HEY. Long time no see.

I honestly forgot (oops) to write a review for this release. But now's a perfect time for writing one, when we've moved on from release 95 to 96, and I can share my final thoughts on this release.

I tend to place my releases into three various categories,

The Growers, releases that get better over time. The Favorites, releases that I think are perfect from start to finish. And then there's the third category, The Droppers, releases that start out great but quickly turn flat, 95 was just that, I loved every track by the time that I got my hands on this release, but as for right now, there's not much in this release that I miss (probably because 96 belongs to the favorites.)

There were a couple of nuggets in 95, and I will probably re-use 3/4 tracks.

The actual review

Track 01 - Warm Up. Gho$t - "Ready Or Not Here I Come". This track is probably my favorite in this release, it's straight forward, it has great music and it engages every muscle-group in our bodies. I love how it feels kind of old school with the "Push Pull Arms", I like how the transitions are smooth and I like how participants seem to feel their bodies engage in every move. Very easy to coach with great room to show options and to pre cue. Great track that I will use again for sure. Rating: 8/10

Track 02 - Mixed Impact. Digital Planet - "Do It Right". I like this track, once again, I like how it's straight forward and that there's a clear focus in this track. Basic moves with some running, bouncing, step curls and gallops. The major move in this track though is the Squat Lunge combo, and I think it fires up your thighs with just the right amount of lactic acid. The very last round differs from the previous ones, where we run forward and bounce 180, and later on, adding the arms from track one. I like this, because it brings some fun into this track, building some energy for the aerobic track. Rating: 7/10

Track 03 - Aerobics. Everglaze - "Together Forever". This track personifies my feelings for this release, I loved this track at first,- but after a short time I found myself mixing this track away. I felt like there was nothing left to say, nor do, when this track came. It fell flat. We do single knees, Bow-Tie runs, Jumping Jacks and that's about it. I've came to realization that I haven't really enjoyed tracks with a Bow-Tie lately (Bodyattack 88 and this release). Anyway, this track was basically my jam that I overdosed and now I can't stand it. Rating: 5/10

Track 04 - Plyometrics. DJ Mikesh & DJ Neo - "No Alternative (Dancecore Edit)". This track is pure madness, with 144 plyo lunges, it's no joke. The track consists of four rounds, each round harder than the other. We start off the first three rounds the exact same way with easy three-step runs, that turn in to athletic three-steps, that turn into Three-Step Power Run. Then, the madness starts. We do 16 single lunges and 8 double lunges in our first round, 16s, 8d, 16s in our second round and finally 16s 8d 16s 8d in the third round. Right after the third round we go to our three step power run (basically a three step run with a skater jump to change direction), and finish the track off with 32 singles. Youwza, this is one challenge. I will use this track again for sure. It's pure pain. Rating: 8/10

Track 05 - Athletic Strength. Loca Noise feat. Brooklyn Bounce - "Run It (MNS & Selecta Remix)". Whoa. Now heres one of those tracks that physically drains you. This is, according to me, the second most intense track 5's since our format change. I mean, the blocks for our legs are not as hard as normal, but the upper body work is killer. This track starts off with a single legged inch-worm plank, that transitions into 7x Mountain Climbers 2x Tricep Push Ups. These moves are just great functional training moves, and the real challenge in this track is when the 15s. "AMRAP" challenge kicks in. Holy moly, this is really pushing the limit, making the upper body a lot stronger. I really like this track five, it delivers exactly what you expect, and participants seem to like it too. Rating: 8.5/10

Track 06 - Running. Power Music - "Good To Be Alive". This track is basically one of those tracks that doesn't excite you, but isn't necessarily bad either. It's a very laid back running track with some sprinter knees to engage muscles, but other than that there are no stand out's in this one. I would LOVE to add the claps as we run to the center, I feel like that would make this track a whole lot more fun, but since that's not the choreography, it's not allowed. Conclusion: This track was mixed out quite fast. Rating: 6/10

Track 07 - Agility. Phil Glava & The Shirk Reloaded - "Nervous Breakdown vs. Pump It Up (Disco Freak Remix)". Yes!!!! This track is such a home run. I love the clear focus and the idea behind this track, and how it really shines through. Moving fast in various directions, which we get to do with a great sports feeling and some heavy beats too. I really like the ladder run forward and fast sprint back, as this makes the ladder run a more interesting move than it normally is, and people at classes seem to really get their game-faces on. I feel like this is super fun to coach because it's easy to use the sports coach-instructions in this one, and people go BERSERK when I tell them to compete who can pass their opponent first. Rating: 8/10

Track 08 - Intervals. Power Music - "One Call Away". Meh. I mean, if the song was powerful, this would be like the best track eight ever, but this song is so boring. And music drives movement, but there's no drive to this song, there's just a sound in the background. Which is a shame, imagine this choreography to, say, "I See The Light." I would not mind. Now I know there's a reason for this track being more chill than usual, but I think that when track eight has some good beats, it get's you more pumped and filled with endorphins than this track does. Flashlight, being the perfect example - super easy choreography with little -to no challenge, but a great song. This is my least favorite of this release, sadly. Rating: 4/10

Track 09 - Power. Showtek & Noisecontrollers - "Get Loose (Tiesto Remix)". One more track that I liked the first couple of times that I did it, but it got less interesting as time passed. I really like the pushes, as they are both powerful and challenging, but the parts between the hard work are really monotone and there are zero lyrics to hook into. Conclusion: I love the hard work (Knees to corner + Squats, Burpee, Burpee Tuck), but that's it. Rating: 6.5/10

Track 10 - Core Conditioning. Calvin Harris Feat. Rihanna - "This Is What You Came For". I love when other programs make a guest appearance in BODYATTACK. And this one really breathes CXworx, as an instructor of that concept, I love this track. The Bolt move is a great way to engage more core-muscles and train your reactive core (through pushing harder and bracing faster), which is training that is easy to apply some real life situations to motivate participants. Just an overall good core track. Rating: 8/10

Track 11 - Cooldown. Justin Timberlake - "Can't Stop The Feeling!". A great cool down, with some time to just chill out at the end of the track which I enjoy. It gives some time to do that extra chatting with participants before audio silence. Great lyrics, and a strong finish to a sweaty workout. Rating: 8/10


It's an okay release with some more than okay moments. It's sweaty, especially from track 7->9. It's less choreography than usual, with longer sequences for each move. This was a great release to start BODYATTACKING, as you got to try basically each move, and do it lots and lots of time. Cause in 96 (which feels kind of old school), there are a lot of various combinations and patterns.

Have an awesome day/night

Stay tuned, BODYATTACK 96 review coming soon!

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The release in words...

First off - I can't believe how right I guessed the major moves for this release. I basically hit each track right!

Anyhow - let's get this review going. This release is very upbeat overall with two huge pushes in the peak tracks. Starting with the warm-up, we bring this workout alive with an incredibly emotional, powering and euphoric song. I really do like this release, but I think as a whole - 93 was better. Keep in mind, 93 is one of my favorite releases of all time with almost a total of 11 songs that I would use again.

