The best price of different versions of SD connect C4 and MB Star C3 software (Xentry DAS WIS…). All tested working 100%.

BEST price at

Old version:

2016 2015 2014 2012 SD C4/ Star C3 software: $ 79.99 (with shipping)


Incl. item no. SS186-8D9, SS185-8D5, SS185-D5, SS186-D5, SS185-D7, SS186-D7, SS186-D9, SS186-8D5, SS186-8D7

You can copy the item number and search it at

Newest version:

2016.12 Mb diagnostic software for SD connect C4/ C3: $ 99.00 (with shipping)

– For PCs with HDD:

For Windows 7 users: V2016.12 MB SD Connect Compact 4 Software

For Windows 8 users: V2016.12 MB SD Connect C4 Software

Both tested YES in diagnosis, coding ecu programming

Works perfect in a DELL D630 with a 500GB HDD

No issues in Windows 7/8 system

– For PCs with SSD:

For Windows 7 users: V2016.12 MB SD Connect Compact 4

For Windows 8 users: V2016.12 MB SD Connect Compact 4 Software

Both tested YES in diagnosis, coding ecu programming

Works perfect in a DELL D630 with a 256GB SSD

No issues in Windows 7/8 system



 Software free download odis-e v6.7.5 v6.2.2 v5.0.14 v3.0.3 ,in here ,and we will  tell you what differences among them.

Try on your own risk!

Good luck with odis!


(NEWEST) Download ODIS-E 6.7.5 – PostSetup ISO!P4xlWKJa!f2YmG2AU1Zy4dyWYhmBIXLX4qbLq3hM-BgaLBC_A114 no password or anything, just doing my part to help.

(BIG THANKS to @wopr)


(Crack) ODIS Engineering 6.2.2 free download!BkUUSIxC!hVzH08R0q6QsMQN83LstKDIVBCPLnWaOJ1dqGeQe01c

ODIS Engineering 6.2.2 + PostSetup + Projects (Multilingual) cracked, with launcher

(BIG THANKS to @blokers77)


(for offline flash) ODIS 5.0.14 download!gg9wSbQC!gyv7bMb5RmVHe69iejw7wS69vuXxzKjM9fqjSpaF_es

ODIS-E v5.0.14 is the only one version online tested by a diy user that can work fine for offline flash


(Safest) ODIS-E 3.0.3 download

This is the best solution of VAG vehicles’ obdii diagnosis and offline flash. Pros and thousands of users have tested it no issues. So, it can be used with security.

Which version is best for offline flash?

Odis 6.0.9, odis 5.0.14 or odis 3.0.3 should be ok……old OIDS-E is working fine with it..

Which version is safe to use for offline flash?

it’s a 50/50 chance that it will work or not, or, something may not work.

use ODIS 5.0.14 with unknown security and need luck, cause it’s only tested individually by DIYers (not pros)

so, ODIS-E 3.0.3 should be a better choice for offline flash. It is tested by pros and thousands of users. VXDIAG engineers also confirm Odis 3.0.3 works well with their VXDIAG VCX NANO 5054. Definitely safe to use this for offline flash; avoid to damage the ecus and instruments.


ODIS V6.7.5 – newest only

ODIS-E V6.2.2 – crack

Odis v5.0.14 – good for offline flash, said diyers

This article is from obd2 scanner website :



Here i wanna address obdii diagnostic socket location on the car.

The OBDII connector, also know as DLC3 connector is located on the drivers side, as you are seated in the drivers seat, the connector will be just below your left knee under the dash and it looks like this…
Disregard the two arrows

Where is the OBDII (DLC3) connector located?








Brake Fluid Tester FQA here

How often does the brake fluid be changed?

Ordinary conditions, after using of 2 years or 50,000 km, the brake fluid should be replaced. But now more of a situation is that many new car owners do not replace the brake fluid more than 6 years. No detection, no replacement, this is very dangerous!

Some people will ask why I should replace the brake fluid in such a short time?

Engineer experience: After using a certain period of time, the brake fluid will be lower boiling point, pollution, oxidation and water contained, it should be based on climate, environmental conditions, seasonal changes and working conditions, should replace the brake fluid in time.

How do I know that the brake fluid contains water, how to test it?

To slove this problem, you don’t need to spend much money, so our engineers recommend 2017 new brake fluid tester, only $7.99 needed, cheap and useful.

The Brake fluid tester is used as a digital tester which is suitable for determining brake fluid quality.

It tests and indicates on five LEDs in terms of percent of water in the brake fluid, can very intuitive to see if it is necessary to replace the brake fluid.


