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Hello Pepe's! Now school is finally over for today which is a relief to be honest ahah. For me at least. I hope you all are doing well!!
I'm not that good since I noticed that I'm lacking like salt and Iron in my body right now which is messing me up but that's life of not really eating properly since I'm always tired, cold, feeling depressed, headaches and problems with concentrating during exams and classes plus I'm constantly shaking...

Right now I am on my way home and I'm talking to my babe and just deciding some stuff and how we are gonna do this weekend.
Plus I really do need to start packing which I think I will do when I get home now. I have 3 more days to pack for 4 days in a cold ass country hahah.

But I'll talk to you babes more when I get home!



Squad and friends, Weekday

Good morning loviesđź’•
Today it is the most hated day on earth MONDAY and I'm on my way to school.

This weekend was heavy but so much fun like seriously, I miss squad already...

A short update!
I'm in school this week and then I'll maybe meet up with Bae on Friday or Saturday if I'm done packing.
Since I'm leaving around 8pm on Saturday night and I'm sooo excited!!! I haven't been in Sweden for what like 4 years during the winter. So first time seeing snow after 4 years!!!
But I'll miss my bae sooo badly... like I already miss him and it hurts now...
it's no fun...
But then i be back next week Thursday evening/ midnight so Friday is school I think.. but then I think it's plot during that Saturday Haha but I'm just guessing.

Now I'm off to sleep since I'm on the bus and I start in 30... today is a long day. I finish at 4pm and then I have dance tonight as well...
ughhh but it will be fuuun!!



Squad and friends, Weekend

Today is a lazy day since I had a great day yesterday.
I don't know what to say about yesterday haha!
Rn I'm in my little brothers bed watching Netflix and almost sleeping!

Here are a few pictures from yesterday!
I love squad, my boyfriend, bestie and big brother❤



School, Traveling!, Weekend

Right now i am in my bed doing some work and i felt like i really did need to update this blog, so lets update!
As some people may say "New Year, New Me" haha i don't really go by that so im gonna say "New Year, Same me but with different goals". Last year i didn't really finish all my goals which means that i will finish them this year. Let's hope for the best because i'm never good with resolutions haha but let's try again!

This week has been a Karma week like seriously, i started school on Wednesday and i've had karma since then and now im getting sick this is just great...
Anyways next week is a heck of a hectic week and it all starts tomorrow yaay! Tomorrow will be a good day tho, so the plan for tomorrow is plotting with squad and Boyfriend, Food and Just chilling but I think i will do some recording just a few clips from tomorrow and make it in to a video that i can post so people get a feeling of the Nairobi Life and for fun Of course! BTW don't forget to check out their Youtube! I have been loving their new Song "Try us" You can find their channel under this post and don't forget to subscribe! You can find them on Soundcloud as well!

Then i am in school for the whole next week, Saturday 12am I am traveling to Sweden with my mum since my dad is leaving tomorrow. I am hopping for some vlogs but you never know. Then i have 2 free days and its Sunday and Monday ill tell you more about that plan later. Then the rest of the days i will be looking at schools with my parents and then Thursday afternoon i am traveling back to NBO Aka squad town haha.

I am going to try my best to update at least 2 times a day haha from tomorrow but we all know how that went last time, let's give it another shot if it doesn't work out i will update whenever during the day or night.
Now i am off to do some changing and driving since we are going out for dinner then my Friday is over and i'm looking forward to tomorrow so badly right now!! Pictures will come up tomorrow i can tell you now already!!

Beauty is True Friendship <3 Love this girl! @annasedig



Holidays, Goalzz & Favvs, Traveling!

Yesterday me and Anna (@annasedig ) decided to pull the squad together just for fun. So we pulled up to the Swedish school pool for the day. It was fun and we got a few cool squad pictures. Don't forget to follow them on Instagram for even more.
Sean's: @preezyofficial
David's: @davjunofficial
Dwayne's: @dwaynepeter98
Anna's: @annasediig
Mine: @felicia.wandesson

They post allot more than I actually do so go follow them for more pictures from plotting and events! Btw and you will see me allot on Davids Instagram maybe because he's my beloved boyfriend haha.
Now we are off to Naivasha!



Holidays, Weekday

Today was crazy but soo much fun! So today we did the last parts of christmas shopping and i meet up with a friend. Then i was off to Junction to meet up with the squad, i meet up with them and i had so much fun even tho i was soo tired. Plotting was so much fun the day before Christmas and now its almost Christmas for me so MERRY CHRISTMAS BBOOOSSS!!

Enough about that here are a few pictures from today and a few pictures of me and my boyfriend hahah!

Soo goodnight and i love you guys like crazyyy <3

So here is me and my bae David Junior. He means the world to me and he seriously changed my life <3

So this is the squad and no one messes with it.




I feel like a kid! like i cant't even describe how excited i am for Christmas tomorrow!!! Anyways right now its pretty late but i have work to do so no sleep for me tonight!

How are you guys doing?? Im doing pretty goood!
The plan for today is mostly get the Christmas shopping done and then maybe go meet my boyfriend and the squad since its Christmas love timeee!

But for now im stuck in my bed with my water and my swedish chocolate and a calendar for planing the next month,
So right now i am actually editing a video since i recorded one for fun and i will tell you when it's up. I will be vloging both today and on Saturday just for fun and sine it's actually Christmas!



weird.., Weekday

Three things i wanna relive: The day i meet SDP,

Three things I appreciate: My family, Boyfriend and my amazing friends

Three things I want: A new vloging camera, a kid ( but not nooow haha ) and then new make up

Three things I Love to do: Hang around SDP and them, talk to my boyfriend and photography

Three things that describe me: Music, Love and Make Up/ Fashion

Three Things i can't live without: My family/boyfriend/ SDP and my phone and my camera

So heres a little update on the THREE THINGS that i did during the summer but i did it in swedish heheh!



Holidays, INSPO, Outfit

Okay so now it's 2 days left until the Swedish Christmas which is pretty excited since i know that my dad was in Sweden about 2 weeks ago and he asked me what i wanted for Christmas so i made a little list off things that i mostly needed from Sweden. Today has been a chill day since i spent the night and the morning with my boyfriend just really doing nothing. When he left i sleep for like half the day and then around 5:40 i decided to go for a run or whatever you say haha. Now i've been stuck in the sofa since like 6 something just doing some work that i have to get done and plan my Christmas holiday. Which BTW Reminds me that i need to get my Christmas theme on here on my blog and i really do need to make a few changes around here. So that''s what i am gonna do now with music in my ears and a really tired brain. but work is work and it has to be done soon so let's get it done and then the bed is calling!
Now here are a few picatures from today just for fuuun!

Yup here are a few pictures from today and then i have a few videos but i'll probs do a Youtube video about that soooo yaa. Now here are a few pictures off me and my friend Anna ( @annasedig ) From my school christmas graduation yesterday evening and my boyfriend took these pictures so all creds to him! <3
Soo go read her blog! @annasedig

Now i am off to do a few edits with the blog so bye for now lovies! <3 <3