The biggest differences between BA93 and BA94 are many, while 93 focused a lot on staying with one move for a long time - this release focuses on big moves to pump the heart rate. I feel like some tracks are harder in 94, because we do huge moves to lift the heart rate, while some tracks in 93 were harder cause of the amount of time we did stay with one move.


Track 1. Warm Up "Feel Alive (Klaas Edit) - Newclaess" Is this the most motivating warm up ever? I think yes. I get goosebumps, I get motivated and I feel like I find new energy just listening to this track. Super simple warm up with moves that gradually grows in time with the music and the heart rate. We do squats, hovers, running and step-touching, a few pushups and that's basically it. We get our bodies ready, minds ready and we thank god that this song is good enough to make us forget all about the quite repetitive choreography. This, although, leaves room for getting participants ready and stoked for the upcoming hour - less technique focus, more fun and chatting! Rating: 7.5/10 Highlight: THE MUSIC.

Track 2. Mixed Impact "Focus - Power Music" Probably... My favorite track of this release! What a fun track two, the music is more powerful than we're used to, the work is more powerful but the Mixed Impact feeling is still there. We do step-curls, gallops and side-step runs, all in perfect union with the music - ah! I remember the first time I did this track, couldn't stop smiling, it really appeals to me! From what I've heard, my fellow colleagues love it too. The side step combination is absolutely incredible, it fits the music well, it fits the workout well and it's just riding on that euphoric energy wave from track one. Rating: 9/10 Highlight: The various styles of feelings throughout this track.

Track 3. Aerobis "My House - Power Music" This release is up to this track a bigger cardiovascular challenge than 93 was, this one is not an exception. We have a Square pattern run combination that really lifts energy and heart rate to new heights, each block of work contains 32 jacks, 16 before the square pattern, 16 after. I like how we get to do a cross arms with heel digs again, it's been too long! Just as track one, simple choreography that leaves room for fun coaching to lift participants. Rating: 8/10 Highlight: The heel dig pattern, don't ask me why though.

Track 4. Plyometrics "Bring The Beat - Bassjackers" First peak of this release, and...wow. This one is through the roof - 128(!) lunges, 32 skaters, Two High-knee sprints, Ski Jumps, Squat Jumps, High knee runs. WITHOUT anything in between. No resting, no pausing - just one move after another. We've got two huge rounds of work that really maxes our cardiac stamina, our leg strength and our overall fitness. This track starts out with 4x skaters forward to a high knee run, we do this combo four times and move straight into a squat jump stall. The pace picks up, the squat stalls turn to side - side jumps, to ski jumps, to high knees. As we know, that's not the last part - we've got 64 lunges to finish the first block, and then we get to do it all again! It's all fun and games! Rating: 8/10 Highlight: THE MUSIC IS POWERFUL PERFECTION!

Track 5. Athletic Strength "Sax - Fleur East" For the first time since our format change, track five is not a deep electronic song, but a jazzy upbeat pop tune. And what a welcome change, this track is so much fun. We get to do functional strength for out legs with a first combination of lunge pulses to a single leg deadlift - meaning our upper body bends toward the floor and out back foot rises to the roof. We get to do some corkscrew pushups, tricep and regular pushup combinations, some jumping lunges (yes, in a track 5!). This track really pushes my arm strength, the combination of three pushups to a stall really challenges as you have to stop and start from the bottom to push your body up. I like this one a lot, nice change from the deep electronic music! Rating: 9/10 Highlight: The push up combination!

Track 6. Running "Sweet Lovin' - Power Music" Here's one track that had all the potential but falls flat to me. I think the choreography doesn't do this track justice at all honestly. My least favorite track of the release has a choreography that repeats over and over again, with the change for a burpee instead of two squats at the very end. I had hopes for this one, but sadly it doesn't appeal to me. I like the song a lot, the issue here for me is how much we stay out of the group and just focusing on the strength. I want my running tracks to bring people together and get them to spread their energy to each other. Rating: 4/10 Highlight: The In and Out running, which we do four times in total...haha.

Track 7. Agility "Push It Again (Club Mix) - DJ Lawless vs. Oliver Swab. Gem Gem GEM! Holy moses this hurts your calves in never before seen levels. Power, speed and agility are the key focuses of this track, and we get a huge does of them all. Power with the snowboard jumps (many of them), speed from the ladder runs (crazy amount of ladder drills) and agility thanks to the square pattern bounce (sporty sporty mucho loco). The song is fun, the work is fun and it pushes our bodies to a new level of speed. Track 7's really have been coming together nicely form BA91 and onwards, nice to see the trend carried on to this release. I think this will be a crowd favorite, and one of those "classic memorable tracks" as for instance "She Wolf" from #82 is. Rating: 8.5/10 Highlight: Square Pattern Bounce, nice interactions!

Track 8. Intervals "Show Me Love (Nick Skitz & Technoposse Remix) - Project Black" And since we mentioned it before, this will definitely be one of the most memorable tracks from this release. An anthem, an energetic, dramatic and powerful song with simple choreography to make sure the music takes a stronghold of this track rather than the instructor being the main focus (I am looking at you "I Am The Night"). We have zero side-flicks in this track, zero knee pulls and zero arm patterns. It's just a Kick and Clap track from start to finish. And you know what? It doesn't matter. This is one of those tracks where it's best to raise the volume and turn the microphone off for a while, to just feel the BODYATTACK-love. Incredibly powerful track. Rating: 9/10 Highlight: Turning up the volume and turning off the microphone.

Track 9. Power "Fuel - A Brave and Startling Truth" This is a first of it's kind in this concept, we do a "TRTE" workout, Total rest, Total Effort, meaning we rest between sets to make sure we can pump it all out in our effort block. We have three rounds where we alternate one move with high knees, each move has a new focus to make sure you get stronger while performing. Each round of work starts out with a burpee to mountain climber, and from there we do 16 counts of one move, 16 of the other, repeat it and finish of with a high knee sprint. This track is a struggle, but you definitely feel stronger thanks to the total rest breaks betweens sets. Not my favorite track 9, but definitely one of the sweatier ones in history... not tougher than Riot though. Rating: 7/10 Highlight: The last combo, one that we haven't had since release 85.

Track 10. Core. "Fast Car (Club Edit) - Jonas Blue Feat. Dakota" Another recognizable song, with fitting moves that works the core in a great way. I like the way this track builds from being an integrated track, to an isolated track - it doesn't feel like we switch at the beat, it feels like we switch gradually - nice! I love pointers, cause they really teach our bodies to brace and extend, letting our posterior chain muscles work hard to stabilize. I really like how we go down to a tricep push-up and then turn it into a hover, instead of just making the transition right away - it makes this track more fun! The work is overall very functional and i think that is what we have most use for in our everyday life. This is a great track! Rating: 8/10.

