From last night we decided to make our way to Catania. We got a lift from our Airbnb father, it was so sweet, he tried paying for our breakfast hah. Cute.

He dropped us off at the train station where we had to walk down a flight of stairs with our bags and I tell you what, arm and leg day ha!
We got our ticket and went and waited with the other sheep.

Walking on to the boat, it was seriously not what i thought it was going to look like, but it literally took like 10 minutes to get to Sicily from Reggio Calabria, the wind must have been going to right way!

It started raining when we got off the boat and we decided the make a runner to the station. We then got a train from Messina to Catania. Which was very expensive?! 13.50euro?

2.5 hours later we got off the train got a taxi to our hostel and it was very comfortable, the beds we good and the shower was amazing, BUT there was a mistake with the booking and we lost money, but oh well sacrifices.

Having an AMAZZZZINGGGGGGGGGG SHOWER we chilled and did nothing for a bit, then went for a walk to look around and found a bar that was connected to a hostel, ( oh i forgot to mention that we met this dude from Melbourne on the train to Reggio Calabria and he was telling us about this hostel), anyway, so we went to the bar and there was a girl sitting alone and I invited her over to sit with us and she was from Germany and she told us there were a massive street and there are shops and restaurants etc.

We looked on googled it and went for a walk, after coming past such a BEAUTIFUL cathedral we kept walking up and we saw people with H&M bags and got really excited.
I asked someone where it was and we kept walking and there was the magical sign "H & M".

We did a lot of shopping that day and proud.

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It all started in Sorrento when we were unable to stay in Naples, but thank goodness this happened.
Making our way back to Rome we stayed in an Airbnb where the shower didn't work and we had to work with a tap.

It was the worst night sleep for us, when people were in the hall way yelling and screaming and the beds were so ridiculously comfortable that we couldn't get comfy and also checking the time every hour.
Eventually we left the place making our way to Rome Termini station to go to Naples (2 hour trip) for our first change then to Napoli Mergellina to Salerno - another 2 hours - meeting a very nice young man who was travelling as well and guess what? He happened to be from Australia also... Surprise surprise. Lucky for us he was super sexy. Yum.
We then caught a train from Salerno to Reggio Calabria for 4 hours where we meet two ladies from America who were so funny and made our train ride hilarious. Bless.

We made it to Calabria, getting to our B&B and we ring the door bell 3 times and 3 times lucky it opened.
Struggling up 2 flights of stairs with our bags we came to a counter with a gentleman who didn't speak any English but took us to the sister B&B to consult with the other manager and he too didn't speak English. Cool.
So trying to communicate and waiting for the lady who organises everything to come we are all sitting and chatting and worked out why us girls were here etc etc.

Both getting an awkward feeling I looked for an Airbnb to find something in San Giovanni. Once we found a place, we called her so she was able to translate what we are doing to one of the managers. (In the mean time we were both so annoyed about this all and we ready to get the first flight to Malta)

Eventually we figured it all out and we go to the station get our ticket wait for our train. Get on the train squished between our seats and luggage

We met with our Air Bnb host who picked us up from the station and we are now sitting on our bed keen for a shower and sleep.

The end



Friday! 16th Sept 2016
So today we started our Italian adventure on busabout. We go to our meeting point get on the bus and play a game of common things. But I had completely lost my voice from the party bus (completely worth it and Taylor had to talk for me ha).

We had our first out stop after 2 hours andddddd it was raining yay!
But not to worry we were driving away from the rain!

Having our first adventurer we arrive at Pompeii. I had no knowledge about this place, like I have heard of it but I dunno it? Ya feel?
History lesson for people out there who aren't history people!
So Pompeii was a city they people used to come to a lot and exchange good extra then the Volcano erupted and cover the city killing everyone but the animal fled bc animals are great and can connect with Mother Nature.
Many year after like thousands of year, I can't remember who it was but I'm pretty sure it was King Charles the 3rd wanted to build a castle on this land mass and when building discover an inter city!

Touring around Pompeii we had the funniest tour guide "Salvatore" I didn't really understand him all I got from him was "follow Salvatore" he was hilarious.

My ultimate favourite part of Pompeii was the brothel. History lesson: bc there were so many languages spoke in Italy and it was hard to communicate and so when the men wanted something, they'd go to this brothal and there were 6 pictures of what they wanted. Pretty funny. And the pictures are still there.
I have the mini post cards of them so if you want to see hit me up! Hah

And further on our journey there is a penis carved into the ground in the direction of the brothel. It was pretty funny.

