Hi Babies!

I've gotten a lot of love from some of you guys, especially on Instagram so thank you <3. The snow is here! It is so cozy, I hope it snows more though because it would be nice to have a lot of snow and make a snowman, and just look outside where it is all white, and just sit there with some hot coco and blankets. AHH!

You can see in both of these pics I have an off shoulder sweater and they are from HM, I have one in red and one in white. They are super warm and cozy and automatically make any outfit a little more cuter with the off shoulders. Dress it up or down it kind of goes with anything.

Get the Sweater here: http://www.hm.com/se/product/79104?article=79104-B

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So 2017 has been a crazy year but so far so good. Despite all the ups and downs I am overall pretty happy with the way I have spent this year. Graduation, going to Bali, the move to Sweden. Getting a job and into university. I have been working out, hanging out with my friends and just trying to focus on myself.

Yesterday I found out my uncle passed away. He is from my dads side and it is pretty hard to imagine loosing people and just the whole process of how easy it is to loose someone. I haven't really thought much about it, but what I have realised is how precious time is. I spent all my life traveling and moving around that I never really got to know both my dads and moms relatives. Thankfully those years I spent in India, I was able to make a close connection with my two aunts who were in Delhi quite often. But not the rest of the family as they were in Nagaland. I wasn't very close with my uncle but I do wish I could have spent more time with him, however I do not regret anything from the past. I have learned what I can do now is just make a better future and now that I am here in Sweden and 18, I will try my best to get in touch with my Swedish relatives and Swedish side.

Today I called my cousin who lives in the US. She is the daughter of my uncle who passed away. The parents separated long ago after an bike accident, nonetheless she grew up there and never really got to know me and Sweden. I called her and just wanted to let her know that I would love to meet her, because we were just little kids/babies the last time we saw each other. Now over a decade later we both are trying to meet up, mostly striving for her to come next summer and experience a Swedish midsummer and see some of this Swedish culture and *half* of who she is. I feel like we can connect well because she is half Swedish and American, where I am also half Swedish and Indian.

It kind of sucks that I really haven't been given the chance to spend time with my relatives from both sides, I realised that after both my grandma and grandpa passed away. So now I really try to strive to be close to my parents, little brother and the relatives who I can still keep in touch with and make some memories.

Anyways, I am doing pretty okay, it is just a very confusing period for me. I thought I would be more open on this blog, it also seems like you all enjoy these posts the most too! I love you all and thank you for reading.

Fia xx



​I am so excited for Christmas and New years, here are some cute and also bomb outfits to slay the holidays, this is more of the *out there* outfits for this post. If you are celebrating with friends per say and want to look a little more fine then these outfits would be perfect. The next one will be a more comfortable and cozy kind of outfit. 

Enjoy xx



Thought I would share some pink inspo with you guys, felt mega pink vibes today. The heart stickers are super in trend rn on instagram. Also go check out my tumblr for more inspiration, I try to post as much as possible, it is always filled with cute inspiration and endless pink related posts.


Some apps I can recommend to help put them in ur photos are:

Sticker Photo Editor






Yesterday as ya'll know was black friday and thank god it has become a little bigger in Sweden. My mom and I decided to go shopping in Barkaby outlet. We found a lot of cute things! I will maybe do a haul later on to show the stuff I bought.

I am so sad that the snow has melted away, but it will soon be back so it is alright. But the winter season is coming up or it is basically already here and I got this new poncho from 'Part Two' and I AM IN LOVE. It is so cozy and warm and cute, and I just want to snuggle up with hot-coco and watch movies. It also matches my unicorn slippers which is a great plus hahah.

Down below is how to get the look with all the products used and the shades. Xoxo

Products Used:

Maybeline FitMe Foundation: Shade 125

MAC Highlighter: Soft and Gentle

MAC lipstick: Ladybug

Maybeline Matte Lipstick: Possessed plum

MAC Gel liner: Black Track

Bareminerals blush: Rose

Too Faced Bronzer: Medium

Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour kit: Medium

Isadora Translucent powder


Its an loose eyeshadow pigment from bare-minerals and its in the shade REFRESH. 

and it is amazing! I just use a little on the brow-bone, tear duct, and the high-points of my face like my cheeks, nose, and upper lip.



What a small world? I enjoyed dinner the other night at Ben and Sam's and we had great food and company from all over the world. We all just caught up and talked about all our mutual friends from around the world, our upbringings, families, and future plans with college, etc.

It's a very cozy restaurant and I highly recommend it! I think it is somewhere in Rådmansgatan. They had great burgers! Also great alternatives for vegetarians!

