So it's all about The Purl in Marlyboune! This place is by far the best place for a date!

MUST book in advance. And I really mean that, if you don't book, even if the place is empty the crazy guy at the door wouldn't let you in!!!

You say your name and you go down the stairs to the basement, they lead you to your super cool table. Live jazz music is playing but you still can talk and it's not too loud. Many couples or first dates are around.

And Oh MY GOd those cocktails are to die for!!!. They all come with a unique style either in smoke or ginger is popping out of a balloon! So quite impressive.

Great music and interior. If it's Wednesday and a guy asks you on a date at the Purl you know he knows London pretty well!. Definitely worth going and don't forget to wear your pearl earrings because he will probably love them;)



So walking down Dover street on a sunny day in London and make my way down this tiny little hill called Hay Hill where I see the cute Tuscany style table and chairs outside Caffe' Rei! There is a great ambience and they are playing old school Pink Floyd song!

The cold counter is so colourful and full of amazing options. From their wild rice salad to Burrata Cheese to smoked salmon or Artichoke salad with orange, everything looks so fresh and delicious. The staff are all so polite and helpful.

The high dining tables and chairs give a cool modern vibe to the place. There are also super cool art hanging on the walls.

If you want freshly made salad or and amazing lasagna for lunch followed by great Italian biscuits, but you don't want to end up spending a fortune in Mayfair, this is a perfect lunch/coffee place!

Average spend is about 12£ to 15£ and the good news is if you are single, you get to meet many handsome bachelors in the area who dine here for lunch!!;)