Hey Hey Hey how yah all doing my favorite and most fameous friends. i hope you guys are feeling good and amazing, and let me guess just by reading this you started to smile?. How do i know this, because i bring happiness and positive emotion into everyone around me!.

So okay My way on how to develop a mindset that will endure everything and never back down even after huge fallbacks! When i mean huge fall backs i'm talking about getting crushed in your bones, depts to the bank, girlfriend broke you down in school and so on.....

Rule number one Be glad for every little small things you have in your life, even it's something as lame as the toothbrush, become glad over the fact that you get to brush your teeths compared to someone living in another country....

Rule number two, think that you are always the price no matter what happens..... you did good, you did well, you took action.

Rule number three, Ask yourself how bad do you want this?. Are you willing to cut your connection with all your friends for doing this?. Are you willing to fail over and over and over again and still keep on trying?.

Rule number four, control your emotions. What i mean this is  just an example if you like this girl very much and you go forward to her and take action that is fucking great man i'm proud over you!. But normally what happens to most people even happend to myself before is that we usually go and blame ourselves, when it isn't our fault you cannot control another person's life, they decide what they want to do and you just have to accept it and move on, become a carefree person that loves life.

Rule Number Five, Have fun in everything that you do in life, do not ever think of the future or the past always be in the present and look around you and enjoy the things that happens!.

Rule Number Six, I'm fucking pathethic if i don't do this!.

That's my six golden rules in life.

So how do we create the mindset and develop it?.

Easy first of all you need to find out and indentify exacly what your problems are,

Mines were first of all for about 2 years ago

I'm very shy talking in biggroups,

I'm afraid that i get rejected when i go and talk to an attractive women

I'm afraid that other people will look at me and wonder who this creep is.

I'm afraid of talking to an attractive women in phone.

I'm afraid to take things sexually with attractive womens.

I'm afraid that i won't be good enough.

Okay here's mine which i found out that were negative about me for 2 years ago....

So what i did here was exacly that i found out a postive counter reaction towards them

I'm amazing group speecher,

I love attractive womens and enjoy their companies.

I love womens and i know they love me.

I'm an amazing guy and other people look at me and want to get to know me.

I love to flirt and talk with womens on the phone.

I love sex and attractive womens want to take things sexually with me.

I'm just good man and that's enough!.

I hope this is some help for you people out there who are suffering with bad selfconfidence.

I can still say that i'm shy around people and attractive womens that i like, but when i look at myself i've seen that i have improved so amazingly much during these two last years!. This is actually a life leason in my opinion because everything that has a negative respond can be counter turned into something very positive.

Remember what i've said in a blogg status before?.

That Positive things are so much stronger it can fucking whipe out ten thousand words of negative status, just because it brings happiness, we humans aren't that hard to understand, we seek out happiness. Being happy is way more fun then being sad right?.

-Peace out now i'm gonna pump up some music and take a shower!

-It's all about the mind, your body is a slave.

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Hey hey what's going on my dear friends.

So today I've done loads of stuff..... First 08:00 took a buss towards home played two heroes of new Earth games, went fucking awesome, I ended both games with 15-4-20, 17-0-35.

Around 13;00 I took a journey to löplabbet, I got some help there with choosing a pair of jogging shoes. They feel awesome and their dark blue I'm gonna look so fucking awesome in them, after that I went to Web hallen, and bought a new mouse called qpad, sk programer mouse. I'm gonna get orgasm when trying it out, after this I decided to hook up a meet up with my friend Lucas, we ate out at a sushi place, very nice, atmosphere and good food, we talked for a while about the human brain and how it gets brainwashed by stuff such as watching television playing computer games. It makes you feel unconscious in your brain even though it's a bad habit for your body to sit and play you feel good cause your brain isn't with you it's gone, we also grabbed a cup of coffee and went into stadium, looked around for clothes Lucas found some but I decided that I had already spent way to much money. We parted ways after stadium and now I'm sitting on the buss. Two funny pics here enjoy them.

