La Dolce Vita: Hollywood Living is a fanfic written by johnnyboy7 and it's one of my absolute favourite fanfics! It was one of the first ones I read and I fell in love, the story is so incredible. It's the dream life, glamour, love and heartbreaks all in one. This one's really worth to read and the story itself is very well written. And to consider, Hollywood stars are humans too and not everything in their world turns out to be perfect from the beginning...

Story summary: What happens when newly divorced, mother of one, Bella meets mega movie star Edward dealing with a full life of his own? Can they make their love work in the crazy town called Hollywood? All Human, Canon Pairings, some OCC.

Language: English, Status: Complete, Rated: M, Genre: Romance/Family - Bella/Edward, Chapters: 49.

I personally give this fanfic 100 stars, it was so amazingly good.