Track 11. Cool Down "Torches - Daughtry" ...To late is not a thing, we just gotta be stronger. I'll leave it right there. Perfect way to cool down to an awesome workout! Rating: 9/10.

That's the review, a strong release overall with one sole let down. Can't wait to see what I think in three months from now. Haven't tried bodyattack yet? Check at LesMills website where you can take these classes! Leave any questions, thoughts e.t.c down in the comments...

Have a nice day, thanks for reading! 




​The tracklist for BODYATTACK 94 is out. As I did with 93, I will post the list with my initial thought of what's going to happen during this specific track.

Here's a playlist for you to listen:


T1, Warm Up - "FEEL ALIVE" , Hot Tamales

T2. Mixed Impact - "FOCUS" , Supernugget

T3. Aerobics - "MY HOUSE" , Special Housing Project

T4. Plyometrics - "BRING THAT BEAT" , Time To Waste

T5. Athletic Strength - "SAX" , Cold Blood

T5. Athletic Strength - "SAX" , Contents Unknown

T6. Running - "SWEET LOVIN'" , Cold Blood

T7. Agility - "PUSH IT AGAIN" , Tiny Ants

T8. Interval - "SHOW ME LOVE" , Contents Unknown

T9. Power - "FUEL" , A Brave and Startling Truth

T10. Core  - "FAST CAR" , My Heart Your Heart

T11. Cool Down "TORCHES" , Super Kid


​Initial thoughts... T1. 

​Good feeling track. A lot of good lyrics to hook into. I hope there will be step touching cause this track sounds like a great step touch song! Fun, great start to a (hopefully) amazing workout.

​Initial thoughts... T2.

​This reminds me somehow of "New Thang" from BODYATTACK 89. Fun, fitness and function - gallops, curls and running. I hope this track is packed with some nice combos to have fun with, i.e L-Gallop from BODYATTACK 85.

​Major move: A gallop combo.

​Initial thoughts... T3.

​This will probably be a fun aerobic track, I have issues finding a way to combine superman and fling-moves to this choice of music... but I've been wrong before. ​

​Major move: Run and reach combo.

​Initial thoughts... T4.

​Sounds like we're up for a challenge! This melodic, hard beat track will probably put us to the test. Lisa Osborne (program director) has told us that there will be enough challenges for her to decide cutting it to TWO ROUNDS. This is a new one, since they almost always stick with the three-round-principles.

​Major move: Skaters and high knees.

​Initial thoughts... T5.

​This is a jazzy track which I like as change to what we've had earlier in these tracks (musically). I've already seen one of the combinations in this track and it will be tough! I can't wait to see the rest. Seems like we'll have two different music styles (hence the two different singers)

​Major move: Push up combo ;) hint.

​Initial thoughts... T6.

This is, ladies and gentlemen, your stereotypical running track. Happy, sing-along energetic music, Sounds like fun and I love fun so hit me!

​Major Move: Running and connecting.

​Initial thoughts... T7.

​This is a classic song, a come backing song choice, but HEY. This will set fire to your studio. Powerful music, hopefully good choreography and this will be an awesome track seven.

​Major move: Fast sprint moves.

​Initial thoughts... T8.

​If this is the classic "If you're looking for devotion, talk to me..." Show me love, we're up for a TREAT. I cross my fingers that we're getting a Run and kick track with some AWESOME combos and tunes.

​Major move: KICKING. A good ol' Square Kick maybe?

​Initial thoughts... T9.

​Seems like Lisa has been trying hard to make the recent T9's super hard pushes. This sounds, without a doubt, like one of those T9's. I'm guessing we won't be disappointed.

​Major move: High knee run.

Wont guess T10/T11 since they basically focus on the same things each release.




This is the 93rd version of BODYATTACK, and it's tough. Like, really, really tough. It's the perfect release to fall in love with BODYATTACK, as the three different dynamics (sports, strength and aerobics) really show in this one. We stay for a long time with every move which gives new participants an honest chance to grasp the move and execute it properly before moving on the a new move. This also makes regular participants to try executing the move bigger, stronger and better to improve their fitness.

Before we get down to the actual review, I'd like to point out the differences between the new release and the former one (92).



... An intensity upgrade - this release made me sweat harder than BODYATTACK 92.

... Easy to follow! No weird, never before seen combos (2,2,2 BA 90). Simplicity at it's best.

... Well made, the music really fits the workout, moves and the changes between moves.

... Blessed with the best split room track 4 ever, and the most intense track 9 ever.



T1 (Warm Up) Masterpiece (Jack Melavo Edit) - FaceTime. A fun, catchy warm up with a few new moves. We start of the bat with the combination of running, bouncing and running. I really love how the beat goes off immediately and you feel the energy in the room grow right out the gates. The combination of 4x Squats - > plank (later to push up) is perfect, gets the body warm and doesn't feel like an interruption the way the i.e. Slow Burpee Sequence did. I really enjoy the rope pull down move, because you really feel your triceps and lats work when executed properly.

Track Highlight: The R/B/RFB combo! Rating: 8/10


T2. (Mixed Impact) Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now) - Dexter And Gold

This track is the first of four where we get to stay for a long time with one move. The others being 4, 7, 9 and 10.) And even though we get to do A LOT of athletic runs in this track, you really understand the purpose. It's not the most entertaining track, but it makes you work hard, sweat and it lifts your heart rate. I like how people seem to recognize the song, I love how I as an instructor can make people understand and perform moves better because of the many repetitions. Not my favorite track, my least favorite of the release, but a good track 2 anyhow.

Track Highlight: The Jump over and Hold. So much control is needed to execute this move. Rating: 6.5/10


T3. (Aerobics) Can't Feel My Face - The Weeknd

I was super excited to see what we were going to do in the track, but I'd never anticipate this. This is one of, without any doubts, the best aerobics track out there. From the get go we get the heavy beats and we start with a square pattern. I love how we first trial the pattern to make suer everyone in the studio gets it, then we make it bigger to raise the heart rate. I love how we constantly in this track work with each move in two levels, we start with single knees and then lift them to double knees. AND, the last block (which looks nothing like the two first) AH! Love it!

Track Highlight: The last block, PERFECTION. Rating: 9/10.


T4. (Plyometrics) Play It Loud - Bounce Inc. Feat Kitch

Woho, this is a crowd pleaser. It seems that every third release since the format change has a split room T4, (87, 90 93), and this is the best one yet. Musically, it sounds similar to T4 of 92, except for the more melodic sounds this track has. I remember when i guessed the primary move of this track - I said it didn't sound like a song that would be packed with skaters or lunges. Guess what? It's all skaters and lunges. We take turns to alternate moves, High Knees/Lunges or High Knees/ Skaters. This face to face rivalry REALLY boosts the energy in the room and my members seem to love it. The last set, is performed together and it's a tough combo of 6x lunges -> 1 tuck jump. That's where athletes are born. I love this track, although sa an instructor it's hard to really enjoy the intensity it has - because it is a really intense track, but I can't really do the work since I'm busy coaching.

