I've recently decided to start a Blog. I guess cause the older I get the more friends I lose and the more distant I become to people I used to tell everything too. I needed a place to let it all out. A Blog just seems right, and I can also work on my writing skills.

I'll start this off by introducing myself. I'm Leann Ouch a half Cambodian half Irish women! I'm the average joe! I love tattoos, food, vodka, my family, my friends that I do still have, and I guess whatever makes me happy!! I'm a super blunt person, so if you don't like the truth then I'm obviously not the person you want to hang out with or know!

I work, but I don't do anything exciting I just work 9-9 everyday!
I freelance make up, but I'm only okay at it.
I freelance lash extensions, I believe I could be way better at it if I had more time in the day to become better.

I wish only a couple of things. To be finically stable, to be happy and to one day do something I love. If I can figure out what that one thing is.

I think I covered mostly me. I hope. I'm sure things will pop up in other post. I hope anyways!


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