Okay so before we start, I've never been the one that likes to make my relationship public. A picture or two on Instagram wouldn't hurt nobody. NOBODY except him, but don't worry. You'll understand why in a bit if you read the whole thing.

Now, I'm certainly not naming names but I'm sure HE would know EXACTLY who HE is.

Back in February 2016 we started talking, HE seemed like the sweetest guy.. DISCLAIMER! if you hate calling out to that one person that hurts you the most then this post is definitely not for you. Now, where was I? Oh yah, "sweetest boy" haha! oh how I wished I see his true colors back then. Maybe, just maybe. I wouldn't be as hurt as I was. I mean, God! He looks like Zayn FUCKING Malik in my eyes. He has his ways to my heart. He was not romantic, or the nicest to others. (and by 'others' I meant MY FRIENDS) But DAMN boy! I was falling for him. FAST!

Maybe it was the way he walked? Or the way he would bite his lips and stroke his beard when he's nervous? or maybe it's the way he would take a volleyball game against his friends way too seriously that when he loses the game he would ruffle his own hair out of stress? maybe it was the way he would drive all the from one end of the city to another just to comfort his best friend and make time to see me too. Either way, I noticed every little thing he does.

See! No hard feelings at all. But of course I do wished it never happened because it all seems like it was based on a lie. Before me he was dating someone else. They have been dating for about two years I think that's what he told me, and he promised that he has not been talking to her since they "broke up". Hence the quotation mark on the "broke up" yah well he lied. WHAT A SURPRISE RIGHT?! LOL

Well times passed and I believed him for not talking to his "ex girlfriend" anymore because well... lets just say the "He has his ways to my heart" was true, but he also his ways for BLOODY DAMN GOOD LIES! Don't get me wrong! I have never told him not to talk to her anymore, so him talking to his "ex girlfriend" was never a problem with me. But then again he has promised and swore to god himself that he hasn't been talking to her ever since they broke up and us dating. 

One rainy and stormy day we decided to switch phones because weirdly it was our thing to do so. Now I have got nothing to hide. He has gone through my phone before this, he has gone through the chats and pictures because well. I HAVE GOT NOTHING TO HIDE!

Back to talking about this rainy stormy day, when I happen to go through his snap-chat and his "ex girlfriend" was on the first on the list and had couple days strike with him. Now let me remind you how snap-chat works. It will never give you a streak unless both people sends snaps to each other for a couple days in a row. Angrily I walked up to him and gave him my bitchiest look ever and asked him to give me phone back. He thought that I was joking coz he just brushed it off, but then I actually got my phone back when I told him "give my fucking phone back" he did as I told and I threw his phone back to him. couple classes passed by and the rain got worse. he tried talking to me when we passed by the corridor. but trust me when I say this , I was a mess! I cried all my tears out in English class and that god nobody was there other than my bestfriends. Erica, Husna, Aiisha, Shaikha and Shirin was all there when I cried. I cried because I was mad, I was angry because he lied. It wouldn't have bothered me if he told me that he was talking to her all this time, but the fact that he ensures me that there was nothing between them and that he was not talking to her anymore made me lose my trust in him a little. As these girls watched me cried, some shed a tear too not trying to make this sounds cheesy but its true. Husna for instant couldn't see me cry so she walked up to him and told him off for talking to his "ex girlfriend" and lying and etc blah blah blah... My bestet guy friend however was his friend. he saw that I was crying and came up to me straight away. While he(the fuckboy) talked to Husna. Walid tried to calm me down and he told me to be careful and just calm down. I did as he told and by the time he was finished telling me to calm down. HE came after his talk with Husna.

Long story short he begged me for forgiveness, he swore to god (again) that he'll never talk to her again. He "blocked her" off of snap-chat and Facebook in front of me.. little did I knew THIS FUCKBOY WAS PROBABLY GONNA TELL HER THAT IT WAS A MISTAKE OR SOME SHIT.