Track Highlight: The three hard work sets, this really pushes the members to work hard! Rating: 8/10.


T5. (Athletic Strength) Clap Your Hands - American Cartel.

No mercy. Pain. Show up regrets. Holy moses. THIS TRACK. THIS FREAKING TRACK. I Mean, wow. I thought "Too Original" would be the hardest one yet but honestly I think this one is even harder. The lactic acid in your quads comes right in the first movement pattern (3x lunge stop), and from there we increase intensity levels and so does the lactic acid. Oh my, if you challenge yourself and strive to stay low this one is a huge challenge.The push ups are quick and builds explosive muscles, and I already feel a difference (after teaching this for around one month.) Connecting the tricep push up with mountain climbers is a fun way to build strength and give challenge. I love how this is no mandatory move, but still seems to appeal to members as a manageable move. We build strength in our legs, arms, chest and abs in this one and it's really really good.

Track Highlight: Push Up to mountain climber - Strengthening core and arms. Rating: 9/10


T6. (Running) Runnin' (Lose it all) (DJ Shocker Remix) - Naughty Boy

This popular radio hit turned into a techno running track and I like it a lot. This track feels like it fills a purpose and is not just 4 minutes recovery from the first block. I like how we do all the single leg stability movements forwards first to get a hang of it, then do it in a circle to bring the energy up. And the forward leap move is both fun and fantastic, you need power and control to execute this move correctly - and it builds strength in your glutes - thumb up! The track is short and simple - but a fun way to energize and build functional strength!

Track Highlight: The Forward Leaps to center - fun and functional. Rating: 7.5/10


T7. (Agility) Tricky Tricky (General Tosh Remixxxx) - Sequenza & DJ Falk

This agility track is super easy to learn, and to understand the reason with. Moving different directions to improve our quickness and agility. It is a very sporty track with a focus on basketball, participants really seem to enjoy this track and I won't question this. I love how we have two sets that are alike and a third that builds on practically the same moves but with another focus. Since we get to stay for as long as we do in each move - it's easy to coach this track to make participants work harder. I like this track a lot, and I think the T7's lately have been proving themselves, since BA 90 they've been on a constant rise and as of late I really enjoy these tracks.

Track Highlight: The last set with the double jumps. Power moves are in the house!! Rating: 8.5/10


T8. (Interval) I Am The Night (Ti-Mo Edit) - Marco Van Bassken feat. Charlee.

Another great track. This is a quite intense interval track with many different levels tor aide the heart rate. It's a very fun track too with lots of various combinations and patterns. I absolutely love the 8x Kick Forward pattern, it's just a great combination thats fun to do and lifts your heart rate. The music for this track really fits a track 8, anthem-y feel to it with a nice melody and chains. Uplifting choreography that is a little bit messy, but that keeps your head in the game. I think this track 8 is one of the more playful choreography-wise I've done, with the awesome progression along with the music One of the best tracks in this release.

Track Highlight: The 8 kicks forward combo. Connection move with a perfect level of intensity. Rating:8.5/10


T9. (Power) Riot -Scooter

Okay, the most intense track in a BA release, ever. This track is beyond tough, with three different options to increase the heart rate. The last release's Mixed Training is back in a not as chaotic way, with options that adress to each individual participant. Starting off right at the bat with a 8x jack -> High knee combo, you know this track is no joke. Each "combo push" is done four times, and between each set we do some knee lifts to collect our breath. We come to the second push (out of four) and this time it's either 8x Jacks -> High Knees OR 4x Jacks + 1 Burpee Tuck -> High knees. This choice pushes the heart rate higher, and is done four times too. After this set you're pretty much spent, that's when the real challenge turns up. 4x Straight jump to burpee tuck. To high knee run... yes. I love the look of participants faces when they get this combo previewed, it's an expression of fear. We do one last lap on your preferable combo, and finish it off with a High Knee sprint. THIS IS SO HARD: But very fun, and has one of the most motivational lyrics ever 2It's all about to change, not tomorrow but today."

Track Highlight:The 4x Straight Jump -> Burpee. Plyometric/functional/strengthening move. Rating: 9/10


T10. (Core) Easy Love - Sigala

Probably the hardest core track since I started doing BODYATTACK regularly. Holy burn, this track really isolates the abdominals goooooood. The different variations of crunch pulses are great, they show participants that extensions and load further from the body brings bigger burn. I like to start off with the hover / Side hover combo, a great way to find control in the abs and entire upper body. Super track, I do miss some work for the posterior muscles at the back though. IE. Parachuter in BA90. Other than that, a solid core track that REALLY makes you work.

Track Highlight: The 16x pulses after the C-Crunch/C-Crunch extensions. Rating: 7.5/10


T11. (Cool Down) Stan Walker ft.Samantha Jade.

Solid Cool Down track with some beats, this energetic cool down really focuses on the basic muscles, which is no bad thing. A simple cool down with great lyrics and fun music.

Rating: 8/10.


There you have it. A review of this solid release. Comment down below if you agree/disagree, what you love about this release.

QUESTION: Which track of this release will be in your mixes further on?



92 vs. 93 - The Ultimate Battle

So, I've done BODYATTACK 93 about four times. Since we haven't had the quarterlies yet, I won't review track by track (you'll get one later, don't worry). What I am going to do is tease a little. I'm going to do a release battle, track by track, which is more sporty, which track is strongest musically etc.

----------------------------------------------------------Track 1--------------------------------------------------------




BA 92 FUN BA 93

----------------------------------------------------------Track 2--------------------------------------------------------




BA 92 FUN BA 93

----------------------------------------------------------Track 3--------------------------------------------------------




BA 92 FUN BA 93

---------------------------------------------------------Track 4---------------------------------------------------------




BA 92 FUN BA 93

---------------------------------------------------------Track 5---------------------------------------------------------




BA 92 FUN BA 93

---------------------------------------------------------Track 6---------------------------------------------------------




BA 92 FUN BA 93

---------------------------------------------------------Track 7---------------------------------------------------------




BA 92 FUN BA 93

---------------------------------------------------------Track 8---------------------------------------------------------




BA 92 FUN BA 93

---------------------------------------------------------Track 9---------------------------------------------------------




BA 92 FUN BA 93

---------------------------------------------------------Track 10--------------------------------------------------------




BA 92 FUN BA 93

---------------------------------------------------------Track 11--------------------------------------------------------




BA 92 FUN BA 93

The winner is obviously BODYATTACK 93. What an epic release, it's powerful, it's fun, it's perfect! Some things I absolutely love with #93 is the many different lap-combinations. In track 3, we have two laps that are alike, and a third which differs completely. In track 8 we've got THREE different laps, although they all build on the same moves - the intensity rises over time.

Track 9 of this release is the hardest track 9 I've done to date. How about this combination; 4x Straight jump -> Burpee Tuck -< To high Knee run (this combo 8 times). Yes.