Which Bag Should I Buy?

#1 StellaMcCartney Tote bag

#2 Gucci Sling Bag 

I'm in love with both of these bags but I honestly have no idea which bag to buy for myself this Christmas, what do you guys think? Please help a girl out. I like both the bags with the gold chains, personally it is easier to match gold for me and it looks better with my skin-tone. So what do you guys think? Should I get the first bag or the second bag?



I am so happy to see some new popular instagram baddies who are asians and embracing them! I love seeing the asian girl and boy community grow, especially on social media! Because we all still slay and show the diverse beauty of asians.

Some pages I recommend:

10 Annoying Things That Asian Girls Hate Hearing


Honey, 95% of the dudes legit ask me what is Nagamese WHICH I UNDERSTAND. Because no one knows what it is lol, but then some of these dudes start googling and are like oh you guys eat snail? Its a date! No. :)


EVERYONE. Also about your social and private life, judging your every move and who you hang out with.


4) Hearing some form of 'You're so Asian' or 'That's so not Asian'.

I always hear this, when I am in Thailand, Philippines, Nagaland or just other countries my mom can be identified as being from there, they will always point out me for not looking fully asian. Family friends and relatives always pointed out how tall or fair you were (which I got from my dads pale ass viking genes). BUT YES. And here in Sweden, I am sooo asian apparently.


Lol I don't even speak my moms language but if I could, hell nah.

6) PEOPLE assume you like certain asian foods bc ur asian.

Do you want pho? Sushi? Kimchi? I actually have never tried Pho myself, and it's tacos all the way

7) Wow! You are really exotic

This is probably the worst ice breaker ever. I mean I feel special I guess :)

8) Asians are good at math.

Holla at ya girl who got a C+ throughout high-school in math..

9) You look like you are 12 years old.

10) Hey, just so you know, I'm really into Asian girls.

I've probably read this line maybe at least 10 times, I mean good for you? Oh, so he is into Asian girls... and only Asian girls. Well, I'm really into guys who don't hit on me just because I'm Asian. So obviously this isn't going to work out. And those asian pick up lines... Gosh I don't even watch anime or any of that stuff and I just get these Naruto yellow fever pick up lines and I am just so confused..



Hey babies! Welcome back to a new post, I am so excited for winter now! It is getting darker and more grey outside, and I just can't wait for the snow to fall down and have a winter wonderland. Also! Christmas is coming up soon, which is so exciting! I wonder what you all will be doing for the holidays this year.

This year I will be in home sweet home and spending it with my family, growing up we really didn't get to spend much time with relatives and family because we moved around so much but other than that I am excited to set up our very own Christmas tree, make gingerbread cookies, caramel, and just share a wonderful evening with my loved ones.

Just this Friday my friend and I decided to visit Gröna Lund for their Halloween themed park with different scary and spooky rides and haunted houses, so we both were super thrilled. It was so fun and scary, we went to Lustiga huset which was pimped up with clowns and other scary stuff and gosh we were literally (just me) screaming my lungs out because I was so scared. I think we both peed a little but its all good, we really just had so much fun together!

I also noticed how in Sweden Halloween is not that big here, bc there wasn't a lot of tricker treaters and stuff. Like in the US and some other places it is such a big deal but I still enjoyed this years Halloween. There were a few clubs that had like themed nights for this event but yeah not too much with the smaller kids I guess.

Enjoy this week babies, I hope everyone who reads this has a wonderful day and week.

Love, Fia



Hi babies!

I just recently got back home after spending a week in Täby. I will living alone dog-sitting for a family friend while they were in Paris. So it was exciting to just spend a week alone and also get out of the house for a little while. So I have been thinking of posting a video of a *My lit Playlist* video. Which idk if any of you guys have seen that but yeah, I have seen a couple videos about it.

Anyways I am wondering if I should post it because I am so scared but we will see. But I will forsure update you guys if I decide to post it.

Other than that, I have been focusing on work, the gym, and my friends! Also it is so cold here in Sweden so today I bought at new jacket at Zara and some other new makeup, cozy sweaters and boots for the cold season. It is a must here tbh bc I have been trying to live off the clothes I had when I was living in Jamaica and tbh I am suffering.

But this week I have a lot of time off because it is höstlov! So no classes to teach, and I will be posting at least two new posts this week so stay tuned! xx



Peach - Nude - Brown - Gold 

So far some fav pieces of mine for this early fall weather to stay cute and flirty, I love these colors which are just perfect for this season and to stand out for a loveable look! Go check them out babies xx