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Hey guys! I'm just sitting outside tanning and recovering from today's legsesh. It's +23, sunny and its winter!! (Or autumn) im not complaining ;)

Yesterday I did a quick back session before I met up with Chloe for some sushi and a few glasses of wine. Every time I have sushi I always think that I need to have it more often haha. God it's yummy!!!! My favourite is the crab legstick with heaps of ginger, soy and wasabi, nomnomnom...

Today I tried to have a sleep in but woke up at 7am cause I was hungry haha. Didn't feel like doing my cardio today, so instead I had a big, carb breakfast in front of the TV before I went to the gym for a sweaty legsesh. Really put those carbs to work with squats, hip thrusts, lunges etc. finished off with kickbacks superset with this excersise:

And after that my butt was cramping so hard I had to lay down haha. Love it!!

Love having my workout done early. Now I have the rest of the day to relax and catch up with friends :) have a good weekend everyone!



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I've had the best day! Except for one little thing...

I started the day with a walk with my friend Hannah.
Then I had my breakky and went to work. Today I had the 12-week challange program at work and it is SO fun! The best group of people! Such a fun and inspiring day and I'm really looking forward to the remaining weeks :)

At the end of the day I got a phone call from Chris saying we still don't have enough proof for our visa and need to send in a few more things. And I thought we had to pay $280 and was really bummed about that, but I re-calculated and it's actually $360😩😩 so annoying!! But hopefully it's finished after this and I can finally say that I'm an Australian resident...

After work I had some oats and a coffee before I took Will to the stairs for some sprints. Or Will didnt sprint, but I did and died like 12 times haha. This time I did 11 times up and down (last week it was 10) and I'm going to keep adding one more lap until I can do 20. That's what I did when I was at my fittest :)

Now I'm just going to watch tv and relax and tomorrow is FRIDAY!! Yayyy




This week I've started to increase me calorie intake a bit, just to get up to a "normal" calorie consumption and find a good balance in my diet. I'm only three days in and I can already notice a massive difference in my mood and energy! Last week I was soooo tired, emotional and didn't feel like doing anything. This week I feel the complete opposite! And I haven't even changed that much, probably only 200 calories.

Anyway, today I trained shoulders for the first time in ages and I'm even struggling to hold up my phone to write this haha! Round "muffin-shoulders" are one of the most attractive muscle-groups I know so was really looking forward to train today!
Today's sesh:

4x12 military press
4x12 side raises
4x12 front raises
4x12 delt machine superset bicepcurls
4x12 light sideraises superset delts w dumbells

Very basic as you can see, but it doesn't have to be complicated to burn!
I finished off with 10 min on the bike just to get my heart rate up.

We've started a 16-week challange at work and the guys had to do heaps of fitness tests yesterday to be able to track their progress. One of the tests was the plank and one of the guys did 2 min!! I haven't done planks in forever but ofc I had to try to beat that today haha. I managed 2.30 min before I collapsed. Defintely something I need to work on, but I love a challange!

Now it's time for dinner, tonight I'm having chicken, salad, kidney beans and pumpkin, yummmmm!!!

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