A head cover made from animal hair, synthetic fiber or even human hair is called a wig. A wig is worn for fashion, religious observance, or even cultural tradition. The term wig is a short form for periwig and it was introduced to the English language in the early 1675. For those with total or significant hair loss, this is the most helpful wearable hair. The gorgeousness of wigs is that they let you wear elegant, strong looking and stylish hairstyle. There is the synthetic fiber and the deluxe human hair.

Human Hair Wigs

These wigs are made from natural human hair. They give the most comfortable natural look and feel since they are extraordinarily soft with a glitter and natural movement that is not easy to replicate in synthetic hair. Human hair wigs are tremendously versatile since it can be cut and styled to meet your taste and blend well with day to day’s fashion. These wigs are quite durable and can last over a year if well taken care of though it is a bit expensive.

There are fourtypes of human hair used in wigs :

· Chinese- it has a denser denier and hence the hair is very straight. It is quite resistant to curl and therefore harder to style.

· Indonesian- it is less costly and in abundant supply.

· Caucasian- this hair is the most preferred due to its fine denier. It has a relatively limited supply and it is more expensive.

· Indian-this hair has thinner denier with more texture.

Human Hair is the best choice if quality is to be considered. The processing method is directly related to the strength and quality of the wig. When a higher quality of chemicals and a more crafty style of processing is used, a higher quality wig is produced thus a higher price.


They give a stylish and realistic natural look and feel.

Human hair wigs are very durable if well taken care of.

Human hair products 'breathe' considerably better than synthetics.

Since this is real hair, you can use products to relax the hair, hold the hair, or improve curl.


Wigs made from natural hair are by far more expensive as compared to those made from synthetics.

Real hair reacts to weather changes. It is possible for these wigs to curl or frizz when exposed to humidity.

Wigs made with human hair have been traced to sales that raise moral concerns.

In conclusion, Human hair wigs are the best solution for ideal looks. Its natural feel enables those (women) with significant hair loss to stand out among the rest. It is common knowledge that human hair wigs are the best wigs for hair loss. No matter the reason for the loss, this is an all-time solution.