Six years have passed since Jorge Duque won first place in the competition program Project Runway, from which time has worked to develop its own design firm, independently, and which always seeks to exalt femininity.

So for no one it was surprised that this paisa, been some good years in Bogota, was chosen to be the protagonist of the inaugural runway of the next edition of Colombiamoda, one of the most important fashion fairs in Latin America, held annually in Medellin.

The tango, the arrabal, but also its close relationship with the capital of Antioquia, are the inspiration for the collection engine that Duke will present at the fair.


- How will your participation in Colombiamoda?

It will be very dynamic, very fun, an opportunity to celebrate femininity, fashion, because we have the honor and pleasure of making the gateway opening of the fair this year, so we are very happy. superpowered woman, sexy, colorful, fun. I want everything smells summer.(formal dresses)

- How to reinvent the femininity?

It is the hardest of all. We are not designers reinvent femininity in fashion, are themselves developers that work, and we must nurture his own ego, his own demand, give them what they want and always propose new things.

The woman I imagine does not really exist, it is always a something as formless, but it is they who are responsible for shaping the woman who ends surprising and seducing me to create for them.

- How is your relationship with that woman?

It is very intimate to know in depth the concept of femininity, to be careful with the silhouette of the feminine and how a woman wants to be. I'm just who realizes what they want to look.

One creates an archetype, a woman, but they are several and so you go sailing in different ways styles and colors.

- And the relationship with their clients?

My workshop is fun for them to have fun with me, to venture to live with me fashion. There a very strong bond is formed and that makes it possible for independent fashion brands, like mine, survive.

- What does being the inaugural gateway Colombiamoda?

A lot. Being the gateway inaugural Colombiamoda, one of the most important platforms Colombian fashion is a validation by the industry towards my work. It is a recognition as an independent designer, but also a responsibility that fills me with a horrible stress.

Each season the designers we launched our cards on the table and we hope that the game comes good to win this hand, in order to have the resources to create in the next week, and to undertake a journey, distant or not, so that the mark does not fall in repeated concepts.


- How difficult it is to combine the creation and inspiration with the management of a company and its brand design?

It is so difficult and frustrating, but at the same time, finding that balance is undoubtedly the success of any design. I am even aware that my collections are very fashion editorials, something very daring in the female universe, collections are sold, which I get to surprise even me.

The success is that beyond the daring and crazy you think, be utilitarian, then you know to sell it to the appropriate client.

- What is the key to a brand independent design?

The consumer has changed. Who you like fashion looking for a different proposal, with which it is identified and can feel a certain unique way. Even be able to contact the designer, so you know their tastes and interests. I think that's the real opportunity we have to grow independent designers.

- Difficult to design in a country without stations?

Although we have seasons, we are more summery than autumn. I feel they are missing these borders so marked between summer collections and made for winter, because we have a woman who daily travels and requires a suitable wardrobe to go cold cities, leaving summer, or have the garments just for a good spring.

- Let's go back to Colombiamoda, How did the collection that will be presented?

He was born six months ago in the Casa del Tango in Medellin, which is in the neighborhood Manrique, which is lovely. This coincided with the Argentine filleting was declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco. I started researching everything that file and there began to appear the first images for this collection.

It is a work influenced by the tango, but the decadent, which was repulsive and labeling badly at first, like all transgressors and cultural movements that shape popular culture.

I was interested to go to the roots a bit and remember all those Italian, French and German population who crossed the ocean to meet a better future in the Argentine territory. They came with their customs, their prom dresses online and the development of this music.

- Medellin, a good place to present ...

Medellin is the girlfriend of tango, and perhaps some would question, but the truth is that Medellin has in its DNA the suburb of tango, with all its flavor. All this has been replicated in many Colombian and Latin American cities.

- What comes to Jorque Duque?

Colombiamoda comes, but also be in Cali Exposhow, I prepare to present my creations in Panama as well as in San Antonio, Texas. Many brides, because now given to all married.