Track 5 is SO good. If you watch the moves while listening to the song, you'll here the flow. It's absolutely awesome (snares while jumping in and out etc.)

Awesome release. Enjoy it!




T1. Masterpiece (Jack Melavo Edit) - FaceTime

T2. Gonna Make you Sweat (G! Remix) - Dexter & Gold

T3. I Can't Feel My Face - The Weeknd

T4. Play it Loud - Bounce inc. Feat. Kitch

T5. Clap your Hands - American Cartel

T6. Runnin' (Lose it All) (Dj Shocker Remix) - Naughty Boy

T7. Tricky Tricky (General Tosh Remixxxx) - Sequenza & DJ Falk

T8. I am the Night (Ti-Mo Remix Edit) - Marco Van Bassken feat. Charlee

T9. Riot - Scooter

T10. Easy Love (Extended mix) - Sigala

T11. Start Again - Stan Walker feat. Samantha Jade

I've decided to put the first thought that comes to mind next to each track.

T1 - Running?

T2 - FUN!

T3 - What are we going to do here????????????

T4 - I can't see lunges nor skaters in this track, Straight jumps/Squats?



T7 - In And Out sprints PLEASE!!!

T8 - Anthem-y song even though I've never heard of it.

T9 - It's SCOOTER! We all know it's going down with this track.

T10 - Happiness? Chill

T11 - Aw yeah! Love this not so cheesy, kinda upbeat cool down!

Great choice of music, really excited to see some of the tracks since it's so hard to tell what we're to expect (T3, 4, 6, 7)




Yes, it's already here. As always, I love to review my first impression of the new release, since I think the first one is the most honest one.

This new release is absolutely incredible, as a starter. It's intense, it's fun, it's energetic and powerful.



- We once again get to do a "speed sequence" where we have to push ourselves to move faster than the music. Although this time round, we've got an "amrap" workout in track nine. Amrap=As many reps as possible.

- The tuckjump returns and the superman disappears.

- The running in and out is back in track 6, and I love it.

- The strength-track is back at 6-minutes, and this one is a burner.


Each track in BODYATTACK 92 is stronger in one way or another than in the previous release. It's either musically, the level of intensity or choreography-wise. I honestly think this is my favorite one to date. And I know, I say this all the time, but BODYATTACK 90, which I thought was my favorite dropped quicker than a free-fall ride at the fairground and BODYATTACK 91 was great, but in the end I felt there was not enough diversity in the release. BODYATTACK 92 has got it all, different feels to each track, diverse choreography, and fun patterns that I think is highly appreciated by members.

And oh, one of my favorite tracks EVER is in this very release.


The actual REVIEW

T1, Warm Up. How Deep Is Your Love (RainDropz! Remix Edit) - Hollywood Hustlers.

This is a strong start track. I love how well the music fits the workout, with a 8x run 8x bounce. Easy choreography and no surprises here, just a great straight forward warm up track with all the right moves. One thing that is worth a notice - the super s m o o t h transitions from standing to floor, LOVELY.

TRACK HIGHLIGHT: The flow with music and moves, and the 8x run 8x bounce combo. Rating: 7/10

T2, Mixed Impact, The Night - Bridget And The Toetappers.

Ah, This is one track you have to sing along to. This classic hit remixed is doomed to be a crowd pleaser, and the moves will do it justice. I love how the cross-arms have evolved to a cross pull, which makes it easier to find the upper back muscles while doing the curls. And the biggest surprise here, is the 8x Side Lunges, they aren't really anticipated when listening to the music.

TRACK HIGHLIGHT: The last round with gallops and runs, love how the intensity rises. Rating: 8/10

T3. Aerobics, Hero - Nick Skitz & Tehcnoposse.

Absolutely love this one. The music really tells you right out the get go that this will be an awesome track. We start out easy with single knees, that turn to double knees that turn to Highland Flings. Then, we have the cross-pattern run - love this one. The second time round is even more fun, when we get to add the "two jack turn". As a fun finisher, we've got 32!!! jacks. Awesome.

TRACK HIGHLIGHT: The cross-pattern run with jacks. Powerful to watch and very fun to do. Rating: 9/10

T4. Plyometrics, Loud And Proud - Session Of Red.

This is the first peak of the release, and even though the first minute is super-light. The three big blocks of work are huge. The last block is really about going on your decisive strength, cause your legs will fatigue... a lot. This tracks is SUPER-heavy on the leg muscles, with a combo of Squat+Tuck and lunges. The last set, is a killer. 4x Squat+Tuck, High Knee Run to Lunge combo -> 16x Single lunges -> 8x Squatjumps. Take that, legs. Love this one, it's easier to execute properly than BODYATTACK 91, and it really gives your legs a real fight.

TRACK HIGHLIGHT: The last block of work, which is so incredibly heavy. Rating 8.5/10

T5. Athletic Strength, Too Original - Tumeric Juice.

This without a doubt the hardest T5 since changing the format. It is so intense, I had to stop when I did it the first time. Starting with the legs, finishing with the arms - this track doesn't combine the work like we've done before, focus is put solely on legs and arms respectively. It's full of singles, pulses and a couple of never seen moves - and man do I hope we get to see these again. The Lunge squat combo is very hard after a few repetitions and the foot stomp lunge gave me the most insane pain ever experienced in my legs.

This upper body potion will really build strength. First focusing on triceps, with a 8xStomp plank to 2x tricep push, to a 7xBottom halve pulse, to 7 singles. Then you do it all again with a wide chest push up. And as a grand finale, 4x7 bottom halves, YOWZA. Love this track, one of the strongest in the release.

TRACK HIGHLIGHT: The foot stomp lunge, cool, fun and effective. Rating: 10/10

T6. Running, Waiting For Love (Technoposse Remix Edit) - Dirty Sound System

Well aint this a gem! The energy flows out through the speakers from the very first seconds and you just know it's going to be a great one. A very stereotypical running track with happy music, in and out action and some burpees. I love how Lisa seems to have a swedish-inspiration while doing the 6's lately, last time we had a Galantis track and now Avicii takes the second lap. ANYHOW - The energy in this track is absolutely great and I love the reversed way of doing this, with in and out as a starter transferring to round the room, instead of reversed.

TRACK HIGHLIGHT: Mooonday left me broken tuesday I was true with hoping.... Rating: 8/10

T7. Agility, Bom Zigi (Mobin Master Remix) - Raw Butt

Here it is! The, according to me, highlight of this release. The 7's haven't really been the best ones lately but suddenly out of the blue, comes this track which will forever be in my mixing lists. The song is actually not good at all, but somehow this track is absolutely perfect. Love the super high tempo side bounces, LOVE the tackle sequence where members (and instructors) get to work their core, LOVE the speed feet sequence which is so long and painful, but so much fun. But the most fun part is the 8x bounce 4x snowboards. YES YES YES it fits so well with the music, it hurts, the sweat is dripping but it's so much fun to do so you forget all of those things.

