I'm a person how likes to do things thoroughly. My packing list has been constructed for two days now and finally I feel that I'm finished. But then I realised that I couldn't tell a half of the items in English (wish may be important if I lose some) so now I decided to translate it. This could maybe be helpful in future while I travel somewhere else.

HYGIEN - Hygiene
Nagelsax - Nail clipper
​Nagellack - Nail polish
Nagelfil - Nail file
Aceton - Acetone
Rakhyvel - Razor
Rakblad - Razor blade
Lödder - Shaving cream
Pincett - Tweezers
Smink - Makeup
Sminkborttagning - Makeup remover
Ansiktsvatten - Skin toner
Tamponger - Tampons
​Solkräm - Sunscreen
​Lypsyl - Lypsyl
​Deo - Deodorant
​Parfym - Perfume
​Öronproppar - Earplugs
​Tandborstar - Toothbrushes
​Tandkräm - Toothpaste

HÅR - Hair
Plattång – Hair straightener
Locktång – Curling iron
Hårspray - Hairspray
Värmeskydd – Heat protection
Schampo - Schampoo
Olja – Hair oil
Balsam – Conditioner
Tofsar – Hair ties
Borste – Hairbrush
Kam - Comb

LÖPNING - Running
Linnen – Tank tops
T-shirt – T-shirt
Shorts - Shorts
Vindjacka - Anorak
Långa tights – Long tights
Vätskebälte – Hydration belt
Löparklocka – Running watch
Löparskor – Running shoes
Kompass – Compass

SKOR – Shoes
Sandaler - Sandals
Vita skor – White shoes
Ballerina – Ballet pumps
Klackskor - Heels

TEKNIK – Technical devices
Dator – Computer
Laddare dator – Computer charger
Mobil – Mobile phone
Hörlurar – Headphones
Laddare mobil – Mobile charger
Laddare löparklocka – Charger for running watch
Powerbank – Powerbank
USB med document – USB with documents

KLÄDER – Clothing
Rosa jacka – Pink jacket
Regnjacka, regnbyxor – Water resistant-clothes
Keps - Cap
Trosor – Panties
Badkläder – Swimwear
Strumpor (löpning, vita låga, höga) – Socks (running, with low, high)
BH – Bra (Brassiere)
Linnen – Tank tops
T-shirt – T-shirts
Långärmat - Sweater
Klänningar - Dresses
Kjol – Skirt
Shorts – Shorts
Sovkläder - Pyjamas

ÖVRIGT - Extra
Hänglås- Padlock
Solglasögon – Sunglasses
Mindre ryggsäck – Smaller backpack
Badpåse – Canvas bag
Handdukar - Towels
Dokument (Försäkringspapper, OSCH, COE, vaccinationsintyg, visum, flygbiljetter, Viktiga telefonnummer med ICE, bokningsbekräftelse hostel, kontoutdrag, PUK-kod mobil) – Documents (insurance paper, OSCH, COE, vaccination card, visa, flight tickets, important phone numbers with ICE, booking confirmation for hostel, account statement, PUK-code mobile phone)
Plånbok - Wallet
Pass – Passport
ID-kort – Identification card
Bankkort – Bank card
Lakan – Sheets
Böcker – Books
Handsprit – Hand sanitizer
Åksjuketabletter – Motion sickness relief
Resorb – Rehydration tablets
Värktabletter – Painkillers
Vattenflaska – Water bottle
Ögonlappar – Eye mask
Smycken, klocka – Jewelry, watch
Tvättlina – Washing line
Grenuttag (för att ha flera svenska uttag) – Power stripes
Matlåda – Lunch box

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I've always struggled with my English and always feel like I'm bad in both speaking and writing. I think going to Australia is really good for my development in first case spoken English. As my written English is the weakest link I also want to do something extra to make that progress better, in this case having a diary. 

Important is also to see my own progress and that's what I think is so good about writing here. So the plan right now is to do a lot of writing (of course it also comes naturally in Uni) and do a lot of reading, like fictions and newspaper but also inspirational blogs and articles. 

​​Today I downloaded a document with academic English words and went through them. I saved them as a bookmark on my computer for later use. (One key to write a good essay is to have a proper language). Find the words here. Other preparations I've done is to start watching vlogs from Australia and borrowed English books at the library. 

Now I'm going to watch a movie with Otto.