hellllloooo again, or not really again since this is my first post but eventually it will be again. just wanted to start of my first post as a little backstory of me and my life, so you get to know me aswell and not only my stories, so lets begin!

when i was 7 years old, my dad suddenly got a change of work making us have to move to kenya, thats right kenya as in africa, africa as in a Place a small 7 year old girl knew nothing about. my first thoughts were happy since the first thing i thought about when i thought about kenya, was giraffes, lions, zebras, and elephants, but then the second thoughts hit me, and that was that i would be living in the slum. if i Think back about it now, how could i ever have just thought that as soon as you move to "africa" you live in the"slum" like wtf???, but as a 7 year old girl,that had never been anywhere in africa, this made perfect sence to me.

my flight landed at jome kenyata Airport in nairobi early on the 27th of september, we had landed at Amsterdams Airport Before we landed in kenya, and coming from Amsterdams Airport to Kenyas Airport, um what could you say, it was "a bit " of a downgrade, but the heat in kenya made up for it. we walked outside where we meet our driver "ephantus" but i called him "elephant" for the first 6 months, i dont Think he minded it, but when i finally learnt how to say his real name, my was i proud of it.in kenya you usally have people who help you with the house, so we had 2 gaurds, dan and Edward, our driver ephantus, our househelp/Cook Adelina, our gardener Moukoria and Adelinas and Moukorias son, Amon. its not usual that you have a married family helping with the house, but we liked it better like this, because then they just became a part of our family. Amon was 4 years old when we first came to kenya, me being 7 and my brother being 9, we all immidiatly became bestfreinds. it was never hard to have fun with amon, you would just walk out into the garden and do anything, he became our Little brother in such a Quick time, they were all just like family to us.

this is just a short story as an intro to my blog, but for everyone who reads this i want them to know who my family is. we lived together for 6 years and through these 6 years they even got a 2nd Child. Malin was born almost two years ago during the summer, they told us if it was a boy they would name it after my grandpa but since it was a girl they named it malin, they wanted to have a Swedish name since they felt like they were partley Swedish. moving away from them and back to sweden is probobly one of the hardest things i have done, it was basically like getting a divorce in a way, your family getting split up. when we moved amon was almost 11, i was almost 13, and my brother was almost 15, all of us being born in febuary (12th, 16th, and 24th), malin had become like my Little sister and i was like a big sister to both amon and malin. its a strange thing how people you hang out with and are with every single day, suddenly just diseapear out of your life. every day when i came home from school and in the morning i would see them, and now i possibly get to see all of them once a year. thats not how its supposed to be, is it?, these people played such a big part of my life and my childhood, aswell as i did for them, and now its gone?? but maybe thats just how life works sometimes, but no matter what they are stilll my family and nothing would change that. i was probobly the closest to adelina, she was basically like a 2nd mother to me, i grew up with her, all of them will always be my familia yangu, as you say in swahili, my family.

when i started writting i didnt think this would be my first entry, but as i wrote it became it, and i feel like you guys deserve to know my family not just my journey, so untill next timmeeeeeee, im out.

- f.armtoft (oh and if you still dont know what the title means, google translate it from swahili)

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