Hello everyone!

I have been home for maybe two hours, I got home from school around 2 and when I got home I drove my mom to the subway before I went to Täby C. I bought a charger adabpter so now I can charge my phone from the wall again. I also bought a selfie stick. Don't ask me why haha! Maybe a stupid thing I bought but it is fun to have... I think.

Anyhow! I am now sitting on my bed looking at all the things I need to do in my room. I like the bed part a lot right now. The only thing I need to do is put up my books but the rest of my room is just bluh. I don't know what to do... I guess I have to figure something out. Even if I am very tired out of no reason actually I will write a list about things I need to do this and the next week.

So that is what I will do for now!



Hello everyone!

Today I made a very spontaneous trip to Stockholm to pierce my nipples. Yes. I did it. It feels so good that I have done it, I have wanted to have these piercings fora very long time but I have been very anxious about how it will look because I don’t really accept the way my boobs look. It hurts just to say because I don’t like having thoughts like this about myself but it is not the easiest thing just to stop thinking about. I also wanted to make them because I think that out of all of my piercings I want to do these would hurt the most. I do need to say that they did not hurt that much, so if you want to do it and are worried about the pain, don’t worry. It takes 30sec, 4 breaths and it is done. I love the result and now I just need to get used to having them, and wash them everyday and not manage to hit or punch them. Because that would hurt!
I always do my piercings at ANT body art in Gamla stan. Check it out, Tyrone is the guy! He is amazing and very chill so no nerves at all.

I have afew ideas on piercings I want to do, no four is not enough. Not at all. I love piercings and tattoos but I don’t have a clear picture of what I want to get as a tattoo so for now it’s piercings.

So the next one I will do will be a labret! I think these are soo beautiful andI think it’s kind of sexy. Kinda rocky looking.

Some otherpiercings I want to take is the smiley, medusa, double tongue, dermal on my long fingers, dermals between my boobs, I also want to stetch my ears up to 10-12 mm again. This is just a few things

So all and all my day has been very good. I took it real easy in the beginning and then around 2 I went to Stadsmissionen in Sätra and bought some new clothes, two pair of shoes and a few teddy bears. Yes I am 18 years old and love stuffies! But they are sooo cute and fluffy and adorable! I need to have them. Then I went to Gamla stan and made my piercings. I were close to going to Shock and look on their things but I did not feel like spending more money today.

Tomorrow  Iam in school for just a few hours before I get home so tomorrow I will do what I thought about doing today, which is to put up my books in my shelves. And also trying on the clothes I bought today and hopefully a lot of them will fit or it is just a few pounds away. My soreness in my calves is beginning to fade so I can walk normally again so now I can start working out again. Don’t ever skip stretching, you have no idea how much this has hurt.



​If you are, like my mom ( I will be to in just a while, I can feel it coming) , pretty interested in using essential oils this is a little cheat sheet on how to make your house or just a room smell amazning and autumny! It is never to late to make you home cozy for the winter. A cozy blanket, a good tea and a nice smell puts you in that amazing calm feeling that we all love. 




I have had a really good evening. Inspiring and just chill. After eating a little bit of dinner I went to Sollentuna to talk to Malin who is the responsible one for the volunteer work in Tanzania. I talked to her about how I feel about the work and how I feel about the others input and so on. It felt very good talking to her as she’s on my side and totally understands my feelings. I have worked so much that I got gastric catarrh which not really is a good thing while many of the others does not work at all. This is sad when this is such an important work and something that will really change your view on things. Not everyone get this chance in their lifetime to do something like this, so when you get the chance you should take care of it and work for it. She said that I don’t have to worry and that I can take everything as I like. I don’t have to worry about not being able to go because I will be able to go. When I got home I saw a message from her saying that my body and my health is the most important thing and that made me so happy. I love people like her, inspiring, motivational, pushing,helping and fighting for their selves but also fights to help other.

