Peach - Nude - Brown - Gold 

So far some fav pieces of mine for this early fall weather to stay cute and flirty, I love these colors which are just perfect for this season and to stand out for a loveable look! Go check them out babies xx

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It's Offically Autumn!

I am so in love with orange lately, I have also been using orange lipsticks mixed with some matte browns! I will update a makeup look to show how you can achieve the lip look! As well as my new fall makeup, where it is all about brown and orange shadows, orange blush, and a winged liner. Stay tuned babies!

I know I haven't been active on the blog lately but my friend from the US is visiting me so we have been super busy going out everyday and I am also working at the same time. So it has been pretty busy lately, also! I am taking a course in Stockholm University from Jan - March, it is just a course about business and Ethnology. So I am super excited! My friend Sharon will also be joining me at the same university who will study another course about Education and how people work in society, etc.



What makes you happy? 

Hey Babies!

The rainy weather in Stockholm has made me feel a bit gloomy so I thought I could share some photos and videos that make me happy. Hope this makes everyones Thursday a bit brighter!

Here are some things that make me happy:

Being in love

Going to the movies

Long walks in the forest and beach

Music: especially deep house

Sleeping in my own bed

Cuddling and horror movies

Being with my friends and family


Painting on a big canvas



Hi Babies! How are all of you?

I got a lot of comments and some people even messaged me on my Instagram, emailed or Facebook, so thank you to those who did and even those who read or liked the post <3 Today I would like to discuss being alone. Something I have always been a afraid of and hated. I was afraid of being alone because I was scared of my own thoughts, I was scared of feeling sad, angry, confused, I didn't like second questioning myself.

The way it kind of started was in middle school when I was surrounded with so many friends and having unserious middle school boyfriends, but it kept me busy and make me feel like I wasn't alone and constantly busy. When I moved to Sweden for my about 2 years I was dating this guy who was in the same class as me for two years, we basically did and had every class with each other except for French and Spanish class. Everyday he would walk me home and come over, and pick me up from school for two years. I was never alone. As soon as I moved to India we broke up and a couple months after I dated this other guy, who is from Berlin. We dated for 6 months, long distance meant no lonely nights for myself, I was talking to him during any chance I could get, typing, making videos, sending selfies of what I was doing. I think you get the point. This went on for about six months until we broke up. During our break up I felt so lost and lonely, I decided to just be an open book and meet guys, this was Junior year in highschool. That summer thankfully is where I met my latest boyfriend, who is Swedish.

This boyfriend, we were in long distance for 2 years. He visited India a couple times and I visited Sweden when I could, we were talking everyday and night, falling asleep on the phone, etc. I was basically like a baby, all these relationships during my teenage and highschool career stopped me from exploring, making mistakes, and just getting to know who Sofia is. That's partly why I felt so lost.

What I have realised after all my break ups are valuable lessons, and right now I need to take time for myself. Because I don't know who I am, and probably won't for a long time. I want to make mistakes, explore, make new friends, and go on dates. I am a strong believer in marriage and I am also religious, although I have had these thoughts with especially my last ex, I know the first real love isn't the right one or who knows it could be? But fate, god, and basically life will guide me in my own path, so who knows if I meet any of my ex's 10 years from now and we decide to keep being strangers? or friends? or even date? who knows.

May your choices reflect your hopes, not fears. 

What I am trying to say is, the world is yours. You create your own life meaning and happiness. The people in my life especially my ex's don't define who Sofia is. I do. And that's one of the biggest lessons I have ever learned from my ex's and friends and family. They won't have the answer to my life and who I am, which is what made most of my relationships tough and I can admit that.

So hopefully on this blog, you guys will see my progress of finding myself in our big yet small world. I will keep you guys updated.

Love Fia



Hi babies! So I asked in one of my posts when I was leaving India for Sweden if you guys wanted me to to a post about what it was like living in India. And a lot of you voted yes!

Why we moved?

So while my family and I were in Cancun, Mexico my dad got a three job offers one to India, Panama City, and Barbados.. This was basically the big break for my dad, because when he was living in Jamaica my family hardly saw him. Ericsson was rebuilding and expanding in the whole of the Caribbean so I never saw him. My mom and my maid Andrea were the ones in the pictures and helped me get ready for school and homework etc. So after a couple months we moved to India, and there were so many valid reasons why, first of all my dad would have his main office in Delhi so he wouldn't have to travel all the time. Secondly my mom is from Nagaland, and she wanted my brother and I to learn about the diverse Indian culture. Every-time my little brother and I saw an asian woman or child we would always say my mom and them were the same and we didn't understand our Naga culture. It was also a great chance to get to know my grandparents and my mom's 13 siblings (5 of which are adopted).

Tuk - tuk 
My Experience 4-7th grade

July 2008, I was finally in India and started the 4th grade at the American Embassy School. A huge campus, with mostly American staff, it was so secluded from India, because inside the gates of my school was like living in Europe or in North America, except we were still in India.

