Day 7.

It's the last day here in Crete.

We started the day like always, go down and eat.

I ate the same things like usual. But I didn't take desert after the breakfast haha, and I took a bread with ham and cheese in.

Then we went down to the pool to enjoy our last hours of tanning.

I read a little of a new book, but I didn't feel for reading so I put it down and started to listen on a pod.

For the first time did I try water gymnastic, it was very funny and I felt it in my muscles, we did like jump around in a circle holding other people in the it hands (strangers).

After the water gymnastic did we eat lunch, I ate fries, chicken, pasta, corn and some cucumber. It was yummy.

Then we just went back to the pool, I got sunburnt again... But I like my new color. Then I took some ice cream and some coke and listen to some music.

I almost feel asleep, but when I "woke up" did I see "den snygga killen" the cute boy. I call him that, I'm desperate, he looks like Troye Sivan it's not my fault.

After sleeping in the beach chair did we go up to the hotel room and showered and got ready for dinner.

It was supposed to Mexican food but it wasn't. (As you can see in the picture) we did just go in to the city to find one more gift to a boy in Sweden.

Then we just went to the supermarket to buy some snacks so we could play some cards.

Now have we just finished packing.

Thank you for reading this week blog, I will write more soon. Thank you💕

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Day 6

We started the day with breakfast and I ate the same things as always haha. We bought allinclusive for the last 2 days.

At first We didn't find any beach chairs, but then we found one, we just took some drinks and was in the pool for 2 hours, then my brother got tiered so we went back to the hotel room.

Then me, my mom and Kent played some cards then after doing that for 1 hour did we wake my brother up and ate some lunch I ate pasta, fries and salad. And then just ice cream to dessert.

Then we went back to the pool and I read out my book, I want to read number 2 but I don't have it. And I'm so sad for that.😭

Then we just went back to the hotel and then we did some shopping, I bought new converse and some gifts for my friends.

Then we just ate dinner and I took some pasta with vegetables sauce, chicken, rise and fries, it was yummy then I just took some ice cream.

It 2 very cute boys here and I'm looking for them all the time...😂

Thank you for reading💕 see you tomorrow

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Day 5

Hello I got waken up by my mom in like 08:30 to eat some breakfast but I didn't want to wake up, so I was first not supposed to come and eat breakfast then I changed my mind and came with them to the restaurant.

Then we went to the hotel room and I sleept for 1 hour and got changed to bikini under a jumpsuit, we went to the car and started to drive to Balos.

We heard that it was a wonderful beach there so started to drive. Then we came to like a little house in the middle of nowere, we had to pay 3 euro to get in, it was a very much gravel there and they told us that it was 7 kilometers and we had to drive in 15/kh.

After a long time with gravel and goats did we finally come to a parking lot. We took our thing out of the car and started to go down the mountains, it was very many stairs and it did always go down, after been walking for 40 minutes were we finally there. It was very windy and my little brother was angry and scared, me and Kent went to the beautiful water, it was so clear.

After being there for 15 minutes did we have to go back up again because my brother was crying, it was so exhausting to go up the mountains again and I was angry at my brother so I got up first.

After been going up the mountains for 1 hour did I finally get to the car then after 5 minutes did my mom and the other come to.

We drove to a little cute restaurant in Kissamos I took some chicken and fries and it was so yummy, then me and my brother feed some fishes with bread.

After being away for 3 hours did we go directly to the pool and started bathing, I was left reading in a beach chair for 1 hour.

When I came back did I shower and get ready to eat dinner. We went to the car and started to drive to Chania to eat dinner there, but we didn't find parking so we drove back to Platanias and found a cute restaurant there.

I loved the food and I ate a pasta carbonara and it was like the best thing I ever eaten.

After eating did we just go back to the hotel.

Thanks for reading💕 see you tomorrow

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Hello it's day 4 in crete❤️

My mom woke me up at 8 and we went down to the breakfast place and I ate like the same things like yesterday and the same desert as yesterday.

After we ate did we went back to the hotel room to pack bath things and some grapes the we went to the car we rented and started to drive to Elefonisis or what it's called and went to the pink beach it wasn't so pink that day, it's pink because of the algae, they have pink pigment and colors the sand, it was so much fun there and me and my stepdad Kent went snorkel a little bit and I think I saw a snake because I'm sure that I saw a snake head under a rock in the water, Kent is super afraid of snakes so he didn't believe me. After a hour did we go back to the car, it was to hot for my brother.