-be your bestself and forget the rest.
I am the motherfucking prize, people look up to my, my journey can be yours too but not by sitting at home and sobbing!!!!!

So get up on your ass and do something about it there is no excuses and people don't care they forget about it the next day.

Funny pics times seems my friends

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Morning morning, my amazing readers!, how are you guys doing today?, i hope everything feels good and great.

I feel amazed i was actually over 2 hours at the gym i thought i would just been one hour there but then i was damn i wanna do some absexercises and then stretching and shits then woops 2 hours has gone, man it's so fun to exercise.... Today the plan is a spartacus 2.0 workout in the afternoon, during morning school.

yesterday a friend stopped me right before i went to the gym and got very impressive over the fact that i'm overweight and still being able to run as much as i do.... he saw it during our succerball session....

i didn't think of it straight in the moment yesterday but actually it's painful, my legs are hurting my arms are feeling overwhelmed, my abs are hurting, almost every single part of my body is in pain, but still being in pain is success because then i know i have done something great.

it's only my mind who controlls my life and my body is just a slave who submissively listens to every action i take. It's a willpower thing i have a big motivation towards being a strong, fit and lean guy. things i say in the mirror each day.

i'm fucking pathethic if i don't go to the gym today.

i'm fucking pathethic if i don't take action today.

i'm fucking pathethic if i miss one day of my daily schedule.

i'm fucking pathethic if i don't challenge myself.

I enjoy my life

i'm the shit i love my life, it's fucking awesome!.

i'm the guy i want to be around right fucking now.

I enjoy going to the gym.

I'm fucking pathethic if i don't go out and be social with people.

i listen to music meanwhile saying these out and it helps me stay very focused on what i want to have done in my daily life.

Sucess is silent, it's small steps each and everyday. There is no such a fucking thing as a big success(were you do just one thing and don't have to do anything anymore), success is very small and silent.... even if you go out to a big crowd and talk for the day you won't be rememberd for it the morning day, because it was in the yesterday.

a qoute i remember from smallville is this....

-Heroes' are made in the present.

Seeya! now i'm gonna study some Latin words.



Hey my fucking amazing followers, how are you guys doing this evening?.

I'm doing fucking great!, i'm waiting for my food to process in my body and then im hitting to the gym doing a cardio workout for about one hour.

So the topic i'm talking about now is actually. the more love you give to people and cheer the more you will have back at yourself, the simpliest thing as saying hey to a stranger when you pass by during the streets, it will give an amazing effect to both yourself and the person probably will have had his day made same with compliments, if you see something just shoot for it there's nothing wrong with saying what you are feeling and most of the times you'll get very positive responds because it's human nature we seek out pursuit of hapiness and positive emotions.... i know there are thousand things that you can point out about something that is negative, but these are just weak feelings they are nothing compared to a positive gesture. I for one believe one positive gesture can whipe out every single little mind of negative emotions.

I'm trying to become better and better at being social, i've noticed that im actually far more social now today then what i was a year ago,

anyways now im of to the gym for some cardio.

-Be your bestself, it's all about the mindset, your body is a slave that is fully submissive towards your actions.



Hey, what's up my amazing followers, so listen here i havn't blogged for a long while now, i know it's my own fault anyways i'm making a comeback now and my decision is that if i miss one day of writing in my blogg i miss everyday, of writing in my blogg...

So what's up with me?.... Well i've started a community school called Lillsved which is all about living healthy and exercising, we got our own free gym and big halls were we can have all kinds of activities, it's an amazing school.

My goal here right now is getting all my grades up and venture into the course called healthcoach, aka personal fitness trainer.

Today my first leasson in the morning with my friends, is succerball a guy is holding it's gonna be interesting to see what he has up his sleeves, sence i don't think we will go direct for a football match just warm ups and stuffs. well anyways who knows?.....

Btw a great song to listen on, you will feel so overpumped with joy, when you listen to it.....