My experience living in India has been magical, I was exposed at such a young age to the unfortunate that I got to learn so much and be thankful for what I had. I had a driver to take me to school, an in-house maid and cook, security guards outside our apartment building. But it was hard, it felt very secluded. I wasn't exactly allowed to go out on the street or to the playground whenever I wanted, so my friends and I made the most of the time in school where it was safe from street dogs and cars, etc.

As time passed I soon started middle school (6-8th grade), joining the track and field team, swim team and grew a passion for art and plays. I was getting good grades with lots academic honors list. I loved my life there in India, I had my best group of friends and family there. My eldest aunt Mung was living with us in our guest room and we were so close which was so nice because I felt like I had the big sister I never had. And since my school was so big all my friends were from different parts of the world! It was great to be exposed to so many people from different countries and to India.

Stay Tuned for Part 2!



Hi guys, I thought I would get a little bit more personal on this blog today. Honestly I have been going through a few things right now. I have been through a really tough break-up with my ex who we have dated for 2 years. We are on good terms, and friends. We met up and decided to use that night to just clear the air and put all the cards on the table, it was one of the hardest yet best nights of my life, but I faced my fears and got the closure I needed. If my ex is reading this, you will always have a special place in my heart, and I love you my best friend. I hope in a couple years from now things are better for both of us and we find happiness.

I have been taking time for myself. The move back to Sweden is hard, or harder than I thought. In Sweden, I had to move away from my house, my school, all ALL of my friends and some family members. In addition to that I lost this guy who was there for me during these two years. So it has been a bit hard lately, thankfully my best friend Sharon will be visiting me for two weeks in October. It's been harder to make new friends and keep busy since I am not in school, and don't have those childhood friends like everyone here.

So I have been feeling a bit lonely. I lost a lot of friends along the way when I was graduating abut the break up has also made me discover new and true friends. I just started my new job so thankfully I am getting busier but I am trying to move forward from my past and create my own and new chapter. The one about Sofia. I haven't been single or alone for the longest time. In my early teens I started getting into intense relationships, I first dated a guy for two years, a long distance one for 6 months, and the one that just ended for a bit over two years. SO this is my big break, I intend to use this time to focus on myself. Find my own identity you could say.

This is one of the hardest parts you could say, I have never lived in a country for over 4 years because I kept on moving across oceans since I was a baby. I also have never had my own room until now where I am allowed to hang up things on the walls and design it in the way I want, it feels so weird.

To be honest, I am scared. Scared to be alone and with change, but that's okay, everything will get better in time. Sometimes we just have to face those uncomfortable battles alone, but I promise and I know that I will get through this hard period in my life. And many more bumps will come too and I hope to be happy and fight through life's obstacles.

My best friend Sharon is planning to move to Stockholm to start studying here and I am ever so thankful to have her in my journey of growing up and finding myself, ourselves. It is hard, I have never lived in Sweden and my Swedish isn't the best. I really miss all my friends and my old life. So I hope whoever reads this understands why I have been so off and kind of just been posting posts which aren't that amazing. But this is me. If you guys are going through anything or changes or having a hard time, please just contact me anywhere! I am here for you <3

Love, Fia





Tropical Apparel 

Hey babies! I thought I would just do a small post regarding some of my favorite outfits that I love and recommend mend for the tropical weather. Take it from me who has been living in Jamaica and India, I promise you I will be posting more outfits which are perfect for the tropical weather so we can just skip the basic jeans and tank/top look so we can be slaying the vacation away. xx

White Off-shoulder dress
Two Piece Blue Set

These two outfits are great examples of such an effortless yet exclusive outfit. I love how these dresses can go for any occasion, wether it be dinner at the beach, hanging by the pool, sight seeing, basically anything. They are flowy and super comfy. It is also very breathable so you won't feel hot or humid in the tropical weather. I also love the polkadots bc it brings back a cute and flirty vibe to the outfit.



The embrace the autumn season coming up I thought I would share some outfits which I think are perfect for early autumn when it is not too cold, what I love about these basic outfits is how they have intricate cuts and designed so it brings the outfit from such a basic item to something much more and make any flawless outfit come together so easily.

You can pair these items with jackets, coats, and add some boots, heels or any type of sneaker or flats.

Formal Party Wear
Kickback Coffee Dates 



Hey Babes I thought I would share with you how to get the perfect summer glow or makeup but more subtle as it is September now so we might need to bring in a few warmer and darker tones!

Today I will be recommending products from just The Body Shop, which is available in Sweden and almost anywhere in the world. The thing thing about this brand is that is is cruelty free and focuses so dearly on the environment and recycling.Great news! You will get free shipping for the purchase of over 300 kr! So go and look and treat yourself honey!

My Holy Grails for Glow
                                     Glow Kit Highlighter Sun Dipped