TRACK HIGHLIGHT: 8X Bounce 4X Snowboard combo!! Rating: 10/10

T8, Interval, Flashlight - Short, Tall, Long

This lyrics-filled, uplifting, easy track is really the return of 8's as we knew them. The last two have been experimental, with weird never before seen patterns and melodies, but here we have a good ol' 8 back. Daaamn Lisa, back at it again with the 8 kicks! (Internet reference). This is a fairly easy T8 in terms of intensity, but it is an emotional high. The endorphin rush is strong in this one, leaving (at least me) with a smile on my face. Nothing weird about it, just a simple choreo, sing along moments and some kicks just like it used to, and should, be.

TRACK HIGHLIGHT: All the singalong moments! Rating: 7/10

T9, Power, ​Prayer In C (Kris McTwain Remix Edit) - ​Snatch'N'Grab

​Last peak of the release, and this track has gotten a major makeover. This cross-fit inspired track is supposed to challenge your members through the possibility to stop following the tempo and keep the workout at your pace and level. Meaning, there are tonnes of (three) different combos to choose from, and your selection is the one you think can push your pulse the hardest. The track starts out as a normal T9, with a High Knee pattern and some jacks, but then we get to Mixed Training 1, where you choose to do either 4x Skaters and Sprint Knees, or a 4x Skaters Burpee combo. A 45 second block of work, finished of with the same High Knee run pattern as done before. Second mixed block adds one possibility, the 2x Skater, One Burpee + Press.

I honestly love this somewhat chaotic track, It's great to have the ability to select your workout, pushing your max, whilst getting the old T9 feel in the same track. The song is great, and there's a huge variation in style of music in this one, the change of feel takes place when the change of workout takes place. 

​TRACK HIGHLIGHT: The knees AFTER the Mixed blocks / The Jacks at the end. Rating: 8.5/10

T10, ​Core, ​Can't Stop Playing (Makes Me High) - Dr. Kucho & Gregor Salto feat. And Brun

​I was really exited when I heard this tune, but the choreography falls a little flat. It's not a very inspiring track choreo-wise, but luckily the song hooks you and the choreography can be forgotten for a while. The weakest track this release, although I LOVE the scoop move, that's a hard static move - especially after doing climbers, hovers and 32 crunch pulses.

​TRACK HIGHLIGHT: The scoop! Rating: 6/10

T11, ​Cool Down, ​The Good Life - ​The Collective.

​Ah, what a great sing along cool down. The lyrics are good, the tempo and feel is great and I really like this one. No highlight, but a strong 7.5/10.



Since 2016 is upon arrival, and we've had (as always) four releases this year. The 88, 89, 90 and the 91. I'll sort out my favorites, the woo's, and the least favorite ones, the boo's.

These tracks are my favorites of 2015

1. Four Five Seconds (91) Why? Because it's uplifting, fun and I love the moves to this tune. Awesome track.

2. Get Out (88) Why? Musically stronger than the others, LOVE the choreography to this track, it's a singalong one.

3. Real Love (90) Why? It was the return of Superman, the track is so emotionally strong and it's just an awesome aerobics track.

4. Back 2 Front (88) Why? The amazing music, the insane workout and the ability to give options for everyone. It's weird because my least favorite release of the year was 88, but it really has started strong here. Maybe I have to rethink.

5. Freaks (89) Why? This was never a boring 6 minute workout, and it wasn't easy either. Loved the perfect amount of reps on each move. The there pulse -> clap pushups are worth to mention.

6. Runaway (91) Why? I like the side-way squats -> Swings. I love the running. I love the music, I LOVE how well the strength part flows with the music. Very solid running track.

7. #selfie (88) Why? This one was very hard to decide, because I feel like the 7's of this year had some flaws. I like this track because it's intense, and there's a lot going on so you'll never feel like you're doing the same thing over and over.

8. Toca's Miracle (88) Why? Because HELLO. One of the best track 8's I know. Great tune, perfect amount of intensity and just an emotional high while doing this awesome track.

9. Take Me to Church (91) Why? It's so easy to do this track hard. There's no move or combo that is hard to perform which makes it possible to push it to the max during that 1 minute period of time.

10. State of Emergency (90) Why? The music is great, the moves target the entire core and the pressure on your shoulders is durable and not impossible to push through like the other three track 10's were.

11. Firestone (91) Why? The music <3 That's it.

These are my least favorite tracks of 2015

​1. Blank Space (90) ​Why not? ​It was annoying to listen to this track after two weeks, and the slow burped sequence was not my favorite move. Not a terrible warm-up, mostly here because I got fed up with the music.

2. Bills (91) ​Why not? ​I feel like the running bouncing combo is 80% of this track and it's not a bucket of fun. Like the music, but feel like it could've been more fun. The dodge-step is fun but I don't know, clunky ish.

3. Ghost (88) ​Why not? ​Because it was all over. Jacks bounce jump run clap bow tie, nope. And the music, just like Blank Space, it took me two weeks to get sick of it.

4. Turn up the Club (90) ​Why not? ​Because I don't like to do as many lunges as we did in this one. And I want to get fatigued, which I can't get as an instructor during this one.

5. Don't stop the madness (90) ​Why not? ​It's weird because I liked release 90, but tacking out piece by piece I don't really like it. This one... ugh. Too long, too monotone, too many lunges again. Not fun nor possible to push yourself to the end.

6. ​Why none? ​I like them all! Can't come up with a running track where I feel "no."

7. ​Hardcore Salsa 2k14 (89) ​Why not? ​Two sets of impossible cueing, misinterpretations and sprinting. Not very fun, nor was the music my taste.

8. ​Blow Me Down (90) ​Why not? ​I got sick of the song, I missed the knee pulls, too many kicks and after a while I was fed up with it. Loved the song but then -^

9. ​We go down (88) ​Why not? ​I actually like this one, don't get me wrong. But I don't think it was as intense as the other three, which is why I chose it.

10. ​Lovers of the sun (88) ​Why not? ​It was boring and my shoulders were in desperate need for help while doing this track. Nah, this was the turning point for Lisa though, since this track the 10's have really been getting better with each release.

11. Time of our lives (90) ​Why not? ​I don't know, probably because it was the warm up for CXworx the same quarter, which was kind of weird for me. It ended up being more a warm up than a cool down.



BODYATTACK 91 has just been released, and as always - I like to review the releases as soon as possible. Before tracks start to grow on me, and before other's reactions hit me.

This release is...

... Intense. I feel like the tracks 4 and 9 (our peaks) are some of the most intense ones we've seen in the history of BODYATTACK. And it's definitely the toughest release in history, if we put the toughness of the T4 and T9 together. (As an example, looking at BA90, We had Turn Up The Club (T4) and Lights and Thunder (T9)).

... Packed with some awesome music. I love every tune. And all my instructor pals do the same.

... Fun!!! It's such a great feel to this release. From the very beginning right to the very end. Our T1 is the happiest T1 I've experienced.


