Here's some pics from Acoustic Diaries shoots and bts pic, below with pianist Adam Dahlström and Alex Araya who's help us film :)...

To me the journey is just as important as the destination, meaning to me the finished product is the only thing that matters, but having fun on the way there :)

The art world is a struggle and as long as you're an unsigned artist, you and only you gotta role up your sleeves and do the work yourself, especially if you like me don't come from money and don't have a lot of extra beyond bills to spend. It means hours, months and years of do it yourself, and if you're lucky you find people along the way, no matter if there's a budgett or not who's passion burns as bright as yours and who want to create together, to help , to build.... These people and beautiful souls are everything.

you can find more about my music and acoustic diaries under the tabs- Cherie Cherokee- Music- Acoustic diaries- Cherie ;)

Photography / edit by: Luna Collective

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I often create together with a friend of mine, Adam Dahlström who’s an absolutley amazing and talented pianist as well as composer. We’ve started working on some projects from scratch but most often we do remakes / covers of big songs and that is how we started.

When we first started though, the remakes we created sounded more like the originals in the melodies etc, but as time’s gone by we’ve become more experimental bending and changing more and more into our own take of things,vibe, sound and feelings, sometimes meshing more than one song and into almost unreckognizeble proportions. Those have yet to be released in the world though. ;)

Also our ”old stuff” we always only used the audio recordings from the camera, recording really close to me so i would’nt be so overpowered by the the piano since it’s unplugged and it’s a one take only…

Our more recent and unreleased work with covers and my own material, changing it from electro to acoustic, we’ve recorded in a studio for better sound quality and overall better experience!

But this here (below) is the first ever song we did and that we posted on youtube :)

Brother- by the wonderful Matt Corby.

After being talked into it we used the near to my face photage that was ment to only be used for the audio clip to build the video on…

We all have things we don't like with ourselves and our bodies… my nose is one of these things i’m overly contcious about. I’ve been teased about it every since I was a kid and when I was younger, modeling they tried to make me have plastic surgery. I’m not bashing plastic surgery at all, but I was only 16 and if I’m to do something like that, change parts of me, it would’nt be for some lady or man telling me I’m not pretty enough the way i am (even though the world/media basically tells us this everyday), making me fell less… But I knew then if I would’ve agreed, it would’ve never stopped there, it would've only created an even bigger hole inside…. Guess I was pretty smart for 16, right ;)

Anyway, I was horrified when we looked at the acoustic photage…but I think perhaps releasing this into the world also released some of my anxiety about trying to always be perfect… this was so raw and unfiltered, it was'nt about me trying to look pretty, fit in when i was singing… i was just feeling it u know… And the strenght of that hurled me into deliverance and a very dieffrent journey than I ever thought I'd be taking… So thank you Alex for pushing me, into for me what I now know and feel was the right direction <3 I will always be thankful for that!

And yes, of course someone said something about my nose on social media… but i think that says more about them than me… and in the big of all, of art and the pleasure of music, of growth and giving something someone else feels that is positive while listning to me and the music I and we as artists create… we’ll let’s just say, they can never ever taint that… and anyway, a wolf does'nt really concern itself about sheep anyway ;)

PHOTOGRAHY/ edit (up top) -Luna Collective

Hair-Victoria Persson

Kimono- Luna Collective


Original Music- Matt Corby "Brother"

Cover- singer; Cherie Cherokee / Pianist; Adam Dahlström

Video photographer- Alex Araya

Hair- Victoria Persson




We took a little family dinner,(Cherie, Richard, Anette & Jessica) night out on the town (minus P) to my husband’s new job and a newly opened resturant/bar where he is head chef.

We, of coure were there for THE opening night and it waaaas paaaacked!!!

It’s called Örebro Ölhall, meaning it’s a beer place for beer nerds, lol ;)

I’m not a beer drinker myself, or a big drinker at all, but they did have some Ginger beer which I really like, and they also have wine for people who also wants to hangout at this fab new place, have a bite to eat even if they’re not beer enthusiasts. As I’ve mentioned and you’ve probably gotten by now, this place main focus was beer but as I said, they serve food…and OMG, the food is just mmm,mmm,mmm!!!

I don’t think they were prepared for the food to being such a big hit and success as it is and has been since day one, and more and more people come not just for the beer but for the food as the word is spreading and getting around!

