I'm so sorry for the inactive posts, ik i said i would post more often but honestly school this past month has been so hectic, but now that I'm almost done with school i will have a lot more time to blog here about my experiences to you.

so this story that I'm about to tell you takes place on an island outside of kenya called "lamu", some of you may know of it, since its pretty famous... first a bunch of countries put up travel restrictions to it, and then later on a couple got kidnapped by somali pirates from this island, so you could call it "famous" but not for the right reason, when you hear lamu on the radio or in the news this is all that they tell you about it, how dangerous it is and reasons why you shouldn't go there, but all thats fake, its just a stereotypical cover, i mean yes there was ONE kidnapping there, but can anyone name a place where something bad hasn't happened???? exactly. a lot of people don't actually know how it is in kenya, so its easy to just put up a title and make kenya seem like such a dangerous country, and usually people inside kenya can realize that its only fake headlines or overexageratted, but with lamu it affected the country a and not just other opinions. business in lamu quickly dropped and some countries even changed their travel restrictions from just lamu to the whole of kenya.

throughout the whole of this crisis going on with lamu me and my family still travelled their all the time, even though ¨ sweden had travel restrictions there aswell. lamu was like our 3rd home (sweden and kenya being 1st and 2nd) and we weren't gonna give it up because of some fake rumors. no matter what the public eye said about it being unsafe, if you actually go there, you will see how different it is from how they explain it, its one of the places where i feel the safest in all of kenya, when I'm in lamu i get to roam the streets by myself, go out when i want, take control, while in other parts of kenya, you need guards and drivers to be allowed to do that stuff. when I'm in lamu i feel so free.

lamu is built very beautifully, theres a small town along the coastline and then the rest of the island has huge sand dunes, the houses are but in a swahili style and are very open, usually white with some kind of coral, they are very tall and have small passages made out of sand in-between each house. along the streets there are small shops but on the actual streets you will see lots of donkeys walking around, and the people, the people on lamu island are some of the most caring loving people you will meet, my first time being in lamu was in 2010, we came back lots of times in-between these time periods, but in 2015 when we came to visit again, a boat guide that we had our first time we were there (2010) remembered us again, after 5 years, and it might seem like he just said that but later we checked photos and it was the same guy. thats crazy. one of our close friends owns a hotel on lamu called peponi hotel, so when we go to lamu we usually stay there, but the shocking thing is that after we stayed at peponi hotel for the first time we found out that the dog they had there was our dogs( back in nairobis) brother, and thats how we started getting close with the owners. through them we found out that the business was dropping quick when the media posted these stuff about lamu, even though lots of families including us still travelled there, it was in deep trouble. around 2 years ago the business has finally started going back to its average speed.

the fact that news can make stories so twisted and unreliable is sick, anything that happens in africa, you get immediate travel restrictions, and if something happens in europe, they try to increase the tourism, they way the news project different countries its so fake that they only way you can really trust something is if you go there and check it out yourself. the truth about lamu is that ONE bad thing has happened and it didn't even happen by lamu, it happened a couple hundred km away from the coast of lamu.

lamu is and forever will be a part of my home, and that is the truth.


(in the pictures above you can some of the photos i have from lamu island, at the top of the page some pictures of the beach and our boat guide and at the bottom some mixed pictures of the houses and hotels, the streets and donkeys, and again the beach and cthe classic lamu sailing boat)

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