The author and song writer is called Tim Mcmorris support him he's an amazing person.... 

Here is the link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0RAlgHCvwpg&index=...

Well that's all for me today.....

have a great day fellas!. Be your best-self and forget the rest.



Hey my fucking awesome reader's, This is my first day at a new community high school. I've already befriended some people around here, it feels fucking awesome to finally be in a school were i fit in everyone has similiar dreams to mine, everyone likes to workout.... Inspire people and have a fucking blast time. It feels so fucking amazing anyways im off to train now have a great day my fucking amazing fellas!.



Hey what's up my fellow readers.... here's a few word i have on my mind.... right now as i'm wrapping my hands.

So everytime i wrap my hands.... i become another person... i become a person that is willing to go that extra mile, that extra leap of faith step to accomplish my goals i'm striefing for.... each time... i step inside the training hall for muay thai..... i only think of beating myself and surpassing myself.... it doesnt matter how many i knockout nor how many that i win over... as long as i'm not surpassing my own limits in my mind... i won't become a better man. i always try to find a new challenge for myself....like if i made 30 burpees during 10 minutes... i try to get it down to 1 i don't care! over how little the improvement is but as long as i know i'm improving... i know that i'm a step forward in my progress...

here's sum pics on the wrapping.... i think i've evolved it alot from being total clueless half a year ago... and now today i'm like pro at it.

Have a greatday fellas.



Hey what's up my fellow readers... today i've got an pretty intense topic to share out....

as you read by the topic how to get unshakable confidence?... well it's effortless..

why is it effortless?.... it is because you've already got the skill inside your body all you have to do is push it out from you... so how do we push out this unshakable confidence?... well first of all it's very easy.... all you have to do is find something... that you have a passion over... and focus on it... eventually the rest will set to place... you will even carry yourself in a new way and people will look at you.... and wonder hey who is this person?.... i want to get to know him/her, this person seems very confident...

so the biggest secret to unshakable confidence is.... follow your heart and it's desires.... the rest will come to it's place.....



hey what's up my friends and families?, i hope you're doing well and that you have a great life which you are proud of.

so exacly what have i done today?. First early in the morning i took an morning powerwalk.... felt so proud over myself that i finally starting to take back my habits which i had ones in a life time..... secoundly, i helped out a friend of mine to become more of a man.... third i went to a muaythai club in stockholm.... just called muay thai..... it's place is in scheelegatan 1..... i liked this kind of training... because the main instructor there were actually giving great breakdown points about why you should do those things he instructed you to do.... it was an amazing experience unlike anything else.... sadly i didnt get the same impression about my instructor when i lived in dalarna. all thou he was great at motivating people to keep going forward.... Which this one Gabriel missed out on.

i still wonder what more i coulda expect of Gabriel.... but i'm happy that i've started with muay thai now again.... been on a break for 5 months and it is way to long....

anyways after this i met up with my friend Leo and coached him about dating and relationship... the ways to get a women to open her heart towards you...

i also complimented a girl that i saw had an amazing style... dont know her name didnt care.... i just said hey you... she was like eh what?... i said i love your style.... she smiled and said you make me happy, then i said also you look so professional in it... have a great day... and left from there...

this is better then me yesterday when i sat home and saw movies all day just... i'm happy over my decision and tommorow it is Bosön... folkhögskolan interview.... i'll come back with the results from it another day....

have a great life people... and remember always be friendly to people because it will give you more rewards then anything else in the world can offer.



Hey what's up my followers today i've decided to give my tips out in the world to people who sadly afraid to do start a new habit in their life....

first of all whenever i try something new.... i want to do it for 30 days in a row... it isnt untill then it becomes an everlasting habit.... like brushing your teeths it is something you do on automatic behaviour.

secound one is i always try to visualize myself something that is very, very far away.... each morning i say to myself in the mirror, that i'm gonna get there eventually oneday, even if it is 25 years from now. it keeps me motivated to keep doing it.

third one is do your best and forget the rest.