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I used to always mask my true emotions with a smile. At first, I found it so easy, I was good at it. I was fooling everyone. After a while, it got harder, and I got sicker.

Then the excuses came: "I'm sick today, so I'm not coming to school". When I got back to school a couple days later, and they asked if I had had a cold, I just responded with a nod. I struggled to finishin projects before the deadline, and I wondered why I didn't get any help. Why didn't they let me get a few extra days?.

"Sorry, something urgent came up, so I can't come tonight after all". Bailing dates or group projects at the last minute, and lying about why, made me feel like such a bad person. My friends and co-students putting off time for me and depending on my help. But then again, when they stopped asking me, and I felt they were getting irritated with me, I got mad. "They have no right to be irritated, they don't understand what it's like, they don't know what I'm going through."

THAT'S JUST IT, PEOPLE! I just realized this quite recently; How the heck can I expect help and understanding, when they don't know how I'm doing? How can they know that I'm not up to coming to their birthday party, when I go around smiling like I just smelled a fucking unicorn fart all the time?

I'm not saying I have to stop smiling all together, just because I don't want people to think that I'm no longer dealing with a depression. I have a lot of happy moments, and of course I should express that with laughter!

My point here is: We all need to stop being afraid to be transparent! Don't be scared to cry, don't be scared to tell people the truth, even strangers. Migrane=tomato, depression=tomato. You don't have to tell everyone everything, as long as you just tell it like it is. Stop wearing that fake mask and be transparent.

That said, we should also wear clothes in transparent materials more often! A little off season, but still- looks damn cool right? Peace out



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Went shopping at the Prisløs vintage market in Trondheim this Sunday, with my friend Merethe. Almost cried when I found this dreamy sequin top from Chile- to just 545NOK!

I'll definitely start going to those markets more often. But first- some closet cleaning!



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Quite literally [except, they´re not really roses]. I love how the result from the photoshoot turned out! Sofie Sund is so talented, and I'd love to get a chance to work with her again.

​Photographer: Sofie Sund [@sofiesund]

Most of all, I'm really happy about throwing myself into this challenge. Might seem like a small deal, it's just ONE picture, and the whole thing was over in just 15 minutes, but I was doing something I wasn't at all comfortable with, with someone I've never met. That IS a big deal to me. And I've been exposing myself to these kinds of situations a lot, lately. I'm proud of myself, and I'm starting to get more and more comfortable in those uncomfortable situations. That feels good!



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A list of a few of my everyday essentials. Hope you enjoy it!

1. Mickey Mouse watch from Disney [ASOS]

I don't think it's very polite or practical to check your phone every time you need to know the time, so I swear to always wearing a wrist watch. I got inspired to get this one, when I read about professor Robert Langdon from Dan Brown's novels [DaVinci Code, Inferno++]. I think it's so cool that such a conservatively dressed 50 year old professor is wearing a Mickey watch, so I wanted to be just as awesome and got one myself!

2. Mickey Mouse cap from Disney [H&M]

Believe it or not, sometimes I just feel like wearing basics. But I always need to put some sort of fun element into my outfit. Lately, I've been wearing this silly Mikey Mouse cap, and even though my outfit has been basic and fairly boring, I always get smiles and curious looks because of this hat.

3. Shower Fresh perfume from CLEAN

When I was a teenager, I often got perfumes for my birthday or Christmas. That resulted in a drawer full of unused perfumes, because they ALL smelled like sweet, nauseating perfume. Four years ago, I got an assignment at school, where we were supposed to design create a ball gown inspired by a perfume. I went to a store and picked out the bottle I found the most attractive. I picked the CLEAN Skin, and ever since I've been wearing the CLEAN perfumes, because they don't smell like perfume. They smell like you just stepped out of the shower, they smell fresh!

4. Pink sunnies from ASOS

Sunnies are a must in the bag, all year long, not just for summer. They protect your precious eyes, and they make you look damn cool. I'm so tired of the classic wayfarers and pilots, that everyone's wearing, so I found these pretty things at asos.com. Aren't they sweet?