After being on the beach did we drive on the Mountains and saw so many goats and small memory houses (they put out small houses that looks like small churches when a car crashes or when someone dies) it was like 40 of them that we saw in 1 hour.

We went to a restaurant that Kent and mom went to for 4 years ago. The food was so good there I took a spaghetti bolognese and it was so yummy.

Then we went back to our hotel and just got changed and went back to the pool and bathed for like 2 hours then we went back to shower and get changed and did makeup and then we went to Chania and ate some food I took a chicken burger, after eating did my mom find Starbucks so we went there, I wanted a caffe latte caramel but it was to hot so I took a frappé caramel instead. You know they are never spelling the names right my name was Felission. Or that was what they wrote.

Then we just went back to the hotel and played some cards and now I'm just laying in my bed

Thanks for reading see you tomorrow💕

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It's day 3. We started the day by eating some breakfast and I took some bacon, cucumber, pancakes, watermelon and a toast. I took some desert too and then I ate one chocolate croissant and one butter croissant and then some more watermelon🍉

Then I went to the hotel room again and sleept for 3 hours😂 I was so tired after being up the whole night.

After been sleeping for 3 hours did I get dressed and did my makeup, we went to the town and ate some lunch I took like a fried cheese to begin with and it was so yummy. Then I ate a Hawaii pizza it was so much cheese on it so my mom didn't like it.

After that did we go back to the room and I was outside in the sun for like 10 minutes without sunscreen and got burned😑

We got changed to swimwear and went to the pool. I just laid in a sunbed after that.

After getting sunburned on my chest did I go back to the hotel room and showered and got changed, then I went to the store to buy my new favorite ice cream (it looks like a melon).

Then I just watched YouTube videos in like 2 hours, then my mom and I decided to go and eat some dinner i took a chicken nugget plate and my mom took gyros pita do I think it was.

Then we just looked around in the town, we bought new sunglasses they was so pretty.

Then me and mom went back to the room and played some card games with my stepfather and ate some snacks again...

Ok that was everything I hope you enjoyed
See you tomorrow💕

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Hello it's day 2 here in Kreta it's so hot here! It was 35c and the sun is pumping heat and yes... I'm sun burned😞
We woke up today and it was so cold in my room because of the AC of course I sleept for 13 hours I was tired after the plane.
Then we went down to eat some breakfast and it was so yummy then we bought allinclusive for the day and then we went to the pool🤗
After a few cola glasses did we go to the hotel room and played some card games and my brother feel asleep.
After like 1.5 hour did we just eat some lunch and after did we just go to the pool and just sleept in the sunbed.
I did some reading and I read 100 pages in my book, I love that book it's so good and then we ate dinner and went to the hotel room and started watching a film. After we did that did we go to the town and looked in the small shops me and mom tried fish bath it was so uncomfortable in the beginning then I just liked it was so ticklish and then we bought some candy went back to the hotel room we are going to play some card games and eat Cady and snacks🎈
Good bye see you tomorrow❤️

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Hey everyone I'm going to blog everyday from today I think because I'm in Kreta! (Ps. Only this week)
I didn't sleep anything this night I just couldn't so I watched children show and had a live steam in periscope it was over 150 people and the clock was 5 in the morning so I don't know why...
Then when everyone in the house was awake did I do pancakes because I'm best haha... No
Then we sat in the flight for 4 hours, when we got to Kreta did we just drive to our hotel and got changed to something easier like shorts...
We ate in a little cute restaurant then after we just went to the pool to cool down and now I'm just lying in my bead and we are going to play some card games when my brother is sleeping
Thank you for reading I see you tomorrow💕😚

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Ok it's like 01:55 and I can't sleep...
Btw I am in Sweden now and it's so hot here😁
I'm going to Kreta in 3 weeks and I am so exited I haven't been there before so it's going to be so fun.
Ps I just uploaded a video on YouTube flisaan 12
Ok I'm going to try to get some sleep😒😴

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its a new week, again... monday... im having a essay ​tomorrow, MATH!!! Kill me. i hate this stupid essay crap.

It gets me so stressed so i don't know what to do

And i have to work with math all day today, and i am having KFC day and i dont know what to do. I guess i just have to have KFC day today...

Tomorrow is my vlog coming up on youtube so stay tuned to see it. Or maybe it comes later this week



​Hey I'm sorry that i haven't updated my blog in a while, its because of school.

Its so much homework so thats why.

And I'm going to upload a video soon again so stay tuned on my channel so you dont miss it