Hello lovieesss, yesterday was crazyyyy I'm telling youuu! I had so much fun and if you wanna keep up with my daaays follow me on snapchat!! @fellanlicia

Anyways today is just a chill day so what I've been doing today is stable duty and then sleeping ahahha
Now I'm watching YouTube in the sofa and just resting. I'm gonna go for a run in like an hour when the sun sets a bit because it's waaay to hot outside right now...

But for now I'm gonna do some clothes shopping and make up shopping online haha I need it for sure💕

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Hello my lovies! Hope you had a great day!! I decided to take some time off from the blog because of a few reasons but heck yeah now I'm back!!

Today is my dads dinner meeting at our house so I'll probably be watching series but before that let's go for a run and eat avocado!! Then shower and get dressed😘
I really do need to stick to my healthy diet... because junk food is only messing my body up...

Then later on before I sleep I'll do some Spanish homework and blog work so today is basically a chill daaay!

I've missed you guys like soo much!! Btw I have something planed for the blog or my next blogpost for tomorrow🙌🏼😭
Can't waaaittt!!!
Now let's get going before the guests comeee!
Love yah💕




1. When is your birthday?
My birthday is 25th of Maaaaay!

2. How old are you turning??
I am turning 16 even tho people think i look 18 hahah i love people sometimes!!

3. What was you're favorite present that you've ever received?
I think it was my camera that i got for my 14th birthday so about two years ago, i still use the same camera and it's the Sony Alpha 58 it works perfectly!

4. Are you having a party this year? if so what are you doing??
I am still thinking about it and i have like what 2 months left to plan and think!

5. How do you usually celebrate your birthday?
I usually spend my birthday with Friends or Family but i've mostly been with my family! This year it's with my Boyfriend and Friend!

6.) What was the most memorable birthday that you had?
Tbh i don't have such a good memory haha but i would probs say any from my childhood!

7. If you had an unlimited amount of money what would you do for your birthday?
Hmmmm i would go for a shopping spree with my best friend and then i would probs donate some money as well and then i would save allot.

8. What’s your birthday wish list?
This year it's not allot it's mostly make up, room decor and like camera stuff.

9. If you only had one birthday left, what would you do for your birthday?
I thick i would travel and do like risky things for fuuun hahah

10.) Show a picture from your birthday, preferably an embarrassing one
hahah i so would if i actually had any rn which i don't..



Goood morning lovies!!! Today I have a 3 hours long swedish exam aka Finals and then I have one for 2 hours on Friday.
But if you stay positive everything will be good hahah idk why but I'm in such a good mood today which is really gooood!

Today I'm vlogging and I got so much motivation for like YouTube and my new routines that I'm starting so I'm actually vlogging today and if I can I will most probably hit the gym after school!

But for now let me do my exam and I'll talk to you tonight! Love youuu💕



Morning lovies! How are you guys doing today??

I am actually really good since i've been dating my boyfriend for 4 months now!! It's really insane but i really do love him and i am so happy so be able to call him mine! <3

Right now i am in Biology class tho haha and yeah we type on our laptops so i can blog and so on! Today is a 2 hours biology class which isn't that fun but whatever.... Then i have lunch, sports and musical rehearsal then i am done with my Thursday!!!

I am going to try my best to keep on blogging everyday... i know i keep on saying that but i really have toooooo




So today isn't the best day of the week... I tbh don't have anything against Monday it's just not my fave day.
How are you guys btw!?

I'm actually doing pretty well right now, just chilling in bed editing my video for Wednesday and making a list of things I have to do for the night!

School was okay since I got a migraine but I got to meet my babe Today so that's positive!!
Other than that I have a test tomorrow that I have to study for tonight.
Then I guess it's work for the rest of the night... like yesterday.

I had so much fun during brunch yesterday even tho it made me feel sick.

Now back to work and I'll talk to you guys later on!!💕



Dance... hm then you may think what about dance right?
Then I say my future in 5 months.

So this is how it is. I'm am moving home in 4 months and I've been looking for a school for about a year. I finally found the perfect one.
And I'm gonna do the dance program ofc. What else would I do.
That's only the first year.
The second year I am gonna do musical for the two last years of my school until I graduate!
So my three upcoming years will only be dance and music in school.

Which I'm sooo looking forward to!! Dancing for like 6 hours a day and then just performing in front of people, to inspire people with something that I love doing!

Dance is one of my fave things to do in the world and I've done it since I was 3 years and I'm never gonna stop no matter what!!
I love dance, it means the world to me.
It makes me feel like someone actually understands me. Like I can dance my feelings out through someone else that's not me.

Dance is dance and I love it❤



Sooo today it's Sunday and I didn't Blog anything yesterday since nothing really happened.
What I did yesterday was meet up with Bee's and SDP so we chilled until I had to go home around 7pm. I wasn't really feeling that well but why not go see them anyways?
It was fun and now I'm already planing this weekend next weekend!

Anyways today we are going for a family brunch at Radison hotel and I have tons of work with me that I need to get done today. So my bag is filled with work and school shit but it's gonna be worth it!

Today's Outfit is!!
Jeans: Cubus
Shirt: BikBok
Hat: Adidas
Bag: Kate Spade
Shoes: Hillary Duff

Let's get this day started!!!



Weeellll hello there hahah it's been a week...
I'm so bad at this but as long as I update it's okay!

Now I'm on my way to school and it's Friday which means short day! But today we are twisting it a bit sooo I'm having a sleepover and we are gonna do a bit of turn up. Just for fun since it's been i while I turned up.

So let's leave my tummy empty for the day and turn up at night. After school we are gonna go get snacks and stuff at westgate with my mum and then we'll see what we'll dooo❤

I really do miss talking to you guys so maybe I should start updating almost everyday hahah.
Btw I created a Twitter Acc @Felliwandersson
Sooo go follow me.
I will be posting pictures and just random thoughts!!