In this blog we will try to taste as many Fanta flavours as possible.

The founders of this blog are two young Swedes, Martin and Maria currently living in Örebro, Sweden. Martin, a pilot aspiring to work at an airline and see the world. Maria, a social analyst with a passion for traveling and Céline Dion.

The idea about this blog struck us simultaneously on the flight home from Barcelona in October 2017, where we found three new Fantas that we never tried before.

We love to travel, we love to try new soda flavours and we love to visit supermarkets abroad, so why not combine these things into a blog.

We will be the guides on this journey that will take you through soaking rainforest, across vast deserts, below, above and beyond megacities and to the tiniest outposts on this big blue planet. This is the fantastic bucket list.

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Carbonated greetings