I did not have the time to listen to the lecture the FN(UN) had because I was talking to the others working at Satelliten. If you live in municipalities close to Sollentuna I really think you should take you time to visit. They have a lot for teens and young adults and work for getting youths to engage in questions and getting them to work towards their dreams.
Anyhow, I did not have the time to listen but I did get the chance to talk witha few from the audience about the lecture and they said that it was a really good lecture with a lot of good and eye-opening stories, as the same time as it was educational. This is what you want a lecture to be about. At least I want it that way.

One of the people I got to talk to was a younger girl, maybe 14-15 years old and I got so happy to see how interested she was about this and other important questions like the agriculture, environmental issues, right or wrong, world peace and I could just see how passionate she is in her eyes. I did sometimes see that she struggled with finding the accurate word for the explanation but things like that does not matter. She is young, she is interested. That is what’s important, not that she didn’t remember all explaining words. Even I can’t do that sometimes. I think I talked to this girl for over a half an hour and it felt so good to be able to get the chance to be one of the persons that hopefully gave her inspiration and motivation to keep on going. I gave her my number and said that she could text or call me whenever she wanted just to talk and discuss because I noticed that she did not have someone close to her age that she could talk about things like this with. And a person needs to discuss their thoughts and interests with someone that listens with both ears. I hope she will call and does not feel too scared.

Because it is the UN day here in Sweden I did get chocked over the fact that her school had not put one single thought about this. They did not talk about the UN and what they do, they did not even say it was the UN day today and explained what it means. I do find that chocking. In my school and in all my life in school especially in primary school we worked A LOT with UN questions about this time. I remember us having a UN week when we got to read about a country or color a country's flag when we were very young to being in groups working a week before having a debate about UN questions. When I was young I remember us talking about world peace and singing songs about peace in the world. I remember the teachers reading us a story about what the UN does and why it is so great. The UN and their work has ALWAYS been something you talk to children about. To find out that they had not put one single thought in this day made me sad. She even said that she had tried to influence them and tried to get them to talk about the UN but they had just said no because they had not focused on this. How can you not focus on something so important like this? How can you not want to talk to young people about this, how can you not want to inspire and motivate young people to work for world peace when they get older? How can you just prioritize something else?

No, I can’t understand that. But it made me happy to see a girl that passionate about this. I am a lucky person if I get the chance to push her forward. Inspiring younger people to doing what they dream about is something I love doing. Maybe she just helped me open another door in how to affect and make people change their lives.

As I mentioned earlier, my brain never stops pooping out ideas of work. And never will I let my creativity die.

I hope all of you have had a great day or will have.
Never stop dreaming and remember that the universe is your only limit and that you are the only one that can stop yourself from reaching your dreams.

Now I need to go to sleep.

Talk to you more tomorrow.

Never forget to sleep!



Hello everyone! I hope all of you have had an amazing day. My day has been pretty good. Nothing to special, I like those days, when you don't have a special feeling to it, you just do what you want and need and feels perfectly fine with that.

It is halloween times and soon it is the day of halloween. Are any of you having or attening a halloween party? I won't, that I know of for now. As many of you know I don't like going out on clubs and partying and non of my friends or myself as a party at home. Probably me and my parents will go to my sisters house and eat dinner with them as my nephew and his friends do trick or treating.

I like how simple this is to make and it can still spice up the evening a bit. Even if your not going to a party or if you just want to make something fun with you family to celebrate this feast these are very simple foods that really reminds me of Halloween!

I won't give you recipies because I actually suck at that... but, what I can do is tell you how I would think when doing it.

So these bellpepper halloween pumpkins. Are they not super cute? They are really easy to make and a lot easier to carve then a hard pumpkin. So first thing to do is to carve how you want your little bellpepper pumpkin to look like.
Then I would love to fill it with vegan forcemeat and blend it with corn, maybe a little bit of super chooped up tomatoes and cucumbers. And put a layer of vegan cheese on top! So in other words, I would make a halloween bellpepper pumkpin taco dinner! Looks amazing, tastes amazing.

