Tessy and Xtra

Fluffy butt ;)

Tb, from last winter

We can not wait until winter is coming, so we can catch some cute winter pics in the snow coated landscape! As you see we just started this blog and are hoping to share a lot of more fun posts in the future! :)



First time we saw them aww, we got a real surprise!

After their mom's death we had to start feeding them cat milk.

3 weeks in this picture

They were 3 siblings

​Xtra's was born by a mating thief, we had two rabbits and we thought both was females. So it all happened when we was gone one weekend and suddenly our friend is calling and telling us that we have 3 little baby bunnies (!) at home. Now we knew that we did't have two females. We did't take this as a negative thing at all, it was just a fun surprise for us. 

After that everything went great with the baby's until one morning when we find the mother death in the cage and we also find one of the baby's dead, that was an horrible day. We have no idea how they died, but we are guessing the mother must had have something hereditary and was to sick to feed them enough, so the baby maybe died because of starvation. We did't notice anything before it was to late. 

Then we had to come up with a new solution! Because we did not want the others to die too, so we started to read online what you can give to 3 weeks old rabbit babies and we found out that you can feed them cat milk, it said it was the closest you can come to bunny milk. We feed them until they were old enough to eat by themself. So both Lakrits and Xtra survived. Now you know a little bit about Xtra's birth :)