They’ve gotten great reviews and I’m sooo freakin’ proud of my man Svante, head chef who’s been getting absolutely amazing over the top reviews, everyone raving about his food!

If you’re ever around in the city Örebro, I urge you to head on over to Örebro Ölhall, for they have amazing lunches everyday, and it’s a great place to get a meal at night- Swedish food with that extra sumthin’ and a twist ;)

Stay tuned as we’ll set up an IG chef’s account for Svante soon!

go visit their website below-




So Pierre, or P,…

or Peanut aka Pineapple as Cherie calls her brother ( you’ll have to ask her why, apperently pineapple is starting to stick and more n’ more people are now calling him that, haha! ) is now in full Basketball mode in England… Leicester to be precis ;)

U can follow his journey more closely via his IG, our Familytree IG and here in our blogpost (check under our blog tabs” Pierre Hampton” &” Pierre & Jessica”)

Him and his team last year, Leicester Riders were standing victors and Pierre named MVP, and of coourse we are hoping for another grand and successful season for him!

checkout the new promo for Leicester Riders video below, see if you can spot Pierre in it ;)https://www.facebook.com/ridersbball/videos/1337394743050409/



Angels were defenitly at work last week, as Anette, riding her bike was hit by a big car! The impact of the hit was so hard she flew all the way across to the other side of the street!

We tried asking her to blog about it herself, but she’s still not quite combfertable withblogging and still think the blogging set up is quite difficult to get into, lol… so she gets a little help from us.

Anette was brought to the hospital in an ambulans and after a phone call Richard rushed there to see her.

Claiming it was to late (huge eyerolls on that one from the rest of us ) the rest the family were notified about the accident the next day via her facebook update and the local news… THANKS!!!.... :(

And yes, as you might have guessed, that did not go over very well with the rest of us…. I don't think the older generation understands the rules of facebook, we'll just have to blame it on that…. Ya know!

Anyway…..Thank goodness she was wearing her bicycle helmet protecting her head from the hit and the fall, we still can't belive how lucky she was…. Other than being black & blue, super soar and a bit in chock over the whole thing, she's fine. She’s smiling now and is very thankful and wants to take the time out to thank every one who've reached out to check on her, and sending sweet notes <3

We’ve all told her to rest but she’s a constant busy bee and is stupendiously hard headed, hoping around on her crutches, doing this, doing that and today she flew out with a couple of friends to relax under the sun… We hope she does just that …Relaxes.

All we know is... We are so very, very thankful she's ok <3

to read about it on the swedish local news- click here; https://www.svt.se/nyheter/lokalt/orebro/cyklist-pakord-i-centrala-orebro-1





Nu har han åkt till England igen. Samma stad, samma lag. Det var lite deppigt i några dagar, det är det alltid i början.. Men jag vet ju hur bra det kommer att bli, att vi klarar det och att det är värt det. Jag vet ju att vi båda får chansen att följa vår dröm, våra egna mål och ambitioner och hur viktigt är inte det! Det är inte många som vågar göra det…

Jag är otroligt glad för Pierres skull och kan inte önska något annat än att han får göra det han är bäst på, att få göra sin dröm. Jag tror på honom och att han kan åstadkomma precis vad han vill. Han har inte glidit på ett bananskal en enda gång, han förtjänar verkligen det här! Nu är han tillbaks för att ta hem ytterligare en guldboll ska ni se! :D

Det här med distans, ja det är sjukt tråkigt ibland, men så tänker jag på allt det som är bra, typ att jag har världens bästa kille att längta efter. Det är faktiskt det finaste med ett distansförhållande; att få sakna någon sådär nästan-så-det-gör-ont-mycket!

Själv är jag tillbaka i Jönköping igen, inte lika kul, men har ett sista år framför mig i skolan. Det borde gå snabbt, det har ju 2 år gjort hittills. Kan inte fatta att jag snart får ta den där kandidatexamen och klappa mig själv på axeln och säga att jag klarat det. Sjuk känsla!! MEN en del teori och repetition att klara av först. Ganska segt, men som en klok person en gång sa ”repetition är kunskapens moder”. Kanske blir jag också klok.

Nu håller jag på att planera in en resa till Pierre så snart ses vi igen *SUPER EXCITED* <3 Thank god för Ryan Air och billiga flygresor! Haha.



