Hello again.
It has been a long first day with a lot of work already. I wasn’t home until 6 this afternoon and my head has been pounding for the last 3 hours. I’m tired but I don’t want to sleep. I’m resting while listening to an audio book. Tomorrow is another quite long day but I believe it will be fun. I hope you all have a lovely week💕💕

- Lic

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It’s Monday, new week and new environment. Today I moved back to London. It has been really scary. Lots of delays and problems with the travel but now I’m here, home in my bed and I feel sleepy. Its been a long day and tomorrow it’s back to school. Wish me luck❤️

- Lic



Happy New Year to all of you.

Now I haven’t made a post in a few days and that is simply because I haven’t known what to write. A lot of things have happened, obviously, it has been christmas and New Years eve and a lot more.

My holidays here in sweden has been great to say the least. I’ve spent a lot of time with my family and I’ve been doing a lot of cooking which is one of the things I enjoy doing the most. New Years eve was spent alone at home with my mother and my stepdad and I made food.

For anyone interested in the menu, here it is:

Firstly I made some kind of finger food to eat while waiting for the first course along with champagne. It was the following combinations:

Turkey, a spicy cream cheese and cucumber

Cream cheese, tomato, balsamic and basil

Cream cheese, salmon and caviar

Cream cheese, fresh shrimps and caviar

The first real course was Sashimi (raw salmon in soy sauce, rice vinegar and lime juice) with a sweet cucumber salad and a cream made from avocado and creme fraiche.

The second course was a home-made pasta with lobster sauce and fresh shrimp. The dish was served with parmesan cheese, asparagus fried in butter and a hot creamy sauce made from cream cheese and several spices.

The main course was what I understand is called a filet of beef? I cooked it using only salt and pepper and served it with a red wine sauce and oven cooked potatoes, onions and tomatoes.

The dessert was surprisingly my favorite part. I’m not a very talented baker and I don’t enjoy it either but this time it was different. I decided to go with three main flavours: raspberry, lemon and white chocolate. And so I made caramelised lemon zest, lemon curd (store bought) and a lemon cake. I used the mixture of sugar, water and lemon juice (that I used when I caramelised the lemon zest) to moisturize the cake and give it extra flavour. I also included fresh raspberries, a raspberry sorbet and a raspberry mousse placed in a sweet thin biscuit made from oats, shaped like a cylinder. I also included a white chocolate and lemon ball from Lindt, small meringues and lemon balm leaves.

And that included my first ever four course New Years eve meal.

I would also like to talk a little about my year.

2017 has been quite the year for me, both in good and bad ways.

January started like all January’s do for me, restless and in bed with sweets and movies. I remember watching the last season of Sherlock that came out right in the beginning of the year. My mother made me a chocolate cake and ice cream dessert for my names day that I really liked.

I started making homemade pasta which my family really liked.

My sister turned 8.

February was one of the best months of the year. My 17th birthday took me to London, a city I love, to meet Liam, the boy I love. And how was it meeting him for the first time? After a year of talking on the phone and texting with this unknown person and to see him in real life… it was scary, awkward, nervous. I felt clumsy and warm but for the first time, I also felt at home. Don’t get me wrong, I feel at home in my own house in Sweden too, but it’s a different feeling in London with him. I feel like I’m exactly where I need to be.

Liam has golden eyes and the kindest I’ve ever seen. He looks at me with pride, as if he finds me really beautiful. And that warms my heart. We met for the first time at a museum. It was on February 15. We spent a few days together and then I went home, the happiest girl in world.

Mars was plain. School was school, and life was life. Liam turned 18 but he didn’t want to celebrate. I was happy, everything was floating quickly.

April was the month of art and creativity.

I made plenty of food and my life was colourful.

In May I started my first ever real job and it was so much fun. I’m the kind of person who really doesn’t like doing something wrong or being told off so dealing with customers was a bit of a tricky experience but it was really helpful and I’m really glad I did it.

My sister cut her hair like a rockstar and I continued working on my pasta skills.

June was bright.

I made my own sushi and the love I have for shark blossomed. I cut my hair and doing that made me realise more about the person I aspire to be. I continued working on new foods and dishes.

One day on my way home from work I ran my bike into a fence and bruised my knee badly.

My mom and I went on a little summery shopping trip in Gothenburg and had lunch by the river.

My creative side kept on growing along the glistening season.

July was busy.

I arranged food for a small gathering my mother held. I went on really lovely little trip with my moms family and the weather was delightful.

I bought new glasses and clothes and started preparing for the adventure to come.

I started spending more time with my family and working on myself in the best way possible.

My sister and I had a long sleep over and Liam and I had our first really bad fight.

August was stressful. I had a lot to do and a lot to buy for my trip. The art of matching your superficial needs to your financial situation is harder than it should be, although I managed.

I looked through pictures from my youth and felt sentimental but happy.

I arranged a brunch and a dinner party all in the same day to say goodbye to my family. And then I packed my bags and left.

The move to London was a huge deal to me and I imagine it was the same for my classmates. August 29 marks the day I began my new life and was also the day I started this blog.

September was exiting. After some basic acclimatizing I felt one of the happiest feeling I’ve ever experienced. Life was warm and colourful. London was full of excitement, experiences and one very special boy. I spent the weeks in school but gave my Saturdays to him and it felt like a perfect plan.

In the middle of September I passed out on the streets at a bus stop and it was a very scary experience. A lovely paramedic found me and called and ordered a young man to call an ambulance while she helped me up. The ambulance came and I explained to the lovely lady that I didn’t believe it to be serious. After a billion tricky questions about everything and anything, she drove me home. Although that Sunday had me shaken, I was quickly back on my feet and life kept on blooming. September offered Liam and I one of the most romantic dates we’ve ever been on together.

October is when the schoolwork started to get to me. Leaf after leaf left the trees and I began feeling really stressed. Although the autumn weather was lovely and the month became really good. In the end my lovely aunt and her family came to visit and in the beginning of November, my mother and her husband came.

November was hard. School got harder and the sky grew darker. I wanted to go home but I didn’t want to leave. It was a confusing feeling and I was frightened. But it went by fast and by the end of it, my energy was high again.

The first day of December I was high as the sky in my thoughts and Christmas hung in the air like unviable snow. Liam and I went to a concert and it was amazing. I did all my Christmas shopping, packed my bags and went home to a loving waiting family. And the rest of the story has already been told.



I don't have much to say today and I haven't taken any new pictures so I'll leave you with only a few smileys to look at and the promise that I'll try to make tomorrow a better day.


- Lic



Hello, I know I've been very bad at writing these last days during Christmas. It's because I've been quite sick and tired. And I lost my voice and haven't been able to talk. I'm getting better now though. Today my little sister is sleeping over at my moms house. We have watched Scooby Doo and made chicken stew with pasta and cauliflower for dinner. It was really good. Now we're off to sleep for a new day tomorrow. I hope I'll be better at updating soon.

Lots of love
- Lic



Hello hello.

Ive been traveling all day and it's been really difficult. Right now I'm so tired I can barely keep my eyes open. But at least I'm in my own bed❤️
Feels great.

Christmas kisses
- Lic