Weeks passed and it was spring break. I had to go somewhere where there was no internet and I couldn't contact him for 5 days. but in those 5 days i have managed to find internet on day 3 which made me HAPPY AS FUCK that finally I can talk to my supposedly "faithful boyfriend", and not gonna lie he was being distant from there on. He made me wait for 20 to 50 mins for a reply and may I remind you that there was only Wifi in the Hotel Lobby. so every morning I have to wake up early to get faster wifi and tell him good morning and that I have missed him terribly and couldn't wait to see him in a couple of days. but just my luck he wouldn't answer straight away, and that his excuse was that "its fucking annoying to take my phone in and out of my pocket" that made me angry and well it made me ignore him for the couple days until I came back. 2 days after I return we met up and made up. He was really rude to my friends. (REALLY FUCKING RUDE OMG HOW DID I NOT HATE HIM FOR THAT?!) and well after all that was done and that we were "fine" he dumped me. He dumped me the next day over a text and that "I have some reasons with you and that made me feel unhappy" was his reasons and shit (funny coz I still remember exactly what he says). Haha, Me, being the angry little missy told him "HA I was gonna dump you anyway"

Anyways we broke up and surprisingly I was not as broken as I was the second time around. Yes I know what you're thinking, I'll get there in a sec. A week after we broke up and school has started and I was happy, I was fine. Although I was hurt a little but I was okay. He begged for me back a week after the break up (HA YOU LITTLE CUNT) and I took him back (YOU IDIOT) I know I was dumb but eh, never claimed I wasn't. We got back, went out together almost every Thursdays until 3 weeks before HIS graduation, he acted more and more distant again. I thought it was just the stress he's getting from applying to UNI and graduating High School or something. Now,I don't really need to give you details on how much of a DOUCHBAG he was, or is. But let me tell you this, over the graduation he acted like noting ever happened. like the fights never happened. Funny coz he was fooling no body accept himself. WHAT A FUCK BOY DONT YOU THINK! HAHA! Then again he broke up with me telling me that he was just not happy and that "seeing my friends single makes me feel like I have a burden behind my back, I just want to try being single so do you mind?" YES BOY I DAMN MIND AT THE TIME, NOT NOW ANYWAY HA!

Months passed and I figured he already forgot me, but well I was wrong. He still have blocked me off of every social media possible. May 26, 2016 was the last day I have ever seen him or talked to him in person. SO FUCK YOU DHARMKUMAR AMIT PATEL! Congratulations on making it on my blog page! HA!

You're the most bitter sweet relationship I've ever experienced in my 17 years of life. NO FUCKING WONDER YOU NEVER WANTED ME TO POST A PICTURE OF US! That's because you were dating "me" and "HER" at the same time. THAT'S WHY YOU NEVER WANTED ME TO POST SHIT! You were afraid she will find out huh? You lose the little respect I had left for you after I figured that one out. To say I wished he was smacked by a bat dipped in acid IS an understatement to say the least.  

Now a friend told me to forgive but not forget. This is my way of forgiving and NOT FORGETTING. HA!

-P.S, the angry crazy "ex girlfriend"




I'm so sorry I've been MIA. its just because I've not been motivated enough to post anything. I know it sucks but oh well. I'm back now and I'm ready to post more.

Hopefully the future content would be better in the future xx

These pictures are couple of the pictures I manage to take whilst we were at school. Obviously the main picture is a picture of the grade 10 'Squad' xD



Hai Guys! How have you been? I've been great, thanks for asking. Haha! So, school's around the corner and whats better to do than preparing for school? GET TO KNOW ME QUESTIONS TAG thingy.. I saw NOOB BEAUTY do it and I thought why not do it myself. This tag has been going on a lot on YouTube and other blog lately, and I know not all my readers are interested in beauty and fashion stuff, so why not do this "Get to Know Me" tag. I had so much fun answering these questions and if you want me to answer any personal question you can always comment then down bellow, or send them to my twitter. So without further a do, Here are 25 Get to Know Me Tag Questions Tag. Enjoy!

What is your middle name?: I don't have any.. My full name is Felita Marsha, and I don't have a family name. Neither my Mom, Dad and Brother.

What is your favorite subject at school?: I like a couple of subjects, some of which are Math (Algebra), Science, English, PE, Arts and there should be more, but I can't remember them haha!

What is your favorite drink?: Water. Well I love myself a good Green Tea or English Breakfast Tea (with milk) once in a while, I also do like Coffee.. Preferably with a good book to go with those drinks.

What is your favorite song at the moment?: I've been listening to Shawn Mendes' songs on repeat for a good 2 months now, I also have been listening to 'Jag Kommer by Veronica Maggio' and for those who doesn't know who she is, she's a Swedish singer and yeah I've been listening to Swedish song but boo hoo I love it!