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Giorgio Armani closed the year 2015 with a turnover of 6,650 million euros, 4.5% more than in 2015. However, this growth is well below the 16% growth the previous year. The Italian company owned by the namesake designer, has concluded the year 2015 with an EBITDA (earnings before taxes and amortization) of 513 million euros, 1.2% higher than the previous year, when it stood at 507 millions of euros. These results were mainly driven by the wholesale channel pull and licenses, representing 60% of the turnover of Giorgio Armani. Moreover, sales of the company through its own stores in 2015 generated a total of 2,650 million euros, 4.5% more than the previous year.(

Since the Italian firm have stated that their cash reserves of 640 million euros will expand investment in their brands and "further strengthen its position in the competitive market." According to the company president, Giorgio Armani, who despite his 81 years still actively involved in the business and has not yet revealed any succession plan, "these results are the result of a policy of careful diversification in lines the group, along with coordination of distribution channels and enhancing the role of our trading partners. "

Giorgio Armani, Armani, moda, lujo, Milan Man Fashion Week Autumn Winter 2016-2017

At the end of 2015, Giorgio Armani had 2,983 outlets in 60 countries, of which 165 are shops Giorgio Armani; 338 Emporio Armani wear the badge; Armani Collezioni are 754; 238 A / X Armani Exchange; 880 AJ Armani Jeans; 198 Armani Junior, and 56 Armani Home. Currently, the company manages directly 83 Giorgio Armani stores, 89 Emporio Armani, Armani Collezioni 82, 108 A / X Armani Exchange, Armani Jeans AJ 39, 22 Armani Junior and Armani Casa 6.

Giorgio Armani


Giorgio Armani is not the only luxury fashion brand that is suffering from the economic crisis in China. Other major high-end brands, such as Burberry and Hugo Boss, have also been affected by the economic slowdown in China and emerging markets, as well as the consequences of terrorist in Paris and Brussels, which have deterred foreign tourists not visit Europe. These firms are making decisions on their retail map to return to the growth of yesteryear. For example, Hugo Boss is cutting its prices in Asia in response to the decline in demand for luxury goods. Burberry, meanwhile, is cutting jobs and product range after a 10% drop in earnings, which was caused in part by a sharp slowdown in China, the largest market for the British brand. Fewer Chinese tourists have been visiting its stores in Europe, while in Hong Kong -during long been a shopping paradise for tourists Chinese-, there has been a fall in expenditure due to new visa regime.(More:



After the miss, round and seamstresses, Wattrelos will host a new show Sunday, May 22 This time it is the store manager Severyn By ​​sticking to, to present his spring-summer collection and participate in the bustling town.

Séverine Cavicchio is far from unknown in the city of "Copes in both." Board member of the trade union Wat'com, she opened her clothing store and accessories in 2014, Roger Salengro street, and still actively participates in activities of the municipality, such as the Christmas market, for example.(formal dresses for women)

To maintain momentum, the bubbly Wattrelosienne decided to create an event: Sunday, May 22, at the center of the village hall, she will orchestrate a fashion show with products from its summer collection. "I will of course make known my shop, but the idea of ​​creating a movie like it too much. Besides, I will not make any sales on site. The goal is to allow the public to have a good time. "

Séverine Cavicchio a ouvert sa boutique «By Severyn» il y a deux ans rue Salengro, après avoir débuté dans la vente en ligne.

Dummies that reflect the society

So that viewers feel comfortable, Séverine Cavicchio hoped that his models are not professionals: "At home, there is the choice for all styles and all sizes especially for women as for men. The parade should reflect that. That's why I appealed to girls who used to parade but do not resemble those that can see in the media ... "By Severyn dresses( women from 34 to 56 and men up at XXL. Faced with frequent customer demand, she even plans to see larger for men.

For his show, Séverine Cavicchio praised the Jean-Jaures room, which lends itself quite well to this kind of event: "It's a lot, this will install the chairs on either side of the podium, as in parades professionals, "said the organizer, who nevertheless hopes to repeat the event for his autumn-winter collection, socio-educational center, which can accommodate more people.

The models will be capped by another trade Wattrelos: the Jacques lounge Auwarié The shopping center Leclerc. The presentation will in turn ensured by Steven Marrouki, known for its male cosmetic blog but also for his singing performance in the Elevetavoix association.



