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Good morning guys! Guess who filmed 2 YouTube videos yesterday and is vloging today?
MEEEE!! Sooo I'm vloging because I'm going to the coast since I have spring break now!!

It's been a while since I last bloged on here it's because I started a Swedish blog as well that I've been updating and as I always say if you wanna see more of me you should follow me on snapchat @Fellanlicia I Update like daily!!!

Since it's been a while I redid my hair sooo I have new hair... hihi i fixed my hair extensions so I'm wearing my ombré hair exertions noooow!

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School, Weekday

Today I have a short day so right now I'm in maths and I have lunch in 15 minutes. Then 2 more lessions and then I'm out!! Because I'm going to the hair dresser so I can fix my haaair yaaas! And since I'm going somewhere after school as I said and I have a few errands to run I decided to try vloging in public... it's so scary but I'll try my best so we'll see how it goes!



Outfit, School, weird..

Gooodmorning!!! I hope you all are doing well! I am pretty ok.
Sooo yesterday I had my first basketball match and it was really fuun but I'm so tired today like omg.
I'm so so sorry for not keeping up with the blogging and I have up on the challenge since I haven't really had time to blog!

Anyways so today is Friday which means short day and I'm going to a friends house after school just to meet up with her before she moves on Sunday morning.
Then I'm gonna go home and study a bit and just do some writing.

Because Saturday I'm going to meet up with a guy friend from my old school and then I'm going to a party in the evening but I'll tell you more about that tomorrow!

Now I'm off to school and it's just not interesting really.

I will show you my outfit and a few team pictures from yesterday! And some are up on the school website so I'll link it and you guys can go check it out!!

Today's OOTD is:
Shirt is my mums and it's bought at Mr Price.
Shorts are Hollister of course!
Shoes I'm wearing just plain black ballerina shoes.
Then I'm wearing a jacket from Cubus.

Aaand you guys we took it home! 27-24! Our first match!

Here's the link:

I'll do it better when I get home! Love you guys!!



Outfit, School, weird..

Hello there babes it's been a while not really but ok!

I didn't go to that festival during the weekend but I went to a guy friends house and I hung out with my good guy friend and I had so much fuun.

That Saturday night I got sick... so I'm sick now but school is the number one priority still I guess!

Sooo today is a short day then I'm going for dinner and it's only 85 day until my best friend is coming baaaack!!
I'm in a good mood but I'm not feeling my very best and my bloging game suck right now ok...

I'll update you guys when I get out of school!

My outfit today is kinda fall love.
I'm wearing a black skater skirt from JC and a tank top from Cubus.
The sweater is also from Cubus to top it off I'm wearing my pink Yeezy Boost!



Weekend, Feelings, INSPO

Today it's like one of those days when it's so hot you can't even sit in the car with AC it's still waaay to hot.

Anyways today is for me Summer Vibes day because I am walking around in my flower dress and I'm going to a festival tonight!
I've been so excited for this day since like a month back!

I was supposed to record a video today but that never happened since I wasn't feeling well and it turned out that I got my period... soooo well see how well I will be able to keep my mood up. Hihi! But I'm vloging today instead to make it up!!

Now I'm on my way home with G-Eazy in my ears to pack for tonight!



School, Weekday

Sooo this is how it is. I though I blogged this morning or am sure I did but it had been deleted since it didn't upload. But that was this morning!

Most of my friends are right now watching Justin Bieber in Sweden today and tomorrow mean while I'm in school and watching Netflix at home all by myself...

But I've had a pretty good day even though I wasn't feeling my very best yesterday.

I've had 4 classes today and one of them was sports and we played basketball against the guys.

Now I'm in the sofa watching transformers and I've not moved from this sofa since I got home around 4 and it's 8 now hihi!

Tomorrow it's fridaaay which means short day and I'm fixing my laptop!

Saturday I'll see what I'm doing but I'm Probs sleeping at a friends house and yeah.
But we'll see now I'm gonna keep on watching my movie!



School, Emotions & Feelings, weird..

Well hello there my Lovies!
Right now I'm am on the bus on my way home from school. Sitting in a weird position which is pretty comfortable yes yes.
That's just meeee!

I'm sorry for not bloging yesterday night. I had a few panic attacks during the day and then I had one before I went to bed and I just felt like I was to tired to blog and really not in the mood.

Today I am feeling about better but i don't know what's going on with me really. Now my whole body hurts for no reason and my head hurt af.

But that's not what I was gonna talk with you guys about!!!

Weeeelllll I am thinking about changing it back to Swedish but I don't know. Should I or not??

I've started my YouTube channel again!! I uploaded a video yesterday and I'm not really sure when I should upload so i would appreciate if you would tell me what day and what time you would want me to upload.

Oh yeah! I can't believe I'm turning 16 next year May omg!!!
I can do so much more Like I can start driving, I can start earning money since I can start working and so much more!

Now I'm off to We Heart it for inspo pics so I'll see you guys when I see you!!



Weekday, weird..

​Ahaha Heeey lovies! Ive missed you sooo much!
 Right now i am editing a video and listening to a podcast mean while uploading new video. 

So there are a few new things that i want to mention but i cant really tell you yet. But I will probs tell you tomorrow morning or evening. Hihi i am sooo excited!!!

Anyways! As i said i am listening to a podcast where they ae talking about Veganism and as you guys may i know i am vegan and so on! 

Tomorrow is Tuesday which means long day just like today but i have my religions test... which is not that fun

Now i am of to sleep and my new video is up around 7am swedish time or 8 am Nairobi and Amsterdam time!




Weekday, School, Weekend

Well Wednesday's are okay from my opinion since it's a half day for meee!
Anyways let's see what's been going on since Thursday last week.
School on Friday so that's not really interesting ahaha.

Saturday was different since I went to my old school ISK for a "event", I meet all my old classmates which was fun.
I went to village market with some of them.
Then I slept at Sonia's and then I just stayed home for the rest of Sunday.

This weekend I'm Probs gonna hang with a guy friend from ISK on Sunday. Since he has a tennis match and then we are going to village Market again so we can catch up with each other.
The weird thing is that most of the people at isk are sooo fake but not him soo I've actually missed him hihi.

Now I'm off to school and we'll see what I do when I get home!




School, Weekday

Hi there. It's been about a week and I'm not really feeling ok. But I've just felt so lost with out talking to you guys.

How are you???
I'm okay ish but I've just got stuck in like this period where nothing feels right...

Anyways now I am on my way home and my dad got home yesterday night and we got a FKN PS4!!!! So now it's playing and sleeping when I get home.

I wanna get rid of this illness as fast as possible even though I really can't get out of my depression in a sec. But I'm still working on it.

I've missed talking to you guys sooo much omg!!