What is your favorite food?: Well this is a ridiculous question isn't it. I am what you call a foodie, I would try any food because I love trying new things.

What is the last thing you bought?: The last thing I brought was a bag and a heeled boots. the bag is originally for school, but the boots are just cute and I can't resist.

Favorite book of all time?: Just like the food question, I don't have a favorite book. I love reading and I could drown myself in books whenever I have the time. (Side note, I will be reading "The Perks of Being a Wallflower" soon so I'll let you know how it is.

Favorite Color?: Well I mean, I looove me Blacks, Whites and Grey's.. so I don't know, is that a color?

Do you have any pets?: Nope, I would love to have a Cat though since I'm not allowed Dogs.

Favorite Perfume?: I loovee Gucci Guilty.

Favorite Holiday?: I went to Bali back in 2010 I believe, it was amazing!

Are you married?: Noo!! ahah! I'm still too young, but that's definitively what I want in my future.

Have you been out of the country? if so how many times?: I've been to Singapore, and hopefully next year India. But I am currently living in Dubai so, does that count?

Do you speak any other language?: I speak fluently English, and Indonesian. If i could I would definately want to be able to speak Spanish and Swedish, maybe a little but of Russian too.

How many siblings do you have?: I have one younger brother and his name's Nara, and he's nine years younger than me.

What is your favorite shop?: At the moment I've been loving H&M, and Forever 21

Favorite restaurant?: Bennigans which was the restaurant my dad used to work with as s chef (not being biased) they have the best steak and lemonade ever!!

When was the last time you cried?: Yesterday.

Favorite Blog?: JacksGap If you love traveling, story telling stuff and a good photography, you would most definitely love them.

Favorite Movie?: I love The Lion King, and I could literary say the lines by heart and word by word because I love it that much since I was little.

Favorite TV shows?: To be completely honest I don't watch TV. But I have definitely been loving Teen Wolf.

PC or Mac?: PC

What phone do you have?: White iPhone 5

How tall are you?: 166 cm

Can you cook?: Yupp!



I've learned so much about growing up, meeting new people, going to new places, trying new food, learning different cultures,  etc.. and through that crazy times I've grown into loving the people around me, I made new friends and bonded over time. I couldn't be more happier in this second to can actually call them my friends. They're the people that could hold me up when I was tumbling down and it is such a blessing to have them. I mean sure we've fought a few times here and there but I guess it only makes us stronger together. I love these people, so much so I can't really imagine a future friendship without them. I know there's more I forgot to put the pictures of, but I'm so sorry I couldn't fit them all here. I love you guys so much. 

-Felita  Marsha



I was convinced that mornings were awful. Mornings were up there in my 'Top Five Hated Things Ever' residing at a steady number two. Number one was a tie between the smell of bug spray and making breakfast just for me. Except when his alarm rings out Marimba through the room at an early morning hour. Mornings seemed like they might be getting a little better. Because he was curled up right beside me, sleepy and slow, cheek imprinted from the pillow and hair imprinted down on one side. Mornings dropped down to the number three spot. His eyes pinched shut as he tapped away the screen of his phone until it somehow stopped, as if he think I didn't notice, he pressed his cold nose against my collarbone and whined softly. His free hand pushed at the base of my spine and brought me closer until we were pressed against one another. Morning fell below Kidz Bop and now resided at number four. I slowly but surely wiggled out of his tight grip around me hoping not to wake him up, grabbing one of his shirt I walked down the kitchen starting on breakfast. Momentarily I feel his presence behind me, putting both his arms around my waist and his face at the crook of my neck. He then turn me around making me look into his beautiful brown eyes that I adored so much, which then proceed to him smiling softly down at me making me feel the butterflies, no wait.. The whole zoo in my stomach crazy. As if he didn't know what you were doing to me already he then whispered "good morning love" and mornings were no longer even in the 'Top Ten Most Hated Things Ever' list for that matter

-Felita Marsha



If you do follow me on my social media such as Instagram or Twitter, you'd know that I'm known for injuring myself whilst playing sports.

Now I don't do this on purpose because really what the point of injuring yourself LOL! But yeah, here are my "minor injuries". I get easily injured by playing basketball or volleyball, sometimes my fingers or my whole hand gets bend the wrong way around which cause a muscle to stretch, which then cause me not being able to move them for quite a while.. Funny how people always call me a clutz because its true Lol!