There are two major questions swirling about the Met Gala: Who's attending? And more importantly, what will they be wearing? While those answers are TBD, there's a few celebrities that spark a little extra curiosity. Following Beyoncé's Lemonade HBO special, Jay Z and Rachel Roy have been the subject of cheating rumors. This unfairly resulted in some pretty vicious bullying directed at Roy. Considering there's really no doubt that Bey will be there, fans must be wondering: Is Rachel Roy attending the Met Gala? She was there two years ago when that infamous Solange and Jay Z elevator incident went down.(formal dresses online australia)

Based on her social media posts, it's unclear whether Roy actually plans to attend. On Monday, the afternoon of the gala, she posted an Instagram photo of a model wearing overalls from her fashion line— nothing implying she was on her way to the fashion world's big event. According to IB Times, Roy did not attend the Met Gala in 2015. However, the reasoning is unknown. If she has a busy schedule, that's fine, but I really hope she doesn't let the rumors stop her from enjoying such a major night, especially since she's a big-name designer. If anything, it'd be empowering for her to show up, despite whatever people have been saying. Just last week, Us Weekly reported that Roy canceled a conference appearance due to a "personal emergency," which sounds like it may be a result of all the aforementioned drama.

Roy has already had to defend her name, following the belief that she's "Becky with the good hair" referenced on Bey's song "Sorry." (It all started because of a cryptic caption she posted on Instagram, which made it sound like she was referring to the lyrics.) After the backlash, Roy tweeted, "I respect love, marriages, families and strength. What shouldn't be tolerated by anyone, no matter what, is bullying, of any kind." Then, she released a statement to People:

I want to put the speculation and rumors to rest. My Instagram post was meant to be fun and lighthearted, it was misunderstood as something other than that. There is no validity to the idea that the song references me personally. There is no truth to the rumors. Consequently, online haters have targeted me and my daughters in a hurtful and scary manner, including physical threats. As a mother — and I know many mothers would agree — I feel that bullying in any form is harmful and unacceptable. I would hope that the media sees the real issue here — the issue of cyber bullying — and how it should not be tolerated by anyone.(

Back in 2014 during ElevatorGate, Roy became the subject of Jay Z related rumors. According to People, sources claimed she had said something that caused Solange to attack Jay in the elevator. Regardless, rumors — that really are rumors and remain unconfirmed — shouldn't stand of the way of her celebrating. Especially since some of Roy's good friends — Kim Kardashian and Chrissy Teigen — will likely be in attendance.

As for whether she'll be there, only time will tell. I'm rooting for Roy to attend and look fierce.

Bustle has reached out to reps for Beyoncé and Jay Z regarding the cheating rumors, but has not yet heard back.



Birds of silver, sometimes in their typical retro cages, sometimes with prey - with circular green Topaz and Amethyst Booty. When the valuable real jewels of Salvatore Ferragamo seem surreal at first glance, they should be to everyday life at a second glance at the latest. "I love Odd", the jewelry designer Daniela Villegas, the creative mind behind says the bird collection. "But I also want that my clients have stories to tell about their jewelry." Therefore, many animals, "For to animals but everyone has something to say."

Echtschmuck as a conversation piece. The funny animals by Daniela Villegas, who has designed for Salvatore Ferragamo, really tell you much. They are not only talk to their owners, they are examples of a growing luxury industry that now discovered Echtschmuck for themselves. It was almost more fashion brand loose terrain, as Marc Jacobs 2001, then had finished a Charm Bracelet with real jewels chief designer at Louis Vuitton, on a whim. The part, a bestseller was, for three years to buy and eventually no longer.(black formal dresses)

One study puts real jewelry trend

Then said one customer to the designer on the plane: if he could even a few new charms design for her bracelet again. So the brand started with an own Jewelry Collection, since 2009 produces even Haute Joaillerie. There are now not only on the Place Vendôme in Paris, where the most expensive and most beautiful jewelry in the world comes, a Louis Vuitton jewelry boutique. Dior has long been an Haute Joaillerie workshop. Also for Bottega Veneta, Dolce & Gabbana, Versace, Martin Margiela and Salvatore Ferragamo has become more important in recent years the subject. In the Ferragamo line runs so good that now there is room also for Daniela Villegas' Birds, "the most valuable kind of accessory," says Massimiliano Giornetti until the end of March creative director of Salvatore Ferragamo.


Real jewelry is now the accessory for every day. It is thus more present in the lives of women who guard these jewels not only in the safe. You need therefore also correspondingly more pieces. So now build many luxury homes not only kunterbunte fashion jewelry lines for fast fun that durchdeklinieren all major trends of our time, in their entirety but then fast times a hook or an eye breaks. Echtschmuck however, is the next and more credible step - after luxury homes would also produce no bags leatherette.

The reduction on few things makes luxury, especially for customers who lose between several collections of a house per year track or are concerned that her dress from the summer collection could be overtaken by the dress from the pre-fall collection tomorrow. The consulting firm McKinsey has studied the market, 2013. In their study, the experts took part at the time that the issue would be important to many times within a few years. Jewels Earrings should not just be a high probability of Tiffany or Cartier, but also of course by Gucci or Versace today.