For an evening snack I would spice it up a little bit from the normal snack. And litteraly do what the picture looks like! I think you can do this a million ways, I would pop my popworn as normal then pour over a caramel sauce that I probablly would do myself. Blend that together and add chunks of chocolet or m&ms or other candies that fit with the taste of caramel and popcorn.

And don't forget the BIG bowl of candy in shapes and colors of Halloween.



Hello andgood morning to you all!

I haven’tbeen very active during a few days but I haven’t really had the energy or thetime to write.
I worked this weekend. It was very cold as you who follow me on instagram know.But I still love working outside. Always getting new fresh air and feels thenature so close to you during so many hours. The only thing I don’t like aboutthe job? The Idiots not wanting to sort things out and make a change for theenvironment. People throwing trash in the wrong container time after time so weneed to go and pick it up.

Anyhow!This Saturday I celebrated my friends who will turn 18 in just a few days, weate pizza with her friends and played some games on the evening. Super funreally! Parties for 18 years old do not need to be all alcohol and crazy.

I have still not taking photo of my room yet,the shelves are up but the books are not in in so I think I will fix that a daythis week or in the weekend.

I have beenvery tired a few days now, after putting a lot of effort into this Tanzaniatrip without other people helping at all I get pretty tired. I guess that ispretty normal. So I will take some time to refill my energy before I startworking. We will have a meeting next Monday so I hope we all can plan up whateverybody should do so that something happens. Anyhow, no more bad thoughtsthis morning.

Now it’stime for me to get dressed before going to school. I have a really short day soI think I might take my camera with me and take some photos for relaxation.Then I will come home and look through a few apps I downloaded yesterday. Ithink many of you can be interested in trying them if you already haven’t.I might also go to Sollentuna to listen to a few people talking about FN (UN) today. Think it can be fun and giving to go talk about national problems, strengths and so on with other intressted human beings.

I don’thave much school work so I will have a kind of calm week before me. Next weekis autumn break! Time goes SO fast, it feels like I just started this schoolyear.


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Take care!



Hello everyone!

I just got home from our IKEA "tour". We first went to IKEA and walked the top floor before we ate some lunch. They actually have a vegeterian option and if you take away the sauce I do believe it is vegan! Amazing right? I bought just a few things, two black shelves to have over the bed as I mentioned earlier, a new bed lamp as the one I have now ALWAYS break in some ways. I don't really remember anything else so I think that was that. But it will be really great in the end. Finally my room will have a cohesion in colors, which it never has had before. After IKEA we went to my aunt on my dad's side for fika before we got home.

So I will keep fixing a little bit in my room and try to make it as perfect as I can. I will take pictures later so you can see how the outcame looks like. And I need to take care of the HUGE pile of clothes I have in my room... it is so many clothes!! I love the fact that many of them are a little bit to small. Not much but it gets me more motivated to lose a few pounds to get in them. 

I don't think I will go to the gym today but I will defintetly do something at home. 



Goodmorning everyone!

As I said yesterday I will be home today because the others read a course I have already read. It feels really good being home once in a while on a school day. I have a few things to do even if they only are fun. I will start of by hanging in clothes I tried on yesterday. I have inherited a lot of clothes so I went through them all yesterday. A lot of them are a little bit too small which just gives me more motivation to start working out harder and more frequently. I have a goal to be a lot more fit when I go on the next sailing trip in February. I don’t have a number I want to go down to or anything I just want to feel much better in my skin. Even though I do want to lose 17kg in fat, but we all know that muscles way a lot. Anyhow!

In about one or two hours I will go to IKEA with my mom and dad. They need to buy a new bookshelf and I will look for wooden panels to put on the wall and use as bookshelves. Right now my books are stacked outside my room but also in places where I can’tget to them easily.

Other than that I will take that shower I did not take yesterday and I will go to the gym.That is about it for my plans for today!