Then we came to the opening like an auditorium or arena and there was a this massssive naked dude that everyone was making sexual photos with haha pretty funny.

Then our tour ended and we got food and that's when the tour we all started chatting and mingling.

Our next destination was Sorrento to where we were camping! We had little huts, we had like 30 minutes to relax before we went to the city and the look out. Having a quick shower and sort myself, we then went on the bus to Sorrento and we walked the Main Street where was shops and food.
THEN came to an adventurous man, Tony, who taught us how to make Lemonchello - lemon and vodka (I think) but my god it was strong I was tipsy off on shot! Brutal!
We got our selfies and people bought things. Then we went to a shop and bought a drink and over looked the view!

Then we made our way to a Resturant where we had a 5 course meal. Shit it was so good!!
When we finished we went to a bar for cheap cocktails and to celebrate Nhicoles birthday!
I sat with Ben and Soph. Soap made a friend wth this little #girl. That reminded me of me so much.

I was pretty tired so I went back wth Kristina and Petar and made it back just before the storm soooooo lucky


Saturday 17th
Today we went to Capri !
It was so good
We went by boat and a few people were sick but I wasn't?!?!? It was amazing. Usually that's me ?!?! So shocked and #proudmom.
When we got to Capri we went to a cafe had a feed them had choices of what we wanted to do. The blue grotto was closed as the water was super rough (hence people being sick)
So we went in this limo taxi so cool up the mountain to Anacapri which mean high Capri and we got to do a chair lift and see all of Capri is was AMAZZZINGGGG and I tried to record it but I'm having such bad luck with my GoPro, paying $600 for it not to work! Come on a Nokia can do better.

It was so so pretty up there the chair lift was cool!
Then when we had finished we went for a shop and I got some souvenirs a bag that broke and cost me an arm a leg and a present for mum.
Then after we met back with Lauren and the other and started walking back DOWN the mountain IN THONGS it should have taken an hour and a bit but we did it in 45 minutes YAS.
With a reward of an amazing gelato

When we finished we headed back to Sorrento on the boat and now the water was so so so so rough and I was having so much fun. Sat right at the front and got soakeddddd amazing! Hella salty #wheresthetequilla

We got back had a shower and relaxed then had dinner and went to bed. As we had an early morning the next day

Sunday 18th

Packing out things and getting on the bus at 7 we headed back to Rome but first we did the Amalfi coast and first stop to get fresh fruit and post cards!!

Then we drove down these crazy roads and went to Amalfi and got to swim in the water! Jumping off the boat so much fun! And again my GORPO DIDN'T RECORD IT UGH.

After we went there we went to Rovello and had lunch and reallllllyyy great gelatoooo that at the end the chocolate came out when I ate. Yummmmmyyyy.

This being our final stop we said goodbye to fellow travellers. And made the way back to Rome.




Today we went to the Colosseum and the Roman forum. It was such a beautiful day for it too!
Using my great sense of direction and using the metro we started off at the colosseum. We lined up for our ticket and lucky for me being an EU I got my tickets for half price, colosseum AND Roman forum. Pretty sweet!

Looking around the colosseum and feeling the stone was a cool feeling walking out and getting lost we end up in the entrance of the Roman forum.
I don't know anything about the Roman forum. But there was this massive green door that was pretty and Taylor and I got awesome jumping photos YAS.

When we left we were talking about how we wanted to go to the Vatican tomorrow and we should find clothes that are appropriate (shoulder and knees covered). We made our way toward H&M but ha ended at the Trevi fountain and I totally forgot to make a wish. I was too concentrated on my sunnies falling into the water -.-
And we also got a gelato from the same place as I did last time. Yass. I took a photo of the ice cream and they guy went off at me "no foto" what am I going to do with it? Sell the ice cream? So I present you the gelato!

Getting lunch soon after and not to mention the waiter gave us the wifi password! Pretty cool!! Would not happen in Aus.
We then got a cab from lunch to the yellow and we were so dead and we also had another tour at what we thought was 430 but actually was 6pm hah

When we went down for the tour after saying hi to the guide and where we all were from a girl, Lili was like to me " yeah I knew you were Aussie bc of your top, I have it too" ffs can't get rid of these Aussies

The tour was sooooooo long but so worth it bc I had the best gelato EVER so so cheap too!!

When the tour finished we to our room to nap and rest. Had a shower and relaxed.