Well… My back seems to have a mind and agenda of it’s own and I’ve really been struggling lately.

I’m finally moving in the right direction after more than 2weeks tho, so that's really positive :) .

I have’nt been able to work on my music or in the studio cause I've been on painkillers that make me super drowsy and I have’nt been able to either sit or stand for too long so I’ve been having “THE ITCH”!!!! Like craaaaaazy!!!

It’s the worst when I cant create and do my music! I seriously almost feel like an addict…. I mean, the release when I sat down by the piano this morning for a little bit….aaaaah… Soooo good,lol

My parents came by though and took me for a spin to get me out of the house and enjoy a little fresh breeze…

well it was fresh alright… I mean the leaves are turning, it’s autumn, haha, But I was dressed warm, we had blankets and we hung out at one of my favorite places, Smultrongården here on the countryside of the Swedish town called Örebro!

The home baked “fika” come in all sorts of sizes, shapes and formes, always super fresh and tasty and their sandwhices are soooooooo good! My personal favorite is the shrimp sandwich the serve there!

They also have a lot beautiful things to buy and the staff are the sweetest <3 As you can tell, I love hangin’ out there!

Pics by: Luna Collective




I don’t think i’m no different from anyone else who loves love, weddings and of course "The" wedding dresses. So of course I dreamed up my dream wedding dress since way back when, like a very loooooooong time ago haha

And to be honest my dreamy dream wedding vision of a gown had'nt changed much over the years. I always had a love for old vintage, fairy tales, lace, details and just wanted to be like the stuff of stars on our lit up dark blue wall... like fairy and stardust meshed in a wonderful dance together, just like magic... old magic... I wanted my husband to see me coming down the aisle feeling the air knocked out of his chest, I wanted him to look at me and belive in magic... belive that I was magic :)

Even though i’ve always been over the top with many a things, I was never much for the big muffin princess dresses nor the really tight slimmed showing off your figure (even when I was super in shape and had a six pack) either… I was’nt at all in my dream shape and I do belive it would have alter the design in some ways if I would’ve been…

But if we are being frank, due to some circumstances in my life and health issues I’ve gained a lot of weight during the last couples of years and it’s been a struggle trying to get it off. For a while I went into total bride mode… like how you see it in the movies, haha! I went to the gym like twice a day spending at least 2 hours there at the time. I thought about every little thing I put in my mouth and how that would effect my weight … Finally I started to catch my thoughts… how negative they would be, how I would talk down to myself while working out and how it started to spred and seep into my daily life. I would compare my older, fit and slim me to the present me. I would compare myself to the images we see daily everywhere what a happy beautiful woman ought to be.. It made me feel worthless, like i did'nt deserve to be happy if I was'nt skinny enough...and of course I had to be that on the happiest day of my life….

After a while I realized I was saying things to myself that I’d never ever say to another human being… EVER.

Having both gone through bulimia and anorexia previously in my life I realized I was heading down a very dangerous road… again.

Obviously I wanted and want to feel comfortable in my own skin and body and still do, but it needs to be in a healthy way, and I have learned a lot through the years of tharaphy, support and research what that looks like, should feel like and what some of my triggers are… Anyway…that’s a different story… Soooo

I decided I was going to have a dress fit me! ME, not a commercial idea of what a woman on her happiest day looks like but the body I was in at that present time and that ment not me getting a dress that was way to small and the me trying to kill myself to fit it ;)

And I wanted to feel beautiful, timeless, the best me and to be able to be comfortable through out the entire wonderful day! I mean, who the hell wants to think about holding in your stomach while walking down the aisle, saying I do or cutting the cake, turning blue while taking pictures cause you can't breathe ;)

I just wanted to feel total bliss, happiness and beautiful!

Neither my husband nor I come from money, and let me tell you weddings costs… A lot if you have a very imaginative mind and love pretty things ;)

So we had to dial it down a bit and decided, as I shared in my first post about this Wedding Story journey of ours, to do almost everything ourselves…

Trying to convince your husband to spend an insane amount of money on a dreamy wedding gown you’ll only where for one day, which I by the way would have had to have to have altered anyway, cuz I could never find quite the perfect one, lol,….Well… Let’s just say trying to convince him was fairly difficult and equvillant to an uphill battle,pulling teeth at the same damn time hahaha! And seeing that they cost a fortune and i always found the things i wanted to change about the dress or add I realized I had to come up with something else. I started looking into designers and seamstresses, but that was costly as well not to mention I'm so specific and picky with what i like and don't finding someone who was'nt going to cost a fortune tured out to be super tricky.