5. Instax mini 8 from Fujifilm [Platekompaniet]

I love how perfectly imperfect these cute li'l pics turn out, and they're a great way to decorate the walls at home. Just the camera itself looks cool up on that shelf or in your hands on a photoshoot with your friends.

6. Notebook from a shop in Paris

Probably the most important tool for a blogger [except for maybe the computer :P] and for a thinker and list maker like myself. I also like keeping a sketch book in my bag, for whenever I get some more visual ideas I need to get down on paper.

7. Wooden comb from BodyShop

A wooden, large tooth comb will bring much less damage to your hair while untangling it.

8. Sky Blue nailpolish from Gina Tricot

I'm not a very talented nail artist, but just a cute solid color can be just as pretty...

9. Minimalistic silver rings from Gina Tricot

Accompanying that nail polish with some simple and classy rings, will make those paws look fab!

10. Bed Head After-Party cream from TIGI

Gives my dry hair some moisture and leaves is feeling silky smooth and looking shiny. And the smell! OMG❀

11. Soft & Gentle highlighter from MAC

This thing is magic! Lifts your cheek bones and gives your face a nice glow. Spray a little Prep+Prime+Fix water mist from MAC on your brush before applying highlighter and you'll be ready for a photoshoot or a night out.

12. Eyebrow dye kit from Depend [Cubus]

My brows are so light they used to look invisible before I started dying them. Dying them once a month, spares me a lot of time in the mornings.

13. Tri Brow color from Makeup Store

Because of the dye, I don't reeeally need this kit, but to make my brows completely on point, I need this to frame and fill them in perfectly.

14. Nail file from Depend [H&M]

There are times I don't really like wearing anything on my nails. This nail file makes them look healthy and shiny, and I really like filing my nails. It's so calming, in a way.

15. Elephant purse from Zara [Children]

Like the hat, this really brings so much fun to basic black outfit. Just got it, and I can't wait to wear it!

This is a very general list, would you enjoy reading about my makeup essentials++?



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This man's designs manages to cover everything I love; Volume, shape, texture, color, cleanness and fun. I also love that he chose to go simple on the styling and went all out on one accessory- the earrings. They make such an impact, without taking focus away from his gorgeous designs.

The hot pink coat, the look with a grey wrap in the front and the bottom left look are truly pure perfection☆ Actually they all are, but those are my favorites.

What do you think? YAY or NAY?



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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​So the shoot was a lot of fun! Went real fast since she needed only one frame. It was a little wet and cold, but it involved flowers, so it was totally worth it. Can't wait to see and to show you the result, she's such a talented photographer, so I'm sure it'll turn out beautifully!

I'm feeling so inspired by the shoot today, so the theme of today's pinterest sunday is floral. We're going towards fall, but remember the amazing summer we've had this year, that smell of flowers, the bouquet you bought yourself at the market, those yellow flower fields you saw out the window on your road trip. All those great moments; Preserve them in your mind and prepare yourself for an other season which will contain just as many good moments as the last one.




On my way to a shoot with @sofiesund! I'll let you know how it goes

See yah!

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I put together a list of tips to follow if you want to achieve a more individual and personalized style. Hope you enjoy it, and find it helpful in some way. And remember: THESE ARE NOT RULES! I cannot stress that enough. I'm SO sick of media/society telling us what we need to have to be accepted and cool. Use some or all of these tips only if you feel your wardrobe needs a change to fit YOUR true personal style!

Plan your outfits and find new combinations. We all have a tendency to just put on what we always put on because we need to get dressed in a hurry before heading out the door in the morning. Try to plan your outfit the night before, and put some time off, once in a while, just to find new ways to combine your clothes.

Plan what you're going to wear on the night before.

Use colors and prints. So sad that most people are scared to wear color and print. I can understand, because when mixing colors and prints, it can be quite difficult to end up with something that works. But if you follow my first advice, to spend time putting outfits together, you won't be looking like a clown, you'll end up looking really fresh and interesting.

I love color so much, I even colored my hair purple!