​I know, this is something we instructors say all the time. Even though I already like it a lot, this release might turn into my favorite one ever. I think it will grow on me, and that I will be using almost all of the tracks when I mix tracks in, in the future. At this very moment, this is my release ratings; 85, 91, 90, 87, 89, 86, 88. From favorite to least favorite. 


Things that you may not think of, but is different compared to release 90.

The length of T5, our Athletic Strength track. It's a whole two minutes shorter.

The direction of moves have changed, the moves from side to side has taken a big step up.

There are no tuck jumps.

Theres not overkilling moves going on.

There are no ladder runs.

The Review, Track by Track.

TRACK 1, Warm Up. Four Five Seconds, The Millennials.

Right out of the gates, this uplifting, diverse and heart rate rising warm up gets us moving from corner to corner in our studio. The emphasis on strength is all gone, not much floor work in this T1. Just a plank and a couple of tricep push ups. A LOT of running in this warm up, which really has turned into one of my favorite T1's in a long time, feels smooth, fun, inviting and it really gets you ready for the huge cardio push you'll get from this release. 8/10.

TRACK 2, Mixed Impact. Bills, Power Music Workout.

Well this choice of music wasn't really a shocker. This track fits perfectly to the workout. Running and bouncing, single knees, galloping and the new move Dodge. Not many gallops here, actually just one round of 8 repetitions. Easy to learn, easy to follow, and since there's a lot of running, quite easy to make kind of intense. It feels kind of monotone, and a bit clunky in the transitions. Not the best T2, and my least favorite track of the release. But it's still a fun track. And if you're looking out to see what the Dodge move is, well, go to your most nearby gym. 6/10.

TRACK 3, Aerobics. Heartbeat Song, Power Music Workout.

First word that comes to my mind while doing this track is; how long is this for!? Feels like an eternal T3, but at just around 5 minutes long, it's not at all that long. This aerobic track really connects all the red dots, and creates an aerobic stereotype. Flicks, Jacks, Knees, Double Knee Crossovers, Supermans, Shuffle and Flings. They are all there. Fun track with a lot of great lyrics to hook into. I think my participants will like this track a lot. I know I do, it doesn't bother me that it feels like an eternity. 7.5/10.

First Cardio Peak. TRACK 4, Plyometrics. Ghost Flows, Lefty/Reecey Boi/Xamplify

This track is tough beyond belief. It's a gradually built track, meaning we add intensity as we workout. By following pattern; 8 Jump Squats -> 4 Jump Squats, 1 Burpee -> 2 Burpees -> 3(!!!!) Burpees. Just look at that pattern. And imagine doing the combos four times each set. Except for the last round which we do six times. And oh by the way, we have eight skaters between each set! :D If you push through and do all the burpees, you'll be feeling sick at the end of this track. I love it, the music, moves and the intensity. It drives your heart-rate to max, and makes your legs burrrrrn. Toughest T4 in a verrrrry long time. I have to look back at BA85 to find something compared to the feelings this one gives me. 8/10.

TRACK 5, Athletic Strength. Do It Now, Mashd'N'Kutcher

Here's a treat. At five minutes, two rounds, this insanely tough track five sails up to become my favorite T5 since the format change. Why? Because it never gets boring, but most of all, YOU CAN CHALLENGE YOURSELF! You will make it to the end without losing technique or inspiration to keep going. Many different moves, not to many reps of any move, perfect fit to fun music. I think you'll love this one. And watch out for those inchworms, they will transform you!! 8/10.

TRACK 6, Running. Runaway (U & I), Amnesiax.

I won't tell you whats different about this T6, but I will tell you, it is a bucket of fun. The side to side moves are in this track, and I really like them. It doesn't just feel good, but it looks very cool. The music choice could not be better (I'm Swedish) and the moves really work with the music. Some strength moves in this track as well, but not many. The major focus is movement. No high knee runs, no burpees (thank god), and no... ;) 8/10.

TRACK 7, Agility. Roll The Bass, Major Lazer.

Now make it roll, roll, roll, roll... AH! This agility track is different from the previous six-ish releases. Why? Not a single ladder run! You'll be doing quick feet movements, but no ladder runs. A lot of changing directions in this track. side to side. We do ski jumps - first slow, big ones, to focus on our power, then small quick ones to focus on speed. We do bounces, feet jacks, speed feet sequences, and jumping. In the very last set we have a combo that really is hard to nail, one feet jack, two speed feet, and one wide jump. Try doing that in a fast pace, other than that last sequence, a very entertaining T7! I love this song so I may be partial. 8/10.

TRACK 8, Interval. Pump Up Da Bass, Kandy Krush (Technoposse Remix)

A non-lyric T8 again. The last T8 was a let down for me. This one is better, it is a lot more straight forward, with the all time favorite Run-clap & kick combo back in action. And knee pulls, lots and lots of knee pulls. We almost had a homer with the Diamond Jacks, but it's okay. I like the music, I like the moves, I love the intensity, and I think my participants will as well. Theres not much more to say! 8/10 (lol).

TRACK 9, Power. Take Me To Church, Ocean Edge.

At first I was like: really? Now I'm like: REALLY!?!?!?

Okay, Okay. This track is so intense that I can't even describe the feelings you get while doing it. You get one minute, four moves and fifteen seconds on each move. Then the madness basically hits you like an airplane. It's such a smart choreo, let's start there. You get to push yourself to the max during one short minute, then recover, and that's what we do three times this track. HIIT training. Setting this track up is important, to mentally prepare you have to know that it's just going to be throwing up-feelings for a minute. Because it is, and will be, very hard. High Knee run, Lunge, Speed Knees, Squat Jumps. Bam. You're done. Such an easy track to give it all you've got. And I love it, strong finale to a strong workout. Even though I already love it, I know this will be in my future mixes, an all-time favorite. 10/10.

TRACK 10, Core. What I Did For Love, Karbon Kopy (SubPhoenix Remix)

Another good core track. Lisa has really found a way to choreograph these. Starting from the bottom now we're here. Nowhere near as good as BA90, but a strong runner up. We do pointers, Climbers, Extenders and Crunches. You work your back and your front. Which is the purpose of this track. Good music, good moves, and GREAT that you may at any time sit back and rest to get back in after a few seconds. You might need it after the punch of death in T9. 7.5/10.

TRACK 11, Cool Down. Firestone, Interior And The Stock.

First and foremost, lol. The artist name is... I don't know, Indie.

A lovely track to cool down to. Good choreography, great way to finish this insane workout. I like that we once again get to end it the way we started by doing the same stretch sequence as we do in our warm up. Strong, super strong finale. 9/10.

Overall rating: 9/10



BODYATTACK 90 was released just moments ago, and today it's time to review this release.

- This release has got some challenges, our first peak of the class is nowhere near as tough as the second one.

- The all-time favorite Superman Move is back in the track three, which according to me is one of the best tracks ever.

