Day 3: put your music in shuffle and post first 10 songs

1) say you won’t let go
3)the night we met
4)Marvin Gaye
7)what now
8)don’t let me down
10)reminding me



Day 2: five most wanted city to travel
OK,yeah this list is very based on my favorite tv series or favorite movie but is the way it is ! sorry :)

London: Its always been my dream to travel or even move to London. Big red busses, Harry Potter studio tour, Buckingham palace, one direction , British accent there are too many thing that I would love to see and experience in London.

New York: Simply because of “ How I met your mother “ they name it too many times as a best city in the world
Paris: Ok this one its not based on any movie. It’s because I think its going to be a great place to shopping although I always prefer online shopping.

Lyon: This one also has an interesting story behind there was these series of books which called “ Les Six Compagnons “ by “Paul-Jacques_Bonzon” which i read Persian translation of the when i was younger one of my absolute favorite books as a teenager. These series was based in Lyon.

Budapest: One of my absolute best friend is from Hungry, Budapest is one of not only my most wanted also hers to travel to her city together. Please wish us some free time to make it happen.



Day 1: List 10 things makes you really happy

1) “Esspresso house” is Swedish “Starbucks” one of the coziest place in cold Swedish winter.

2) My cousins. (There is no reason for that :)

3)online shopping. ( a nice pair of boots can even make cry of happiness)

4) Traveling. It’s make me happy simply because I always learn more about myself.

5)Helping others.

6)Kladdkaka ( Swedish sticky chocolate cake ) its happiness in a spoon impossible to describe.

7) Baking is always been one of my hobbies the result usually make me very happy.

8) Riding my bike. ( unfortunately this doesn’t happened too often because I still need time to get to used my new bike since the last one was robbed :/ )

9) Sleeping. By going to school and working 2jobs a good long sleep definitely makes me happy.

10) Reading a good book.