Break the fashion rules. There's nothing wrong with wanting to have a flattering look, but you don't have to follow those strict fashion guidelines if it's just to please the fashion police. If you think that an over-sized sweater looks awesome on you, you don't have to put a belt in your waist to create an hourglass illusion. If you think socks in your sandals looks mad cool, well then go for it. Also, if you're a woman, don't be scared to shop in the men's department, and vice versa. Personally, I wear men's clothes almost as often as I wear women's.

Socks in sandals is a big no-no, according to the fashion rules of society. I say; If you dig it- wear it!

Put your own twist on trends. Following a trend makes us feel like we're a little ahead in fashion. Makes us feel like we're being 'trendy', right? But here's the thing: The word 'trend' has sort of lost it's original sense because, in the fashion industry, once a trend starts hitting the streets, it's actually referred to as "a fashion that is dead". When something is 'trending', it's basically what everybody is doing/wearing, what's mainstream. If you want to get a more unique style, you need to be a trend setter, you need to be the one coming up with something new, something that'll make people think "oh, I've never seen that before".

Of course, there's nothing wrong with following what's trending right now, but make sure you aren't following them just because they're trends. Pick out a few trends that appeal to you, and try to personalize them.

Shop at second hand/vintage stores. Yeah, I know, shopping vintage is actually quite mainstream these days [which is great, considering our enormous consumption of clothes], but the clothes you find in a second hand store, and especially vintage stores, are often really unique. Unique in design and style, and often the pieces have a much better story than being made by underpaid ladies under bad working conditions. The beaded 60s top you buy, has already been worn by someone, perhaps just once or twice to an elegant party. Who knows?

​Two of my own vintage buys. I loooove them sequins!

Shopping in thrift stores in Norway, takes quite a lot of patience, since the real treasures can be pretty well hidden between a lot of non-treasures, if you will. But hang in there, it'll be worth it if you find gold, and I actually think it's kind of fun anyways. Luckily, it's a lot easier to find something real good in big cities around the world. Almost a little too easy! You often don't have to look for more than a couple of minutes before you've found more stunning pieces than you can afford. Also- there are tons of vintage stores in London, Paris etc, so I recommend you decide which stores you'd like to visit and plot them in on your map before you leave for your trip. Going on adventure and find something unexpected is always great, but plotting in a few stores in advance will make sure you don't miss the ones you really want to see.

DIY/redesign. Take something old from your closet or buy something from a thrift store and change it up to something new, cool and unique. Combine pieces from different clothing, change a sweater into a skirt, paint it, cut it, rip it, glitter it up. Or- if you really know your way around the sewing machine, design and create a piece from scratch. DIYing takes a little time, but it's guaranteed that you'll end up with a result that is different from what anyone else owns, and you'll probably be having a ton of fun doing it!

I love the boyfriend fit on these jeans, but I didn't really like the big holes. I patched up one of them with the leg from jeans I wore as a child.

Shop designer pieces and at small independent stores. Have you ever visited any local designer studios or gone into any of those small independent stores outside the big malls? Small stores carefully pick out often quite unknown, national and international, quality brands to make sure that the products they're selling fits perfectly with the store's image. Yes, designer clothes are way more pricey, but you won't get a designer ''copy'' garment in synthetic ,bad quality fabrics with loose threads and a hole from the security tag. You'll get a garment in high quality fabrics, with unique design detail that you'll most likely grow a lot more attatched to, and take much better care of because of the money you invested in it. And no holes from security tags, because the pieces in the store are carefully chosen, in comparison to the huge stores in malls where they basically just stuff as many clothes as possible on the racks, which makes it easier to get away with stealing if they don't use security tags.

It might seem as if I'm judging people who shop at malls, but I'm not. Sometimes you just can't afford anything else, and sometimes they have some really cool stuff. I admit, I often shop at malls, and that's fine. It's difficult to totally cut that out right away, but there are so many good and ethical reasons for us to cut down on that kind of shopping. So I just want to encourage you consider other options from time to time.




Making an album with all my instagram photos today. I thought it would be great to have them in physical form as well, and it's so much fun making albums

It's so weird to see how your style and aesthetic changes through months and years!