Brake Fluid Tester

Green: Battery OK, i.e.: No Water Contained in the Brake Fluid

Yellow: Less than 1% of Water Content in Brake Fluid

Yellow/Yellow: Approximately 2% of Water Content in Brake Fluid

Yellow/Yellow/Red: Approximately 3% of Water Content in Brake Fluid

The Brake Fluid Should be Changed

Yellow/Yellow/Red/Red: at least 4% of Water Content in Brake Fluid

The Brake Fluid Must be Changed Urgently, Extreme Danger.

Just need three steps to test brake fluid quality:

Firstly, Press the button for power on, green LED will light up.



Secondly, insert the tester into reservoir for seconds, then the results will be indicated correctly by LEDs.

Now all the lights bright indicate need to replace the brake fluid


Finally, auto power off

Compare New Brake Fluid with Water contented Brake Fluid


What’s the Shell packaging looks like?

Brake Fluid Tester

Brake Fluid Tester

Brake Fluid Tester



Software version: 2016.12V

Software including:

1.D-A-S / Xentry 2016.12 : the automatically Diagnosis Assistance System ,Concise interface and straightforward operation with IB M high-quality computer can realize the quick and accurate code reading and the whole car system testing

2.W-I-S net 2016.11: Workshop Information System Supply the whole view of the wiring diagram in a car,component location diagram and maintenance method. What you do is to enter the chassis number, and then you will get the manufacture data, engine configuration and the car model -all in detail. 2016.11: Electronic Parts Catalog

4.ST Finder 2008/2016:Part location finder (Star Finder 2 version optional)

5. STARUTILITIES : the movement management system and self-test

6. SDMEDIA 2014


2016.12 MB SD Connect Compact C4 256GB SSD DELL D630 Format for Win 8 system

2016.12 MB SD Connect Compact C4 500GB HDD with DELL D630 for WIN8 System

V2016.12 256GB SSD MB SD Connect Compact C4 Dell D630 format for Win7 OS

2016.12 MB SD Connect Compact C4 500GB HDD with DELL D630 for WIN7 System

English, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish & Turkish, Chinese

NOTE: V2016.12 WIN8/WIN7 HDD does not support HHT-WIN software! Software newer version than V2015.12 do not support HHT-WIN!

Xentry doesn’t support Bus at present, if you want to diagnose and program Bus, please choose DAS.

Once you take out software from laptop, it needs re-activation even if you install it onto the same laptop.
One time free software activation, after the first time activation, 25USD for software activation.

V2016.12 MB SD C4 Software Functions:

1.1989~up to now Car, Bus, Truck, Sprint, Smart ;

2.All electric system Diagnostic;(Do not include flash code)

3.reading trouble code

4.erasing trouble code


7.component testing


9.information consultation

10.component location diagram

11.wiring diagram

Testable system:













2016.12V MB Star diagnostic software display:







OBDSTAR Technology company has publish the Toyota Immobilizer(G) Reset Tool-OBDSTAR F101

 Immobilizer(G) Reset Tool (OBDSTAR F101)

 Immobilizer(G) Reset Tool (OBDSTAR F101)

 Immobilizer(G) Reset Tool (OBDSTAR F101)

 Immobilizer(G) Reset Tool (OBDSTAR F101)

What will OBDSTAR F101 do ?
1. Support 4D(67,68) chip immobilizer reset(All keys lost).
2. Support 72 chip(WITH G,EUROPE) immobilizer reset(All keys lost).American TOYOTA with G key Reset will upgrade soon!
3. Support smart key reset before 2009(All keys lost).
4. Add/erase Keys for all of TOYOTA cars.
5. Add/erase smart keys for all of TOYOTA cars.
6. Add/erase remotes for most of TOYOTA cars.
7. No need to connect with computer, plug and play, automatic transfer.
8. No need to buy tokens.
9. One Key Upgrade

10. Have good man-machine interaction.


Software update

Free update for 1 year Via official website


Package Includes:

1pc x F101 main unit

1pc x TF Card



There are more and more tablet key programmers on the market, how do choose a suitable one for you? Here obd2expressmake Comparison Table OBDSTAR X300 DP, Xtool x100 PAD 2 and CI-600plus.