- This release is, a downgrade in athleticism and an aerobic upgrade, moving somewhere closer to the older releases. (Nothing bad).

- Track 10 is the best core track since the format change. Track 5 is the longest track since the format change, but not the toughest.


I love this release, from the opening stretch to the final shoulder rolls, it flows incredibly well with the music and there's not a single track I feel is out of place. The level of intensity is quite high cardio-wise, although it's easy to decrease the intensity. As I mentioned above, I feel like this release is a little bit less sporty and quite alike the former Attack releases. The Aerobic track is very aerobic, the interval track is packed with high intensity aerobic movements and the power track is filled with repeaters, jacks and high knees.


Track 1, Warm Up. Blank Space (Jack Malavo Edit), Girls Only.

The focus in this track is to get the most of your body warm in a short amount of time. This means we'll do both strength and cardio inspired movements, starting with some easy step touches to get our legs going, we move into our Slow Burpee Sequence. This move is great to use when you want to get many muscles included in one easy exercise, squat->plank->tricep push->plank->Squat stand up. The running bounce combo fits the music very well and overall this is a fun warmup. 7/10.

Track 2, Mixed Impact. Uptown Funk (HumanJive Remix), Power Music.

I love this track. From how well it flows with the music to the chances to really have fun with your participants. Best track two in a long time, very easy to coach. The changes in movements are so easy to follow, the preview three step run is great, the curl to gallop makes the gallop easy and the single knees are easy to hook into. Rock Solid, 8/10.

Track 3, Aerobics. Real Love (KritikalMass Edit), Bank Rollerz.

Okay, OKAY. Everything about this track is just perfection. The music, the moves, the energy, the lyrics, the aerobic feel. It's real love. The supermans, the jacks, the intensity. This will never ever get mixed, It's everything. From the first knees, to the moving knees, to the moving upward punch knees, to the super's, to the jacks to the combo - it's all there. 10/10, no words needed.

Track 4, Plyometrics (First peak). Turn up The Club, Uberjak'd Chardy & Kronic.

First heart rate peak of this release. Just like in BODYATTACK 89, this is a track where we basically never move forward nor backwards and the moves are big, exhausting and FEW. Shuffle, high knee and lunges. That's what we've got. In this circuit style track, our focus is to challenge our speed and power. When we lunge, we aim to stay as close to the floor as possible and when we do out High Knees we aim to lift higher and sprint faster than the music.

The short intervals trick you into working harder and if you really push hard through each move, you'll definitely feel that this track is one of the most exhausting track 4's ever. If you choose not to lift your knees higher and stay lower in your lunges - this is a very easy peak. It's up to you. Rating ranges from 6-8/10.

Track 5, Athletic Strength. Don't Stop The Madness, Hardwell & W&W ft. Fatman Scoop.

Judging by his name, fatman scoop never attends BODYATTACK classes, at least not regularly. This athletic strength track is 7 minutes long, and our target move is, you guessed it, the lunge. 7/3 small range pulses and single lunges that tires out our legs even more. This is according to me the first ever Athletic Strength track where the lower body portion is tougher than the upper body one. The Tricep pushups are 15x3, and they burrrnn, but when your arms already are exhausted we hit the regular pushups and pulse 16 in the bottom. That burning sensation is change. Even though it's 7 minutes long it's manageable, and it is my least favorite track of the release - still a good track though. 6/10.

Track 6, Running. Outside (Kritikal Mass Remix), Hollywood Hustlers.

I really enjoy this running track, it has great music and moves that flow. The only concern is that my poor participants have to count their steps when they are running back to prevent missing out on the starting block position. I like how we've gone from the many laps around the room from BODYATTACK 89, to a lot more out-in work in BODYATTACK 90. It is a greater group fitness feel to it. Love hooking into the lyric "What do you want to be?" It is a great motivational question, and I think people feel that too. It feels kind of short, but it's probably because it's so much fun. 7/10.

Track 7, Agility. Ah Yeah So What?, Will Sparks feat Wiley & Elen Levon

This track is no joke, it's super tough. I feel like the first set with bounces and ladders is hard, but that's just the warmup. The second set is HUGE, with ladderruns, forward sprints and a jump-turn squat, with bounces, bounces + twist, squat jumps and snowboards. I mean, it is incredibly tough (a lot harder than track 8). The point with our agility track is to move faster than we usually do, both f/b and side to side. This track really is really letting us do just that, fast movements. It's fun because I can see that my participants kind of get competitive when this track comes on. 8/10, best track 7 in a very long time.

Track 8, Interval. Blow Me Down (Nick Skitz & Technoposse Remix Edit), DJ Krypt.

Irish style!! This non lyric interval track is really allowing us to focus on our kicks. Three (almost) identical blocks of work with our pulse going up and down three times with big, easy to follow, moves. I personally like to coach this using silence, while the music is quite important for you to get energy to go through this. I like how the steps from low to high intensity are pretty slow and long. The double side flick is back and I think it is a very fun move that fits this track just perfectly. You can play with the irish theme and remove your arm movements to get a more river dance influenced side flick. 7/10.

Track 9, Power. Lights and Thunder, Limestone DJ.

OH MY GOD. This track is ridiculous, at six minutes you'll be hitting the wall hard. Three huge blocks, each set is around 2 minutes long, and it includes knee repeaters, high knee runs, the gruesome two-two-two-somes, jacks and sprints. I feel like this track is a huge challenge for all of us, because if you're used to doing ATTACK, you'll be trying to squeeze as much energy as possible, and that two two two combo really is a challenge. (Two forward jumps, Two Tuckjumps, Two Jacks and one Airjack to low squat landing). The high knees to corner are fast and I as an instructor always try to make sure people really try to lift their knees as high as possible, it's hard - but you will survive. This really is one of those "You have to decide to give it all before the music starts and the moves kick in". Because if you're starting to feel tired after the first set, chances are you'll stop instead of keep on going. 9/10. Great, tough and fun.

Track 10, Core. State of Emergency (Radio Edit), Joel Fletcher.

The same man who made the incredibly tough track four in BODYATTACK 88 is back, this time with a great core track. This track really focuses on each part of your core, with the music feeling right and without having an overkill of one specific move. We start in a side hover which later is extended to a Side hover with crunch, roll over and step into our Mountain Climber position and start climbing. This is where it gets interesting, after this, you roll onto your back and do some parachuters, a great back exercise. To finish it off, we've got 32 top half crunches, 16 of those with your legs extended to 45°... or lower ;) Love this core track! 8/10.

​Track 11, Cool Down. ​Time Of Our Lives, Pitbull ft. Ne-Yo.

​The best part about this cool down track is that you basically can hook into each word they sing. A good stretch with an uplifting tune. I had the time of my life, 7/10.

OVERALL GRADE: 8/!0. Solid release with a lot of bright shining tracks, most of the tracks in this release will probably be used again! Great workout, great music and great fun.

​Thank you for reading!