Real jewelry is playful

The watch market was ahead of its time: Even 60 percent of sales were made with 2013 models of major brands. The jewelry turned his time afterwards: Only 20 percent of sales declined to the brands. The experts estimated that time, this share will rise in 2020 to up to 40 percent. Already from 2003 to 2013, the percentage had doubled, the new lines of Ferragamo, Bottega Veneta and Louis Vuitton made themselves there already noticeable. "The relationship between brands Jewelry and unbranded jewelery is still very unbalanced in comparison to other accessory areas," says Massimiliano Giornetti. "So Inside is even more potential."

The big houses are also so optimistic because they see what is young Labels Echtschmuck in just a few years succeeded. Delfina Fendi Delettrez for example, was four years ago primarily genetic in Fendi clan. Anita Ko, Jennifer Meyer, Jennifer Fisher and Diane Kordas were quite unknown. Today CEO of online stores are full of praise when they are addressed to this name, so well sold her jewelery in the virtual Echtschmuck departments of Internet boutiques.(


"In the beginning was valuable real jewelry that is playful and ironic, a real problem," says Delfina Delettrez. "Many thought it was costume jewelry." But like the other successful young jewelery designers also she is back with her handwriting: spiders, frogs, bees - morbid yet funny.

If expensive and trendy

A unique style is elementary for established homes. "For major brands of fine jewelery is a real opportunity," says Natalie Kingham, Chefeinkäuferin of online shops Matches Fashion, offering since 2011 Echtschmuck. "This customer trust they have already. And they have enough money to build appropriate lines. "Compared to fragrance lines or leather goods, it is namely expensive to introduce jewelery. "Large houses but should not primarily their own handwriting underestimated," warns Kingham. "A clearly noticeable difference must exist between the costume jewelery and fine jewelery lines."

So it is not enough long, the own brand logo in platinum and studded with diamonds on the pendant, pave the ring or pair of earrings, and around yet to place a few flowers or hearts and to run under Echtschmuck the result then. It takes strange as Daniela Villegas' Bird Cage line. For customers, the real jewelry is now finally been so very Accessory with fashion claim as valuable.

So of course, as they carry the parts, women are increasingly so in the first place it. Instead of waiting for the bracelet, for example, the birth of the first child, more and more women the expensive piece buy when they want themselves to present just. In match-fashion, so tells Natalie Kingham, especially earrings went well, "and priced everything British in the region between 1000 and 3000 pounds", converted 1200 and 3800 euros. "Women who can afford that invest primarily in the aesthetically exciting pieces of valuable precious metals and stones, which provide for conversation."

Since animals should thus really not be the worst idea.



After a great tour of the municipalities of Miranda state, as are the 21 candidates toward the Miss Miranda 2016, which compete to be the representative of our state in the great event of national beauty, Miss Venezuela lists.

Tomorrow his first official event will be held as candidates of Miss Miranda, will be presented to the media to know what the favorite of the press will be; sympathy, personality, eyes, smile, photogenic face and friendship bands also be delivered. The event will be held at the Lola restaurant in the city of Caracas, under the direction and general production of Esteban Velasquez.(school formal dresses)

Representante del municipio Los Salias

After a hard-fought preliminary held for weeks to choose 21 candidates, there is no doubt that the representation of the Altos Mirandinos meets the requirements for letting us up at the event; we have three candidates: Rosangelica Piscitelli represents the Guaicaipuro municipality, the platform of juvenile series "Somos tu y yo" allows you to have ample lead to connoisseurs and fans of beauty pageants. Study Dentistry at the Central University of Venezuela and has worked in the modeling world; now faces this new challenge as a miss.(

Followed Keysi Sayago, native Carrizal representative of the municipality; He has had guest appearances in parades renowned designers and that has generated a great development on the catwalk and in her modeling career; the 9th semester studying Mechanical Engineering. We conclude our representation of the Altos Mirandinos with Graciela Humbria, standard bearer of los salias. Had an excellent participation with the band Los Salías Teen Model Venezuela in 2012, the same year represented Venezuela in Cartagena de Indias, Colombia, which emerged victorious. It is ending his career of Social Communication at the Catholic University Andres Bello, her exotic beauty makes it a favorite of fashion photographers publishers nationwide.