Dawn was leaving the next day so I went down to the bar to say bye and I'm like what are you doing and she was like rolling bar!!

Anyway we all walked to reception and Sam (Aussie who pretended to be my brother) was like ya coming and dawn was like yeah come and I was like yeah sweet I'll go get changed.
And before we knew it we were on the party bus! My music was playing!
We were doing shots and a lot of them
Titty shots, belly shots - thank god I had nice undies on bless!! Always be prepared girls !

After two hours on the bus we came back to the bar and danced and drunk more! Amazing.
Leaving the bar at 5:30am #solid

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Ohhhhhh myyyyyyyy gooooodddnessss
Waking up at 830am to go to the Vatican by his was brutal!
Anyway Lili joins us and we learn that her best friend is dating my ex, fucking funny if you ask me.

We get to the Vatican, jump the guide as we are "students", get into the Vatican around 11am. And by this time I'm still feeling alright. No seedy. Just legs hurting from all the slut drops. Damn.

Tip: do not go to the Vatican during summer! Too many people and hot AF!

Anyway we all pushed through looking at all the cool paintings and the roof, now the roof was the best. I had the worse neck after.

1pm ish. Okay now I'm feeling this hangover. My feet are killing me. Found a free bathroom- which was amazing. Feeling so much better.

We go outside and sit for a bit and finish at the Capel. There was also a service that was going to happen but there were way tooooo many people and it was hella hot and stuffy.

We then went to St. Paul square and the coolest thing happened as we were walking we walking into rain. It was pretty amazing.

Making our way back to the hostel. We finally make it back just in time for a nap!

Lili then messages me asking to come to the bar and I'm so glad I did bc we had the most incredible night. There was dancers and it was so hot. And guess who go to go on stage ??? MEEEEE so happy hahah then Lili and Mayla came and we are all jamming on the stage! YAS
Ending the night at 2pm !!



So this morning we Couldn't find somethings to eat and got lost haha and we didn't have wifi so it wasn't like we had maps or anything but there was a hotel
And got a map I could figure out where the Fuck we were so hah. But we went to a hotel to ask for directions.

Back to hostel for food had amazing pancakes and met our first 5 Aussies pretty funny. Went back to hostel too look at tours. Booked two walking tours one around Rome the city main thingpossible nap. However I didn't nap, I went down to the Waiting in room
Went in the walking tour orange gardens, capitoline hill, eating cheap pizza, the place with the dome in the middle.
Came back after four hours worked out how to use the metro, funny though the first tour guide actually when to Wollongong a lot tour the weekends as he worked in Sydney. We were supposed to do the sunset tour that evening tour but we were the only two on it and plus we were stuffed to do anything else.

When we finished we went back tot the room chill and
Came back and tried to nap I went down stairs because if you know me I like meeting people and wanted to make the most of this trip so I went down stairs and sat down and pretended to have a phone call guy next to me was Aussie "where ya from" (another Aussie). Started talking then there was a girl opposite us and we all started chatting.
Dawn (from England) and I started talking, Mark left Dawn and I got dinner , Taylor came and joined and there was a guy sitting by hisself and he joined us (lol Aussie again)
Dawn and I went for drink made friends with bob and Trevor (his name actually isn't that I don't remember it) did some dancing and drinking it was very eventful.

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Monday 12-09-16
After a 30hour flight rating the worse plane food, waiting in long lone, swollen feet, numb bums, having to wait for the next flight AND bumping into my best friend from Malta at Rome airport we finally arrived at Rome.
After parted from Rachel we went to the train station to see if we could get an earlier train but we were unable to and we found a cafe and have our first pizza! How exciting!

Not long after we got on the train but actually went back and forward to the ticket guy as I didn't understand how it worked ... Anyway we got on the train and had to sit separately which okay until the ticket guy came around, he didn't understand that we were travelling together but after a while he just gave up.

And this is where I meeting Aussie's all begins.

Finally arrive at the terminal and get a taxi to the hostel! We got to the hostel all neat and sweet and also our room gets upgraded to a private room- pretty sweet hey! But paying the price of having the tiniest shower (there was an occasion where I washed my hair in the sink)
Finally having a shower and feeling fresh. It was time for bed 😴💤🛌



Currently at KL Taylor is blending in with the seat and I have no neck
Thank you 8 hours of flying
Ps I wouldn't flight Malaysian air again tbh.

But at least the wifi here is better than Sydney!

Next stop AMSTERDAM 🌿

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So not ready for an 8 hour flight 😫✈️



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