Ok, first month has gone. Unbelievable.

One month isn't a lot maybe but since I did so many things it seems more to me.

So let's see how this week of my first month was.

First on Wednesday after school a friend came pick me and the girls up and took us on a tour of Manhattan on his yellow Rolls Royce (the one you saw on a previous post). So yes, I can say I went on an old beautiful car (it was like the Gatsby's yellow one) around the streets of Manhattan. It was awesome!

On Friday my friend Veronica from Boston came visiting me so we did a few touristy things and we walked a looooot, but it was fun! So after a quick lunch at Chop't (super recommended if you like salads) we went visiting Carrie Bradshaw's apartment in Greenwich Village. I love that area of the city, it's one of my favorites. But the one I love the most is where we went after; Soho. I love Soho soooo much! It's my favorite at all with Nolita and TriBeCa too.

When we were in Soho we also visited Little Italy and as Italian I can say that is just a touristy thing. Just some things are traditionally Italian. But that's cool and it's an interesting thing to see if you come in NY.

And after this long day we just came back home to change ourselves and we reached our friends for Lavo dinner and club. So much fun!

When we woke up on Saturday our friend Giulia arrived in the city so we went to the Coffee Shop in Union Square for brunch.

On afternoon we just walked around New York City and just had a great time together.

At night also our friend Angelica came and we went out for dinner at Shake Shack at Madison Square Park and then we went on this beautiful club in Chelsea, Le Bain. It was super cool, the club has a little swimming pool in it where people can actually enter and they also give you towels for that. It has also a rooftop on the upper floor where there is an amazing view of Brooklyn since it's really close to the Hudson River. I think this is one of the best club I've ever been. I also liked the atmosphere in there because is not super fancy but it's kind of an underground and hipster style and I loved it.

On Sunday we were just curious to see a gospel church so we went to Harlem and saw it. The only thing I can say about that is: if you have the possibility, go see that once in your lifetime.

After that we went to Brooklyn and we had lunch in a very good Italian restaurant in Dumbo area. It was called Love & Dough. Super recommended!!

Then we just walked around Brooklyn and obviously we came back to Manhattan through the Brooklyn Bridge.

It was a great week and a good way to end my first month. I'm glad for all the things I did and so thankful for all the people I'm meeting that are making my new life here amazing.

Hear you soon


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My third week was just crazy. I did so many things that I don't even know where to begin.

From Monday to Friday it was pretty normal so I worked as usual and when I was off I began to go shopping a little bit, obviously. I was even proud of myself for doing it after more than 2 weeks.

I went to Urban Outfitters because I think is one of the best store here and unfortunately we don't have it in Italy! I bought a black denim skirt and denim shorts, both Levi's and they're awesome.

Anyway it was on the weekend that everything happened.

On Friday night I decided to go out with my Italian friend Giulia and it was actually my first night out in NYC. We went to this party on a rooftop, I don't remember the name of it but it was close to Space Ibiza. We were just the two us but we had so much fun!!

On Saturday morning we woke up pretty early and we went with my family at Governors Island to the Annual Jazz Age Lawn Party and that was SO COOL! It was something that I never seen before and actually it was a party where everybody was dressed like in the 1920s. They were all gorgeous wearing this amazing outfits. I felt like living in The Great Gatsby (one of my favorite movie btw).

When we came back we just hang out with other two friends and we just walked around University Place where there were all these little stands with food, clothes and other stuff. We also went to Washington Square Park and then we did just a quick stop at Taco Bell for a super unhealthy dinner.

After that I just came back home and whatched The Great Gatsby with my family just to stay in line with the theme of the day.

Sunday was a lot of fun too. I hang out with Giulia again and another Italian friend named Angelica.

We went to Shake Shack in Madison Square Park for lunch and I have to say it: that is my favorite fast food right now. On the afternoon we decided to go visiting Coney Island that is actually Brooklyn's beach.

That place is literally crazy. It's so much fun there; so many things to do and so many people. We just walked on the sidewalk near the beach and it was really cool. There were people and music everywhere and it was just cool to walk and see all those things.

​So that's how my third week was. I really enjoyed all the things I did and it was all so different from my everyday life in Italy.

So stay tuned for other great stories from my life in NYC.




My second week in the States was pretty awesome too and I did so many things.

I started working on Tuesday so I had a shorter week of work and everything was great. I began to learn about the girls and know them better so it was a really nice start for me. I also got my new phone card, my keys and I just started walking around discovering the city and I felt everyday more comfortable here.

On Thursday I had breakfast with my host mum in this amazing place inside a hotel and this is what it looked like.

This is actually inside The Beach at Dream Downtown in Chelsea. It's an hotel but you can eat there even if you're not a guest.

After that we went to The High Line that is in Chelsea too and we walked there a lot! But is really cool because is like walking above the streets so it's a good thing to visit if you come to New York.

During the week I also had the possibility to make pizza for my girls and it turned out very well!

My second weekend was also full of events; on Saturday I went with my family and some friends to THE MET that is one of the most popular museum here and we saw this really good exhibition called manusXmachina. It was all about fashion and how people make chlothes and things like that. It was awesome! I loved it so much and I was so glad they brought me there because I always loved fashion and this kind of things.

After the museum we went to have dinner at French Roast where I had moules in a tomato kind of soup and I don't remember what else but it was pretty good.

And that's it for my second week here. On Sunday we didn't do anything special except it ended with this beautiful view from my rooftop.



Let's start from the beginning; my first week here. I came in the US on May 23rd on a flight from Milan to Madrid and then from Madrid to JFK, NY.

When I get out of the airport a man of my au pair agency was waiting for me and all the other girls and he took us on a tiny bus similar to the typical american school bus, except it was white. That bus took us to the training school where I lived for 4 days. I can't even describe how much excited I was on the bus. I was looking outside, watching the streets, the cars and every corner was beautiful for me. I felt like never before. I was in this new place with all this new people from all over the world and I couldn't realize this wasn't just a vacation for me but this was actually the beginning of a new chapter in my life.

Anyway, this is what the training school looks like. I was there from Monday to Friday morning and we had a lot of classes about children, self security and also a class about driving informations in the US. I didn't like so much my first days there, too many classes for just 4 days (almost). But I also met a lot of girls, in particular these 3 other Italian girls that where so nice!!

On Thursday afternoon we finally went to visit New York City and it was amazing! It was my first time in the city and I couldn't believe it. It was all new and weird for me. This is the city that everybody dreams about and I had seen this places only in movies or pictures so it was unbelievable for me.

I went also on the top of the Rockefeller Center from where you can see an awesome view of all Manhattan.

Now I'll stop writing and I let you see some of the pictures I took that day.

After this we came back to the Training School and on Friday we left in order to meet our families.

It was really weird at the beginning to meet these people that I had only seen on Skype before that day but they were so nice with me. The first night we went out for dinner in a beautiful italian restaurant, Da Umberto, and I had a really good carbonara spaghetti there.

I spend the other days of the weekend only with the mum and the kids and we just hang out together. We went out everyday and ate in some very cool places. The one that I liked the most was The Pavilion in Union Square. OMG that place is amazing!

Since May 30th was Memorial Day we had this longer weekend and we decided to go to Pennsylvania on Monday because they have another house there. That place is really cool and it's perfect when you just want to chill out and escape from the chaos of this crazy city.

So, my first week here was really amazing. I did a lot of things, saw a lot of places and met a lot of beautiful people. It seemed more than a week to me but this was just the beginning. So stay tuned for other great stories from my new life here.