Today my flatmate, Mike and I went for a hike up Box Hill, 30 minutes out of South London. There's so much going on this month with losing my passport (which was my last ID😭) and dealing with everything inbetween two countries has been a challenge. So I've been really focusing after 8 hectic months in London to really take care of my health this month. I have been going for a run every morning followed by a fifteen minute Yoga challenge which has been really awesome,  however today I decided to go for a  Sunday evening hike instead. I brought my camera in hope of getting some good shots of the view, but it was dark by the time we got up, and after getting on top of the hill after passing everyone on their way down, going into a pitch black forest and passing a tombstone using our last phonebattery as flashlight, I got so paranoid we had to turn around (watched The Ring waay to early).

It was still a really nice walk out of London, with some fresh air and booty training as well!😉 To reccomend to go here for the view I will have to come back to after going back during daytime, sometime.

Although we didn't make it to the viewpoint, I really enjoyed the train ride. The houses get bigger, the trees greener, and train quieter. The are wround Box Hill was really geauyiful and quite obviously resedented by the wealthier class than I will probaply ever find myself in. But the area really reflected that in terms of how tidy and beautifully kept it was, so worth the trip even for walking around on the countryside of London.

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My friend Maria, who I met through my friend Malins from Sweden - in Jamaica, is visiting me from Denmark and we have been up to some fun things here in London. Yesterday we visited a shop,  Budda on a Bicycle in Covent Garden to find some crystals.

It's definitely worth a trip if you're j to this kind of stuff as there are several similar shops in the area, as well as cool and artsy cafes and people.



It's Monday aka depressing (for most people) so I thought it would be a proper way to start the weak talking about death... No, but really.
As you guys may know, I am a big earth activist, and today I came across a really cool article on Eartporm (yes, I spelled that correctly😉) regarding Organic Burial Pods.. Yes, yes I know, nobody want to talk about death. But hey, it is after all Monday and this will definitely make you feel better about it!

No matter what your faith, or if you believe in an afterlife, these organic burial pods that turn loved ones into trees make the idea of death a little more comforting. In fact, these awesome burial pods make for the perfect burial ritual in so many ways.

Based in Italy, the Capsula Mundi project was formed by designers Anna Citelli and Raoul Bretzel. Fueled by their love of trees, the pair created an organic, biodegradable burial pod that literally turns a person’s remains into nutrients for a beautiful tree growing directly up above.

The body is first encapsulated into a fetal position in order to fit inside of the burial pod. The pod looks like an earthy piece of art, but really it’s a biodegradable “casket.” Once the burial pod is buried deep underground a tree seed or a young tree is placed directly above, and from one source of life sparks another.

Instead of visiting a cemetery full of headstones, mourners would visit a sacred forest full of beautiful trees

After being presented with this burial option it seems rather silly to purchase a fancy, overpriced coffin. After all, a cemetery full of headstones is far more depressing than a beautiful memory forest full of lush trees.

This idea is also far better for the environment. Instead of cutting down trees to make wood coffins, we would be producing more trees. The pod is made from all renewable and biodegradable materials, including starch plastic and seasonal plants such as potatoes and corn.

The company writes on their website that it takes 10 to 40 years for a tree to grow. It is then cut down and made into a coffin that only serves a purpose for 2 or 3 days. It was this line of thinking that sparked the perfect solution: a way to save one tree and plant another.

Clients will pick their favorite tree to be buried beneath


There will be an assortment of different trees clients can pick from. The idea is that someone will pick their favorite tree while they are still alive. “The tree is chosen when the person is alive, relatives and friends look after it when death occurs. A cemetery will no longer be full of tombstones and will become a sacred forest,” it says on their website.



Under Waterloo station’s crowded platform and rumbling tracks is a street artist’s playground.

A five minute walk from the main station exit is Leake Street (just off York Street), which will bring you to an authorised graffiti tunnel, legalised for the now legendary Cans Festival 1 & 2 in May and August 2008 by the infamous Street Artist Banksy. It's a 200-hundred-metre-long tunnel under Waterloo train Station and the biggest legalised graffiti area in London. Definitely worth a trip for some cool photos or watching street artists in action! Unfortunately, a lot of the original art is over-painted, but fortunately, it is constantly painted, so a different week, different day, you will find something new!