old machines that were giving out chewing gums and cocktails. Land-based casinos are full of men and women of different ages that are winning and losing tons of money every day.

Microgaming Casino

Moreover, we can even play gambling games without leaving the house. The first online casino launched in 1995 and the Microgaming was the first casino games developer that started turning its products into online games. Online games were spreading very fast and in 1996 the Canadian Kahnawake Gaming Commission was founded to control online gambling market and keep it safe and fair. But, in 2006 the US government banned wire transactions to casino accounts and released the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act making online gambling illegal in the USA territory.