So I came up with an idea,… I would make my own… And I did… The design, every single detail and bead, using mixes of beautiful fabrics and vintage pieces with the help of a friend… And I was sooooooooooo happy with it! It's honestly the most beautiful thing i ever had the pleasure of wearing!!!

Stay tuned as I dive into the details of the dressmaking... ;)

Photography by: Hannah Hedin




If you ever had backpains you know they're not fun... like not fun at all. :(

Since i used to be and work as a professional dancer before, I'm quite used to body pains over all, and I used to have a lot of backproblems as well as receiving a very painful herniate in my toracic spine which i battled for years. After healing from that I had to detox for almost a year trying to empty my body of all the toxins from painkillers and medication I had to take. I also had problems with my lower back but it was'nt at all to the same extend and I pretty much kept it in check with working out in the gym and alternative medicine.

Anyhow.... That was then and this is now... Been feeling extremely tiered and stressed lately so after reading up on it, this is probably what has caused my situation now which is- BEDREST :/ And I'm so freakin' bored, it's not like i'm laying in bed chillin, i'm laying in bed with pain.

There was no force, pop or anything that comes to mind that really provoked this pain in my lower back... It just came and all of the sudden i could hardly stand up, let alone walk to the bathroom on my own. After like 5 days of pain, it got so bad my husband had to take me to the emargancy / hospital at like 2 in the morning. I have a really high tolerance for pain, and when i could'nt stop crying because it hurt so bad my husband, Svante got really worried and was like it's better to be safe than sorry.

Turns out, after 6 hours at the hospital of taking tests, they think it's a "lumbago" (for you Sweeds that's "Ryggskott" in Swedish ;) and even if it might be a small herniate (diskbrock) the procedure would be the same- treat the pain with medication/ painkillers and rest... So here I am... resting.

Can't sit up ,so right now i'm laying on my back with the computer on my boobs and a pillow, looking like Tyrranosaurus Rex with my arms trying to write this little update :) ...

Ah well... wishing for a speedy recovery <3



So yesterday was a really big day for Svante and I :) ...

Because yesterday it was Svante and I’s 2 year wedding anniversary and ton top of that, today we actually celebrate our anniversary of having 12 amazing years together.

We both grew up in, and are from the same hometown but we ran with totally different crews and had very different lives and lifestyles growing up. I left home in my teens living in the states, after i finished highschool i moved to to the big city "Stockholm" in Sweden to attend the Ballet Academy. It was'nt until Svante moved to Stockholm as well in his early twenties that we officially met. But the truth is we both already knew of one another growing up. I

used to have a huuuuge crush on Svante when I was younger and he in turn knew exactly who i was, there were'nt that many tall mixed girls with an former proffessional basketball player, Dj at night and art teacher by day, Dad in our town so I guess I stood out ;) So yeah ... we met and dated much later in life in Stockholm... But that's a story for another day ;)

Can you imagine... 12years.... Time flies and we have so many beautiful stories and pictures to share from the most magical day in our lives... our wedding!!

It truly was just like a fairy tale, and I often fins my self looking at our pictures and videos from that day.

And yes I highly recommend hiring a great photographer for your big day because those pics are eternal and you will be looking at the more often than you think ;).

So I think I’d like to try create a diary of sorts here on our FamilyTree blog, documenting and sharing our pics, thoughts , events, stories, emotions etc during that magical time.

My plan is to go through the things i want to share step by step from the time leading up to the wedding, during and after. I’ll also share tips and and my thought process since we did pretty much almost everything on or own and ourselves, I know it's really popular hiring a wedding planner etc, but i I also know that there are a lot of people out there just like us that just cant afford it. That being said, it does'nt mean you cant get the wedding of your dreams and I'll show you how :) it was’nt easy having the budget we had for such a large wedding and the kind of wedding we wanted, and I remember it like it was yesterday how I was glued to my macbook hangin’ out on the internet looking for tips, DIY, inspiration and ideas hahaha, so why not pass the torch you know :)

Till' then here are some pics from our day.... Our very best day <3

Photography by Hannah Hedin