Hi guys ,I'm not good in english but i will try to deal with it and this is my first time to write my diaries so let's take the risk ☺️

Yesterday was my weekend , khaled , mahmoud and I decided to go out to have lunch in maraheb restaurant nearest to nor bank metro station , seriously this was mahmoud suggestion . He told us there is an amazing type of food called fas-ha , but khaled told me don't trust mahmoud's opinion of food but I didn't follow khaled's words , so i regretted . Khaled asked for mandi meat , mahmoud and I ordered that fas-ha , but i joined Khaled in mandi because really I didn't like that fas-ha . After that we go to jumeira beach beside burj alarab , Khaled didn't found parking for his car , so we rented parking in the beach with 30 drhms . Sea was amazing and the weather was fine , we spent less than 3 hours there but really we enjoyed , khaled suggested fish restaurant to have dinner there but there were more people there we we will wait alot to get our order so we decided to go to jbr , khalid didn't know how to go there so he used gps , we lost our way many times but alhamdulilah finally we reached our deatination . There we choosed kfc for dinner , khaled said i want rice meal but i said i prefer rizo and snack box and mahmoud said any thing you want it's okay for me . Finally we choosed rice meal as khaled wanted ☺️ , and I regretted again 😂😂 . When we were eating the table beside us get pretty guests , suddenly time stopped , I don't know how to control my eyes and stop myself from looking at them , there were two girls one girl with dark dress and the other one with blue top , short and shoes , before that moment I didn't know that i like blue color like that 😂😂 .. She was brilliant , the only thing i want to do in this moment was talking to her , she was alone and I didn't have plenty of time , so i decided to tell her come to join us because your friend will be late , just anything to attract her attention and start any topic with her , but I found a guy join her table, so i was nervous . I told my friends who should be this guy ?? , he maybe her boyfriend or something or what ?? !!
We didn't get what was their language?? Some french , little english and russian ( mix of more than one language ) . I told my friend to ask them about their language , we were afraid of embarrassment but mahmoud take the risk and asked them , more than what i wanted happened they turned to us , and the girl with blue told it's french . It was my chance to talk to her , i watched her eyes , her smile and her face reaction . She was the most pretty girl i have ever seen , her name is nora and her friends mona and houcine , she still studying communications , from paris originally from morocco as her father and her mother from algeria , the bad news was that only 3 days and her tourism her will finish . I took her what's app and Facebook but I thought she gave me mona's what's app and she didn't answer me in what'sapp . Really i hope i can meet her again ☺️

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