Item nameOBDSTAR X300 DPXtool X100 PAD2CI-600plus
Tablet key programmer obdstar x300 dp xtool x100 pad2 ci-600plus-3
Operating systemAndroid 5.1Android 4.4Android 4.4
CPUSamsung Exynos4418 A9 industrial-grade processorRockchip civil-grade processorARM V7
Storage spaceFLASH 16GFLASH 16GFLASH 8G
Screen size7 inch8 inch7 inch
CommunicationWire/BluetoothOnly wire availableOnly wire available
ShellThree proofing and industrial-grade shell with rubber coatingCivil-gradeCivil-grade
One key upgradeAvailableAvailable
One key enterAvailable, DP can enter into home page of diagnosis by pessing DP button wherever interface you areNoneNone
DatabaseBuilt-in database offer better and more professional support.Optional,pay extraNone
Technical supportExpert service teamYesYes
Pin code inquiry7*24 hours automatic inquiry is available for most pin codeManual inquiryNone
Fault diagnosisDP Full version includes all systems diagnosis for Japanese and Korean vehicles, other market vehicles will be added several months later.Only basic disgnosis for four systemsNone



Here is the example of correct Volvo S80 2008 odometer mileage via OBD with OBDSTAR X300M step by step.

Supply tools:OBDSTAR X300M
Current mileage:


Connect with X300M S80

Select "Vehicle"


Select "Mileage ADJUSTMENT"


Then choose your vehicle model: "OTHER MODELS" -> "OTHER MODELS V30.51"


It is loading ...

Initializing ...

Authorizing ...

Then find "Volvo" -> "S80" -> "07-"


Choose "Mileage adjustment"


Switch ignition on


Switch ignition off and press ENT to continuous


X300M is reading mileage ...

Then it will prompt you to input the name of file to save

After that, press ENT


It will remind you to confirm current mileage


Next, input the mileage of the adjustment and press ENT


OBDSTAR X300M is Adjusting mileage ...


Operation success!


Turn ignition on and see the changed mileage




I am looking for something to pick/decode good quality. They are so many Lishi tools or turbo decoders. I do not know what to choose.


Locksmith suggestions:

1. Lishi auto pick and decoder 2-in-1 never failed me.

Turbo decoder is something like a collectible sweet candy for me, perfect tool to make “jobs what need to being fast”, but in a locksmith case time does not matter and from it’s price you can get 10 Lishi….

Lishi have some picks what can not just push but pull back the levers, its very helpful if a spring just broke inside and the wafer falls down or you push it over and dirt keep it there.


If it was me i’d go for Lishi. Turbo Decoder is nice.. but why would spent 10x times bigger if the cheaper one can do the same job effectively as the one that cost more? If the purpose is to make a living, Lishi is sufficient. If you’re looking for a collectible items..then go for Turbo.


Learn how to use lishi, more reliable and fraction of the cost


I choose Lishi tool. Have seen 4 broken Turbo type HU101 tools in locks by different users too also decodes seem a little out .

Lishi is the way to go cheap enough and great range .


I would by turbo decoders if there were not so much i have used them like them more than lishi but lishi is better in the long run on your pocket and saving you form having to run an keycode


Most lishi work well. The most useful lishi I have is the hu66 decoder. this will get a direct read from the ignition.


You can detect dirt, rust, broken springs, bend shims, claugtgrease, better with the lishi. Not with the turbo decoder.
So poking and probing it first with a lishi may preserve the expensive turbo decoder,

Turbo can decode faster, but you need a lot of practice to learn to feel it. It is not some automatic senseless tool. Working with it is not much different than with lishi. But it can be faster and much easier to use. Much easier to decode the key positions too.



CAN CLIP V162 Renault diagnostic software free download here. The expert at has been tested successfully on Megane I and TWINGO PHASE 2 cars.

Renault CAN CLIP V162 free download:!rVFwAQwZ!EEHQuLMV08jPwydGpz8scw (without patch)

If you want Renault CLIP.iso tested ok, refer to

Renault can clip windows 7 64 bit:

On Win 7 x64 system, some make it, some fail.

But Renault CLIP V162 has been tested without issues on Windows XP

Renault clip tool available:

there are mainly two kinds of China CAN CLIP, but only the new Renault CAN Clip diagnostic interface works ok with clip 162 software.


Vehicles tested with Renault can clip v162:

MEGANE I: CAN CLIP v162 for Renault works ok



install-renault-clip-v162-12 install-renault-clip-v162-13 install-renault-clip-v162-14 install-renault-clip-v162-15

TWINGO PHASE 2: CLIP V162 works fine also

install-renault-clip-v162-16 install-renault-clip-v162-17 install-renault-clip-v162-18 install-renault-clip-v162-19 install-renault-clip-v162-20