In memory of my 7 years that I have lived in India here is a post of some pictures from and of India and the beauty it has to offer! Happy 70 years of independence!

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Under 200

1. HM - Shoulder bag with gold accents: 149 kr

Perfect for a day to night time look, it is practical and easy to use as you can keep it on your shoulder to carry some essentials.

2. Mango - Red accent flower clutch: 129 kr

This clutch has a side handle which you can wrap your hand around in to give extra support, but the flower detailing can bring an outfit together especially if it is a simple outfit.

3. Zara - Florcal print clutch: 199 kr

The last clutch is such a cute bag which can spice up an outfit, I would match this with a white dress or something with a white blouse and some blue jeans. Or even bold colors like orange and yellow.The sparkles and dazzles help separate the old grandma vibe with something more youthful and fun.

Under 500

1. River Island - Pink and black cross body tote bag: 449kr

The style is very different but I love the pattern! It reminds me of the Burberry signature pattern, and also has such a cute work and classy feel to it. Making any outfit appear more preppy and put together.

2. Zara - Multicolored handbag with beading: 299 kr

The embroideries on the front give such a glamorous feel and the detailing give such a nice earthy vibe which can be applied to any outfit, I would suggest following up with something with more brown or white tones or even yellow, red, and orange outfits. Anything that is warm.

3. Top shop: Red cross body KYLIE BIRD: 349 kr

Under 1000

Love Moshchino: Evening shoulder bag in vanilla: 1000 kr

I love this bag, it is adorable! The warm vanilla color just makes this bag such a cute out in the day for a lunch or brunch type of bag. It is simple and also can go well with outfits which are either simple or busy.

2. Guess - Cross body baby blue : 800 kr

The blue python print is so pretty which gives both a fun and sexy vibe, the blue brings out a sassy edge to this bag and print.

3. Tommy Hilfiger - Yellow cross body: 800 kr

This color is great for both summer and early fall. It is a bold statement bag which can bring life to any outfit! The silver detailing gives a more proper element. Perfect for any occasion.



Guys so I have tumblr! You can follow me if you would like 'fiaberry'

I was thinking of making a shopping budget like *under the ...* and I will do different items such as bags, shoes, makeup and clothing items. I will do this in Swedish Kr since I live in Sweden and assuming most of my followers are also Swedish or in Scandinavia.

So stay tuned for a post of under the budget!

The great thing about tumblr is that there is so much inspo that I like to use for my own photos, paintings, and other home decoration. I like pinterest too but tumblr has a more aesthetic vibe to it. And down below is an overview of my tumblr! It is so cute with the baby pink and the marble background.



I came across this girl on Instagram who is absolutely gorgeous and has such a cute face! But what I love most about this photo is the lip color!! Blue is so in as well as just wearing bold lip colors.

Her instagram: erikalipps

Mine: fialindstromm

Speaking of blue, I bought a dark blue matte lip-cream from NYX in the shade Moscow. It definitely is darker but I really love how it looks in when it is dried completely to a matte shade. I also think this would be good for concerts, a night out at the club or for costume related events like halloween which is coming up soon.

1. I am half Swedish and half Nagamese (North East India)

2. My favorite color since my parents and I can remember has always been pink

3. I have never colored my hair

4. I love eating octopus (would love to go to South Korea and eat those live ones just for the fun and experience but also to see how it tastes)

5. I have trypophobia, which is like pretty common. It is the fear of like small clumps of irregular holes and patterns.



So a lot has happened since my move back but I'm back!

I got my results from University, I got into the the places which were far from home and I am on reserve as number 21 for Stochkolm university and decided to decline my place in the other programs and keep a reserve place for me in SU. With this I have decided to keep this semester free from school and now focus on internships and gaining new friends and exploring myself. I have been working this summer in an internship at India Unlimited and Stockholm Culture festival and now that has ended.

So what's next?

I applied for as an english speaking nanny and teacher at Upgrade where I just landed an interview on Thursday. Which I am hoping goes well. I actually have experience as a babysitter when I use to live in India and I was a swim instructor so I don't mind being around kids and taking care of them, the big bonus is me being able to speak english at the job. 



Celebrating the arrival of the Lindstrom family and Krishnan in Sweden, as they plan their trip to Italy for wine tasting. It's wonderful to be back to be honest and it feels so free here, so much to do and you can really do anything here because transportation is so easy, the sun never really goes down, and people are wonderful here.

However how is summer so far for everyone? I´ve been settling down at the new house, and got myself a gym membership at Fitness 24 seven. I have been trying to get myself going with work and figuring out the next step for school as-well.

To make the smoothie:

Frozen strawberries & raspberries

1/2 of a frozen banana

1 Whole Kiwi

A handful of spinach

3 spoons of yogurt

Then I top it off with some granola and today I decided to have kiwi as my topping.



Look at some pictures from this beautiful collection from the designer. I wish I had taken more photos but I was so busy looking and admiring the models and the outfits.

Here are some pictures from the dinner at Leela Palace which was beautifully set up, the food was amazing and the architecture in this place is phenomenal. I didn't take any pictures from the outside of the building because it was during the night time and so dark but here are some I found online of the hotel! Enjoy the last day of the weekend babes! xx



Gosh time is flying by so fast. I haven't even realised the short amount of time left I have in Bali, anyways guys!! One day left in Bali then I'm going to India, well only for 3 days because then after I'm going to be going to Sweden for my big move! I'm so nervous but I'm ready for change and a new beginning.

Black Beach

Go green they say, I have tried so hard to make green smoothies at home but they taste kind of bland, I feel like i should add some berries to make it more "enjoyable". Maybe some frozen mango too. What are some tips for green juices or smoothies you guys have? I always like to add spinach and mint to mine.



It is summer and it's time to bring out some color! I got a new top which is off shoulder and it is so comfortable and I love how it goes with both black and white or even blue jeans.

Blouse: Guess Jeans: Gina Tricot Heels: Guess

Today I reunited with an old friend of mine who also lived in India 5 years ago, so today we decided to go to a burger cafe in the city and then after walked around and did some shopping and got some coffee and caught up on some old memories and updates of our lives after all these years.

Also I am planning soon to do a room tour so stay updated! All the rest of my things that go along for my room will come in August all the way from India. So it might be a little later or I can just go a before and after post.



Which bag do you guys like?

The first two are velvet, and the last one is leather. Leather is easier to clean and maintain but I think the velvet also looks so amazing. And have you seen the embellishing on the middle one? So unique I love it!

What do you loves think about these slip on shoes? I have seen that they have become really popular lately, I liked these ones that I found online, what do you think?