Here you gonna gets the latest news from supersar/diva niki bella and from wwe

Womens champion match 

Hello guys Welcome to fearlessnews. Next stop for wwe is roadblock and there we have a really good match. on the way. We have the rivalry of Sasha and charlotte. The match will be a iron man match 30 minutes long. the questions is who will ´survive this? and who will walk out as the new raw womens chanpion? Charlotte is a 3 time womens champion and the current champion is the boss sasha banks.

Charlotte flair 3 time womens champion

sasha banks 3 time and current womens champion. Hopefully this is the end of the rivarly

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Hello #bellaarmy How are you? In less Than 6 days we are gonna to have the survivor series match between #raw and #smackdown the most important match for me is the womens match.. Im on the blue side.. the match is on 20 november. So i really Hope that #smackdown get the win..

Why im really Enjoy #smackdown?

Because nikki is on the blue side and becky.

Raw team!!

Raw womens champion Charlotte, bayley, nia jax, former womens champion Sasha banks, and Alicia fox.

Smackdown team!

Nikki, the champion becky, Alexa, Naomi, Carmella



Hello everbody yestarday IT was a match more exatctly a tag team match.. IT was Sasha and bayley as a team vs Charlotte and Danna brooke.. this mat h was so good one of the best.. WHO do you think win?? The right answer is Charlotte and Danna Brooke.. How they win Charlotte pin up bayley after Charlotte give bayley a big bot... 😅😅😅

More WWE News!!!

Clash of Champions the triple threet match is going to rake part at Clash of Champions IT gonna be Charlotte vs bayley and Sasha for The Raw womens Champion.. WHO i think IT gonna win?? Of course Charlotte.. Charlotte has beat every women on The roster like danna,saaha,nikki and more more superstars..

So I really Hope Charlotte retain the Raw womens Champion...



Hello How are you todays news are about nikki bella... I think nikki are going to have a match against Carmella.. because nikki post a photo where she Said Hello Smackdown live.. so IF she is going to have a match im on her side..

What i think about Carmella: Carmella is really jealous on nikki bella why? Because she is new on the main roster.. and when nikki just make her surprise return what did they think?? The longest reigning divas. Champion of all time is back ... and Carmella heel turn on her and with this think the new hashtag on wwe has start.. #beatcarmella.. Carmella knew that nikki beat everyone on the roster.. she beat aj lee, brie bella,Naomi,Natalya,paige,Charlotte,becky lynch, Sasha banks and more superstars... so My opinion about Carmella is that she suck..

What i think about Nikki Bella... she is My life My smile she is everthink.. nikki is really skilled and she has verry good moves in the ring... Like Alabamaslam, clothesline, drobkick, foreram smash, tko, suplex,knee to face and moreover.. Nikki bella in one Word Fearless

So IF Nikki Bella are going to have a match im going to post IT here.. Hope you like My BellaBlogg.. #stayfearless #wonderwoman #sdwomenschamp!!



hope to enjoy my bellablogg

hello everyone im a new blogger here and how you can see im a bellaarmy I love to watch wwe and more important to see my queen Nikki bella on smackdown live.. on this blogg you gonna follow wwe superstars.. Like nikki bella, becky lynch, Carmella, alexa bliss, Naomi, Natalya, charlotte,danna brooke, nia jax, Alicia fox, cesaro, john cena, dolph ziggler and much more superstar.. now im gonna to summarize the latest news from wwe.. first we had the six womens pack challenger.. and the idee of the match was the winner of that match will become the first ever smackdown womens champion.. I can say that the match was one of the best.. my favorite of the match was Nikki Bella.. the winner was Becky lynch and what can I say to becky is congratulations.. that match was on Backlash...

Nikki bella latest news.. Nikki bella return to wwe on 21 august 2016 where did she she return from nikki bella had a neck injury that holds her outside the ring 10 months my opinion I was so shocked when I found out that... but on 21 august I was over the moon..

the current list of champions on wwe

universal champion Kevin owens

smackdown tag team champion heath slater and rychno.

world champion AJ styles

intercontinental champion the miz

raw tag team champion the new day

nxt champion Nakamura

cruiserweight champion tj perkins .

raw womens champion Charlotte

smackdown womens champion Becky lynch

nxt womens champion Asuka.

Thank you for listening me I really hope that you gonna like my bellablogg